Malawi govt warns job seekers in Arab countries: Abused family repatriated from Kuwait

Malawi government has warned job seekers in Arab countries to take extra precautionary measures after reports of rampant abuses and in most cases non- payment of salaries by Arab employers.

Kasaila:  Cautions job seekers

Kasaila: Cautions job seekers

Minister of Foreign Affairs Francis Kasaira said the government has coughed huge sums of money to repatriate to Malawi a family that lived in Kuwait after systematic abuses by their Kuwaiti employers.

“We have taken action to support the abused Malawian families by bringing them back to Malawi,” he said.

He warned unsuspecting Malawians that they should not travel to Arab countries on their own looking for jobs unless they have documents and letter of appointment from a prospective employer whom they can easily trace.

“When they get such job offers, they should inform us so that we in turn inform our foreign mission in that country. They should know who they prospective employer is and have details,” said Kasaira.

He said most Malawians are employed as domestic workers and are systematically abused.

The Foreign Affairs Minister said they should also demand return tickets whenever they are offered the jobs.

Reports from the Arab countries indicate that women domestic workers are beaten up and sexually abused and the victims are helpless because in most cases they are locked up in homes and their passports snatched away from them.

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8 thoughts on “Malawi govt warns job seekers in Arab countries: Abused family repatriated from Kuwait”

  1. cidreck says:

    Ine ndikudabwa kuti Koma wapanga chain? We can talk n talk Koma anthu akuvutika chonsecho kuti embassy ya Malawi,mpaka abale anthu afele komweko?Poona anthu pa airport kumatuluka akazi okhaokha Koma osapangapo anthu? Pliz government must do something mwachangu osamangokhalira kulankhula we need action because anthu akuvutika

  2. Not That Clever says:

    Thanks Kleva

    I didnt know you could pay that less a month.

    Ive been wasting my time and money since last year. Ive been paying my domestic workers which stands at 6 more then a MK1000 a DAY lets not do the maths but shame on me time to reduce wages.

  3. Kleva says:

    These abuses are all over. Its just that Malawians at times choose not to talk about them. Has the government ever wondered how its citizens are faring in South Africa? Degree holders are mopping and bathing old people in UK. Our own people are suffering in these indian homes and getting home with as little as K7,000 per month.

    Its about survival, the poverty in Malawi is worse and people just want a break. The government should work on creating jobs and better policies for its citizens. If that is done, a good percentage will stay home and not travel outside the country to be abused. Jealousy should not start from the top!!!!!

  4. mkambepo pengapenga says:

    Malawi needs to protect its citizens. take those Arabic governments to task. these are killers. they have a mission to kill steal and destroy. they kill each other what more with anthu akuno ku Africa mwinanso a christu

  5. Andrea says:

    chuma chilikonkuno.kufuna kulemela msanga zikuvutani,bwerani tidzalime kuno


    ARABS/ Amwenyewa Are slave traders By and from birth
    Akabwera kwathu kuno
    Kumakhala ngatu wanthu


  7. chakhala says:

    This has been the case even with people from the far east who also go there to work. Domestic work should not be internationalized. It is a culturally sensitive area.

  8. Brino Kasekani says:

    Vuto ndinu aboma ntchito mumangopatsana pa ubale wanu anthu mkumakhala stranded thats why they end up kumapita kumaiko amenewowo chifukwa cha umphawi umene akukumana nawo kumudzi kuno….

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