Malawi govt’s anti- federalism drive ‘suspicious’ – CHRR, CEDEP

Two of Malawi’s leading human rights watchdogs Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and Centre for Development of People (Cedep) have faulted Malawi’s government’s approach of using chiefs to challenge federalism calls by some quarters, citing that such an approach has only managed to sow seeds of suspicion in the public about the government.

Mtambo: Appeal for soberness

Mtambo: Appeal for soberness

CEDEP boss Gift Trapence: Allow health debate

CEDEP boss Gift Trapence: Allow health debate

Since some sections of the society started calling for federalism and with some secession, the government of Malawi through President Peter Mutharika’s aide Vuwa Kaunda has zealously been engaging chiefs in the Northern region of Malawi convincing them to reject calls for secession and federalism.

The government has further gone ahead to bar a pro-federalism grouping in Karonga district from holding its planned demonstrations in support for the calls of federism.

“We at CHRR and Cedep are further concerned with and surprised by government’s perennial tactic of mobilising traditional leaders to suppress any calls for federalism – as observed recently. While it is government’s obligation to foster unity in the country, the recent government meetings with chiefs have only managed to sow seeds of suspicion in the public about their government.”

In a joint statement signed by CHRR and Cedep executive directors Timothy Mtambo and Gift Trapence respectively, the two human rights organisations wonder why government is rushing into “manipulating” chiefs instead of allowing the public to soberly debate on the matter.

“Why is government rushing into manipulating chiefs to oppose the pro-federalism movement? Why is it that government is not willing to allow the public to soberly debate over the matter towards an informed decision on the matter – and instead has opted for the demonizatio of the system [through chiefs] as one way of silencing the proponents of the system” reads part of the statement made available to Nyasa Times.

Mtambo and Trapence argue that the Malawi government has the human rights obligation to provide a conducive environment for public debate of any matter of national interest.

“We at CHRR and Cedep strongly believe that the Malawi government, just like any democratic government, has the obligation to provide a conducive environment for its citizens to freely, soberly and rationally engage with each other on various matters or issues of national concern, and the current debate on federalism is no exception. “

The rights campaigners called on government to ensure that both the proponents and opponents of federalism enjoy the freedom of expression on the matter, and where they find it necessary, depending on need, they should be allowed to demonstrate freely and peacefully.

“ Government should refrain from taking steps which would be viewed as targeting one group or the other.”

The right groups contend that It is only through the provision of a conducive platform for constructive public engagement on the matter that the public can be well-informed about the merits and demerits of federalism, and in turn explore as to whether federal system provides a better alternative to the current system or not .

“Government should strive to ensure that its citizens’ overall position on the matter should be informed by facts about the proposed system rather than speculation, distortion of facts deliberately aimed at manipulating the minds of the populace. The debate on federalism should be put in its right framework where it leans more on the administrative aspects than on the tribal or regionalist concerns [ as is the case in the current debate] with the public examining as to whether such devolving of powers can best facilitate effective management of public resources or not” argue Mtambo and Trapence.

They also condemned the move to ban pro-federalism demonstrations, saying the move was aggressive as the right to protest is a cornerstone of democracy.

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72 thoughts on “Malawi govt’s anti- federalism drive ‘suspicious’ – CHRR, CEDEP”

  1. Noel Yohane says:

    Federalism sinkhondotu anthu tawalongosolerani zoona zokhazokha let Malawi be Federal Government cause pamalawi pachuluka tribalism and regionalism

  2. Manjawala says:

    Kodi alomwe akuwopa chani? Tapangani basi

  3. jk says:

    CHRR is all atumbuka from top to bottom! Ignore them, until they realise they 2 are tribalistic

  4. MKWEZALAMBA says:

    Tigawane basi apo ayi APM asiye kukondera a Lhomwe okhaokha.

  5. Davi Damiano says:

    Kodi chimakweza dela ndichiyani kuno kwathu ndichiyani chimene tikufuna: Musalole kuti kwanthu kuno kudzalowe mkhondo; Inu anzathu akumpoto musathamange uphawi waukulu ndikusiya dziko lanu kukakhala ulefugi pamenepa muthu aimitsa chilichonse ufuluso umakhala ulibe;
    Kwa ine inuyo ndiye amene muli bwino ngati mtundu mmalawi muno muli M’boma makapani mmabugwe komaso ma (Businesses). Kodi mudzalola zosezi zidzaime?

