Malawi gov’t shocked with drug shortage reports: Jappie says no budget cuts for health ministry

Government says it shocked with reports there is shortage of drugs in public hospitals and several flaws in the delivery of quality health system delivery.

Jappie: Malawi government is always funding healthy delivery services

Jappie: Malawi government is always funding healthy delivery services

Responding to a questionnaire from Nyasa Times, Minister of Information, Tourism and Civic Education Jappie Mhango said he was “shocked” despite admitting growing reports of dwindling health services.

 Nyasa Times quizzed the minister following a myriad of developments the country’s public health system is facing recently ranging from threats of strikes by health workers to failure by hospitals to provide meals to patients.

Mhango, instead, heaped blame on hospital controlling officers “who do not prioritize government resources.”

He said it was “unfortunate that some government employees were stealing drugs,” citing a truck loaded with drugs that went missing en route to Salima District Hospital.

“Our health workers are not honest,” said Mhango. “Otherwise we’ve never cut or reduced funding to the ministry of health.”

He urged medical personnel in the country not prioritize “allowance issues” saying theirs was “a calling from God.”

Said Mhango: “Let me ask health workers to prioritize government resources. As government we’ve tried our best to make resources available for our health system. No DHO [District Health Officer] can stand up and confirm that their submitted budgets were not funded.”

And, Ministry of Finance spokesperson Nations Msowoya agreed with Mhango.

“The treasury has been funding hospitals according to their funded budgets,” said Msowoya.

Health and Rights Education Programme executive director Maziko Matemba has also called for frugal use of resources in execution of government resources.

If hospitals want to hold meetings, he said, they can use facilities at district level thus saving money that could have been used to book conference rooms.

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30 thoughts on “Malawi gov’t shocked with drug shortage reports: Jappie says no budget cuts for health ministry”

  1. Mathanyula says:

    You can not find the truck that went missing with a full load of medications but you are ready for the terrorrists……. What a joke this administration is.

  2. Dr Haswel P. Bandawe says:

    Anybody in a position of responsibility who would say “I was shocked to hear reports of shortages if medical supplies” should resign. He/she is irresponsible.

    As soon as reports of the shortages reached him/ her remedial action should have been taken right away. The public would have been informed about what was uncovered, who did what, who got arrested/ dismissed and preventive measures put in place and the way forward.

    The “appeal” to controlling officers to serve the people when no action has been taken is s cruel and sick joke!!!!!

  3. Mphwephwa ya professor says:

    Choncho angalankhule za nzeru mu cabinet awa?

  4. Eye Witness says:

    Minister of Information is a Tumbuka…has he turned Lomwe? What he has answered is 100% incorrect and tantamount to legal suits…No hospital in Malawi has received all it’s proposed budget. Nyasatimes where is your investigative journalism? Before writing this shit you could have investigated to check If the Tumbuka turned Lomwe Minister has said is true. Do you think DHOs are fools to misuse money meant for patients food and announce that patients will be given porridge in the morning only? Haven’t you heard of Kalonga using LDF money to buy patients food, Rumphi MPs and well-wishers donating Maize, Dedza MPs donating Maize? If the Money was really misused, would all the DHOs from these hospitals not fired? Remember the ministry has imposed a stupid policy that district PROs should no longer grant you information!!? Would someone sitting in a comfort of his air-conditioned office at capital hill give an accurate account of what is happening at Karonga DHO? F**k you Mr. Minister and F**k MOH PRO finally F**k you nyasatimes cor this crap..

  5. Hebdo says:

    Shocked? Really Hon Minister? One wonders if anybody is control.

  6. AKA NYAKWAWA says:

    Thus killing the bisiness for those owning conferences….you poor Malawi……magay iweyo….kusowa…ankhwala….iweyo…..kusowa….ntchito.iweyo………kukwera……educational. institutions. ….iwewemwenso….ukupita….kuti…..Malawi..wanga….iwe…..dzuka..



    koma…mukachita.ngozi….ife.tipulumika.pakuti.Mulingu.wathu.osafina.magay.olenga…..mwamuna…..ndi mkazi…..kuti.akhale.thupi….lomodzi…ndiwamouo….ndipo.mulungu…..wanu.wamagay.rights….akupilumutseni…..!!!!!!

  7. Golofindo says:

    malawi sadzatukuka chifukwa cha khalidwe lakuba la anthu ake.

  8. levelheaded says:

    Malawi at its best. I was shocked to hear the same on Times exclusive interview yesterday where the minister of health was lamenting about the same problem.

  9. Cheyusufu says:

    momwe akuonekeramu anganene za nzeru? a minister kuoneka ngati laborer, koma ndiye long term effect of poverty.

  10. Zoona zake says:

    Akuti cabinet ikakumana imangothera ma riddle. Akuti man Peter imene imapanga chair meeting ndi ya ma riddle nyatwa. No wonder palibe cha nzeru chimatulukamo.

  11. Khwethemu says:

    Wat a hell lot of rubbish from this dickhead of a so called minister of health. Which hospital can he point out as having sufficient drugs. Do not now blame health workers. U have failed n just admit it. It fascinates me that when therebis an issue of national importance like this, the stupid DPP mbuzi do not comment. Zitsiru. Mukunamiza ndani.

