Malawi holds peaceful protests: Drama over parallel demo in Lilongwe

Business went as usual in the Capital City Lilongwe as Malawians held peaceful demonstrations to express anger over dwindling of health service delivery in Malawi hospitals although there was drama as the two parallel demonstrators  with different issues delivered their petition to authorities.

Mabvuto Bamusi receiving petition from Mandala

Mabvuto Bamusi receiving petition from Mandala

The demo mood

The demo mood

The SDG's pro-government demo

The SDG’s pro-government demo

The Tuesday demonstrations took place and finished without serious incidents of violence or rioting. Caution was taken because of the violent protests in July 2011, where nationwide rioting left 19 people dead.

Human Rights defender and social commentator, Billy Mayaya was the first on the programme to deliver petition to President Peter Mutharika through Lilongwe City Assembly officials.

A handful people took part in the Mayaya organised demos while Police outnumbered the demonstrators protesting soaring costs caused by inflation and calling on President Peter Mutharika reduce his spending on travel and asking government to fast-track reforms to include mechanism to crackdown on corruption and win donor confidence.

Mayaya said he was not discouraged with a small number of protestors, saying what was paramount to him was to deliver the petition to the President.

“Day in day out we continue to witness the continued decline in quality of services in provision of service delivery in key sectors such as health, education and energy. We demand the President to address these concerns,” said Mayaya.

Receiving the petition Director of administration, Dyson Milanzi received the petition on behalf of Lilongwe City council Chief executive officer.

In the same capital city, another demonstration was also held to raise awareness on the need for Malawians to support and own the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Delivering the petition titled “SDGs are the hope for millions of Malawians let us unite to implement them,” former president of Malawi Congress of Trade union, Luther Mambala said citizens and the civil society are mindful of the fact that commendable efforts were made to achieve the MDGs and that the progress made this far will lay strong foundations needed for the achievement of the SDGs.

Mandala called upon President Mutharika to create to more space for citizen engagement around the SdGs.

“We also urge NGOs in the country to align themselves with SDGs,” said Mambala.

Earlier, Executive Secretary for Citizen Alliance Wilson Asibu said he was not happy that Government had hijacked the caravan.

“What we did is that we invited government to be present but to our surprise they came here with placards which contain foul messages,” said Asibu.

Some of the messages which were under protest and later removed included:”Chakwera and Msowoya abweze K300million,” which referred to the story on the procurement of four executive vehicles by Parliamentary Services Commission for the Speaker, his two deputies and leader of opposition.

But after lengthy discussions, the placards were later withdrawn from the public.

Minister of Information and civic education Jappie Mhango, Presidential advisor on CSOs Mabvuto Bamusi, Chief presidential economic advisor Collins Magalasi and Lilongwe CEO attended the SDG’s demo.

Receiving the petition, Mhango promised to Mutharika.

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46 thoughts on “Malawi holds peaceful protests: Drama over parallel demo in Lilongwe”

  1. Okay says:

    Tsono where is the loudmouthed MCP and their so called leadership? Apatu it’s a blow in the face. Obusa ndi O Jessie, mukumva bwa mthupimo? Ndale mumzionera patali zijatu ndi zimenezi. 2019 tidzakuonetsani kiyama bad!

  2. Chisomo says:

    Vito ndikukwatira ulibe kanthu. Ndani amafuna mwana wake adzivutika ndikumadyetsa mwamunayonso. Zaka zochepa wosabwelera ku School akhoze frivolous bwanji.

  3. nkhakamila says:

    a josophat you have said it all that no kingdom last longer thus according to history so leave DPP Alone.after all where is the connection between lomwe and DPP…Dont try to be tribalism coz u just make your comment baseless.Wait ur time will come and you do it right but as for now its mutharika.gv him space so that if he flops he flops well and also if he perfoms he perfoms out!

  4. MaKopa says:

    Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa still clueless after 50years of freedom, Malawians are still suffering worse more than thangata

  5. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    You demonstrators, Maganizo oti anthu alimbikire ntchito Ndi abwino. Abwana President unikani m’mene anthu akugwirira ntchito. Nthawi zina tumani ena ngati ma inspectors ochokera m’mastatutory cooparations a medium ndi low ranking apite muzipatala ngati akufuna thandizo muwone nthawi imene amabwerera ma nurse ndi madokotala komanso aone nthawi imene odwala amabwera ndi kubwerera ku chipatala ndi thandizo limene alandira. Mutsimikizadi zimenezi. Komanso tidziwe kuti sizipatala zonse.

  6. chinne says:

    I appreciate Mayaya’s Demo, it was peaceful with no political influence. DPP government if falling down little by little that’s why is disturbing demonstrations intended to rebuke them. What I saw in Lilongwe through TV was shameful. DPP came with political agenda contrary to what the organisers had arranged. So the government was trying to cover their weakness and they achieved on the day but will not carry on achieving in the future.

    Malawi is a flame of fire. take care.

