Malawi hires Mtawali to coach national team: Burundi’s Ramadan picked as assistant

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has made a sensible choice , it has hired football legend Ernest Mtawali as the new coach for the national team, aka Flames and Burundian Nsanzurwimo Ramadhan who is coach for local giants Big Bullets will be his assistant, Nyasa Times understands.

Mtawali: Malawi head coach

Mtawali: Malawi head coach

Bullets coach Ramadan picked as assistant Malawi coach.-.Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Ramadan (Left) picked as assistant Malawi coach.-.Photo Jeromy Kadewere

The new coach is expected to be unveiled by FAM this Saturday, 1 August 2015 to replace Young Chimodzi who was sacked on 14 June 2015, following the Flames 2-1 loss to Zimbabwe in a 2017 AFCON qualifier. Also in Group L are Swaziland and Guinea.

Mtawali and Ramadhan have become susseccesful from a short-listed four coaches who included Eddingtone Ng’onamo and Gilbert Chirwa.

They were interviewed on Thursday, according to FAM General Secretary, Suzgo Nyirenda .

Mtawali is not an elite coach, but if the constraints were local tactician, available and financially viable, the former midfield maestro was clearly the best option.

Malawi have since been paired with Tanzania in the World Cup qualifiers.

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56 thoughts on “Malawi hires Mtawali to coach national team: Burundi’s Ramadan picked as assistant”

  1. Kukaya wa kukaya says:


  2. Steven Pelekani Banda says:

    Well done Mr Mtawali, i wish him a good lucky and all the best.

  3. angoni apaphata says:

    Good job. Add kinnah as technical advisor. Tiphulapo kanthu.

  4. Kondwerani Jabu says:

    OK,tiyenazoni tizione ntchitozanu.Zipindula?


    Its Nice Combination Otherwise If The Assistant Was A Malawian He Would Be Working To Dislodge His Boss.Ramadhan Prowess Has Been Proved At Bullets.Kungoti Vindere Vya Kufikapo Za Ku Bullets Are Not Apreciating His Services.They Will Be Just Regreating Kuti Kunali Malemu Ramadhan Like It Is The Case With Kinnah Electric Phiri.


    Congrats Ernest and sit down and give a clear vision of what u intend to do with national team. Remember its the players who will make u succeed or fail. Show our leadership and be focused. Am not comfortable with our assistant coach and it was sum one else. All in all gud luck on our appointment.

  7. Ras Mix says:

    munachukisa inu nomwe munvekele Mtawali ndiwakunja,mpakana immigration ili ndi anthu opunzila anaputsa nadzo,koma zikoli sikwathudi

  8. petermshali ku salima says:

    always i fail to comprehend how one would say fam ,national team are dominated by tumbukas ,thats not good,atumbukao they work hard,koma ife mitundu yanse mmdziko muno timayilemekeza,so this is football lets just wish the two coaches well,

  9. mmm says:

    Mtawali wanted this chance please don’t let us down .why should we be the last as compared to our neighbours.choose players on merit.substution fast when it is necessary .go out watch games and pick talent from all districts not Blantyre and Lilongwe.challenge us and you shall be there to stay.we stopped watching football but people shall begin if you deliver.

  10. For Mtawali yes it’s a good move but why Ramadan? For Mtawali I’m happy cos you only get experience when you’re given a chance so give him a chance to try or do his part that’s really great. But for Nswazirimo I’m very skeptical, I don’t value him that high. He is not a material for the National Team.

  11. Mulukunuwa maluku says:

    Congrants live wire

  12. hugo k says:

    congrats Mr Ntawali……..l know u will deliver

  13. Gringo says:

    Komadi eeeeeh FAM yazaza ndi atumbuka okhaokha kkkkkkkk

  14. phaka says:

    Congrants ‘live wire’Mtawari

  15. Mboba says:

    Good choice

  16. MAPWEVUPWEVU says:


  17. It’s not a good move. These two can not work together in terms of qualificatio.nyway tachilandila basi.

    Mtawali try your luck!

  18. vyaya says:

    kOMA mTAWARI WAONDA CHONCHI? Eiiiish ku Malawi kokha ndi nsimazi kumaondetsa!!

  19. Martin says:

    FAM realised that they are the problem a long time ago and for them to stay on forever, they had to find a scape goat. So the best way was to keep employing low class football tactians so that when things are not moving well our fingers should be pointing at the coaches. Lets brace ourselves for more heartaches. Flames woyeeee!

  20. Anzwaa'73 says:

    Enerst and his assistant will need all the support from FAM if he’s to succeed.

  21. The problem with Malawians is nepotism has gone deep down into our blood. What is wrong with Ernest Mtawali? If the CVs were put on the tables without names, which cv could have carried the day? Obviousily all of us could have picked Mtawili’s. Let us be civilized and forgate about Regionalism it will take us nowhere.

  22. zachepa says:

    # 11 Wayilakoso National Team Players ie Msowoyas, Gondwes, Nyirendas, Kanyendas, Kumwendas and the list goes on and on. Almost Half the Flames players are Wakwithu, Munganya.

  23. moloko thocco says:

    Mtawari en Lamadan a good comb, hop they wil blend da players wel

  24. thocco moloko ku says:

    This z ur chance guys, hopn that fam en govt wil giv u proper support to tak the team to another level.

