Malawi held 2-all in Swaziland in Afcon: Mtawali magic fails to break away jinx

Malawi national football team failed to break the away jinx despite the magic wand of new coach Ernest Mtawali after being held to a two-all draw by Swaziland on Sunday in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

Chiukepo Msowoya: Scored

Chiukepo Msowoya: Scored

Scorer for Malawi: Gerald Phiri Jnr

Scorer for Malawi: Gerald Phiri Jnr

Mtawali: There is stilla a chance for Malawi

Mtawali: There is stilla a chance for Malawi

The Flames twice took the lead only to see the hosts coming back to equalize as they denied the new coach a dream start to his career.

Gerald Phiri Jnr scored early on the game but the Swaziland equalized before striker Chiukepo Msowoya restored the lead in the 21stminute.

The hosts broke the heart of Mtawali and his charges after conceding a 62nd minute goal to stay at the bottom of the table in the  group following Zimbabwe and Guinea settled for a one-all draw.

Mtawali, who has all along questioned the attitude of the players described the result as painful having given away the goals easily

“ We should have won this match,” he said in post-match interview.

“ We gave away lead twice and they were easier goals. We failed to play our planned game to keep possession. But we still have a chance in this group. A point away from home in Africa not that bad,” he said.

Malawi were hoping for a positive results to revive the campaign after a stuttering start to the Africa Cup of Nations with a 2-1 home loss to Zimbabwe.

Swaziland are leading the group with four points after winning 2-1 away to Guinea.

Zimbabwe have also  four points but Swaziland  have scored more goals.

This was Mtawali’s first competitive match after he was appointed head coach with Burundian Nsazurwimo Ramadhan as his assistant.

They replaced Young Chimodzi and Jack Chamangwana.

This means the Flames are yet to taste a win in the Afcon qualifying campaign.

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59 thoughts on “Malawi held 2-all in Swaziland in Afcon: Mtawali magic fails to break away jinx”

  1. Kennie says:

    All the best boys next game wll do it

  2. Madala madala says:

    Manso patsogolo,,we need a good news in next Match

  3. If Mtawali do not want to keep his job, he should stick to his base less plans of leaving the experienced prayers, like Kanyenda, Kamwendo & Harry Nyirenda.

  4. shuwa says:

    Keep it up papa, i knw kuti chichiri timasungira ma star lyk u, we r proud of u

  5. baggio says:

    We Malawian we ar unlucky in football,as u can see some old stories kumatsogola bwino bwino koma kut titeteze zigoli zija zikutivutabe u need special prayer from man of God’s,to deliver u.and its trul

  6. iibrahim says:

    Thanks alot for the point But the old players Kamwendo, Kanyenda next games are needed komanso Bench boys during last hours is a must for substitions because they study the game and bring good results from the bench .Plz wishing u all the best.

  7. Maynard Mtima says:

    Defence aand goalkeeping should be improved

  8. grasshopper says:

    we need to kip ball possession thus the only good way to defend.komano why ng’ambi on bench through out the game,we need these players Kamwendo, ng’ambi these are our heroes wins afune wins asafune

  9. on says:

    Same old story. We need Kina Piri

  10. Lord Mansfield says:

    Enerst A Good Coach But Being Influenchulud By So Called Soccer Analysts & Mbuzi Za Ma Sports Reporter Apa Akanasanka On Merit Ma Plyer Ena Sakanaasiya Koma Zolemba Kuchuluka, New Blood Ija Ndiimeneyi, Mwachotsetsesa Ma Coach Over 10 Nkhani Yake Mufuna Ana, Lucky That Lucky Malata Was Not In Bwezi Mutayamba Kusaka Pomwe Anaukhuzla Mpila Mukanatha Mau Kaya Pano Mu Blama Ndani? Dont Blame Coach Wakuvelani Zofuna Zanu, Mabedi Ndi Maduka Prematurly Rtiered Bcoz Of Zofuna Zanu Atolankani

  11. Mlauzi says:

    I think we need to take cognizance of the fact that Swaziland are no longer the same whipping boys that they were in the seventies and eighties when Kinna Phiri and his colleagues could score half a dozen goals past their keeper. Today the Shilangus are a much improved side. If they could beat West African giants – Guinea at their own backyard, they are definitely a force to reckon with. To me drawing with such a side on their home ground, on their independence day is no mean feat. What is more important is the results in subsequent games. If we win all upcoming games , which can be done with the right technique and the right psyche

  12. mmakwale says:


  13. Zavuta basi. Malawi imagwera ikafuna kupapnga qualify. Remember 2010 qualifiers???? It was Ivory Coast who did the magic for the Flames. Otherwise we did not deserve to qualify for Angola 2010.

