Malawi govt to confiscate all ‘cashgate’ wealth -Report

Malawi government, with support from European Union (EU) and other development partners, is set to launch a special unit that will be responsible for confiscating wealth proven to have originated from proceeds of crime, primarily Cashgate, it has been reported.

Chisoni: Welcomes the development

Chisoni: Welcomes the development

The EU will also provide technical support to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in helping to acquire skills to investigate and prosecute cases of money laundering as well as to undertake asset forfeiture at the conclusion of cases, according to EU head of politics, press and information office James Dolan.

“ We will also, working with and under the direction and supervision of the DPP, provide technical expertise in setting up an Asset Forfeiture Unit in the office.

“The EU, along with other partners, is providing technical assistance to strengthen public finance management systems, which is an important pre-requisite to reducing corruption,” said Dolan as quoted in the press.

The special unit will facilitate the State’s wish to recover all assets originating from proceeds of various financial crimes.

Meanwhile, Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) national coordinator Chris Chisoni welcomed the development on but cautioned that such a unit should be backed by a strong legal framework to ensure that the recovered assets and resources are not abused again.

Malawi Law Society (MLS) honorary secretary Khumbo Soko said while the idea was interesting, the society would await details of the proposed operations and legislation of the unit before making comment.

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64 thoughts on “Malawi govt to confiscate all ‘cashgate’ wealth -Report”

  1. Phofo says:

    Dpp yonse ndiyakuba mesa paja nthawi ya ma vote munkakondwelela nde apa mukulila chani.panyapanu.

  2. LUTEPO is just an instrument used by the thieves in doing there deal, and you arrest the instrument letting the main thieves go. WTF.

  3. Dominic says:

    Does it mean that those of us from poor families will die poor? Let me know so that I should not waste my time working so hard for a bright future.

  4. Decent Citizen. says:

    Muluzi should also be prosecuted for 1.7 billion kwacha and if found guilty his properties should be confiscated.Bingus Casablanca manor should be confiscated too.He couldn’t make 61 billion kwacha wealth within a short period of time in a poor country like Malawi.Pitala has also benefitted alot from his brother’s loot.He also needs to be grilled.Thereafter Joyce and his pot bellied sons who were also growing wings in town thinking that their mother will be there forever should also be taken to task.Malawi needs to overhaul the whole useless crap system.It has just bled a culture of laziness and thieves.Everybody should learn to work his/her ass 24/7 to earn something than flaunting flashy lives with our hard earned taxes.All ill gotten wealth should be confiscated and make Malawi tick again.

  5. Kamweza says:

    Get back any asset associated with money looting.

  6. Joseph says:

    Jaaaah take it away from the thieves and give it to the crooks!
    Just stupid!

  7. chintengwa says:

    welcome development, just need thorough structures before being effected

  8. The Patriot says:

    Ndata should also be investigated, how can a person who was driving a minibus for a living build such a big mansion in 8 years? The salary of a president does nit match up with the mansion. Simple and striaght forward.

  9. foot-soldier says:

    It will not see the light of the day–there are huge self-interests at stake! It is too good an idea to be true! Only someone as patriotic as the late Kamuzu Banda could implement something good for the country!

  10. mai wa chiMalawi wokhumudwa says:

    mukamalanda katundu chonde mulandeso cha Alexander Makina amene boma linamuthokoza pomutumiza ku Zimbabwe ku embassy ndi amene amaprinta ma cheque a fake obela ndalama kwa biwi. ameneyu ndi accountant wamba mu boma koma bwelani kuno ku 25c ku Zibweze muzamve mmene anamwazila chuma magalimoto 10. kupanga mphwando losegulira nyumba Church lonse kudyesa koma inu! wabapo chani Lutepo a Malawi u aint seen nothing yet wake up!

  11. mwene says:

    Law Society has crooked and corrupt lawyers within, How can it help fight corruption???? My foot she!!!!!!

