Malawi has enough medicine stocks -Kalirani

Minister of Health Jean Kalirani on Friday assured Malawians that they should not panic with reports of shortage of drugs in public hospitals, saying the country has enough stocks of medicines and supplies at its Central Medical Stores Trust (CMST).

Dr. Jean Kalirani (r) Minister of Health and Dr. Charles Mwansambo l Chief of Health Services

Dr. Jean Kalirani (r) Minister of Health and Dr. Charles Mwansambo l Chief of Health Services

Kalirani has said government was committed to maintaining high standards of health service delivery in the country despite economic challenges.

Speaking during a news conference in Lilongwe, Kalirani was quick to blame some scrupulous workers for stealing the drugs for their personal gains.

“Let me say here that there are some health workers who steal drugs in our hospitals,” said Kalirani.

She said another problem leading to drug scarcity is the delay by some District Health Officers to submit their requistions.

Kalirani has since asked Malawians to report anyone found stealing drugs to Malawi Police.

She revealed that her Ministry has summoned all DHOs to an impromptu indaba in order to discuss about the drug supplies in the country.

“There are a lot of interventions that have contributed to the current status including donor provision of drugs to supplement capitalization at the Medical stores, government’s provision of funds to hospitals to procure drugs from the CMST and parallel supply chains,” she said.

According to her, a recent assessment study by the Ministry of Health indicated that most of the sampled health facilities across the country had ample stocks of vital medicines and supplies.

CMST Chief Executive Officer, Feston Kaupa said public facilities procure drugs from the stores after receiving their monthly allocation from government.

“All hospitals are supposed to submit their monthly reports and orders of medicines and supplies by the10th day of the upcoming month,” he said.

Based on this, he said, the trust draws up a delivery schedule to the health facilities but in the event that District Health Officer make late submission, the CMST does not deliver on time.

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31 thoughts on “Malawi has enough medicine stocks -Kalirani”

  1. male pipo says:

    Kuba kuli mzipatala

  2. Madam minister are you saying all this because of the local govt by-election slated on 25th augast 2015.People will still vote for you becoz malawians dont know what they want. Remember you can fool MALAWIANS but not ALL.

  3. Shame the whole big mum goes on air start lying you people you are failures how long are you going to keep on lying people are dying each and everyday with simple diseases like malaria

  4. WATSON BANDA says:


  5. Fuvung'ondo says:


  6. estery chibambo U.K says:

    My Honourable Minister you are talking rubbish I am sorry to say.How come all the high profile people get treated or die in expensive private hospital s or South Africa thus including the former president? The only answer is clear I do not need to say it. .Don’t think we were born yesterday madam BIG/ LARGE Mininister kuti muzitinamiza.just zip it and sort your acts and make way for people who know what to be a poor Malawi is.

  7. kalilani bodza losakukakhala says:

    Stupid Kalilani.

    we all know departments and ministries are not being funded.
    now how do the DHO’s procure drugs if not funded?

  8. dadaboma says:

    This DPP govt stinks like shit. Govt has no money to finance DHO’s procurement of drugs. Govt must go back to reconcile with donors who will release money for proper functioning of hospitals and other govt departments. This means rooting out corruption and instituting impeccable anti-graft measures which DPP cannot do. Rumphi hospital has been closed for one month now because there are no drugs. Other hospitals are also down. DPP blackmails people by saying Malawi can be economically independent and operate on zero-aid budget. Stupid. Even Greece needs money from other countries, so what is Malawi to do away with donors? This country will only be restored when Dr JB returns to power.

  9. Malawian MomS says:

    why is peter keeping this woman. she can not perform,remove her from this job,she has failed the nation.

  10. Wisdom says:

    Have you ever asked yourself as a Minister why workers steal the drugs? You discover that there are lots of contributing factors. The best thing you can do Madam Minister is to champion reform of this CMS. The system is a shambles and politians ignore to sort it out because they know it’s one their many cash cows. Its sad that politics in the third World is about getting rich quickly. No morals at all. We are getting tired. The water is up to the neck. Please once again stop taking us for fools.

  11. Alex Likoswe says:

    Dr M, we love you but you are surrounded with snakes

  12. DHO’ should not be scapegoats pliz. Accept that you have failed. Cheap politics at work!

  13. Wapatsindwe says:

    Ma DHO are deliberately frustrating the system kuti CMST ioneke yolephera ndi cholinga choti abwerere ku system yakale yomwe ma DHO amagula okha mankwala and getting ma 10% from the suppliers.
    As of now it is the CMST procurement staff and management getting the 10%. They are busy frustrating the floating of tenders in order to create artificial scarcity of drugs so that they float emergency tenders for their own benefit(s) too.
    The whole system is rotten to the core. CMST needs a Market Analyst and a Commercial Director to take charge of the operations on the purchases and distribution of drugs otherwise the poor people will continue to suffer.
    PLEASE don’t frustrate the GOVERNMENT for your own selfish needs. We need to clean up the procurement department otherwise the Government will be seen as a FAILURE.
    CMST please wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Dwambazi says:

    Oh really, the problem is with DHO’s? where do you take responsibility Madame minister? The buck stops with you. What use are the drugs if they are just sitting in CMS

  15. Dr Ben says:

    How can CMST award contract to Malawi Pharmacies of MK1.4 billion under disguise of Buy Malawian Campaign instead of buying essential medicines needed by hospitals. What sort of government are you instead of invistigating on Malawi Pharmacy deal you are busy sue Ntata muzakhumudwa because this deal took place. Instead of buying medicine Malawi Pharmacy is busy supplying CMST with spirit spirit which already overstocked in its warehouses. Our we anticiparing that war to keep on buying spirit????

