Malawi govt sees ‘red flags’ on coup threat

Malawi government has said it is taking “seriously” allegations that there has been a plot to overthrow government and police have vowed to make more  arrests involving  alleged “coup plotters.”

Mutharika met US ambassador Palmer at State House and had cordial talk despite coup threat link

Mutharika met US ambassador Palmer at State House and had cordial talk despite coup threat link

Police spokesman Nicholas Gondwa said the WhatsApp conversation which they have used to arrest three opposition politicians and charged them with treason  is “ part of the investigation.”

Presidential spokesman Gerald Viola told ‘Daybreak Malawi ‘program on Capital Radio on Wednesday that  President Mutharika “is not concerned” with the coup threat or the crackdown on the alleged plotters.

He said Mutharika is following events in the media.

Viola said Police “are professionals “ and are carrying their duties accordingly and the  President will not be involved in the way cops are discharging their duties.

He also dismissed accusations that Mutharika is turning Malawi into a police state.

“He is very democratic.  President Mutharika cannot turn Malawi into a police state. It’s not true,” he said.

And government spokesman Jappie Mhango said  they are taking the issues “seriously” considering that it borders on national security.

He said government could not throw caution to the wind.

But Mhango said he could not give further comments as security forces were “doing their job.”

National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) director general Nicholous Dausi said he could not discuss matters of national security in the media.

“It will be fallacious, preposterious and inconcevaibale to put matters of national security into public domain,” said Dausi.

The state chief spy, however, said  NIB has made a “breakthrough” in their investigation on coup claims.

On  reports based  on intelligence notes linking United States diplomat Virginia Palmer  of  irregular activities with opposition members, claiming that Washington is trying to foment regime change in Lilongwe , NIB boss said there could  be  no smoke without fire.

He declined to give further comment on  the matter and then referred to a similar accusations in South Africa where ruling ANC has raised concerns that U.S. diplomats in the country are attempting to stir up regime change.

The US ambassador to South Africa Patrick Gaspard has denied the accusation.

ANC said it is aware of regular meetings of young people at the U.S. embassy in Pretoria “about nothing else other than mobilization for regime change.”

The accusations are similar to what US diplomat in Malawi faced that she regularly hosted clandestine meetings aimed at overthrowing the government of Peter Mutharika.

But the US embassy in Lilongwe vehemently denied any involvement in a plan to overthrow Mutharika’s government.

A political observer Mapenzi Banda from Lilongwe said in the wake of MCP’s intercepted WhatsApp discussion, all is being laid bare of what brought the donors into the coup narrative.

“Doesn’t it surprise us why both Jessie Kabwila and Louis Chakhwantha chose German Embassy as their haven for asylum when they knew they were wanted by law enforcers?

“Despite Kabwila’s arrest before he entered the embassy and Chakhwantha’s self-handover to police, the German embassy must explain why and how they got involved with an issue of Malawi’s national security. The two could have chosen any other embassy besides that of a donor who is still under suspicion radar,” wrote Banda in a commentary sent to Nyasa Times.

He said there is still need for  the Germans to explain why they decided to work together  with MCP considering the geographical convenience.

“Between Parliament building and MCP headquarters there are five foreign missions namely; South Africa, Zambia, United Kingdom, United States and United Nations. Why then did the two MPs choose to drive all the way to Area 10 to find the German solace?

“Doesn’t this even call for more answers than questions? In addition , MCP should also be put under constant blame for collectively contemplation of working against a duly-elected government. Is it of
any surprise that when Kabwila and Chakhwantha entered Parliament premises they were hidden in Speaker Richard Msowoya’s car?  All this because  the Speaker’s car cannot be searched at a police roadblock.

“Why should a respected Speaker aid fugitives to beat a constitutionally mandated law enforcement system? It is not asking for too much when Malawians demand answers from donors and MCP for their conniving in clandestine actions,” Banda wrote.



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47 thoughts on “Malawi govt sees ‘red flags’ on coup threat”

  1. mbadwa says:

    a banda ngati mwadya chintuwitsa khalani chete. mpaka fugitives referring to our honourables. you must be joking. have you seen the conversaton by the way.

