Malawi govt splashes out K53m to gutted market traders

Minister of Local Government Kondwani Nankhumwa on Monday handed over a K2:6 cheque to market traders of Lilongwe’s Area 18 market gutted down by fire a few weeks ago, the last but one cheque making a total of K53 million the government is ‘compensating’ traders whose wares were destroyed in inferno.

Nankhumwa:  Money from Presdent Mutharika

Nankhumwa: Money from Presdent Mutharika

Nankhumwa told the traders and vendors that the money was from President Peter Mutharika who, he said was concerned with the fires that he said destroyed the economic lifeline of ordinary Malawians.

However, it was difficult to verify whether the money was from the president’s personal account or State House account.

Nankhumwa said he has given out K23 million to Kasungu market traders, K2 million to Mwanza market traders, K13 million to Mzimba market vendors, K2.7 million to Mzuzu market traders and soon he will be travelling down to Salima to give them their K2 million cheque.

He said in total, the government has splashed out K53 million in free money to the traders.

However, this has drawn criticism from some quarters who think the government could have loaned the traders the money instead of splashing out free money in these turbulent economic times.

Nankhumwa asked the Lilongwe City Council to construct the market of Area 18, a view shared by the area’s member of parliament, David Bisnowatty.

The council had earlier said it had no money to construct the market and traders were soliciting money to put up a new market.

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10 thoughts on “Malawi govt splashes out K53m to gutted market traders”

  1. nduna ya kumwera says:

    Malawi,,malawio_O…president atere walakwitsa..mufuna atani??

  2. william frazer harawa says:

    Thank you my president thats luvly and caring let those who always crash continue for they are opposition org, they are ashamed worring for the job well done jst imagn someone is busy decampaigning malata and cement subsidy yet he calls himself to be partriotism.

  3. Sapitwa says:

    That’s good! I can recall those that lost everything that at least they have a life line. Teach them though to buy inventory insurance mainly for fire. In the event of what happened, insurance could have paid out.

  4. Koma ????? says:

    there is cash for fires and no money for medicine?

  5. SUPPORTER says:

    Honestly, I like how he works.

  6. Khwethemu says:

    Akuwothyera dala misika a DPP kenako adziereka ndalama za zii. Where is the money coming from really?

  7. Mr.Bambo says:

    Waste of government funds,any parlimentary approval for the disbursment of such a hefty sum?

  8. i want a tractor says:

    my plan is that by january next year, my house should burn down and my car should have an engine knock. i’ve already started leaving the mbaula on in the kitchen all night and i’m only using old, dirty engine oil in the car. ndasiyanso kulipila insurance.

    do i get paid now or do i have to wait until my ‘disasters’ happen? i’m innovative eti?

  9. Equal Rights says:

    You said he handed over a cheque and you can’t tell whether this money was from State House or from Mutharika’s personal account? As a journalist, you really see the cheque or you’re just writing hearsay? If you saw the cheque it shouldn’t be rocket science to tell amangwetu! Nyasatimes editors nanunso ask your reporters some questions before printing some of these stories!

  10. Truck says:


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