  12. Mlauzi says:

    The fight against corruption will be meaningless if the cashgaters are allowed to keep the stolen property. Tilande zimenezi. Ndi zathu zomwe

  13. kazeze says:

    A Soko uko ku Malawi Law society kugona basi and that is why Malawi is in such a mess. You mean you had to wait for the EU to do this initiative ? This is your job and should have quickly welcomed the move and you are saying you will wait for bla.. bla…, what nonsense!!!!!

  14. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Mwina zitheka kkkkkkk.

  15. lover of malawi says:

    Some people don’t get it. The fact that your stolen wealth has been confiscated doesnt mean you have served your sentence. Its the intention that will put you in jail first. And when calculating make sure u consider the dollar rate coz these people have contributed a lot to the fall. And they should pay with interest. In fact that generation of thieves should not be allowed to continue coz this cashgate thing may resurface in future.

    Consider it as they borrowed money from the bank and put a heavy interest + kwacha depreciation to get real figures.

  16. moya says:

    This will never see the light of the day who doesn’t know that the mutharikas are cash gate pioneers and beneficiaries? Ayikhalira this idea.

  17. Matako says:

    Start with Peter Muthalika’s looted resources right here at home. Give back those houses to Malawians who are the rightful owners. From Lilongwe you should head to Singapore and Portugal where there are accounts full of swindled loot. Joyce Banda shoyuld be investigated and give back all she stole the same goes for Muluzi. There should be no sacred cows!!

  18. Good Citizen says:

    The number one thieves are the president’s, Ministers, and high ranking officials in government.

    Bakili is still one of the richest man in Malawi even after ten years from presidency. Ndipo sadzasaukanso. uone campain imene anamenya atupele pachisankho chapitachi.

    Bingu was a minibus driver but became very rich after presidency. Managed to buld Ndata.

    Joice was a mandasi seller but became top 5 richest person in malawi in a period of two years.

    The same is happening to Peter and his ministers. Goodall bulding a mansion which he.

    So deal with them first so that we can trust you. simple, just balance the salaries, allowances and proceeds from other legal sourcesthey minus there total wealth.. you will discover that they are big money launders.

  19. angoni apaphata says:

    We need suuport from eu to recover money stolen by people already in jail…..

  20. Ex Malawian says:

    Why don’t we appoint Mr.Tembo as life president , he was No. 2 in kamuxu Banda era and he knows the job. M sure he can sort things out properly.

  21. angoni apaphata says:

    Koma ma lawyer a ku Malawi ndi moto. Uyo soko panalibe cha nzeru akanakambapo? Nanga bwanji osangokhala phee. Ndithu nanu a nyasatimes imeneyo ndi quote yoti mpaka pa news. Malawi eanga!!!!!!!

  22. Khamani!! says:

    The law means well, but we are on dangerous territory here. Is this law only for cashgaters and all other state resource plunderers? Because this law doesn’t even have to be used to be effective for politics, even the threat of using this law alone can be harmful. Actually, it can be used to extort funding from the wealthy who could stand accused of corruption in government dealings. Asset forfeiture should only be implemented after a legitimate court case has been brought to the courts and won by the government.

  23. mzungu wa nzeru says:

    Paulendo neba paulendo

  24. Mboga syangu says:

    Ndata muilandanso any anyaphaphi inu?

  25. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    You should also confiscate Ndata farm and houses for Peter Mutharika that were bought in a cash gate way….

  26. It true Gladson. In Malawi they have very bad mind set. It is only opposition especially previous government. Will loose their stolen properties. It is not theirs in a normal manner. Those properties are for government and tax payers and donors. No one i Malawi or Europe can build those mansions without a mortgage. Something is wrong then. I know who have 4 big houses in those expensive arears. Built without mortgages and imported materials from China. And their salaries are under MK100 000 kwacha. How can a traffic police have a big house in area 9 built without a loan. How much he earns? We have seen government workers who had one pair shoe and living in Chilinde and living at Kawale. To day they have two big houses or more. Abale kumba uku no shame. They pretend to be christian. In Europe one is punished heavly if one use tax payers money. It is is more punished than killing a person. If Malawi shall deal with money or corruption this is the most important that once u steal and put money in the house u property will be taken and sold. Many practised this. Because it is secured and they were making money by renting. I stayed in a house of the first to be convicted, without knowing who was the owner and not knowing the money she had build a house for stole. I swear to God I could not havereted it.if I had known. I hate these people. Thanks I dont have a friend
    Among them. I have worked arsel of me to built my small house, which I took a mortgage and paid little by little. Proud christian. I dont pray so much but God knows I am a good person. I work in the hospital seeing people dying people we could save but nonequipments and medicines. These thieves send their wives to give birth in Europe with stolen money. Fuck satans.