  14. Waaakulu says:

    The players really need a psychological trainer who will drill them on how to cop up/or absorb pressure in times of a loss/win…otherwise we will keep on faulting coaches when in the actual sense players are the ones to owe the blame…most of the players really don’t understand y they’re in the ground

  15. "A NATIVE OF NOWHERE" says:

    To day is 07-08-15, I see the writing on the wall, Enerst the vultures r waiting 2 devour u thru the players. Sumthing is wrong cos u can’t just give away a win to a draw. Its not about there is stil hope its about winning.

  16. azibambo says:

    Bono,have loved your analysis.Thumbs up that’s xactly what must be done if indeed these coaches are to be applauded.

  17. Malawi ikutikhumudwisa bwanji

  18. mankhaulee mlaaamubaaabaa says:

    coach cant be blamed on this, ma player ali ndi nthenda yolekelela akamatsogola, i always say the best defence is attacking thru out,eh!

  19. Wiza says:

    The Problem Is Complacency And Unfitness To Endure Because Of What Our Players Go Through When With Clubs Or At Home

  20. khalupa says:

    Still singing the usual old song…..not surprised ine.No hope for flames.

  21. Last Witness says:

    Mistakes which lead Malawian players concede goals & lose matches are:
    1) Timidity (to much respect-amaponya mpira ngati aika manja kumbuyo) -amakhumata ngati pamaliro.
    2) Amakhala ofooka ngati sanadye olo ngati odwala
    3) Akagoletsa kamodzi olo ziwiri zigoli amayamba timastaelo kuonetsa masapota kusitandi. Amayesela ronadinyo (ena mpaka amatenga mainao)
    4) Passing amapanga 15 minetsi nkuyamba mpira wa “to whom it may concern – ngati amanga mipango kumaso (mpira osakondweletsa kuonela) – fire fighting styles (kumangolanditsa olo kuponyela adani).
    5) Judgement!
    -Pleya akamafooka akakhale ku Amy 1month
    -Akalanditsa mwadala mopusa azikagonwa kundende kkkkiii-olo pabenchi 2 Mondths
    -Puleya opanga njomba adani katatu osapatsila anza – zikwapulo 10 mground momwemo soon after the match kk haa Amatidwalitsa B P.
    – Watimasitayelo totsilu, life sentensi (zaka n’tsitsi-uncountable year) mndende.khakhakikiki
    Sounds funny eti!
    Koma ndithu mipira mMalawi timaluza chifukwa cha zibwana & over excitement. We ar tired!

  22. Andy Ngwira says:

    not 2bad flames ….fyton we gonna get a win next game.

  23. kp it guyz matichotsa manyaxi

  24. tz says:

    bola akanapita mwawi ndi gulu lake eishi!!!!

  25. lickybouy says:

    Nice start Enerst we still support u.

  26. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Just fire those cows!

  27. mathews lungu says:

    next time wegona make it

  28. KARU UNITED says:

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. The script, sounds familiar!

  29. Bibo says:

    There is a pattern of blunders from some defenders because they are not fit to be at the backline.

    Players like Mzava and Lucky Malata should be tried as defending midfielders. Alternatively,Mzava should be a right back but the problem is he doesn’t have much speed naturally.As a defending midfielder, Mzava could have more composure and be able to absorb pressure which is not as much as in the defense.His performance at Celtic and the loss of faith in him by the coaches there are a result of his slow response to pressure from attack.When AS Monaco of France assessed him, they noticed that he had deficiencies as a defender but could well fit as a defending midfielder.The problem with Malawian coaches is that they don’t understand the strengths and weaknesses of a player and where to position him in order to achieve his full workrate.

    I suggest coaches should look for two tall, strong,and natural defenders in a scouting exercise within the country because the so-called defenders for the national team are a disappointment, and by the end of the qualifiers, Malawi will have conceded more than a dozen goals.Find two or three young defenders that will grow with time and will solidify the backline.A team that knows how to defend and score is a strong team and not that scores and concedes.