  7. chatonda says:

    Who has written the petition? Bamusi is in the president;s office already, so where does he take the petition to? from his office to his office too?The government does not demonstrate anywhere in the world. It is usually the agrieved party that demonstrate to express their anger. Learn to be civilized and never counter demonstrate because this is the common cause of violence between the two waring parties. silly nonse munajoina demo ya Bamusi using government money. God will punish you.

  8. zaro says:

    wastin tme yanu agalu ena kumatsata mayaya ndi ma demo akeo! Nthing wil change believe it! Goverment z bankrupt mbuli inu!

  9. Skenance kapinama says:

    Mmmm there is better life in smongolia comparing to malawi interms health and education status

  10. levelheaded says:

    “Josophat returns” should also know that people who criticise government all the time like you will also not live forever. Infact you just exhaust yourself in the process. If you are still young I advise you to accept the situation becoz mighty DPP is here to stay.

  11. SpaRks Chow3 says:

    All you politicians u should know that u won’t gonna get away with it, u are gonna pay back by any means necessary.

  12. webster chikhadwe says:

    ya muyaya okey,ina ija ngati za pa july 20.(debut vs demo) ended losing 19 pipo coz of selfishness with this matchona

  13. Lichenya says:

    Indeed the message is written on the wall irrespective of being handful demonstrators. The Government can claim to have no money but they should prioritize their essentials on expenditure.
    Spending millions on buying cars, travels, parties etc is not on especially when there is no X-ray equipment accessories, kidney dialysis equipment,beds, drugs etc is a laughing matter.
    Government should listen and change the way they do business.

  14. Roberto says:

    Malawi sikuyenda bwino chifukwa cha ma shiny shoes people – stupid politicians

  15. Josophat Returns says:

    Actually the most successful demo was the one Muyaya did. It’s not a game of numbers for even a lone ranger can do that. It’s only that the sick are weak to walk with him.

    In my view the one which failed was the one having presidential advisors. Because instead of advising the president, they got advised what to do. Typical of the Muthalika. This level of bootlicking is deep and wide. It’s old MEJN leadership turned into a political bootlicking Machinery, dissipating fake Chancellor College economics with a Mulakho lining.

    I am sure history will capture Muyaya and what he did to bring awareness about our decayed public health than these other pretenders. After all the other demo comprised of the 110 former passengers that went to UNGA. I am sure they also put on some of the regalia they bought from JC Penny and Macys.

    I am with the Muyaya brand and not this bunch of lomwe belt bootlicking outfit of advisory misfits.But one thing should be clear to all: NO KINGDOM LIVES FOR EVER. Go and study Babylon and its escapades. Go and study the Medes, go and study the Roman Empire. THEY ALL DECLINED LATER ON. THIS IS VANITY UNDER THE SUN. Ask King Solomon.

    Unfortunately our economic advisers don’t learn history that much so they think the DPP WILL LIVE FOR EVER. Thats what MCP thought. That’s what UDF thought. That’s what PP thought. If I were you, I would look at history of the world and ask yourselves: WILL THE LOMWE POLITICAL BRAND LIVE FOREVER? IS IT A RESILIENT BRAND? If not put some safety points in the Constitution which will preserve us all as a nation of Malawi and not as a Lomwe.

    The power to do the right things rests with those with that power. If you don’t someone else will no matter how long that will be. The spirit of Malawi will outlive all of you. That’s for sure. So be afraid. Be very very afraid.

  16. Maseko says:


  17. chatonda says:

    Its first time to see the government demonstrating for development. This is total childish. Bamusi, Magalas and Jappie Mhango who stole money from Olympic games before joining politics. Shame on you all. You have no brains and you want to fool the president?

  18. Patriot says:

    Mtundu wa amalawi ndi mtundu wochitisa manyazi zedi.
    Ndi mtundu wopusisitsa dziko lonse lapansi.
    Ndi zitsiru zotheratu.
    Chimene amadziwa amalawi ndi kuchita ma demo pa facebook.
    Inakakhala kuti facebook inalipo nthawi ya kamuzu mu 1992/1993 si bwezi Democracy itachitika my 1994. Bwezi mpaka pano MCP ya Kamuzu ikulamulirabe, bwezi Kamuzu akulamulirabe ndipo si bwezi Dausi atajoina chipani cha ma sataniki abvomeleza mathanyulawa.
    Amalawi ali ngati galu wamantha woti amayenda ali chewuchewu atapindira mchila wake pakati pa miyendo yake.
    Stupid race.

  19. blessings says:

    Adam your right,ngakhale mumunene mayayayo sikuti akupanga zakunyumba kwake ayi!koma zothandiza achabale anu amene akudya gaga kumudzi kwanu kuja,surely,tizamukumbuka mayaya,keep it up mr mayaya kungoti enafe tinali kutali bwenzi tilikonko….ambirinso amene mumayankhula mokhuta apapa ndiamene azibale anu akutikanso heavy!!!think!!!!organize another one mr mayaya & make sure izakhaleko weekend…

  20. Alex Likoswe says:

    Where are you gonna get the money for SDGs. For your example Goal 4 is what CSO were demonstrating For. Sad Collins cannot understand this.

