Malawi Housing Corp tenants want govt to surrender houses

Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC) tenants have asked the government to honour long dwelling tenants by giving them the  houses for free.

MHC boss Wezi Mkandawire: School fees scam

MHC boss Wezi Mkandawire:  Building new houses

This was said at a meeting on Thursday minister of Lands and Housing Atupele Muluzi held with them in Blantyre.

Representative of the tenants Mervin Kaumphawi said there was need for the government to consider those who had stayed in the houses for over 20 years to give them the houses for free or sell them at the lowest price the government can think of.

“Government should think of selling the houses to tenants who have been in the houses for 20, 30, 40 even 50 years. This is not a new arrangement as this happens in Zambia, Tanzania or South Africa,” he said.

Kaumphawi bemoaned that the houses are never rehabilitated, the are filthy, roofs half blown up saying they were not fit for human dwelling in urban areas.

Muluzi did not immmediately respond to the request but said the government will look into the issues raised critically.

He said the public sector reform programme will greatly benefit the Malawi Housing Corporation tenants.

Muluzi said the reform programme also provides for the construction of new houses.

The minister also said the government is in the process of amending the MHC Act to enable tge state run housing company deliver.

MHC general manager Rose Mkandawire said her organisation is building new houses in Ngumbe, Blantyre and Area 18 in Lilongwe.

She said over all, the housing corporation is expected to construct 2500 houses to ease demand for houses.

The MHC boss said currently, there are 140000 people on the waiting list for the only 6500 houses available. She said the corporation needs at least 21000 houses a year to meet the growing demand for houses mostly in urban areas.

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Livulezi river

MHC or govt should not dare either giving or selling them the houses. Let them build their own houses. Ngati kuli mbuzi za anthu ndiye ma tenanti a MHC . Amangosiirana ma nyumba ndi kumalimbikitsana kuti adzalandira nyumba za ulere! MHC should now remove these dogs masquerading as tenants because the more time they live in there, the more risk MHC will encounter in future whereby the tenants will take MHC to court one day challenging the legality of not selling them the houses.

Busy brains

To be frank, to live in a rented house for over 15 years simply shows one’s stupidity. It simply shows one doesn’t think about his future and that of his family. Most tenants are fools to the extent of buying and driving very expensive cars while living in rented houses. All they want is shobiz in town. Kugula tauni ndi kukhala ndi nyumba yakoyako!!!


These houses are for all of us. The fact that you have been privileged to stay long in those houses is not a qualification for owning the houses for free.


What a ridiculous suggestion – houses for free?


Apatsidwe basi anayambitsa ndi a DPP potenga nyumba yaku sunny side imene mumakhla CEO wa city council kukhala office ya DPP.

lacerda Plano

Tulukanimo chabe mukapeza za roof yabwino agula zimenezo anzanu kufuna kubera dziko basi

MHC houses are small meant for small families. After ten years in MHC house a family must have grown in size and economically and therefore that must be time to build your own house. MHC should come with a policy that will limit tenants to occupy their houses not more than ten years. Such a policy will help boys and girls that have just graduated and newly employed to find accommodation while the elderly will also benefit as they will be forced by circumstances to plan of building bigger and better houses thereby adding to the development and growth of… Read more »

Koma a Malawi, kuzolowela zaulele basi. If the houses are not rehabilitated, and not fit for human being to stay in. Why are you still there? seem contradiction here. Zaulele promotes ulesi. So no to ulele and selling should be @ Market value osati poti wakhalamo 50 years. nkani anthu mumakamila mmanyumbamo ngati anu eti?


nane ndiawuza a Landlord anga andipatse.nane ndakhalitsa pa mdamdapa kwa zaka makumi awiri.

Proud House owner

Support the proposal that maximum stay in an MHC house should be 10 years while giving the tenant a chance to build their own houses. Koma nuona this stupid proposal will be taken on board in order for politicians to also participate in the abuse paja we have living examples in high places.

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