Malawi govt to train journalists in economic reporting, says Minister

Malawi Government plans to train journalists in economic reporting to improve their data interpretation skills.

Minister of Information Kondwani Nakhumwa r and Bright Malopa l during a press briefing in Lilongwe - pic by Roy Nkosi

Minister of Information Kondwani Nakhumwa r and Bright Malopa l during a press briefing in Lilongwe – pic by Roy Nkosi

Minister of Information Kondwani Nakhumwa briefing members of press - pic by Roy Nkosi

Minister of Information Kondwani Nakhumwa briefing members of press – pic by Roy Nkosi

The training follows recent failure by journalists to interpret data which also turned out to be from wrongly attributed to as the World Bank said it had not even issued out that particular data.

Minister of Information, Tourism and Culture Kondwani Nankhumwa disclosed this in Lilongwe during a press briefing where he clarified on reports that Malawi was being rated the poorest country in the World.

Nankhumwa said such kind of erroneous reporting and failure to interpret data is dangerous as it has potential to misinform the citizenry and the international community.

Nankhumwa, who was flanked by Presidential Advisors on Communication and Economic Affairs, Bright Malopa and Dr. Collins Magalasi respectively, said the born of contention is failure by the media houses to differentiate between Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita in US$ currency with GDP per capita in Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) terms.

“These issues are quiet different all together, that is why am saying it is very important that as journalists we need to emphasize much on specialized writing or reporting especially in economic reporting and to that effect my ministry is undertaking to get some scholarships which are available now.

“We will be talking to different media houses that they give us candidates within the newsrooms so that they undergo this training in as far as economic reporting is concerned,” said Nankhumwa.

He said, “Failure to interpret data is a serious course of concern in as far as these issues are concerned. One might ask that now what the way forward is because as government we are not saying that we are not poor, we are poor but not the poorest country in the world.”

The aim of the training will also enable journalists to interpret economic data and concentrate on policies that will increase rural production and incomes for instance intensification of agriculture.

Association of Business Journalists Vice Chairman, Dumbani Mzale, who also works for the Nation Newspaper applauded the miniter saying the training in economic reporting is important.

“We just can’t wait Honourable Minister,” said Mzale, “This is a specialized field that requires training for correct data interpretation.”

Gregory Gondwe, Bureau Chief in the Central Region for Times Group also welcomed the development saying it will help in improving journalistic skills of media men.

The two said since there is need for effective reporting it is good that government through the Ministry of Information, Tourism and Culture has come up with this idea of training journalists in different media organizations.


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20 thoughts on “Malawi govt to train journalists in economic reporting, says Minister”

  1. zandile says:

    Mr Truth, your observantion is correct.The problem is that we have a useless minister of foreign affairs. He does want to solve these problems.
    This so called Dr Chaponda Mr of foreign affairs is just useless.

  2. Kenkkk says:

    I don’t know why this dpp govt is angry and rattled by us bring poorest in the world. The fact remains we are the poorest or one of the poorest in the world. No amount of training of any journalist will alter this fact. So it is a waste of govt money to train journalist on how to report economic data. Some of these journalists are graduates, so they are able to know what is being reported. People learn about Gdp from secondary schools. The papers themselves should train their own journalists on how to report economic data if they feel there is a need to do so. The govt indeed can train its own journalists on this if it feels necessary.

    You can’t just pick and choose which economic data to report.

    Since 1994 our country had been going downhill because of the mass corruption of thieving of udf, dpp, pp and now dpp again of govt coffers which should have been spent in developing the country. Massive corruption in private sectors in collaboration with the govts of the day is whT has brought us to being poorest or still one of the poorest in the world.

    What we need to do now is reduce this cancer of corruption and instil to the letter of the law good governance which will generate confidence and boost investments in the economy.

  3. TrueFactor says:

    Kodi kuzakhalanso ma envelope? Nenelanituni ndi druze ine

  4. SIBWENI says:


  5. Mzozodo says:

    What reporting can Bright Malopa teach the media fraternity? What Economics does he know? Munthuyu is very empty headed, he just knows English, just like Yunus Mussa!!!!!! Yet the Prof. puts him as his advisor, LOL

  6. where are Malawians? says:

    Media houses should not just wait for government…they should employ qualified people like other media houses who have : economic correspondents/editors, political correspondent/editor, White/house correspondents, scientific correspondents/editor etc…. not every reporter can be a jack of all trades leading to misinterpretation of facts!

