Malawi govt wants to seize cashgate property of convict Sithole

Malawi prosecutors have applied to court for seizure warrants for property connected to Cashgate belonging a former junior civil servant Victor Sithole who is currently serving a nine years jail term with hard labour for his part in the “cashgate” corruption scandal.

Sithole: Property to be seized

Sithole: Property to be seized

Former accounts assistant Sithole was found guilty of stealing more than $66,000 in cash.

Sithole’s arrest in August 2013 kick-started what became known as the “cashgate” affair – the worst financial scandal in the country’s history.

It became public knowledge a month later following the shooting of the finance ministry’s then budget director Paul Mphwiyo.

Special Cashgate prosecutor Kamudoni Nyasulu, who has now won all the four concluded cases in court, on Friday asked Lilongwe, magistrate Patrick Chirwa, to issue seizure warrant on Sithole’s property said to have been obtained using spoils from the looting of public funds at Capital Hill which include Whisper Pub and Area 25 house.

Defence lawyer Ralph Kasambara – also answering to money laundering charges – is expected to respond to the State’s request on March 15.

Magistrate Chirwa sentenced Sithole, 28, to seven years for money laundering, one year for illegal possession of foreign currency and one year for being found in possession of stolen property – all three terms will run consecutively.

Nyasulu asked court for a warrant of “complete seizure” on Sithole’s assets.

Cashgate genesis

Prior to the shooting of Mphwiyo, police had arrested Sithole after finding him with K120 million (US$292 689).

Among others, police also arrested civil servant Martha Banda whom they found with K7.8 million (US$19 024) at her home in Lilongwe.

Police e also retrieved $184 000 (about K75 million) in cash from a safe box at First Merchant Bank (FMB) belonging to attempted murder suspect in the Mphwiyo shooting case, Pika Manondo.

They also impounded four of the cashgate six buses for which the Tourism Ministry paid K520 million through a cheque co-signed by arrested principal accountant to government Roosevelt Ndovie.

Ndovie was also earlier arrested after police found him with K3 million cash in his car boot and $25 000 (about K10 million) at his house.

Cashgate convicts

The first person to be convicted in relation to the high-profile case was former Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Tressa Namathanga Senzani, who was sentenced to three years in jail.

There have been other cashgate convictions of Maxwell Namata and Luke Kasamba to eight years and four and a half years respectively for theft and money laundering.

Namata, a former civil servant, was sentenced to consecutive custodial sentences of three years and five years for theft and money laundering respectively.

Kasamba, only found guilty on the second count of money laundering, but whose lawyers had earlier appealed for a lenient sentence citing health concerns, was jailed to four years and six months.

Another cashgate convict is Wyson Dzinyemba Soko who will serve a seven-year term.

Western donor nations and agencies, which provide 40% of Malawi’s budget, froze vital aid worth around $150m in reaction to the scandal.

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47 thoughts on “Malawi govt wants to seize cashgate property of convict Sithole”

  1. abuba says:

    Kkkkkkkkk jokes of the day mmmmm..92 billion kwacha not being mentioned here it becoz it is an audit query? Whatever it is…..

  2. Ezekiel says:

    Once muluzi case dropped then the next move for the former president will is to fight the DPP party to be demolished as Bingu did with UDF watch out this pipo be careful it will be a painful revenge, Tupele is going to take over this presidence. The southerners don’t want to let it go to the centrals even the northerners.

  3. akungolonje says:

    seize sithole lorry from cashgate hidden at makawa, land bought at maldeco by his wife, muluzi be prosecuted, bingu property be seized too.

  4. Kamchitete says:

    Why sithole’s? Please donors, you have heard yourselves that this government is at not serious. Let bakili face it then bingu togeher with all the kingfishers. Fasten your belts donors plz.

  5. mr nyasaland says:

    koma ku nyasaland ayi ayiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  6. Yankees says:

    Asinthole mupitatu inu!?!!.