  21. Patriotic Citizen says:

    I will put a bullet in somebody’s head at state house, I rest my case because enough is enough!!!!

  22. mzunguwanzeru says:

    Please so called csos everyone now knows you are confused. Even donors don’t trust you shameless creatures who on a laboring day you go about disturbing the economic activities. Shame on you

  23. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    We told you aMalawi anachenjera masiku ano (Malawians are more sophisticated than these NGOs give acknowledge, when it comes to political and even quasi political demos.)
    Even the people funding these NGOs must, now, start to question their tactics. They stink!
    And that is why only a handful of people turned up, in spite of the availability of free food and drinks.

  24. Achimidzimidzi says:

    This was too personal. Hatred from the heart of government.

  25. mfiti mayaya says:

    This was not a demo but rather a big walk of mad and un-employable people who have noting to do. Billy Mayaya also announced his change of name from mayaya to Masanza wiraa. Guys munthu akuwola akuyendatu uyu. Ntchentche kuti ng’waaaaa on mr masanza kuli kununkha eish. Mental hospital where are you?

  26. Mabvuto Kawonga says:

    zomvetsa chitsoni our beloved Malawi.

  27. Unenesko Nguwemi says:


  28. mdk says:

    Mukupanga under value ma demo you can’t just wake up in the morning thinking on such such a day tikapange ma demo and you expect people to just follow osagwilizana bwinobwino kuti ma reasons ake ndi chani otherwise muzingokalamba nazo izi.panu ndi mpompano basi pa nyasa muzilalata koma zomazinamiza kuti you have a backing out there ndi chibwana.aliyense kungonyamula zikwangwani yolemba madandaulo ake no consensus at all

  29. colman says:

    There is no silente demostration why silente which means you are scared or else you are together with him

  30. ndizatekeseka wen thousands join mademo anuwo kkkk minority demo

  31. adam says:

    Amalawi timayesa,dwiiyu ndi mtendele,ayi.We dont know what is good for us. Mayaya akuoneka opusa lelo,koma timukumbuka amalawi.MALAWI IS REFUSING TO WAKE UP. U WIL DIE IN UR SLUMBER MALAWIAN.PATHETIC NATION.

  32. Chabwera ku manda says:

    za mkhutu mufuna kuganizilidwa basi, mukatero zanu ziziyenda mudzitupa mimba choncho

  33. He says:

    This Magalasi guy messed up BEAM by grabbing NAC money. Now he is on this. Does he know what his job is or he has nothing to do.

  34. Malawiyano says:

    The government is using tricks which they used when they rigged the elections in 2014. The burning of the warehouse which they were keeping ballot boxes and some voting materials , the picking of ballot boxes along the roads by Dausi , the discovering of trucks by Dausi in private garages and even announcing the presidential results by the Electrol Commission at night when everybody was asleep it was another trick by DPP to frustrate all the parties.
    The MWK577bn is being used for continues corrupting Malawians in order for the DPP to keep on ruling till endless years.

  35. Happening Boy says:

    I think Jappie you are our of your good mind we used to know you with, very disappointing fellow,, why sinking so low, you mean you can’t see all this, am ashamed to have known you sometime and didn’t expect this from you. You have become so foolish.

  36. Babayaro Nyirenda says:

    Mayaya protesting for Govt to win donor confidence? Shaaaa you still want more hand-outs from donors? This country of ours is pathetic. Normally these petitions are couched in general and blurred language. Malawi will be building a coal energy plant. So what should the President do now?

  37. ngongoliwa says:

    Bwinotu tsiku lina muzakutumulana ndithu.

  38. SONG says:

    The whole govt conducting demos I think next will be the president himself to be on the street for demos. What type of govt is this shameful. I don’t know if we will reach 2019 with this childish govt.

  39. mtate mike rsa says:

    Mayaya be cool we the headless
    pitala will commit suicide when we come up with fresh one.Mayaya just know that the so called SDGs its fake one that those demos were prepared by manyi achina bams be clever

  40. milonde says:

    were there only 5 people in this demo? Jesus wept.

  41. barnaba sila says:

    Which Malawi are you talking about? There were 5 people according to Zodiak this afternoon. You should say Billy Mayaya and his 4 friends held peaceful demonstrations!

  42. Pachilambo Usauchi says:

    Mukudya bwinotu, mimba kukula chomcho !

  43. Kanyimbi says:

    Ha! abusa a Mayaya. Mayaya Mayaya basi. Shaa! Kupepera kwenikweni. Pano a Malawi tinazindikira simungatipusitse.

  44. nobel says:

    This is a shameful nation where politics take centre stage! How can this be the case where hospitals have one meal per day, no drugs, unreliable power, etc etc? Any sanity here? Is this the modern way of accepting criticism? If the so called presidential advisors are busy demonstrating for govt, who will then advise the president constructively? I know the idea was to out shadow the anti govt demo. Malawi is a shameful nation!

  45. Professor LUKA TCHOKA. CHIEF wa aKweri says:

    Za ziiii zamkutu achina Jappie

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