  7. Meja says:

    Sipho, unfortunately Tenthani is one of the best of his kind, love him or hate him. If you don’t like what he writes, better leave it to us who will appreciate the sense he pumps into the nation, he is not a handclapper like the Malopa’s who failed his MSCE not once but twice. He is just objective, and objectivity is what we would appreciate. mind you, it is not Tenthani who came up with that article reminding us of how poor we are!!!!! Furthermore, you DPP zealots, you say seven months is too little time to judge APM, yes that is very true, then why are you concerned with this data that reminds us of how poor we are? Its not APM’s fault that we are in this state, is it?

  8. Zosautsa says:

    Guys wait, is this idea coz of the purported report of Malawi being the poorest country? Was the report from a journalist? I guess the two are not the same sides of a coin. If the report was faulty, it was not because of a journalist who reported but the author of it.

    The duty of a reporter is to publish what has come out in the public domain whether it is from Government, donor, company, or civil society. The faults or inaccuracies of the reports are the responsibility of the author or institutions the report has come from. I don’t see why journalist should be blamed becoz of someone’s incompetence.

  9. Truth says:

    This will be good so that we hear and read correct information from well informed and competent media in matters of the economy.
    While on the same I wish to bring to the attention to the power that be more especially the minister of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation as well as the ministry of Internal Security of the plight of Malawians as the go about doing business within SADC/COMESA. it seems Malawians are the most oppressed and harassed nationalities but our government does not intervene to stop this harassment. I witnessed one traveler being slapped at Mozambique Border for protesting when Mozambique Border guards were demanding that he needed to use a passport not a paper travel document that are being issued by immigration owing to lack of passports. Malawians have to give bribes for them to have the right of passage if they don’t have a bank stamp for purchase of forex. The situation is worse when they come to Beitbridge as it is only Malawians that are asked to produce R3000. cash not any other nationality. I fail to appreciate the rationale or logic of this requirement that only applies to Malawians. If this requirement was imposed by our government then we don’t have a caring government.
    I recall several times when Nigerians or Zambians have problems in countries, they immediately summon their ambassandor who attends to their problem. The situation is different with Malawians as our representative are busy attending functions for other nations.

  10. Nsambizi says:

    We say or write BONE OF CONTENTION. Do we also have to train spellings or grammar apart from ‘economic reporting’

  11. Chitima says:

    ine musandiseketse tsiku lalero… sindinalandiretu ine nde ndikaseka ndikomoka ..

  12. namatetule says:

    Why are they using GDP and GDP PPP anyway?These terms are meaningless and outdated!!!If the journalist cannot report correctly on economics( a highly contentious and dismal pseudo science subject if you ask me),then let them go back to school.

  13. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    This is a wrong way to correct a knowledge deficiency, or analytical skills, or mere understanding of an issue, among some journalists in our country. The training to remedy these deficiencies is the responsibility of the media houses. Not the government just because it feels its reputation is endangered. There is NO room for a government in the media houses. The media should pay for the course themselves. Asah!
    And specific media houses should take to task the journalists who seriously misrepresent critical issues, like this GDP one. Individuals have to take the responsibility; just as they rush to take credit, and erroneous conclusions, even for a subject they do not understand (Tenthani iwe). But masquerading as experts in everything!

  14. Helo says:

    So long as you are with Malopa and Magalasi of the BEAM/NACGATE we cannot take what you are saying seriously minister

  15. Wariya Khale says:

    So, will that training suddenly turn us from the poorest to the richest country in the world?

    Stupid minister!

    Nanu a Dumbani mwangomva training mukulota za ma allowance! Munya muona, kulibe!

  16. Name*zaks says:

    Mwaitha pamenepa a boma

  17. JCInLA says:

    No-So-Bright Malopa, your corrupt practices with Mota Evil – to evict the people of Masasa village in Monkey Bay, by force is treasonous. People were killed and some are still nursing their gun-wounds because of you.
    One day, Malawi will not be ruled by your Lomwe friends, and we, Malawians, will go after you. You may forget, but, on behalf of those that killed in Monkey bay, we will revange those deaths…… I will personally make sure you “pay”.
    Pissed off Malawian abroad.

  18. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Kondwani Nankhumwa,

    you have lost the prospectus tourist attracting 5 star hotel project at Cape Mclear, Mangochi because of lack of foresight and just being clever on the mouth. You are not patriotic to this country, lazy and selfish.

    Bright Malopa, we had enough of you, you were one of the people who misinformed our late president to his death. You are now back with your clever childish mouth.

  19. sipho says:

    well Mr. Tenthani? Muckracking or mudslinging? He who knows not that he knows not is a fool-shun him. But he who knows that he knows not is a pupil-teach him.

Comments are closed.

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