Malawi hijacked by demons, says MCP: Goodall presented cosmetic economic outlook

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has said the country has been hijacked by demons hence economic turmoil triggered by State-sponsored corruption.

Kusamba-Dzonzi: Malawi economy in shambles as demons are in control

The statement was made in Parliament by MCP spokesperson on finance, Alexander Kusamba Dzonzi when  he was responding to the revised 2016/17 National Budget presented by Finance, Economic Planning and Development minister Goodall Gondwe.

Chronicling ills that have bedevilled the nation, Dzonzi highlighted high interest rates, high unemployment rates, high crime, rates, high inflations rates, poor road infrastructure, high mortality rates, drug shortages in public hospitals, electricity blackouts, shortage of piped water and untimely closure of public universities.

Dzonzi also noted the recent ‘Maizegate’ scandal  and the general decline in the service delivery is experiencing.

He said Finance Minister Gondwe  deliberately twisted facts to paint a rose picture  of an economy which infact is ailing.

“Mr Speaker Sir, it is now becoming evident that our demorcay has been hijacked by some demons,” said Dzonzi.

Spokesperson for Peoples Party (PP), Ralph Jooma concurred with the MCP spokesperson, saying the economy will continue to decline this year contrary to the assurances by Gondwe.

“Mr Speaker Sir, there’s no reason to rejoice over a decline of inflation that has been caused by proliferation of disaster food when the price of all other commodities are still going up,” said Jooma.

Commentators are urging the government to ensure that the tax that is collected by Malaiw Revenue Authority  is prudently spent.

Government has also been advised against priotising funding areas that do not make economic sense but politically chereished such as Cement and Malata Subsity Programme.

Capital Hill has been asked to deal with wasteful spending and corruption .

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Santana, Pido and Semani be sober for once. If the current rampant theft, corruption and arsons under the DPP leadership cant be the schemes of demons and you want to demonise MCP then ur stand in our current democracy raises lots of questions. Thus in principle u are trying to tell the readers that all this is but a holy DPP? > Why dwell in the past when the present is in itself evil? > What makes u turn a blind eye on the evils of today? > On a weighing scale, Which is a worse evil, attrocities done under… Read more »
Who possess demons? The MCP leader could be the one who possess the big demon and his little MPs posses the smaller demons. Surely when Chakwera was dumping God’s work for quick money it was not the Holy Spirit whispering to him. Obviously it was the Demon which directed him to politics. This demon has been with him and followed him even in the corridors of Parliament. No wonder his children are now seeing this demon which their father has brought into the august house. Tiyeni nazoni!!!!!!! This demon will haunt you till the next elections. MCP and its cousins… Read more »
kanda Mpake
The demons my foot!You are busy using guys at Capital Hill to write speeches for you hiring them as consultants to give you information being presented by their respective Ministers and you think that these intelligent officers are helping you! Forget that they just need to chew part of your sitting allowances and you shall flop big time. This spokesperson cannot understand what it means to work in government environment so whatever he is talking about are the theories of basic economics in response to Godall’s statement. You need to work up and smell the coffee! You are being fooled… Read more »

Anthu oyipa inu. Always thinking in the negative. Which devil could be worse than blood stained MCP itself? MCP, you have such a loud mouth I fail to understand that you no longer remember that you have a record of massive killings and poor governance. Can’t you let the country run with peace at some point in time? You are simply power hungry with your good for nothing chakwera


A Pido, ndi mmene zilili, what you should have said is MCP and PP, give us solutions. If APM fucks you in your stinking asshole, just go and continue that


Aaahhhh!! our democracy has been hijacked by “demons”


MCP can’t you borrow a leaf from DPP the time when they were at opposition bench, they were quite in the Parliament but busy on grassroot level I guess you will be at opposition bench for the last 20 year again don’t forge were good judges at local level and we are proud to be ordinary people we don’t need a lot we need to have peace.


Semani, you suffer from an overdose of hero worshiping APM and licking his stinking asshole

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