Malawi govt to censure FAM president Nyamilandu

Malawi government has summoned president of Football Association of Malawi (FAM), Mc Millan Walter Nyamilandu, to be carpeted for insinuating that government wishes the national football team bad by failing to support their recent preparations for the Mali game scheduled for Saturday.

Nyamilandu: To be quized

Nyamilandu: To be quized

Nyamilandu was speaking at the sidelines of a ceremony where Airtel Malawi donated K10 million towards preparations for the game.

In an interview with Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) Nyamilandu said the help should serve as a bitter pill to those who do not wish the team well.

“Others thought we were going to fail just because they did not give us their help but God has proved them wrong as you can see,” said Nyamilandu in reference to government’s failure to come to the rescue of the team in good time.

Nyamilandu said Airtel bailed FAM out of “an embarrassment” and saved them form an “imminent crisis.”

Sports Minister, Grace Obama Chiumia, is the one who has called Nyamilandu to a meeting to express dissatisfaction over his remarks.

Malawi sit in third place in Group B, with matches against second-placed Mali at home in Blantyre Malawi are scheduled to host Mali on 15 November and travel to Ethiopia for their final match four days later and bottom side Ethiopia to come four days later.

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50 thoughts on “Malawi govt to censure FAM president Nyamilandu”

  1. Unobtainium says:

    Nyamilandu is right.Govt is not doing enough.

  2. clement says:

    I have been rallying behind you Walter but I lost trust in you and its time to leave FAM alone even your secretary general must go.We need people like Charles Nyirenda and the time he was in FAM atleast the FAM office was indeed working coz C Nyirenda doesn’t like your nonsense.You must resign right now bullshit.


  4. knox mbuka says:

    now that the flames have done it, is obama celebrating as well? kkkk

  5. Kachewele says:

    Can someone tell me why Mr. Jana is still Sports Council until today. Do you want to me there are no people who can serve in this post. He is the whole reason why FAM does not have adequate funding for the national team.

    If was Jana i would been lobbying to parliament so that the budget for the national team should be increased and even proposing for levy. Foot ball is the only sport that unit all of us. We do not talk politics at the game but the mother Malawi

    My suggestion is that when you conclude another case of cash gate and get the convicted refund the money please transfer the funds to the national team

  6. FRANK says:


  7. Onyema says:

    Fifa says no govt interference which is good. Why cant fifa fund fam to ensure total independence then. In any case the Flames are useless let airtel etc fund these useless jokers.

  8. Happening boy says:

    There is no reason to summon this boy for telling you the truth, first things first, Jana doesn’t wish Water well, it has been a bad relationship thence bad recommendations. Govt has always come at a last minute when he, Jana knows what is involved. Grace you told us you will find money for the flames, where is the money. Osamachita matama with national team, this is serious business. I salute all companies that have bailed out flames, we love you all, keep it up. In tumbuka there is an adage which says, kali pamunyako ukumwera maji, some people look at Water as a failure but let us learn to appreciate, he has tried. If it were you. Working at Illovo doesn’t mean he can get money anytime, they have different interests, mainly because they don’t have a competitor, no reason to market that way. Water, be yourself as you have always been, osapsa mtima you are already leaving, just help your nation and leave behind a legacy that you will carry everywhere you go, big up. Grace, just leave this matter nanunso uobama wanuwu siutithandiza, too much talking, shit.

  9. munyasa says:

    whats wrong ?we go america to be given a two old seater bird spend my tax why fail give flames my tax coz the world will know oooo there is malawi as they watch on supersport kkkkkkkkk

  10. Eya mumangotha ndalama zaboma mpira kungoluza bas asaaah!

  11. Rev C.Kawonga says:

    Thus true Walter where is the Government? Ah!God help us.

  12. big boy says:

    Minister of sports chiumia shud not blame nyamilandu but shud rather go for ziphuphu repairment in south africa

  13. joyce chigona says:

    water is not right. first FAM should explain how they manage the gate correction monies. Fam is becoming small cash gate…these guys are not managing the finances well. They correct monies from every super league game, red cards clearances, transfer fee..why bloke then?
    meet the officials at this small bar paseli pa Bwandilo after any big super league scheduled for Lilongwe. They are milking us.