  2. ineyo says:

    Mapenzi Banda ndi utitso uyu? Go on Mr Banda may be u can become the next Viola once akamumanga ndi milandu yochinda ana ija.

  3. James Mhango says:

    The big picture here is the application called Whatsapp and its potential. Rather let me say social media. In South Africa there is a debate amongst cell phone companies to regulate Whatsapp, an initiative which has been criticized left and right. These are global platforms which undermine local Authority. they give power to the individual to set the agenda.

    The problems in Malawi should not be looked at in isolation. The global economy is slowing down, The Chinese are not doing fine either. If the global economy is struggling how do we expect Malawi economy to perform? I don’t how many people in Malawi look at this issue that way. That is not to say The present government is blameless.

    The problems have been relayed from the first government even earlier than that. There is another Technology on the horizon with greater potential than Whatsapp. They call it Block chain Technology which is run by the people. Rather young men should look at alternatives to these conventional ways of governing a nation. There is a better way to topple any authority. Empower yourself

  4. Nasibeko says:

    @Zonzo Nkunukha, while I do agree with you, it’s called the HAARP project & not the HAARP machine although some technological machines might be used.

  5. Chechamba says:

    democratically elected government????seriously,,,my foot.osati obera mavoti

  6. Nama says:

    Access to information ndiimeneyitu.Inu mumati bwa?Kupanga access kugwira!lol

  7. jikajoe says:

    Malawi pls learn frm other countries when r we going to wake up..

  8. jikajoe says:

    Wattsapp coup wat nonsense kuyamba kumva.

  9. Mabvuto says:

    Amsowoya siwoyenera kukhala speaker

    1. Nebuchadnezzar says:

      Ukhale Speaker ndi iweyo

  10. Kuchitekete says:

    This madness got to stop like seriously. Is APM and co not ashamed of all this?

  11. day Fr says:

    Lets the dead burry their deads

  12. sosholoza says:

    In Malawi we have got spy machine and this must be handled responsiblelly. This is why some of us are in doubt of this machine.

  13. Dr. Prof. Nyada says:

    Abale I cant just understand. How can a country with full presidency run without donors. What is the use of having the president. Its a big joke anyway. Any responsible father would do anything to make sure his children get food and what they need. This governemnt , munalonjeza nokha kuti muzathana ndi mabvuto osiyana siyana amene amalawi akukumana nawo. Koma lero mukuti tigwirane manja. I keep loughin ndithu. Mulungu wakwiya ndi ulamuliro umenewu thats sakutipatsa mvula. Read your Bibles guy. mafumu onse amene mulungu samakondwera noawo amawapatsa zilango.

  14. Eduardo Happy says:

    Ndizimenezotu you thought government was naive in arresting the MCP guys. Things are being laid to bare. Mwagwanayo ma donor.

  15. Hoitty Totty says:

    I am not surprised that viola says Peter has no control or clue on what is going on apart from reading from the newspapers. I know president Ben is running the show s usual and the old Mutharika is reading the newspapers. Shame

  16. James Tsamwa says:

    Who is this THICK Banda? To hell with your Mutharika and his failed rule.

  17. Bwampiniyu aka Ibu says:

    Ambuye tamukondetsetseni Pumbwa Bwampiniyu. Sipaja munthu mukamukonda kwambiri mumamutenga.

  18. Buyelekhaya says:

    A point of correction, Germany Embassy is in Area 13 not 10. Fufuzani bwinobwino mupeza kuti ili kufupi ndi UNDP.

  19. dan says:

    Ndiye kazembe wa germany ni usa nayenso amangidwe kkkkkkk tione simwati nawomso akukhuzidwa amangeni basi mutchuke mwina aid angaperekere mantha

  20. Kaya says:

    What I and the opposition are saying is that Mutharika and his government have failed miserably and must step down. We have lost trust in this government, period. The government side should not divert from real issues and start singing about sedition let alone treason. Nonsense!!!. Mutharika is a failed president; period.

  21. Chakwantha says:

    The immunity for MPs is within the chamber not outside…komanso munthu osalakwa umathawa?