  25. Almon Mataka Kamanga says:

    Akambilonjo ndinu mbuli yonyambita kumatakokwake nkumava kukoma asiye atumbuka inu mumadalira quota system koma nzeru mulibe zipangani business yanu ndikubera mavoti

  26. Peter says:

    If i was given a chance to elect i did not Ramadani and Ngonamo could be the best on the shortlisted coaches the team of young prayers we are seeing are product of Ngonamo and Ramadani ….with due respect Mtawali is yet to convince me as a coach as prayer yes he was good but coach??? why south Africa where he made a name did not pick him as a coach after having a South Africa mother ??????hope selection was done on merit not tribalism which is killing Malawi growth…am watching this space……no hate but truth though….FAM team Suzgo Nyirenda and Moses Mkandawire hope you did your homework well people are watching

  27. APM says:

    The lomwes and tumbukas let’s govern this country .Achewa nagginging and segregation kudya lasso. Let us promote their nyau staff and they will be happy

  28. Kizito Linyamula says:

    It was always going to be MTUMBUKA

  29. congrats,do the job.

  30. kadoko says:

    support batallion 5 silver 0

  31. Chivwaika 4 says:

    Congrats Ernest and Ramadan am expecting a Malawian typ of soccer name. Plz wrk under love by gvng each othr a chance. We nid gd futubo game n Nyasaland. Nswazi we respct u bt dnt hide ur knwledge othrwz we wl hate u. Feel free and take 1 step @ a tym. Bst wshz.

  32. Malawian Bingu make things worse for establishing Mlakho wa Alhomwe, You see now, everything people think of tribal lines, what’s wrong with Mtawali to be a coach and Tumbuka, Malawians we r really sick, anyway zabwino zonse Mtawali ndiwe Coach wa national team asiye enawa amaona ngati ku Malawi anthu ndi Lhomwe basi.

  33. Bristol says:

    Congrats Mr. Mtawali. Continue from where Mr. Young Chimodzi left. The squad that participated in the COSAFA competition is the right one and needs to nurtured into a strong force but don’t change entirely. Please consider Tawonga Chimodzi because he is doing fine in Greece as per reports by Nyasatimes. Lesson to all people that you don’t talk carelessly the way some players did to Mr. Mtawali after the game against Uganda because today the same man they were castigating is the head coach. More fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Flames !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am behind any coach for my wonderful flames. I supported Kinnna, Ngonamo, Chimodzi and now Mr. Mtawali you have my support.

  34. Captain Romeo says:

    Kodi inu atumbuka bwanji simupanga manyazi pochita zithu zanu, inu mungasiye Ngonamo chiyamba kale pa mpira nkumati walephera interview, basi kuyambira Minister wanuyu , Fam President , secretary , Treasure , Othirira Maluwa , Manager wa. Kamuzu Stadium , nonse atumbuka nokhanokha ndi zimene mwapangana kuti muziikana maudindo eti , Ernest mukanamupatsa u Assistant Coach

  35. Omega says:

    Ernest Mtawali anakulira ku Malawi , ku Chilomoni ku Blantyre , kenako amakhala ku Joni , sanakulire ku atumbuka ayi . Ine sindikudana naye, koma ndikudana ndi atumbuka amzake adzadzana ku Fam amene amukondera kumpatsa ntchito nthawi yake isanakwane . Akanamupasa u assistant ngati amafuna kumuthandiza kuti apeza experience , Coach akanakhala Ngonamo ,inu Ernest angapose Ngonamo kapena Ramadan pa experience ya mpira , koma langizo langa kwa Ernest ndilakuti osapanga zija ankapanga Kinna zija zolowesera player mu ground chifukwa chakuti ndi mtumbuka . However , wishing you all the best and goodluck

  36. Mungawa says:

    atleast this seems to be a good combination basing on merit, lets now expect positve results from flames, no tribalism here but merit!!!!! tumbuka never give up!!!

  37. gerald says:

    Choka apa iwe kambilonjo,kuzolowela zaulele basi asalimbikila bwanji kuti ukakoche ndiwe.

  38. Chipuba Chandi says:

    Try ur best Enest

  39. Kambina says:

    Bolani pamenepo…..lets see how he will turn around the fortunes of the Flames.As for Eddington and Chirwa…they tried.

  40. wakwatabu says:

    recycled politicians,recycled coaches,thus my nyasaland,anyway,gud luck guys.

  41. Chinyanga says:

    Another trash…eish!!!. poor Flames

  42. Willie Chimseu says:

    congrants Enerst I hope next time it will a turn of Leo Mpulula kkkkk

  43. herbert says:

    All the best Mr Ernest

  44. Kambilonjo says:

    Komadi atumbuka ndiye mwanyanya, kuyambira FAM President, Secreary, Treasure, Flames yonse mpaka wotchetcha ku stadium onse alongosi ndiye mpira ungapite patsogolo???

  45. Mpwihimpwehe says:

    Coaches are not the main problem in Malawi. Walter Nyamilandu and the general design of sports are the main problems. We simply don’t have structures in MW. These so called “wakwithu” new coaches will change nothing in my view. No work done here. Bola akanakhala Ng’onamo.

  46. Kambilonjo says:

    Anyway its a gud choice, jst wishing u all the best Mr Mtawali

  47. Owen Chikhwaza says:

    Congrats…. All the best

  48. Andrew says:

    ÁPo nde zlibwino mwina

  49. baggio says:

    All de best mr mtawari

  50. opportunist says:

    Good choice

  51. Alufeyo says:

    Have they been hired as expatriates or local coaches? Mind you both have foreign passports. Mtawali South African and Ramadan Burundian.

  52. GANYAVU says:

    Kkkkkkkk apongozi anga ineeee!!!!!!!! Mr chirwa mwasiyaaaaaaa kulakwaaaa.

  53. Tilipo mutiuza manyaka anuwo akadzachita chibwino.

  54. Chinde says:

    Apa Atumbuka ndiye mwaitha. Pa panel panali Atumbuka okhaokha – Nyirenda, Mkandawire et al. Ndiye mumati asalembe Mtumbuka? More fire Ernest Wire Chirwali

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