  12. mbodzole says:

    my poor Malawi we are a shame. its been too wrong we have been in slavery. Our salaries are lowest in Africa. money you give us is not enough for us to have the basic needs. From the manslow’s hierarchy of needs you will realise that a man can think better when their basic needs are satisfied. how can someone who is paid less manage government resources when he is not satisfied with what he thinks is his money. I think its high time to stop worrying about stollen resources. because the government is creating thieves it self we are all willing to help………

  13. Chibisa says:

    Dear mr minister so our police who are prepared to defend us are not able to find out the truck which went missing with drugs. Mr president when people are saying that u are not in control they mean what is happening. How can u allow few crooks to steal the truck of medicine but u have the police and the intelligent departments under u. Show the nation that u are in control. The people who are critising you are the ones who love you than Ur ministers. They are telling the truth Fish out the those stealing if u are man. Mr IG this is a lintmus test for u to prove what u have been telling the president and the nation and that u qualify for the post which u are holding. Mr minister of health and ur team what are doing ? What are u doing on anti virals on South African streets ?


    Its a mockery of highest degree to insinuate that government is adequately funding the hospitals.Show us in documents and we will show that its not the case not only in documents but also in optics.You cant even visit the hospitals because you know already what you will appreciate.So you want the very public that are seeing and feeling the suffering to ignore the latter and agree with you Jappie.wukuyowoya mumaso muli gwa kupusika wa malawi.Ise kumpoto wungatipusika haa tiliwakubenuka maso.I just hope you will be brave enough one day to stand for the truth and tell malawians not lies.You will one day confess the country is moving towards a cliff,and that is my hope.I hope you will one day sit in the cabinet and remind your clueless President to stop pretending things are ok.Till then, Malawians will be left wondering where you get what you are saying and we will keep asking what government are you representing as an informant because as Malawians we know what is happening that is exactly the opposite of what you are saying.Wanthu wambula chiulavi imwe.Chitemwa chinu pa wamalawi chili mpha.Matama na zinthumbo mbwefu mukuti ndimwe honourables kweni wanthu wakutambula mukaya.Wudangilili winu wuli mphani.Mwazula nautesi,nankhaza,kujitemwa,wukali,kuba ndalama.Ndimwe Vindele vyakufikapo.Wuchindeli pela.vindele imwe !vindele imwe!vindele chomene.

  15. ANTI-GAY says:

    You guys don’t deserve to be in government. How can you be shocked? It means you dont even check the output?

  16. Shem says:

    Shocked? Today? Uyu mwana wakwithu uyu is very naïve. He is being used like a toilet brush and he doesdn’t know it. How can a government wake up to shock today. We the public are shocked to hear an admission that someone entrusted to lead ministry of health is sleeping on the job. Fire the inept DHOs and wreckless hospital administrators if you know them.

  17. SONG says:

    Peter is a failure. He failed all three ministry he was given miserably. Malawi doesn’t know how to elect a leader. They leave strong people to lead the country and choose basing on the tribe shameful.

  18. Tonde says:

    Jappie a dunderhead! All government departments are grossly underfunded including hospitals. How come the same hospitals were able to provide three meals a day when donors were providing budgetary support?

  19. Morris says:

    Drug shortages alipo chifukwa achisala ama Mkondwa Ma allowance

  20. cashgate1 says:

    This Mhango guys is useless bunch of minister. I wish malawi never had one.

  21. Benson Chirwa says:

    Mr Mhango you suck. I’ve never liked your responses as they are childish, not well thought of, lack proper research and let alone honesty. I understand you’re there to back the govt. You remind me of Akweni during her time. Continue with the mediocre responses tizaonana mukazatsika.

  22. Dwambazi says:

    The government is shocked?????? You can’t be serious! This has been going on for decades not just in hospital but in ALL ministries. Jappie, don’t pretend like you don’t know and please don’t shift blame to DHO’S . Austerity measures should start with the President. He needs to be exemplary. This should be across the board. No one should be exempted if Government reforms are to work. Don’t just blame the little guys at the end of the rope. You and your boss should give up all the perks and luxuries that you receive at the expense of the poor man. So stop pretending that you are choked. I fact your response is very dissappointing. If Government didn’t know about drug shortage, then what else does
    it not know??????

  23. chatonda says:

    It starts from the presidency. If the presidency is prudent enough with the little resources we have, it sets a good example than when it is also looting using other means like foreign trips that bring nothing but rhetoric. There is no strict punishments to thieves who steal medicines from our hospitals. They take injunctions, bribe lawyers, etc. You need to change the way of doing things in Malawi especially where there can be more actions than words as Jappie does all the time.

  24. Kent says:

    Noted with doubts

  25. Kumametsa says:

    Jappie can you go back to school? There’s a subject called civics in which you’ll learn that hospitals in Malawi are part of the very same government.

    For once talky sense sir. After all your are supposed to Minister of Civic Education?

  26. Ugogodi says:

    This is utter nonsense! How on earth could the government pretend not to know???

  27. molande says:

    Replace the controlling officers with guys who were trained at Malawi young pioneers, they got good training.

  28. chibwatiko mbekamachuni says:

    Mudzitioweteka ndizoti it’s a calling from God. Mumaopa ngati tinachoka kwathu kuti tidzidzasewera kuno. Ngati truck inasowa ikupita ku Salima, nkhani imeneyo vuto si DHO vuto ndi a central medical stores osati DHO. A Jappir tafufuzani bwino

  29. vavlov says:

    The statement by this useless minister is worrying. Honestly the statement is not stern/strong enough, and gives the impression that somehow directors of hospitals can deal with the matter, when in fact the same directors are involved in drug selling syndicates. The statement by the minister is not giving hope to the general public. It appears the government has given up, and looting will continue. Cry the beloved Malawi, suffering of the people will continue unabated

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