  22. Wilson Khembo says:

    This so called political commentator Mapenzi Banda knows nothing about democracy and our constitution. Any political expert should know that legislators have parliamentary immunity and can not be arrested when parliament is in session whether inside or outside parliament. Secondly, knowing the democratic record of our African counterparts, no reasonable person would seek refuge in an African embassy. We must remember that the government is made of three branches, executive, legislature and executive. The executive is not above the other two branches as it is perceived by our primitive police.

    For charges of treason, a warrant of arrest needs to be issued by a high court judge, after the DPP produce evidence. In this case, I don’t think any judge could have issued a warrant of arrest if we’re to the stupid evidence being used.

    Another test is how the social media where accessed. Snooping into other people’s private messaging services is illegal and against right to privacy enshrined in our constitution. The use of evidence obtained illegally can not be used in the Court of law.

    Our executive government and law enforcement agencies need to be held accountable for this.

  23. gla b says:

    kodi akatumbwi inu zikukuwawanidi eti ?simunati whatsapp message ingachotse boma mukangova kabwila mimba guuu!!!! kuthulula nthawi yomweyo atombolombo !!!!!

  24. mzee lifah says:

    But if they were hiding there must a reason

  25. Thyolo Thava says:

    Iwe Mampezi banda ndiye ifenso tikufunse kuti walandira zingati kuchokera kwa aGALU A DPP? Ndiye kuti iwenso ukudya za Mathanyula eti? iwe chitsiru eti tandiuza umafuna kuti akabisale kuti kumudzi kwanu? iwowatu amadzichomwe akupanga komanso anakati apite ku US embassy bwenzi mukunena kui mwaona a US akufuna kulanda boma la peter ndikuti apatse MCP. koma iwowo anawona kuti ku Germany Embassy ndikomwe akabisale bwino podziwa kuti wa police sangapite kufunsa kumeneko. Wamva galu iwe?

  26. beje says:

    how i wish GERMANY and USA leave the country after all what do u gain in this poor country to get such insults?

  27. mack banda says:

    Birds of the same feathers

  28. Bande Brian,MBA,BAac says:


  29. His Excellence the Life President Wolemekedzeka Mkango Lion Chivomerezi Chisokonezo Artillery Missile Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Malawi Govt has never been serious about coups. Otherwise this is the best way of silencing MCP. The Police is not serious either. Wait. Otherwise Peter, Kaliyati, Goodall were also known to be coup plotters against Joyce. Malawi style.

  30. ben says:

    What malaiwans want is a kwacha which is stable, how can a currency go from 450 to 800, chuka what is he thinking which school of economics did he go to or he is doing this to make DPP unpopular. Goodall Gondwe has said kwacha will rebound lets see can it go back to 600, or else it is a economic disaster poor malawians will face

  31. Dule says:

    Mapenzi Banda you are a brute and you do not know international relations / law. Everywhere in the world if you feel unsafe you have aright to go to an Embassy of your choice for protection. Julian Assange has been in the Uruguan Embassy in London for more than 3 years yet he is wanted by US and UK govts. And becoz you are stupid you say they must explain to the brute govt of Mw, silly idiots

  32. Mbuya says:

    This lady talks too much calling us on ART as mitembo very shameful we r still waiting 4 apology a legistrature for dat matter

  33. harry nkata says:

    ufa wa zambia nde uli booo

  34. Revolutionalist says:

    The immediate solution to all the problems firmly gripping our country is death to Peter Mutharikha. Thank you.

  35. jolozakapokola says:

    The same people that misled Bingu are at work bringing chaos in APM administration. APM was driving the country very well before he roped in the old guards that fueled the death of Bingu through dirty political games of threats, intimidation, use of police machinery, counter attacks by faKE CSOs, counter injunctions….the more you do this, the more you make people question you and fuel their anger. Just solve the myriad problems Malawi is facing or else face the chop by these angry people.