  6. brick force 9“ says:

    Federalism yomweyo winawe ulira. Iwe cha vuwa kaunda tikuthamangitsako kuno kumpoto

  7. federalism is coming whether peter mutharika likes it or not—-it is coming. this man is the most evil leader turning malawi into one tribe (lomwe) domination. it is better we go our separate ways. you can’t force people to live together while the leadership of DPP is advocating that lomwes are first and ruling class tribe. the northerners have become the slaves in their own nyikaland. They can’t hold any demonstration or voice their grivancies and all they get from this barbaric government is a violence respond. For how long will Nyika people take this crap of being slaves in their own Nyikaland. Even a coward sometimes get tired and die fighting the oppressors. The only way this government dominated by fundamentalists Mulhako maniacs will understand is through the armed struggle. This guy thinks Malawians are still the Kamuzu generation that was easiely intimidated and do nothing. Let me remind you Peter Hitler Mutharika that you cannot stop the winds of change. Here we come boy and get out of the way. Alluta Continuaaaaa! Cry the my Beloved Country, Republic of Nyika.

  8. Chiefs from north do not being used By Vuwa is the same Vuwa who was loughing at you when you were being beaten and killing your sons & daughters plaese leave this for people not you mwayiwala khale?

  9. malawian says:

    My only worry is that people are supporting secession thinking that they are supporting fedral system. I wish someone did us a favour by civic educating us on the difference between the fedral system and secession before the debate starts and prior to referendum. I am ashamed of myself when I hear that the government decided to use chiefs on a big hot issue like the propasal to have a Fedral system: I wish and only wish someone told it is a lie that government really did that. Lord have mercy on my country.

  10. misala says:

    SURPRISINGLY WE WAIT TO VOTE AFTER A LOSS THEN…???????? THIS MIGHT BE JUDGED AS WEAKNESS. HOW COULD A NEW GOVERNMENT OF LESS THAN 6MONTHS JUDGED THIS WAY? WHY YOU DIDNT TAKE A FULL ADVANTAGE OF POOR ELECTION WHEN PP MCP UDF COUGHED THE VOTE RECOUNTS. SO THAT WE COULD AVOID DPP? Thats the time we missed to Introduce FEDERAL. BAD TIMING. when argument breaks the wiser should remain silent to avoid being judged stupid. I would promote love and give more time the present Government to bring and repeat errors so that brothers of north use it to woo future presidents. what currently they are busy exposing errors before they rule. What guarantees are you giving to look after the whole tribes if you are regrouping into your own tribe. It could sound much better if you said we need the entire malawi to be FEDERAL SYSTEM. SO THAT THOSE UNDERDEVELOPED AREAS GET MOVING TOO INCLUDING YOUR NORTH. RATHER THAN SPEAKING ABOUT YOUR TRIBE. REMEMBER ITS NOT ALL SOUTHERNERS WHO HATES YOU. THERE’S MORE PEOPLE WHO CAN VOTE FOR YOU IF YOU CHANGE THE ATTITUDE. LOVE NORTHERNERS.

  11. misala says:


  12. Zomba Banda says:

    No 51, which party didn’t fail Malawi? Please explain your back up points with real facts. Every Party that ruled Malawi before had its advantages and disadvantages. To me Malawi was ruled better during the first term of Bingu. We cant say much of Peter despite Nepotism allegations, lets focus on how DPP will manage economy and this should be where we must look into.

  13. Noel Yohane says:

    Nthawi yakwana yoti mpoto atukuke, mpoto konzeka kuyima pawekha central akuthandiza. Dzuka mpoto dzuka!!!

  14. Alosi phiri gonandikulawe says:

    Fedural yomweyo. Mukunena zaukwakwa kodi ku USA sakwatilana kuchokela ku ma state ena eg washington dc ku kakwatira ku califonia

  15. Nyalugwe says:

    We are saying let everone develop themselves…your DPP has failed to develop this nation.We are still the laughing stock of other countries.Most Europaen countries use federalism,including your colonial master UK,why cant we adopt federalism as well so that we develop?Mudzipita kumpoto kukamanga manyumba anu,koma let mpoto develop itself,thats what federalism is you southerners.

