Malawi govt takes over fuel imports

Government has taken over the importation of fuel through the National Oil Company of Malawi (Nocma), a move that has been condemned by a fuel cartel.


Mdeza: Head of National Oil Company

Changes to fuel supplies

Changes to fuel supplies

Spokesperson for the Energy Department Joseph Kalowekamo confirmed in an interview that the Nocma will now be mandated to import fuel after the government revises the energy policy.

“As of now PIL (Petroleum Importers Limited) imports 90 per cent of our fuel. This will change. We will bring in new players in the industry,” said Kalowekamo.

He said parliament will change legislation in May so that National Oil Company is mandated to import fuel apart from its current core of storing the commodity.

PIL includes fuel retailers; Puma, Total, Injena and Petroda.

Kalowekamo said the 2003 energy policy will also be changed to reflect the new role of the state run National Oil company.

“The National Oil Company will be one of the major importers of fuel in the country,” he said.

The government says the coming in of the National Oil Company, headed by fuel experienced guru Robert Mdeza, will deal with fuel shortages experienced in the past few years.

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8 thoughts on “Malawi govt takes over fuel imports”

  1. BBC says:

    That is the work of Bright Msaka playing his underground fundraising for his presidential bid.

  2. Ze Roberto says:

    They want to find a conduit to siphon government money to fund DPP political activities. They know fuel busines is lucrative. When has government agencies become more efficient when all along we have been lectured that the private sector is better at turning around the economy?

  3. Parliament PAC wake up please and act says:

    This is bad for the country. DPP government please think twice . This is not fun anymore people have been patient and wait that things will improve. Leave fuel alone. You have so many challenges to deal with. It is not time to create another cash-gate. This is illegal. its is a platform created to steal government money . Already money from fuel profits paid to MERA is being swindled not accounted for. It is just a matter of time before this issue will be tabled by Public Accounts Committee. This whole thing is by one word – CORRUPTION !

    What you should know is that Malawians are tired do not take them for granted it will explode shortly. Parliament PAC why are you not dealing with this issue also – wake up guys

  4. No one says:

    Mudakatitengabe ngati osasukusula? Everybody knows that this will be another means of stealing government money

  5. Mbani says:

    this shows we will be at it again this guvambament

  6. kk says:

    Bodza lokha lokha ili, akufuna tidzavutikeso ngati nthawi ya Bingu.
    Sakudziwa ndani kuti ndi maganizo andale amenewa? zopusa basi!!!!!!

  7. Ekzie says:

    Much better bcoz these oil companies such as Puma or Total are being used by Western countries to punish innocent African countries by using Fuel as a Weapon, your blindness does not lead u to know the Truth.

  8. Mnkwichi says:

    Then expect to have more of fuel shortages! If gvt money is cashgate in embassies, City Assemblies, MACRA, ESCOM, Water Boards, what more with Mera?

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