  36. Senior Chief Ukwe says:

    I write to agree with Mapenzi Banda, indeed there are more questions than answers to it. In the first place just to give a sign of innocent upon hearing the rumour for the first time the two would just surrender themselves to police without seeking refuge to the embassy. The actions shown are tantamount to treason hence they knew what they were doing and in this case they have to be taken seriously as they are not above the law. Malawi is for Malawians and not for mcp, let the law take its course other than pouring insinuations to the state president who was not part of the watsapp group and everyone involved should be smoked out. Malawians are waiting to hear more and I as one would like to see the speedy of the trial.

  37. Patriots says:

    Executive arrongance at work and APM has wrong advisors bending laws to suppress opposition for simply exhaling the truth. Yes he is very undemocratic and diverting people’s attention from social, economic and political challenges. The saddest part the government spokesperson has audacity to speak intelligence that has a lot of flaws.

  38. Lottie says:

    The wish by some individuals for the death of the President is rather out of order. Even if the death really happened, how would that solve Malawi’s problems? What we need is contact and dialogue to collectively deal with the challenges that Malawi is facing at the moment. Regime change drive has brought about lots of suffering in other countries – Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria. We need to handle this issue with sober minds for the benefit of all Malawians.

  39. Nabanda says:

    It’s my prayer that Almighty God should put the house in order in Jesus Mighty name. Let God be God, no man can corrupt Almighty God…

  40. Phwisa says:

    Mapenzi Banda is right. German, MCP and Speaker all know the issue. And why Speaker overtook the her deputy in parliament if he was not an interested party. If 3 MPS are arrested out of 193 MPS could that ve national issue warranting suspension of parliament when all Malawians are looking to it following problems we have. Police should not play with MCP. Remember what Kabwila has been saying. MCP doesnt recognize this govt. MCP has been working with Joyce Banda during last elections

  41. NZOZO KUNUNKHA says:

    No one is collapsing this time and the regime will not change as long as the constitution states if peter is at fault you mean saulos is also a problem? To me the issue of Gays of which the president clearly said let Malawians judge did not go on well with these white Animals and as such their have identified their Black counterparts to pursue the evil things. Lessons to the lady so called virginia palmer is that without their budgetary support we have managed to survive then why do you still force us dance to your tune?

    Wherther Germany, America and Uk will keep on doing this as a sovereign state we have the right to choose our destiny and no man and I repeat no man can influence regime change. with you chakwera on the driving seat believe me the civil unrest you are stirring up now will not settle and the brutal killing of the Gay and Lesbians will be enhenced. furthermore as civilised country men we are able to read colonial masters motives behind Mcp/Pp tempted uprising what a shame.

    The main reason the sub Saharan countries have been subjected to erratic rains its not because of the deforestation, honestly and even Virginia knows that its the HAARP machine in Alaska manned by the US navy. This weapon of mass destruction also is used apart from military use, weather modification is another area these Americans are using to pursue their ego’s . this is plain truth and I do not regret to risk my life because of this but at least those who are blind after reading this you can make your own research.

  42. MERCEDES says:


  43. aabwino says:

    People who lack these two basic necessities of life (food and water) will always rise up against those in authority. If you are a leader and your people lack food and water just know you are sitting on a time bomb. Check the story of Moses in the Bible, the First Russian Revolution of 1905, The French Revolution.
    When people are tired with an incompetent leader even the police cannot stop them.

  44. Semani says:

    Wanzeru watolapo kanthu apa, munthu wokonda dziko lake sangasekerere zopusazi. Anthu ambiri aluza abale ndi chuma chawo kudzera mudzopusa ngati izi.

  45. mlophiya says:

    Dpp clock is over, we want end to these nonsensical problem, we want end to financial maladministration, end to hunger and maize ill-distribution, Malawi isn’t a nusery where any kid would enroll. Inshort peter muthalika must go, he is a thief, he isn’t an original malawian, he can’t even show the graves of his ancestors. He is here to steal and run back to US

  46. 2016 welcome says:

    I see Peter collapsing at State house. The way events are unfolding is a typical mirror image of what happened in the build up to the cardiac arrest of his late brother . History will take a path to repeat itself . No doubt about it. There is no way the DPP can divert the attention from the man made affliction Malawi is going through.

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