  16. Mbonga Matoga says:

    Calls for a federal govt should not be mixed up with calls for succession for the northern region.
    Some people in the north have suggested succession of the northern region as a last resort if calls for a federal govt are not heeded to by the current DPP govt.

    The idea to have a federal govt in Malawi is a brilliant one and should be encouraged. Federalism would expedite development in the three regions of Malawi because each region would be working hard to attract investors in their territory to generate more funds to run their territory.

    For those who don’t know how a federal govt works let me give you just one bad example of a centralised govt like the one we have now. We all know that when it comes to forex in our country it is the central region that contributes more than any other region because of tobacco farming which is the main cash crop in Malawi. Now, if the central region brings more forex into our country it would also mean that the central region by default contributes more to the govt pulse in form of taxes that help to run our country. Now here is a question for you, is it fair that development meant for the central region after being approved by parliament i.e. the University of Science & Technology, to be moved to Ndata farm by a certain individual without even seeking the approval of parliament? Your answer is good as mine and that is why you need a federal govt because development in each region should be in tandem with how much funds & resources that particular region is capable of generating.

    No region should develop on the back of another region that is what is called unfairness and this kind of unfairness has been going on in Malawi for a very long time since we became a multiparty democracy and its about time it stops.

    While some regions in Malawi are busy generating more forex for our country other regions are busy over populating our country so that they can win every general election, thanks to politics of regionalism. It is therefore a sin that a region that is spending much of its time and energy on creating more babies should use the resources generated in the other regions to develop their territory

  17. chefourpence says:

    these organisations are run by Tumbukas and promote tumbuka rights not human rights. We are not stupid! Until we have equal tribal represantation in NGOs no NGO run by these selfish cockroaches should claim to speak on behalf of Malawians.

    1. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:

      You ignorant fool. Please be advised that not everyone who comes from the north is a Tumbuka. There are Nkhondes from Karonga, Tongas from Nkhatabay, Ngonis from Mzimba, Tumbukas from Rumphi and other tribes from Chitipa. Why display ignorance in public just because of your hatred against out friends from the north. It is shameful.

  18. Mabungwe wa akulankhula kuyimila ufulu wachibadwide cha muthu kupanga zomwe akufunaw mwatendere bola ma demo wo akhaleso mwatendere, osamango commenta mupusa apa, federalism si nkhani ya chilendo pa dziko la pansi pano mwanva agalu inu, kumamvesa nkhani musana komente sudoku inu. shupit

  19. Boma lifumizitsa kufufuza za cashgate tikaona mzomera ndi harry taona kulemera mwamsanga pazaka ziwiri sec65 yavuta mudakonda kusintha zipani anthu akuno kumpoto ndi wochepa development imangidwa ndi anthu ang’ono boma liwonetse mabungwe CHRR ndi CEDEF

  20. Anyamata ambiri ali paulova akamva kuti demo amafuna kuba mmashop amabungwe mmadziwa kukwerezera moto anthu tidasakanidwa ndi kwatirana ku gawa dziko kudzakhala chimpwiliki akuluakuluwa panthawiyi amanyamula banja kukagona ku hotel taziwonapo

  21. Say says:

    Federalism yomweyo!!!!!! The north will develop like Israel.

  22. Goodcitizen says:

    Federal nyasaland ndi n&s.rhodesia apwanya ndi DR KAMUZU BANDA mukufuna ku bwezera ku mbuyo dziko ndi nkhani ya sanje bungwe lanulo ndi lokwereza moto ku malawi mtendere ukusowa ndi mabungwe tulukirani poyera ku yamba zipani zanu osabira zikavuta mthawa

  23. Tonde says:

    Mbuzi Za anthu inu,

    You have completely nothing to offer Malawians. Za Federalism ndiye mwapata nkhani ? Anthu akuba mosowesa mtendere pa Malawi panowa, osachitapo kanthu bwanji ? Anthu anaba ndalama zankhaninkhani aja, osachitapo kanthu bwanji ? You are brainless humans.

  24. Zomba Simeon says:

    asativute awa.Tingowapatsa dziko lawolawo kumeneko.Tiwone ngati sayamba kumenyanako.Why are the northerners harshy in most countries??Apatseni plz,

  25. Jamie says:

    And which donors support these two tribalistic organisations? These two have never supported any policy by DPP.