    Swaziland should not be a team to struggle with but should be a team to demonstrate your strength and expose your disciplined pattern of play,but with some players selected coupled with bad positioning, that is just all baloney.The Malawian team sucks and makes me not be proud of it,it’s like the Harambe Stars of Kenya that keeps goofing…oh Boy!!

  30. Pa easy says:

    Fund ma queens basi.

  31. becks says:

    Let us give the flames benefit of doubt. The squad is quite young but talented. The game was nice to watch. The style so cute despite the draw. The team can do better.

  32. afana fula says:

    Keep a fire burning as ur name suggests

  33. Malawi should stop participating competitive games as of now and resume 10 yrs from now

  34. Hardson says:

    But, any way try again Mtawali and Ramad. All the best, Guinea ikabwera kuipamantha tikapita ku Zimbabwe kukaikwapula ikabwera Swazland kuibwanyula kudzapita ku Guimea kukaikang’antha kutolera 13 points basi tapita! Keep it up. Kisses to queens; hey NaM simunandicheze bwino, kundiuza kuti ma queens 4 koloko so I can kiss them all as planned only kukapeza kuti ma Queens apita kale….ine kuchedwa ndikudzichuna pa barber shop, basi! I think mutuledi pansi udindo.

  35. Aachose ntchito makape amanewo.ngati takanika swaziland,zimbabwe inatipha kale pa home,gunnie ndiamadolo, tithera p@?tampaseni leo mpulula muone zipatso zabwino.
    Nawe madzi wamilandu manda wadya zambiri zathu popasa ma contract anthu osakhala bwino utule pansi udindo mwachangu warephera kape iwe

  36. Victorzoe says:

    Zokhumudwitsa mpakana kupanga draw ndi swazi!!!

  37. Nyokopala says:

    Teach your players how to defend as a team. We cud hv won this game. Buy a leaf from Maurihno on defending

  38. Jose says:

    We have chance to improve. Not all is lost….Swaziland is no longer a small team..look..they wire Guinea at home+

  39. buyache says:

    Big up guys….the only problem is that your trying to defend the lead with defensive style…next times try the attacking style of defend…..

  40. Eneya says:

    Malawi amakwanitsa cashgate zampira muwatenge

  41. Bad start indeed,don’t see any good future for the flames,

  42. L'tons says:

    Viva Swaziland viva !

  43. Mbwiyache says:

    Moyo winawo zizayenda mwina

  44. christopher kachedwa says:

    zovuu zedii

  45. Flames sidzathekaso coz game yoti timawina koma taluza. Koma mchifukwa chan timakonda kuchinyitsa kumapetopeto????? Kunena zoona Malawi tisiye kusewera mpira basi

  46. Paulo Mpwiyo says:

    Let’s invest in netball. Period

  47. Paulo Mpwiyo says:

    Why are we still wasting money on football? The players don’t really care and neither do they understand the game. All they think about is partying, drinking and chasing skirts. When do these guys ever step into a gym?

  48. Miko says:

    Nyamilandu out?

  49. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Hahahaha kaya mmmmmh sikutitu ndikuseka….team iyi iphetsa anthu ndi BP..

  50. ... says:

    Mulungu sanakondwere ndi Malawi. Munalolera masankho okuba aja. Musolva.
    Akabwera kuno ma timuwa azatikwapulenso.

  51. clement says:

    Not so bad next game hope you will give us good results. We saw Bafana Bafana going down 3-1 by Mauritania so don’t lose hope Ernest.

  52. me says:

    Atleast that’s a nice start for ernest and the entire flames,,congrats guys,but fight hard!!

  53. Muyande says:

    Really,failing to beat Swazis? Eish,Flames!

  54. ORIGNO 1 says:

    Zopweteka bwanji!!!!! Ndakomoka

  55. Zagwa says:

    Ehe! So why did you clowns fire the old panel in favour of this circus?

  56. njolomachipilingu says:

    Not bad

  57. ken mwambo says:

    Malawi needs to stop wasting money on the Malawi national time. This team will never achieve anything because the attitude of our players and the malfunctioning FAM will never improve. I can assure everyone that at the end of these qualifiers, Malawi will be bottom of the group and will have spent close to a billion kwacha.

  58. mkwapukwapu mwadyetsa says:

    Nde malawi wanthu ameneyo

  59. mbwangalambwangala says:


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