  7. Alfred Munduwabo says:


  8. Vwatapu says:

    Cashgate began in 1994. To convict junior members and let presidents and other senior members go scot free is a mockery to justice. If it is true that no one is above the law, then anyone who stole public funds, president or no president should be arrested.These junior members were being commanded from above. If you want to kill a dog, you don’t shoot its tail, you shoot the head. If you leave presidents untouched then there is no work done.

  9. zachibwana says:

    Kodi anyimbwa mukuphatikiza nkhani bwanji?YaMuluzi yabweraso bwanji apapa.sikuti akufuna kungothetsa kokha milanduyo2 koma maumboni paribe ngati iweo ukudziwa kuti umboni uri nawo takaperekeni2 amangidwe.Nthawi zonse timakamba zaumbuli bwanji aMalawi kupusa kwambiri kucourt mumakudziwa bwinobwino koma?mukudziwa kuchuluka kwandarama zamisonkho zimene angapatsidwe Muluzi akasuma kuti boma lamuzunza ngati boma litaluza mulandu umenewu?Amalawi tatsegulani maso osangoyankhulira kudana ndimunthu koma mudziyang’ana patsogolo kupusa basi,wina amvekere akapanga appeal kuchepa nzeru.Tidzakhala wozindikira liti aMalawi.

  10. Kambolo Pitala says:


    A Sithole koma ndiye mwaondatu. Koma mumalizadi 9yrs. Kuba timaba mwanzeru. Osati ngati khoswe, kuti aliyense kudziwilatu, kuti kwasithole kuli mbiya.

    Pitala anaba manyumba, a chair anaba ma billion, malemu kahuna anaba migolo migolo ya makobili, koma zatsalira inu a Sithole – nanga inu muferanji apa ka bottle situlo ndi kanyumba Ku 25 osati Ku 43.

    Anzanu anakagula manyumba ku Portugal ku Australia etc.

  11. mdala says:

    Ndaona tsopano,mwanayi siwakuba inuyo mumamtuma ndiye anakupondani.Eee kulimbana naye chonchi bwanji?

  12. akatswiri says:

    Mwaonatu kukondera kwake, you are dropping a case of billion yey you are concentrating on cases of million,God is watching from the distance, watch out you fools.

  13. Think Tank says:

    possesing might be easy. It is disposal which will cause property-gate

  14. jesus is lord says:

    Government shouldn’t just want to seize the properties they should/ must seize them for God’s sake man do your jobs.

  15. stupid nacked fools in malawi government bwanji mukulimbana ndi ana awa pali khumbo kachali,joyce banda,raph kasambala even iwe so called lawyer nyasulu mudaba ndalama za boma zambiri

  16. Jihad John says:

    Namata has houses and one of them was the one he was living in in area 47. Others are said to be in his relatives name.

  17. Malawi should not look at what happens bfo, let’s count from Jan 2012 going up bcoz that’s where big cash has gone openly with no fear

  18. collins kafa says:

    Kodi who authorised the payments?
    Who were the ultimate beneficiaries?
    Why are we stil going after the small fish and not the big boys…

  19. Kenkkk says:

    The properties of all cashgaters should be seized not targetting just one person. Why Sithole’s property only to be seized?

  20. Nganali kombweke says:

    Mukatha pamenepo mukalande ndege ija inagulitsidwa mwakuba ija.

  21. Let’s just welcome mob justice this stories of prosecutors and court are up to shit today tomorrow young boys are getting sentences while big ones its health status ooh plan to drop cases if a person is mad let him go to be mad there in prison when he stole d money he wasn’t mad so he must be mad today seizure his asset and give him 1 billion years of sentence equal to wat he steal that’s all it help the nation of hearing he’s mad and achair muluzi deserve 2 billion years in jail how can father steal from your own children he was reader who know to protect us all not to steal from us,if you drop a case of muluzi I’m ready to appeal against the ruling be ready we are tired of singing one song all the time government money money unitl wen

  22. dumerang says:

    Take all assets from cashgate not only of Sithole.

  23. khumbi says:

    Point of corrections; Kamudoni Nyasulu is not handling Bakili Muluzi corruption case. He is at the courts to prosecute caahgate cases.

  24. Hastings Phiri says:

    These thieves have killed Malawians.

