Malawi govt yet to compensate amputated boy

A Blantyre based boy Calvin Kavalo, who was amputated after medical treatment went wrong, is yet to get his K11.7 million compensation, two years after the High Court ordered government to give him the money for pain and suffering he endured in 2005.

The boy, had his leg amputated when he was 11 years-old after medical treatment went wrong at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre.

It all started on May 8 2005 when the boy started vomiting and purging and he was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Amputated boy: Yrret to be compesated

Amputated boy: Yrret to be compesated

Doctors at the facility, according to Marriam Zabula, Calvin’s grandmother, put him on a drip on his leg with the hope of replacing the body fluids. The drip was put on the leg after doctors had failed to trace the veins in the arm.

But instead of the fluids in the drip entering the body, it was the blood that was coming from the body entering into the drip.

After some, the boy’s leg paralysed and topped functioning.

Later doctors, who are said to apologised for the mistake, recommended for an amputation, which was duly done.

In 2006, Calvin grandfather, Alubuini Zabula Phiri sought legal redress, and High Court judge Ken Manda awarded Calvin K1,050,000.

But his guardians appealed considering the pain and suffering he endured.

On May 11, 2012, Justice Matapa Kacheche, Assistant Registrar of the Supreme Court and High Court of Malawi, awarded Calvin K11,770,000 including costs of the action.

The breakdown was as follows; K3 million for pain and suffering, K5.5 million for disfigurement, K3 million for loss of amenities and K270,000 as special damages for post injury expenses.

But two years down the line, the money has not been given to the boy.

Calvin’s lawyer Edwin Banda confirmed that they are yet to get the money from the Attorney General.

While the Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale asked for more time to look into the matter as he could not remember it off hand.

They boy is now in Standard three at Makata CCAP in Ndirande, and his guardians are just hoping that he be compensated one day.

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Ayi apartment chilungamo chilipo payenela kuti compensation ibwele kwa mfanayo ndi makolo ake aone poyambira

papa c

eeeee amalawi ngati tokha tokha tikupangilana nkhaza kulibwanji anthu adela? apa boma liyenera kuti afanow awapepese

galu wa kuda.

A Weddington Kamanga tikukonzeni pamenepa kuti munthu akalakwitsa m’boma the govt inherits the responsibility and that is why even those that were either wrongfully arrested or abused by govt officers , govt compansates if the courts order it to do so . So it’s not stealing from the govt. Ndikhulupilira kuti mwamva ngati kusukulu munapitako.


What is the right age of the boy? Editors pls do your job properly

Quota system

The boy deserves it. Compensations are not just for politicians but people like these. Some kind of disciplining has to be done to the health workers who inflicted this misery on the boy.

Kanthu Ako!

This is the problem with our news papers, always blaming the wrong people.

This boy had a lawyer, what is the lawyer doing? If the paper wants someone to blame, blame the lawyer. He/she probably got their fees. And if we dig deeper the lawyer probably pocketed the whole K11M.

Investigative journalism my ASS.

weddington kamanga

Amene analakwisa kupeleka chithandizo,ndamene ayenela kupeleka chindapusa.Osati Boma ayi,uku nde timati kubela Boma.

Yobe boo

Mr Mbuli Weddington, Umavetsa chisoni zedi…

carold kamphambale

zoopsa izi


The problem is that even when compensated achibale amudyera.


Good follow up story NyasaTimes. But check the age in 2005.
The boy has to be given the money. If he was Mulli, he would hav bn paid. The doctors have to be fired for gross negligence.

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