  16. Really? says:

    What absolute hogwash. This is the problem with our ministers. Why is central government stores not overhauled. For years this department has been a haven for thieves and everyone in government knows yet ordinary citizens continue to suffer without redress. How does one proudly become a minister and continue to enjoy limelight under these circumstances. If you are a good minister promise us that before you leave office you will fix central government stores and improve and implement internal auditing systems. Name and shame all private doctors who are thriving on stolen government stock. How difficult is that to do doctor?

  17. el- Chapo(small in stature. big in mind ) says:

    I pity Dr mwansambo. He is a professional but surrounded with myopic, incompetent and thieves all over his MoH. Just retire and open your own hospital bwana, otherwise it’s waste skills and knowledge.

  18. Achimidzimidzi says:

    This minister of health by the name of Jean Kalirani, is very stupid.

    She is saying Malawians should not panic because Central Medical Stores has got enough drugs but local health facilities do not have drugs and that some health workers steal drugs.

    Your own staff are stealing drugs and you are me to report. what is the function of internal audit then?

    Lady, those drugs are drugs when given to patients and not when kept in storeroom.

  19. Mulwako says:

    It’s all nonsense. Bottom line: too much high level corruption at medical stores, MOH headquarters and DPP executives. Don’t blame the poor DHO and hospital directors. We are a poor country with very little resources and yet we are too selfish to steal from the same already empty pot!

  20. kabotolokamo says:

    wow ! these people talk like they are telling little children , kkkkkkkkkk! Komadi when we fear God thats when wisdom starts ! Kunamiza anthu poyelayela!

  21. Man says:

    Ha ha ha ha, mayi kalirani nenani zoona! Mukapitiliza kunama chonchi ana (ma DHO) akuyalutsani pa air. Chifukwa iwo akudziwa zimene zikuchitika on the ground. Ma reporter apite akaone from DHOs kuti ma requisitions antumizidwa liti m’mwezi wa July wathawu, and then see how much of those orders were really delivered to them! muyalukatu! dikirani muone

  22. Njalayamalamuchiunu says:

    If indeed the government has the welfare of Malawians at heart and knows the problems that lead to the shortage of drugs in all health facilities, from Nsanje to Chitipa, then emergency measures are needed to address the deadly situation. A drug stock monitoring stsytem must be established and reordering levels measured in all health establishments. At this age of IT this can be done. It is hard to believe that the country can be infested with health personnel who steal drugs to cause such a general shortage without being caught. More action is needed, human lives are at stake here!

  23. agnes wanzeru says:

    Inde its the workers stealing the medicines. Tikupasani maumboni ife.

  24. Malawian Leaders Busy Pointing Fingers

  25. In the know says:

    I am sure that the DHO’s are looking forward to this meeting so as to tell the Minister in the face that with the current levels of funding the health system is collapsing. A certain patient guardian at Bwaila hospital was begging food saying that the hospital has announced that it will only provide one meal a day By the way MoH is one of the Ministries which is on the Public Service Reforms agenda. With all these developments should we say that all the reforms agenda is on course?

  26. mavuto athu says:

    kalirani may does not know the situation on the ground
    do you know that people are told to buy medicine at pharmacies
    ndachita kumva munthu akuyankhulirira customs officer and anatulutsa ka invoice from pharmacy
    munthu anatokota kwambiri
    chomwe anthu akuperekera msonkho yet there are no drugs in the hospitals
    kalirani ikani hot line ku ministry kwanuko kuti mudzimva zonwe zikuchika

  27. kambwali says:

    That’s a total falasy, u mean if the dhos were the ones to blame u wouldn’t have called them to sort the problem behind the scenes? A bad carpenter blames his tools

  28. peter mshali ku salima says:

    pliz honorable minister make sure drugs are supplied to all hospitals urgently,this is an order,it took dpp statesmen like i to vote for APM,so i dont want pipo to criticise him while u ministers r there to do the needful job,zimandiwawatu ine zimenezo,i wil tel the president to reshuffle the cabinet

  29. Alufeyo says:

    Madam Kalrirani chonde dont shield Feston Kaupa and Dr Moses Chisale unless mukuba limodzi. Could you take a cue from JB and invite CMST and all DHOs you will soon learn how corrupt and incompetent Kaupa is. Just check delivery rates and find out why almost all purchases are emergencies. From next week we will be realising reports to prove that only companies bribing Kaupa are being given business but they dont have medicines. The Board at CMST is completely useless it is being cheated. Change management you will see great improvement. There is also need for a very proactive PS to head MOH otherwise nothing will ever improve. CMST is in a mess because the people recruited to head it were not the best but Willie Samutes relations. The ACB tried its best to bar Kaupa from taking the job but the Zomba connection succeeded. Even JB did not want Kaupa but Samute prevailed. Almost 60% of the current employees were from MOH so how could it perform different from a govt entity? Zachibwana basi reform teform yachiyani apa.

  30. afana says:

    mankhwalagate too much in malawi hospitals.

  31. Mwama Du says:

    Kalirani ndi waupandu. Ma DHOs onse mMalawi amapereka report mochedwa zoona? Anthu akufa muzipatalamu chifukwa cha kuchepa kwa mankhwala iwe ukusokosera pano ndi chamba chakocho. Boma lolephera la mapwefupwefu.

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