  26. Federalist says:

    For No. 33 and others. Please get this once and for all

    1. Scotland was not voting on a federal government system. They are already in a federal union along with England, Wales and Northern Ireland. UNITED KINGDOM is a federation of these 4 nationalities. Scots wanted to go back to their standalone nationhood as they were some 300 years ago.

    2. Scotland has its own Parliament led by a First Minister. Wales and Northern Ireland call their parliaments “Assemblies”. Then there is the overall UK Parliament in London, at Westministers Abbey.

    3. Although in practical terms Scots have lost the standalone vote by 55% to 45%, David Cameroon, the British Prime Minister and Gordon Brown, former PM who is Scot have made it very clear that :

    a) the central government has heard the voice of those who wanted out of the union and that the concerns are already being taken care of
    b) that lessons from the debate and the vote will change the way government is run. That the people of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be given more powers to make decisions and to implement their economic, education, health, etc agendas.

  27. FCK says:

    Many comments we are making in this issue of federalism are not making sense most are irrational and tribalistic in fact are outrageous, my take is first as Malawians tisamangobwebweta nkhani yafika siichoka mukamatukwana kapena ku nyoza but we should first find out what is it that has caused this outcry how and what has happened and what should be done to stop this or bring sanity and bring this issue to rest once and for all,however i see people being too naive i bringing up this issue when trying to stop or to nuetralize it.banning demos will not stop anything buying chiefs will not even solve anything know that these chiefs will always be with there people and they know what is best for them and you can’t bribe all, what i suggest is this can only be stopped by the president himself and his party because they are the people who are demolishing the pillars of unity which Kamuzu instilled in the culture of Malawians and even Bakili tried a bit and JOICE Banda did try her best and there was no talk of it she showed a spirit2 Mutharikas we have experienced heavy nepotism tribalism and ruthless and dangerous decisions by the 2 as if they agreed to dismantle the pillars of unity by the 3 leaders, if anything this is not the right time for all this its time to build Malawi by works and not simply preaching unity in podiums when you are busy shifting projects from other regions to your region when you are busy putting you tribes men in higher post deliberately firing people from other regions when you are busy planning to give billions of kwachas to you tribesmen in the name of out of courts settlements. the onus is on the president for sure history shall judge you if in your time you will allow federalism to happen in your time because of you shortsightedness.

  28. Anthu nonse apa mungobwebwetapo apa,Malawi mumonzi,zogawana dziko zichokela kuti?anthu ambili akumpoto anamanga nyumba ku mwela,eg symon vuwa kaunda ndi ena otelo komanso akumwela ambili ali ku mupoto kamba kama business osiyana siyana.koma lelo akufuna kuyambisa zipolowe chifukwa chani?ngati kumupoto mwawona kuti kukupondelezedwa si china ayi koma ndikupusa kwanu kwa ma mps nonse akumpoto.izi zili choncho ngati anthu akuvotelani mumathawila kumwela nde lelo mukulila chani?ayi zikomo poti mwazindikila kuti simumaziwa chomwe munkachita.

    Tiyeni timange malawi wathuyu kukhala dziko la mtendele.ndikanakonda kuti onse ozesa zisokonezo mumalawi ngati mumene zililimu amangidwe,chifukwa ndi anthu opanda pake nda chabechabe.

    Ine mwana wamutonga wapankhata-bay ndatelo.musandisate mumapazi chifukwa sindinatyolemo nkhwani munkhaniyi,ndangodusamo.

  29. Mikhatheya says:

    You poor northerners, open your eyes and see the world in which we live now and if indeed secession and not unity is the answer to the challenges that we are facing now. You people are an impossible breed.

  30. Thomola says:

    Just hear the names that have been at the centre of one of the organizations mentioned.
    Mwaka………, Mt…..o.
    Are these names from the centre or south? Munya muona. Ndipo ndimasilira malamulo akanangosintha mawa, inu ndikukhala ndi dziko lanu not even introducing federalism, chifukwa pa federalism muzizatiwandikiranso. Chabwino nchoti mukhale panokha ndithu sitikukusowani ambwenu.

    1. tiyanjane says:

      Did you read the article? So what is your point. What message are you passing on?

