Malawi hospital refuses to admit TB patients due to lack of food

Bwaila Hospital in Lilongwe is refusing to admit patients suffering from TB because the hospital stopped providing food to patients for over a month now.

Bwaila hospital, Lilongwe

Bwaila hospital, Lilongwe

A source at the hospital said even serious TB cases are not admitted to the hospital because the hospital owes a caterer, whom the administration had engaged to provide food to patients, withdrew the services over K190 million debt.

 Nyasa Times visited the hospital on Sunday and saw the remaining TB patients cooking for themselves using personal electric appliances or firewood.

The hospital provided the patients with a room where they keep the electric appliances, firewood and food.

District Health Officer Alinafe Mbewe said it would take time before the hospital starts providing food to patients as the hospital has to clear the debt.

In addition, she said, the electric pots are in bad state and needs over haul and maintenance.

Some staff members are blaming the former District Health Officer for the Mwai Mwale for the huge debt, saying he deliberately watched as the debt increased and he is also accused of abuse of funds.

He has since been transferred to Ntchisi District Hospital.

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Lion Biko

Proverbs 28:16
A leader who lacks understanding is a great oppressor but the hater of greed prolong his days.

Proverbs 13:23
Much food is in the tillable ground for the poor but for lack of right-rulings sweeps it away.

Hoshea 4:6
My people perish for lack of knowledge because you have rejected knowledge. I reject you from being a priest to Me. Since you have forgotten the Laws of your Mighty One YAH. I also forget your children.

Scotland Yard

Mwai Mwale is a Chewa typical of NYAU follower and supporter of Chakwera…he is deliberately damaging the image of hospitals in the central region. Am glad he is at Ntchisi hospital where he can also destroy it and blame the current govt, so that come 2019 people should vote for Chakwera…but little does he realize that all Chewa people in Ntchisi and Lilongwe would be dead by then and dont vote.kkkkk


i thought he is a tonga from nkhatabay?

Winston Msowoya
It is absurd and lack of temperamental compass to refuse admitting TB patients due to lack of food.Obviously,lack of food attributes to lack of funds,SHAME!! But the government has funds to hire jets to take the President to receive honorary PhDs which have no value or prestige to the nation.This shows the DPP government under the maladroit leadership of Peter has completely failed to deliver the goods and come 2019,Malawians turn a blind eye on him and his tribalistic Party.How would TB patients survive the wrath of a brutal malady without food in the stomach? We have no one to… Read more »

Pathetic Malawi, going to worse. A Malawi tisamangovotera excitement chifukwa chipani chili ndi magalimoto kapena ma bus ambiri. Failure of Govt-Sign of falling down


But Vuwa said Malawi has got plenty food to feed themselves. Why patients are suffering. This is mockery to Malawians and shows this government is not serious.


The decision makes sense. TB patients need to eat. How can they be admitted without eating food?


Government should stop outsourcing services like catering in hospitals. Let them prepare meals themselves. Caterers are expensive. They are business. They charge twice as much for a meal.

Alfred Minjo

So, what’s the news now? Mukungomulonda londabe Dr. Mwai Mwale bwanji? C’on guys, give us a break and leave him alone.


Ndimzako eti mumadyera limodzi.Anthu akuba inu!

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