  25. Wamisa osagenda says:

    92 billion ija ndinaba ija mwandikhululukira?

    1. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

      Ask your God that question

  26. PP says:


  27. bongozozo says:

    I support the idea fully……

  28. Milandu imeneyi yafika ponyasa ngati ndowe zamunthu zonyowa zija nde zokhalitsa. Kodi amakhoti mukungodyelapo apa eti? mukufuna mpakana pawonongeke ndalama zingati pomaliza? si chimodzimdz zobedwazo? Mungapulumutse zingati zomwe ndi zosiyana ndi momwe muku nyambitila boma? zaugalu basi.

  29. lol says:

    Kamudoni Nyasulu ngati iweyo ndiye dolo, conclude a case of Bakili Muluzi first. Why putting all of your powers to ana okha okha? Why have you advised the government to drop the case of Bakili Muluzi. You are very stupid – ndiwe chitsilu. I cannot take this shit of justice anymore.

    1. eleson says:

      ndithu the state, if any, is just concentrating on small fish. and look at the harsh sentence on this soul called sithole. the fat ones getting three years and others still out there and we hear dropping the case of a master thief eleson. shit.

  30. atate says:

    Namathanga is too rich . She has houses in area 47/4, area 14 ,area 10,43, area 18 after round about before puma station there is un complete office block,six miles where she stayed a double storey house and some in Blantyre. Yet she was convicted of only 61 million not billion kwacha why. She is a billionaire

  31. weaklicks says:

    Litepo has ahouse in naperi, chitawira, njenda, mzuzu. They say he is not mentally fit yet he is able to give instructions to his lawyer. Please take care of these tricks by this thief .

  32. fkr says:

    we know it starts from the top. the head of the country allowed this to happen.

    1. MBC says:

      Point of correction; use the word, “allows” because this syndicate was there during Muluzi, Bingu,Joyce and now. During Muluzi people like Matumula were involved, during Bingu the likes of Mulli were involved, during Joyce the likes of Lutepo were involved, this time around the Masangwis, the Phiris are doing it. All these people are helped by govern officials and these people mostly run the affairs of their respective political parties. Look at the issue of the spy machine, USD 13 million will be paid whilst our eyes are open, guess who is benefitting behind the scenes! Ur guess is as good as mine. Malawians open your eyes and start looking at these issues with an independent mind not the brainwashed attitude we have.

  33. Retired Judge says:

    Thr z a thin line between his genuin property and those related 2 cashgate….Mudzadziwa bwanji?…. Natural justice 2 b defeated here…

  34. Koma Inu says:

    This only happens to Accounts assistants in Malawi. It does no happen to the former presidents who took billions. They drop their cases. But if you are an ordinary guy caught stealing chicken, you go to jail. Why not excise justice to all. Interesting story for Malawi.

  35. mona says:

    Start with lutepo

  36. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Abweza ndalama and then reduce his sentence.

    Mukangwira wakuba simamusiyira katundu. That’s why a Police akalanda kutundu amanena kuti anthu akawone ngati katundu wawo wapezeka.

  37. bilimankhwe says:

    Namathanga stole huge sums. What is happening?

  38. John says:

    That is fine. And seize all properties from this guy who all of a sudden has gone mad- Lutepo! He cant stand trial yes but his properties can. Then go on to watch with a closer eye Mphwiyo’s and Kasambala’s properties.

  39. Landani ndalama zimenezo landani!!! Iye amene sakugwirizana ndi zolanda katundu machende ake.

  40. Nkhombokombo says:

    The ceasure of these properties is in line but has come as an after thought to finish off the thief. This would have been decided along side the judgement. It will be difficult now for the convict to defend/protect his property. The punishment will be a double blow.

  41. Teacher says:

    What about Namathanga?

  42. Chitseko says:

    Abale mpaka munthu afe kungapo?kumangidwa,kulandidwa katundu,ntchito kutha.nde muganiza kut akazatuluka kundendeko akafkra pat?mudziwa bwanj kut katundu uyu nd wogulidw nd ndalama za cashgate?


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