  27. International Observer says:

    Same message but with a totally different tone. During HKB’s era we had a law known as the “Forfeiture Act” – whereby any person who was found to have misappropriated public money had his property taken away by government. People turned round and complained that the practice was archaic, hence its removal from the statute. My question here is “Is this confiscation” fallacy going to work and become acceptable because the issue has been raised by MZUNGU? Why should we as Malawians keep on doubting our own intelligence and when a foreigner comes with the same concept covered with some sugar coating we swallow it wholesale? The same MZUNGU swept HKB’s idea under the carpet and we stood by and accepted. Mind you, I am not saying the suggestion is bad but my worry is that this was there before but we chose to discard it because a certain donor showed his ugly face and talked ill of a conception by an African who apparently was the rightful owner of the country. Azungu andiuza syndrome is indeed rooted in us, and it is here to stay.

  28. ngoma says:

    mukhaula anthu inu tikuonani bas kumangodyera anzanu

  29. Thom Chunga says:

    If in the laws of the land , there is such stapulation, then it is good idea ,but ifthere isn’t , then we better wait until we have such.

  30. Nathan says:

    Kodi ma Judge omwe amagamula milandu imeneyi ananenapo zoti a Boma alande katundu? Ngati katunduyo awalanda, basi asapite kundende!

  31. MCHEMO says:



  32. Gladson says:

    I really hope and pray that such a unit will not be used by ruling parties to cripple their political opponents! As the situation is in Malawi, it is only those in the opposition that will see their assets confiscated. For fear of this many people involved in financial crimes will join ruling parties to protect their assets. I hope it will not fast-track Malawi to turning to a single party status again. Yes, a strong legal framework will be necessary if this is to work well. The challenge will be how to ensure that there is no favouratism in the process when implementing the same. Well, we will wait and see!!!

  33. We are not against what is said here, but the question is will this happen to all who are involved from the very beginning to the last one at present?What weare worried with is that there is choice meaning some are left and others targeted there4 this wont be meaningful to us as Malawians.And this could have made us happy by starting from where it started up to the last one ie 2015.Dont be selective and judge equally.

  34. Wa Chisena says:

    Malawi Law Society is useless. Why mute your voice and wait for the details when you guys as learned friends have an opportunity here to offer well researched advice and recommendations. Here you have a chance to offer advice and you choose to sit on the fence..? Why why. Shame and very shameful for muting your Voice over a matter of national importance like this

  35. peeping lizard says:

    amalawi,mbala zokhazokha kamuzu adaba,k300bn,muluzi adaba zake,bingu,adabanso abiti,adabanso.nanga ndalama mwachita recorver ndizingati za cashgate,ndikatundu mwalanda wandalamazingati.malawi sadzatheka!tinafulumira kuthamangisa azungu

  36. Brazilian wax says:

    The wheels of justice are slow while the wheel for stealing in government so fast! Interesting!

  37. shicatega says:

    ine zimandipweteke ndi nyumba zomwe anamanga mayi senzani, Leonard Karonga, magalimoto a Laura ndi Carolyn Savala and Laura Savala, Nyumba za Maxwell Namata zina , Lucy. Horea ndi ma Billions a Lutepo anthu amenewa musaasiye chonde

  38. Snipper from Ntcheu says:

    up until Casablanca mansion is confiscated, this is a fluke, that property belongs to poor Malawians ….

  39. Yambani with Bakili Muluzi and Bingu.

  40. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

    Mawu mawu mawu

  41. drzeus says:

    Mau CCJP “the recovered assets should not be abused again”. We have a big problem with politicians who r ruling the government, they think they can do anything without any consequence.