  14. Young Philosopher says:

    Kodi Obama akumatiyesa bwanji? Samatha chizungu…nde akalimbana ndi Walter, aziluma nkamwa…Malawi 1-0 Mali.

  15. Salima says:

    Nanga Walter Company yake ya ILLOVO simathandizapo bwa pamene iyeyu ndi wa Marketing Dept

  16. MALAWI FAN says:

    Nyamilandu was right… The govt does not wish the FLAMES well at all. The Flames team is like a burden to the govt. The truth hurts indeed

  17. titani says:

    Walter z right,truth pains.The Hon. just wanted to appease her MASTERS.Pitani komweko mayi kozigulira malo. Viva Walter!

  18. Walani says:

    A carsberg anawapasa ndalama za 3yrs Nyamilandu ananyambita olo chaka chosatha amaona ngati boma silikuziwa zimenezo. Akagwele uko ndidyelalakelo

  19. Pastor nyalapa says:

    Boma silikufuna kuvomeleza bwanji? Pamene wanama nyamilanduyi mpati? simukufuna kunyozeka? Ndiye ku mulanduwo muzikati chiyani?

  20. Kharupa says:

    bola nthawi zina kumawinako

  21. Nyamazi says:

    This is a failed DPP government. How can a prudent government buy a expensive presidential vehicle and fail to support the Flames Football team?

    This is a government that is very busy eating money that Madam Joyce Banda left in government coffers when she was president.

  22. RESTRORATION says:

    Vomelani inu a boma mulibe ndalama ngakhale mukanafunakuthandiza mukanaitenga kuti mpaka lero a Ziphunzitsi simunawalipire.

  23. messi says:

    reporter wa nyasa times uyu ndi mbuli eti? was this the interpretetion? i listened to the speech which was made in good faith. there are lots institutions which were blocked from funding from some known guys within the sports circles.
    this uneducated reporter would just want to insinuate a bad blood between an inocent professional and govt. this is bad for malawi, we need professional reporting not these fools

  24. Aferazao says:

    The biggest problem with the Malawi Government is that they think they are supreme and cannot be criticized even when they are failing to do things right. They are never wrong even when the do the wrong things. This is the whole reason we shall always remain backward in everything.

  25. Nyapapi says:

    Otsangomuchotsa bwanji, wakuba kwambiri anthu amenewa!

    Makamaka Suzgo Nyirenda Dan Tambala, Casper Jangale Ndi Walter!

  26. Atonga says:

    Nyamilandu sakunama.ngati pali boma lomwe lalephera pa nkhani ya mpira ndi limeneli.

  27. Jb mboba says:

    Kodi a FAM ndalama zonse zija mumapeza pa ma gate collections mumapanga nazo chiyani,nthawi zonse mumangoti we are cash strapped,chiyambireni cha FAM national team sichita bwino,ngati ku FAM kulibe ndalama bwanji mumapikisana pachisankho,ndikumanamiza ma team kuti muwapezera sponsorship

  28. Hamu says:

    BOMA liyenera kuthandiza nation team yathu nthawi yabwino, ndiye Nyamilandu ngati akutero ndiye kuti BOMA ndi lolakwisa.

  29. Wbc says:

    Tsono inu a boma? Musandinyase mwamva?amakunamizirani? Mxii! Shupiti

  30. [email protected] says:

    palibe nkhani apa!

  31. zoshola says:

    kudzinyumwa basi.zopusa iwe Chiumia ziphuphu kumaso

  32. yuona says:

    Chawawa chilungamo!!! Shaaa!!!!!!!

  33. Senator says:

    Stupid and foolish Minister. Useless heads. DPP Mafia thinking in a woman. Shame on you. Leave Nyamilandu alone. To start with he is not your pawn civil servant. He is an accomplished private sector guy. so don’t toss him around. Secondly, do not interfere in football matters. FIFA will punish this small impoverished and disgraced and cashgate trapped nation. You fools. We love Walter.