  31. Manuel says:

    Vuto lake anzathunu simuli civilized, simungathe kusiyanitsa ma demo ndi nkhondo. Nthawi ya PP kudali ma demo, mudaonapo aLhomwe ataotcha ma biziness a anthu a wa PP? Or DPP/MCP/UDF mudawaonapo nthawi ya ma demo kuli JB ataphwanya zinthu za Boma? Kapena mudaonapo atsogoleri azipanizi akukolezera zipolowe momwe adachitira atsogoleri a PP mu 2011?

    1. TSAKHO LIMENELO says:

      Go to hell i heard alot in South Africa when they are embark on DEMOS they make sure that one must loose life as violent and aggression are only strategy of sending message to all concerned parties fast.

  32. John says:

    Allow the North to be a stand alone. Very simple! Mungobwebweta apa kuti simuluza kathu simuluza kathu North ikakhala payokha, nanga mumukamila pachani panupo kuti tipange ma demo. Bwanji seccesion mukuyikana?

  33. Zomba Banda says:

    Mtambo, are you a real leader? to me you are a voice for the northeners, you are lacking leadership skills to be a head of your civil society. It is important for you to be backing Government on matters of national importance. Look at Scotland today, they were waging a war they couldn’t achieve now its you and your fellow Tumbukas trying to disassociate yourselves from Malawi. I’m not a Tumbuka and not a supporter of Quota system and you fought against it. Those in support of Quota system backed themselves in saying that it is there for equal distribution of our reasources, how ever you want an equal distribution of resources which you are denying through Quota system. Mtambo don’t take Malawians for granted, be logical in making decisions and declarations as one of the notable figures in the civil society community. You should also know that the population of northeners is a minor and even if we use the principle of equality in the distribution of resources your rewards are supposed to be less. Even if we try to find out of the investments that you have it is obvios that you invested in either Lilongwe or Blantyre and not Chitipa or Rumphi, how do you expect one to develop your region when you are busy developing other regions. Be reasonable and don’t criticize for the sake of having interests in the running of Government affairs. Hope you heard me, please stop your nonsense

  34. Billionaire says:

    Loyalty blindness seems to have affected many people.On this platform it is necessary to come up with constructive critism not just trush.

    Federalism seems that many do not understand this term. This is just giving power to the regions to manage there resources hence formulating a driving force for the regions to be transfomed and to fuifil great visons, it has nothing to do with people going to there home areas or having passports.Understand this terms federalism and feudalism.

    Its better to keep queit if you do not understand something and be educated before you start commenting on this platform.


  35. WOCHI says:


  36. boy says:

    This so called Rev. Ngwira realised that anakwera yolakwoka and what he can do is cuase havoc so that the govt. should give a position in order to silence him. Unfortunately, this is not the kind of govt that can be so soft to him. Ameneyu abakhala choncho may be zaka zukubwerazi adzakhala ndi mwai. I know this Rev., he is just a useless man. As others say, do u think that it can work, no way and it will never. They are just wasting their time. These are signs of failure because the argument given for federailsm/ secession does not hold water. If u look critically, u will notice that the northern region has been developed by people from the south and center, its not ticking because they (northerers) dont want to develop it, ulesi kufuna moyo wofewa.


    Ugalu wa mbuyanu Atumbuka.Kumpoto kuli chani choti mutinyasirepo apa

  38. Chisomo Makapu says:

    APM, please let these people go to the North and set up their own country. Let all of them vacate central and southern region and should never come back. Not even one should remain in these 2 regions. Kamuzu allowed them to do that. All bloody teachers were sent there and it did not take time before they started crying. Let them go and go for good.

    APM hear my plea please. These folks are not worth crying over. You know how nepotistic they are. Foolish blood

  39. You insult Northeners all through yet you want them to continue being part of Malawi, what an irony!

  40. harold mpunga says:

    alomwe ndizisilu plus vuwa kaunda

    1. Aliphee says:

      wise indeed 2 pa 2 Ngwira keep the fire burning

  41. gobe says:

    these Timbuktu people think they are wise not knowing that they are making fool of them selves, I remember last election they think we the southerners cant produce a president since we have 3parties in the south ,hence Will share the votes, with their so called intelligence they came up with their theories making noise here on nyasa times the same way they are doing right now with their federlism dream, we showed them that we are smarter and more wiser than them, seeing their dreams crumbled they now come up with this one, you people kusavinidwa chani? ife kuti tiyankhule inuyo mudzalakalaka muli aku Tz, kusayankhulaku sikupusa, you want quata to be applied only in power positions but if applied in school selection its a tabboo kodi dyera limeli mupita nalo pati, ineyo ndi pemphero ndi pembedzero langa kuti minga ndi chiyeso chimenechi chipatsidwe dziko lawo adzilamulirana konko tiawenere, we want development not to be pulled behind with these petty issues.

