Malawi govt to reconsider demolition of Kamuzu Stadium

Malawi Government has assured Blantyre clubs that it would reconsider the decision to have the country’s football shrine  Kamuzu Stadium demolished in a bid to pave the way for the construction of a modern stadium at the same place.

Minister of Sports, Youth and Culture Grace Chiumia allayed the fears after Blantyre clubs expressed concern on the government’s decision to demolish the structure saying she will take up the issue to relevant authorities.

Minister of Sports and Youth Development Grace Obama Chiumia : Reconsideration

Minister of Sports and Youth Development Grace Obama Chiumia : Reconsideration

“The matter is still under consultation and we are open to suggestions but the process of demolition and construction will not take long,” Chiumia said.

Mighty Wanderers General Secretary Mike Butao said it would have been ideal for the government to construct a new stadium rather than demolish the existing structure which has a long football history for Malawi.

“Construction of a new stadium is commendable but demolishing an existing structure will not improve the situation because there is already lack of venues in the Southern Region particularly in Blantyre,” Butao said.

“We already incur high costs when travelling to Balaka, Nchalo and Lilongwe to play games. In my view the addition of a new stadium government should have also considered the renovation of Kamuzu Stadium.”

Bullets General Secretary Harold Fote said it would have been ideal for the government to construct a new stadium rather than demolishing the existing structure which has a long football history for Malawi.

Blantyre United Technical Director Lawson Nakoma also questioned the rationale behind the demolition of the stadium while many clubs in the Southern Region do not own grounds.
“I don’t know why government should demolish Kamuzu Stadium at the time we don’t have enough of such facilities,” Nakoma said.

Kamuzu Stadium is likely going to lose its status as a national stadium after the completion of an ultra modern stadium next year in the Capital Lilongwe financed by China.

Kamuzu Stadium has hosted more international games as Civo Stadium and Silver Stadium have lower capacity.

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36 thoughts on “Malawi govt to reconsider demolition of Kamuzu Stadium”

  1. CB says:

    “long football history”..z that an excuse??..hahaha

  2. chatoloma says:

    demolish it and build a nu one. nw we r in glogle village. we shud move forward as other countries. akukana atipatse malo timangepo ina. ku chichiri ndi pakati pa ma township onse mu bt muno. go ahead i have authorised u gvt. kuchedwa chedwaku sitipindula nako.

  3. Zolo says:

    Koma the way some Malawians think ndi zomvetsa chisoni kwabasi, ati they should not demolish the stadium and wait for what, people should die first then you will blame Government for not demolishing it, Kamuzu stadium is not in good shape and we all know it, That stadium is strategically positioned and it is only sensible for the stadium to be demolished and build a new one at the same place. And if clubs do not own stadiums whose fault is it, Wanderers and Bullets you are selfish build your own stadiums. it is the very same clubs that will benefit from the new stadium, some people do not go to the stadium because of its current condition. let us no wait until tragedy strikes for the stadium to be demolished.

  4. mai nsato says:

    Kodi ministeryi ndi mkazi kapena mamuna?? izo ndi ndevu kapena ziphupu. Eeee Atumbuka ndi wonyasa zedi. Kaliyati ndi babe shuwa

  5. mai nsato says:

    Mpaka izamugwere wina mmutu ndiye muzayamba kuona reason to demolish and build a better new stadium. wait muone ngati zija waona TB Joshua zija. what history do you want to keep Achewa ndi atumbuka inu??? Kamuzu name????? munthu wakupha anthu uja Fools..

  6. thox says:

    FYI: Kamuzu stadium was built long before Kamuzu came, it was called Rangely stadium built by colonial government. Ngwazi only renovated it more especially increasing the stands, those A columns.