  34. Nyani Galakunzwani says:

    Government trade carefully here you may be penalised by FIFA. Don’t interfere in football issues

  35. bobo says:

    chabwino tiuzeni mwaipatsa ndalama zingati flames, ngati nyamilandu amanama?

  36. jeremiah says:

    Malawi government a total failure. Thanks airtel malawi

  37. Chemjambe says:

    Walter samanama olo pang’ono, why is it that we should always hear the same story of Flames not having enough funding on every assignment? invest in football, other countries are reaping the fruits of this sport

  38. Malawiana says:

    Just privatise the Flames or enter into a formal PPP arrangement with the likes of Airtel otherwise it doesnt make sense for government alone to be sponsoring perennial mediocrity when people are dying of hunger and lack of drugs.

  39. Chikopa says:

    Mr president i said lastweek charge this lady to another post iam die hard of dpp but idonot like this lady she have no passion for sports the hole goverment cannot fail to raise k60 million that is joke. fire this lady bring in vuwa kaunda . Vuwa ndi a Bingu anagwila ntchito yabwino vuwa amawawuza a bingu zoyenela kuchita , mpaka aBingu anamuyamikila vuwa pa msokhano kuti anawambila phone malawi itapambana kunja ngakhale abingu ananena kuti sizimamveka chifukwa vuwa anali ndi chisangalalo chambili , ndikuziwa kuti obama wakhala okhulupilika ku chipani koma ngati akulephela ntchito mutani? Azimayi ambiri ndiolephela ndiye muziti simukuikidwa mmaudindo ? Ben phiri mulangizeni president moyenela . Iwenso young chimodzi upange zako zathobwa umupanga zija anthu akuchosa khutu

  40. james says:

    nyamilandu akapume limodzi ndi macoach akewo.

  41. Rodriguas Latata says:

    There is no issue here ma’am minister. If you don’t have anything to show your ‘boss’ that you’re working then look for it elsewhere, not this trivial story. By the way, Walter didn’t mention any names.
    Usakwiye nkhani sinali yako/ wandiyankha bwanji neba wanga/ ukudziwa kanthu.

  42. Mikoko says:

    Chilungamo chimawawa

  43. cbk says:

    zapweteka??kkk.osawaopsezatu a airtel,paja inu andale ndilo khalidwe lanu nchifukwa amangokhala phee osathandiza poteteza buzinesi zao.

  44. Nyamakumutu says:

    Ludziyambulira uku who mentioned your name that your are the one who wished them down. Ndekuti munachitadi zimenezi. But I saw the flames in my dream making it to Moroco let’s see how they will get there.

  45. pdf says:

    Obama upusirapo zisiye zimenezi, kodi a FAM akunama chiyani? Mwalephera kuthandiza basi tiribe nanu ntchito akuba inu.

  46. Nohakhelha says:

    I’ve never seen a perfect sport manager like water!! How I wish we had adequate resources for our team & Walter’s critics would have nothing bad to talk about!! Hail Walter!!

  47. Airtel yo Popeza Ndalama Zongobwela Zonkha, Koma Kuthandiza Flames Ndiye Bola Akanathandiza Ku Zomba United, Team Yosawina Yamtundu Wanji? Ngati Ndikumana Mundikhululukile, Koma Ndimomwe Alili Mavuto M’malawi Muno.Kulibwino Ndalamayo Kumatolerera Amisala Midzindamu Mkukawasiya Ku Zipatala Zoyenela Then Mimsokho Tikukhoma Every Seconds,yi Ingakhale Kuti Ikupindulira A Malawi Tonse.

  48. SOTHINI says:


  49. Wawaman says:

    Hahahaha Kodi Azimayi Munakhala Bwanji? Iwe Obama Wadziwa Bwanji Kuti Walter Amatanthawuza Boma?Zopusa Basi Uzikalimbana Ndi Anzako A Netball.To Everyone Malawi Gvt Has Been Letting Us Down Kuyambila Kalekale, U Always Come In When U Want To Gain Political Mirage.Walter Ndi Dolo, U Shld Just Shut Up!Foolish!!!Mxiiiii!

  50. Chipiliro kadaona says:

    Trueth always hurt

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