Malawi holds HIV prevalence rate survey

Malawi holds a detailed HIV prevalence rate survey from November 27, 2015 when 33000 respondents will have their blood samples tested for the killer disease.HIV

Dr Mathes Joshua of Zomba Central Hospital said during the launch of the survey in eastern region that the survey, the first of its kind in Malawi will also target 15000 households across the country.

He explained that the country uses data collected in 2010 which shows that the prevalence rate is at 10.5 percent.

Joshua said this data could not e relied upon much as it was collected in hospitals only.

Dr Blessings Chinsinga of Centre for Social Research at Chancellor College in Zomba whose organisation has been commissioned to conduct the survey said respondents will not be forced to have the HIV test.

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16 thoughts on “Malawi holds HIV prevalence rate survey”

  1. Mwana Mulanje says:

    Dr Joshua does not know where the 2010 data came from and it’s a shame he wants us to believe it came from health facilities. The 2010 Malawi Demographic Health Survey (MDHS) was conducted by NSO in some randomly selected households in community clusters throughout the country. Additionally, some organizations such as MACRO provided HIV testing and counselling to the rest of community members who were not part of the sample. Macro Inc (US) had supported this activity with funding channelled through CDC in Malawi.

  2. Mfana wamu Ghetto says:

    Ma big men ambiri amakalandira ma Arv muma private hospital.Why forcing the poor to get tested while these monied people have got a chain of prostitutes?Kuwawonelera amphawi.Bwerani muzathawa ndizikwanje.

  3. Mphangela says:

    Mukayambe kuyeza ku state house zitha kuthandiza sinanga chitsanzo chabwino.komanso zinduna ndi ma members of parliament osati osauka okha zopusa basi.timakuwonanu enanu mukukalandila nanunso.

  4. Mbuya says:

    In auditing there is wat we call sample selection so be careful 4 ur sample otherwise ve results wont be true and fair

  5. TheScientist says:

    We are more interested on the methods of your survey. How you address issues of selection, and reporting bias, sampling errors, confounding etc… Experience shows that results from surveys are not easy to interpret and such surveys are complex to conduct especially at a national level. I would expect that a reputable institution with record of medical publications should have conducted the survey. By the fact that a political scientist is mentioned other than some medical research expert from that institution tells a lot about quality of the survey it’s gonna be.

  6. Immaculate says:

    Why not get the statistics from hospitals & health centres across Malawi,rather than wasting resources by funding such campaign where records are being updated each passing day in all health centres.

  7. ayi says:

    Thus a good campaign

  8. rasta says:

    Mukayezenso ma hule apa highfield, boxer, vibes, kwa tholo in Chikanda nkumalizira mahule apa Chanco.. In that way tipeza a true representation of the situation on the ground

  9. Chenda says:

    Come one, come all and survey, but let us have the report of the findings in time.

  10. mussa says:

    How can you force someone to be tested, am yet to witness such research. To me the best thing is sensitize the community the importance of being tested as well as of that research but forcing someone unless at gun point I can give in.

  11. Mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    Know your status!! That’s key to a progressive life style!! Palibe chobisa, if you have it, you go on ARVs! If you don’t, you take precaution not to get it!! Simple!!

  12. Thitherward 'wendo says:

    It would certainly help the fight against the spread of HIV infection to have some reliable figures for the prevalence of the disease in the country. Nobody believes the figure of 10.5%.

    Several doctors at one district hospital have told me that about half of all the people who attend the hospital for any kind of treatment are found to be HIV positive. Most of them did not wish to know their status.

    Most Malawians say ‘Everyone’s got it’ and profess not to believe anyone who claims to be HIV free.

    Unfortunately, this belief in the worst-case scenario does not encourage sexual behavior conducive to self-preservation. Why bother to close the gate if you believe that the horse has already bolted?

    The problem is this: why should we expect the results of this new survey to be any more reliable than the figures produced by the 2010 survey? Are people who attend hospital less likely to be positive than those who do not?

    Before we begin a new survey, we should find out why the hospital survey was so unreliable. If the unreliability was the fault of those conducting the survey, how can we ensure that a new cadre of surveyors will be any more reliable?

  13. Uyu ndi Kape says:

    AIDS yomweyi mpaka kudyerapo ndalama? Mungopita pa Kamba ndi pa Bwandiro nambalayo ikwana mudziwa kuti alipo angati ali nako. Ndalama zinazo mugule ma ARV osati kulemelele edzi yomweyi

  14. bad man says:

    muyelekeze kubwera pakhomo pa ine.

    1. ineyo says:

      tifikapo kumene pa khomo pamenepo

      1. bad man says:

        ndiye bola idzakhale ine kuyeza, iwe kuyeza apo bii, sudzatuluka ndi mu mpanda mwanga

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