  7. Kamuzu Stadium is a National relic and by all means should be preserved for future historical artifact.

  8. MPAKATI says:


  9. Buno says:

    Mwachedwa, Bullets and Wanderers’ fans already started demolishing the stadium long time ago by breaking the concrete and using them as weapons for stoning officials and opponents.
    The best way to demolish the stadium completely without spending a kwacha is to organize weekly games between Bullets and any other team, then the concrete will be destroyed and cleared as mentioned above.
    Please demolish Kamuzu stadium and construct a new one on that same spot being the most convenient and centralized place. Akufuna history akalowe tinyumba ta police Ku Kanjedza

  10. LU H says:

    renovation of kamuzu stadium is too expensive and not ideal. forget about history or memories we are moving forward we nid a new structure.

  11. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    You first find out from Zambia , they first demolished Dahgamajote Stadium in Ndola thinking they were going to build a new stadium by demolishing Dahgamajote Stadium , it took Ndola a good fifteen years to build a new stadium.

    Beggars should not make decisions which are distractive otherwise the whole Southern Region will have no stadium if you are not careful.

  12. Bingu says:

    stupid Grace obama you are supporting this development to us, we say not, it is better to construct that stadium in your constituency. If not push it to Mzuzu. because had Kamuzu stadium. Now, we want to use federal system. No reverse to it.

  13. Shepherrd says:

    You’ll be blood guilty if you keep that graveyard.

  14. chatty man says:

    Just redevelop KS not demolishing and build new ones. Look at Stamford bridge, they are processing to renovate it not demolishing so same to our old stadium can be renovated not demolished and a new one be built in the outskirts of the city!!

  15. BushDoctor says:

    Koma ziphuphu za minister ameneyu ndi chilango ndithu, ziphuphu kuwopsya kuposa ebola.

  16. Francis Luwani says:

    When such news begin to image I begin to realise how intelligent Ngwazi Professor Bingu Wa Mutharika and DPP administration were at the time they were saying that there was need to construct a new stadium In Blantyre. Some misguided Malawians and the unreasonable opposition refused that the stadium should instead be constructed in Lilongwe. Bingu noticed that Kamuzu stadium was in bad shape. Now the suggestion to demolish the stadium has just vindicated how rational Bingu was and how irrational the opposition and some NGOs were by unnecessary opposing anything that Bingu and DPP wanted to implement. My views on whether to demolish the stadium and construct a new stadium on the same land or indeed just preserve the old stadium for historical purposes, I wish to say that the current Kamuzu stadium should be abolished and construct a new one on the same place as constructing a new stadium elsewhere will not be economical with our scarce land that resource that we have. Any delay in demolishing this dilapidated is putting lives of many soccer lovers Malawi in danger.

  17. eye eye says:

    EVEN RENOVATING MAY AND WILL DEFINITELY REQUIRE DEMOLISHING SOME OF THE whats the difference? It is a death trap and like it or not, some if not most of stands need to be demolished to pave way for new ones ( which some may want to call renovating???)

  18. vindere says:

    I don’t think this Grace Chiumia woman comes from the North. May be she’s just married to a Northerner. She thinks like a Southerner, like a lomwe,sort of. Changing decisions now and again.Who cares or gives a damn whether u demolish the sub-standard Kamuzu stadium or not. I for one don’t beçause the north doesn’t have one.

  19. Oga Kent Mulhakho says:

    Leave Kamuzu Stadium there 4history.Find another place 2build morden one

  20. Kumeneko ndiye kundiputa musiye ntchito zamanja anga zindichitile umboni mukalimbira nditumizilani njuchi zikumachini mumange stadium yanu ndi cement wonu osalimbayo

  21. yuona says:

    Govt. should not listen to clubs. All the club needs are short term gate collections. Stadium imeneyi igwetsedwe basi ndipo imene imangidweyo isadzakhalenso mmanja mwa mbava tikuzionazi. Let it be managed by a reputable company and no club fun should be seen mphuno biii pa gate.