  42. Reformist says:

    Befor multi party we had the Forfeiture A. It was repealed, after multi party, without proper understanding. If you make your research, few people that served in government during his reign got riches that could not be explained. They earned it through farming or trade. They lived comfortably but not lavishly. Reinstate the law.

  43. John M. says:

    Thats a welcome move & don’t 4get the Orange Camp (PP) assets too. Plz!!

  44. tonde wa mbuzi says:

    Aliyense adzidya thukuta lake, kuli kuonekera ngamba chaka chake ndi chino choyambira. Ife timadabwa kuti tikulephera pati. Business yanji ikulipira ana Ku kamuzu academy, st andrews? Kuli kuyaluka. PVHO!

  45. kadamanja says:

    Ndata farm nayo yikhale pa line yolandidwa. apo zii zinzi simutenga ataa!

  46. zilipo says:

    Kwakhola (Tough but good news.)

  47. Msadane says:

    It makes perfect sense for all ill gotten wealth by convicted cash gate thieves to be recovered in full. Those responsible for putting in place the necessary legal and other accountability frameworks should expeditiously do their job.

  48. Professor Mtumbo Wapsa says:

    Include Ndata Farm and Casablanca manour. That worth was obtained obscenely.

  49. munthu wabwino says:

    From rags to riches and back to rags plus prison. Hehede.

  50. KAMBWE says:

    zosatheka zimenezo nde kuli bwino musamawapitise ku ndende

  51. honde says:

    PVHO should be investigated, kwatulutsidwa ndalama za boma all thèse years. Those not deserved to build a house, built thru This PVHO. They contracted uneducated mechanic Just to find a loophole to Channel the government funds out of govt purse.

  52. akwa ibom says:

    Thats what we wanted and looking forward to that. Also pvho should ne investigated please. Behind vipya avenue in chigumula also, there are mansions built with cashgate money and now they are at a standstill, no Progress awaiting for conclusion of thèse court cases. Confiscate them please.

  53. mboba says:

    It is a good development as proceedsof crime will now be back to the goverment which will enable it to provide essential public services. But make sure Kut zisamatherenso mma tumba mwa Anthu

  54. chepetsani says:

    Which side are you on Soko? Which details are you waiting for? Did you not understand? Abale anu ali momwemo eti. This is a useless organization.

  55. Malawiyano says:

    That’s a welcome idea really !! The judgement of Tereza Namathanga has so many questions than answers , how possible was she able to pay back cash money to the government wealth the amount is which believed to have bean stolen from the government ?

    The judgement and investigation was all fake , why was all her houses not templed to be sized by the government , simply because she started cashgate during Bingu’s period the time she built a house in six miles which is wealth over MWK2b , a complex behind a filling station at Mchesi , houses in area 47 and a beautiful homestead at her home and the cash which she paid back then less cashgate money ? Can the government find out what business she was doing as a civil servant to aquared millions Kwachas in order to pay back the stolen government money ?

    The investigation and judgement sound to have been protected Tereza Namathanga where by all Malawians are putting many questions with no answers at all.

  56. Mr Ibu says:

    Please start with Ndata then go to Portugal, Australia and confiscate villas bought by Daniel Phiri. He stole billions from government coffers without any remorse.

  57. Kachepa says:

    Here comes a big issue welcomed by everyone but feared by the doers.

    Mmmmm,now EU in, landed for Cashgate.I can feel the Malawian Private Hospitals will be full of Heart Attack customers.

  58. Anabanda says:

    Turn Ndata farm into a clinic please.

  59. mwenecho says:

    Now u r talking guys,look at Egypt the whole gvrnmnt resigning bcoz coruption. If we r serious we must go deep at the root of this evil practice . If ndata,BINETH and other properties r not part of cashgate let the investigaters and auditors do their job without drawing a line for them.

  60. Truck says:


  61. wangalusa says:

    Confiscating their property realised from cashgate, will help the convicts attain relative peace. Yes, it will bring them peace of mind at last even after having lost their undeserved luxury life style. It will help them come closer to God.

  62. Za utsiru zokha zokha … Tafufuzani yemwe adapha mbale wanga Njauju… Mukutani anthu oyipa inu

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