  42. Chisaù says:

    Malawi as a country is not united. It is indeed appropriate to go separate ways. Vuwa what about the whole Nkhata Bay Secondary no boy from Nkhata Bay government selected studemt. Shame on Judas of the north. Chiefs are not the voice of the people since they opposed democracy, supported stupid third term & gave Bingu the name Ngwazi. Does this show them as wise people? NO. Chiefs useless conduits of Satanic spreading DPP. Mind u Liabunya says more satanism during DPP. Those that support it question their Stand on Satanism.

  43. Mhesha says:

    We know mwasowa chochita because u voted a loser….you have lost the opportunity to plunder the state resources any longer as you did in just two years! Shame on you selfish!

  44. teddy says:

    a bwenu bwenu always making noise, why can’t u just go and form your so called stupid state, pa ngani ka dziko kanu muchoke ku mwera kuno we happily live with out you.

  45. Chikoko says:

    These organisations are stupit. What is their stand on this issue. These fools, homosexuals are just wastin donors money

  46. Mbanangwa says:

    It is not false by now, this government is going down slowly. The tactics being used are cheap politics. The majority of Malawians know about it.

  47. Penyani says:

    We tread carefully on this one.

  48. Sidix says:

    Ife ochewa apa central, tifuna federalism govt. Vuto ndiloti aku South ambiri sadziwa tanthauzo la federalism. Umbuli ndi umphawi zavuta nzedi ku South. Chifukwa cha umbuli kwawo nkutukwana pa net. Otukwana ambiri ndi akumwera pafupi onse. Akuona ngati federalism igawa Malawi into Countries. Pepani ndilongosole kuti amve olomwe; federalism sikugawa dziko ayi!. Ife apakati opemphera, nepotism ,tribalism tikuziona. Nduna ya boma ndiimodzi ya pa Central ndiye tisafune federation? Alomwe(akumwera) musatiputsitse apa!!!

  49. mhlakho says:

    aTumbuka ndi mtundu omvetsa chisoni. Inutu i bet you mpaka Ambuye adzabwela you shall never rule Malawi!

  50. Professional journalist says:

    Malawi is on the world map. The world now knows that people from the north are fighting for a federal state. U cant stop the change. It’s coming! It has been set in motion.

  51. Abk says:

    @2alfred muduwambo: your comments strongly preach your hatred towards mutharikas, lomwe tribe and the entire southern region. your arguments seriously lack some sense alongside your CSOs that only resurface during the mutharikas’ reign. there was a vocal mouth from undule mwakasungula and the likes in bingu’s regime and quickly went into hibernation during joyce banda’s regime despite gross maladministration that has seen financial cut from donor communities. I guess you are wrong in warning the government to tread carefully, and on this you cannot go any further with your evil plans. you had the chance during the transition after May 20 election but you lost it. come up with other ideas and until then you shall be declared a terrorist.

  52. kalanga says:

    Kodi nkhani ndi atumbuka kapena zomwe zinenedwazo! Sometimes dont bring tribalism into critical issues!

  53. vilakagwentha says:

    We want federation let’s have a Referendum in the North Vuwa and your Gready Chief you will be in for a Shocker

  54. The Truthful One from the West says:

    I always feel sorry for chiefs as they are abused by every government. I still remember Bingu wa Mutharika asking Chiefs if he sh.ould devalue the Kwacha after he had told them if he were to devalue the Kwacha prices of goods would go up. As expected chiefs told him not to devalue the Kwacha. Already Chief Kyungu who I am told is educated made an extremely stupid statement that those advocating federalism did not consult chiefs. Well this is a debate and expressing opinions and Malawians are not required to consult chiefs to debate and express opinions on subjects. The Bingu wa Mutharika dictatorial regime grossly abused chiefs and Peter Mutharika has also started to abuse them. Chiefs are no longer taken seriously by Malawians as they are taken as puppets and stooges of government. Peter Mutharika is repeating the gross mistakes of his dead brother Bingu wa Mutharika.