  22. atambwali says:

    Koma a minister awa ndi nkhwangwa bwanji. apuziseniko

  23. Blessed Banda says:

    The Stadium is a death trap. The same people complain today wil;l speak bad about the government if anything happens. Government should be strategic. Not everybody will say yes. Changing goal posts will not bring development in Malawi.

  24. atambwali says:

    Ask Lutepo & kasambala and dont forget Pwiyo to mention a few.

  25. namwali says:

    Amalawi, chitukuko does not mean demolishing old infrastructure, but taking care of the old ones and building new ones as well. History needs to be preserved, and one way is through our old buildings, ikhale choncho imeneyo, ntchito za Kamuzu zisiyeni, mangani zanu tione ngati zitalimbe ngati za Hastings.

  26. Mwinama says:

    The problem is that most of the people in authority were brought up in the remote, rural bush areas,so when they see the stadium they do not understand how people could sit on the terraces(it is one of the wonders of the world).Nanga sangofikira ku VIP,Some of us takhala muma stand,tachita youth rally,kuyimba nyimbo pa 6 July,tamenya ndi kuonera mpira pa Kamuzu Stadium the rest of our lives.To us demolishing it is like erasing the history of this great nation.Construct another stadium and renovate the existing one basi!!!!!

  27. Bingu says:

    za ziii…. ine president wakufa ndikuti thandizani kaye anthu akumpoto. alibe chitukuko cholozeka monga, miseu, maoffice, stadiums, zipatala etc. …. koma iwe Grace Obama uli ng’wee ng’weeee koma osanena kuti tikukamanga ku Mzuzu? kodi kwanu sikuyenera zinthu zamakono ? Kapena kuti ndikonyasa? nanga bwanji mukumakaimabe uphungu kosafunikirako? mesa mukanawonetsa mphhamvu kuti mutukuleko? koma inu mmakhala patsogolo kuomba mmanja zopusa. ai stadium ku mwera, azaikako kutsogolo pano ai. ………

  28. Chapola waku Thyolo says:

    Let it demolished hence the construction ll not take long.We must think of the future than present…..


  30. chete uno says:

    Gvt should not listen to clubs,no club is owning that stadium,that stadium will not stay fore ever and if they demolish and construct the new one u will see the same clubs apreciating.That old structure must be demolished because most of beautful structures are occupied by old stuctures,so how can we develop our city if we are still keeping old structures and its capacity is still going down.The location of this stadium is ok,but what we need here is a new structure that can accomodate a good number of people.when changing things some of other things suffer.Go ahead demolish the old structure i support that idea.if u are saying that this stadium is keeping football history u want to turn it into museum asaah

  31. Amutchona says:

    Stop fooling us. Malawi does not have money. Full stop. A simple 49,929 -seater stadium in South Africa cost over 1 Billion Rand in 2010. Where is the money if you cannot even pay salaries of people (in kwacha) later alone in Dollars for the stadium. You want to built a stadium and University in Mzimba at the same time. Do you really think we are idiots?

  32. Harrson says:

    The issue iz a obama ndi anzawo akamanga stadium yina sadyapo ndalama, koma demolition the best way to divert the funds. We know their tactics

  33. Wona says:

    That is the problem with Malawians, always planning in short-term. Please demolish thisvold structure and build a new stadium at the same location. Those teams complaining about demolishing the stadium should have known in the first place that as a team, by now should have owned their own stadium.

    Kamuzu stadium is a national stadium, not a team stadium, therefore we do not need permission from teams to demolish it. This structure should be demolished immediately. There are alot of issues to be sorted thus a new stadium is ideal. Such issues like drainage, spectator stands, parking, security, etc require a new design altogether We need ample, secure parking, more covered stands, shops for mid-week use etc.

  34. stax says:

    these people opting for a whole new place are short sighted,

  35. ujeni says:

    Demolish the top tier, redesign and refurbish the structure, put astro turf for athletics too.

  36. apolitical says:

    Demolish the Stadium and put a modern structure. That’s the best site and the wazungu who chose that place in the 50s werer visionary!

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