  55. A.Gondwe says:

    Are not Chiefs at fault for being so easy to Bribe? That’s all we hear about in the North. No one has confidence that there are any able to lead the North as an independent country. We can’t even do the minimum as a district. The solution would be if the government would stop running off with royalty money that belongs here and not in the Cash-gate boot of a car!

  56. jairosi says:

    please secede atumbuka-now, now now! All teachers, govt officials, private sector job-holders must leave now!!! we want to see the back of your heads!! sell all your property in the South and Central and leave now!!!! we are tired of your constant complaining- if u didn’t vote for the mother-raper what do u expect him to do for u??? give u jobs!! Jeeez! how ignorant and shallow!!!

  57. salimu says:

    If Northerners are serious about federalism why not relocate enmass to the North. Since you are the most educated and productive section of our society Government will succumb to your demands. Please start leaving for the North now kuti alomwe amve mbebe. On my part am resigning and relocating to Chintheche.

  58. Chikaolandidya says:

    Kodi osamangopita kwanuko bwa? Kupita kwanuko kuchita kupangira phokoso. Alipo amene watseka misewo yopitira kwanuko kuti musapite?

  59. Think Tank. says:

    This and previous governments miss the points. Money or no money,once someone has made a real decision,his/her stand stand firm. What governments have been failing is to take a closer look at issues raised. Nyasaland would not be Malawi today if colonialists had not stopped and have a look at the reasons why people were killed at Nkhata Bay and the detention of hundreds of Nyasaland African Congress leaders,including Kamuzu. They British formed a Monkton Commission to find out the desires of the Nyasas. The truth was followed and in 1961,15 August,elections were held MCP won the day. Putting to lie lawyer Blackwell’s,Wellensky et al chew their tongues. 31 December,1963,Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland was over. This was celebrater at near the Kenyatta Drive road,soche. I have given history to show our present leaders how people once determined can achieve what they want. Cursing,name calling,imprisonment,killing will never stop determined people. It only fuels their resolve. The chiefs have been sell-outs since the days of slavery. History tells us so.

  60. thipa says:

    Useless Government always uses undemocratic means to silence opponents! Really the Current System of Government is not workable in Malawi because it favours Corruption…

    Those Chiefs have been bribed by the Government to demonise federal system of government and secession advocacy…

    To bribe chiefs was the advice of Grey Hair Dr Bakili Muluzi!

    1. Mhesha says:

      The same so called wise chiefs of yours? You pipo from the North…stop dreaming…stop being selfish… By the way, it is already transparent that you do not like to live in the North….in short, simmakonda kwanu because those making noise are not in the region…those really like the region are resident there in the north and it is the same chiefs you accuse…Why doing that. This is Malawi for all of us.

  61. [email protected] says:

    atumbuka mwayambapo. kodi inu lo mutabwerera kumpoto kukapanga dziko lanu ife tiluzapo chani? kodi inu tikupindula nanu chani?

    1. Chigwere says:

      You are such a mong; engage in proper debate than name calling; its not about kupanga dziko lawo but sharing resources and power equally..numpty

    2. smart guy says:

      nanga chomwe mukutikakamila ndi chani? why don’t you leave us alone? does it mean you don””t know what you are doing by not us go while we are valueless to you? we are ready to be own our own whether you lose something or nothing, we are not afraid, its you who are afraid of losing us up to the extent of bribing our chiefs!

  62. mwenda says:

    What do you expect from organizations headed by boys from the same region? As long as APM is still president of this country, these northerners will always make noise. Pepani munakwera yokuphwa. Mumayetsa Joyce Banda awina? Ana a njoka inu.

  63. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Malawians would want to know what is the reason for the government trying not to let them not to have their rights , if they do it by force it’s where problems are starting.

    The government should trade carefully otherwise this issue is already coming to Central Region , very soon the Yawo’s will not want to be under Peter’s rule who is a Lomwe by tribe. You should expect that these things are to come in Malawi because the main causer is Muluzi who passed it over to the Munthalikas.

    That’s is the result of using money to rig the elections. Malawi is on fire because of people from the Southern Region. Muluzi started by not wanting Aleke Banda and Justin Malewezi because he never wanted other regions to produce party presidents. He is always in forefront supporting the rigged general elections as long as a southerner is the national head of state.

  64. APM sangatiopsyeze. He shu change the tactic. Freedom of speech MUST prevail!

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