Malawi Immigration arrests 20 year-old Zimbabwean heading to Dublin

Department of Immigration has arrested a 20 year old Zimbabwean, Tinashe Blessings Sabu, for illegally entering the country.

The arrest took place at Chileka International Airport on May 3, 2017 when Sabu was trying to board a flight on his way to Dublin in Ireland.

Confirming the arrest Friday, Immigration National Public Relations Officer, Joseph Chauwa, said the man presented a Lesotho Passport at the airport which had no Malawian entry stamp.

“The fact that the passport had no entry stamp from Malawi is what alerted the officials at the airport that the man entered the country illegally. The man might have gotten the passport fraudulently,” he said.

Chauwa said that upon further investigations on the matter, the Immigration Department discovered that the man is actually Zimbabwean.

“Zimbabwe allows duo citizenship so as Immigration, our problem is not that the man has a Lesotho passport. We are charging Sabu, with Section 21(1) of the Immigration Act which deals with illegal entry,” he said.

The National Public Relations Officer said Sabu is currently in their custody and they are carrying out further investigations after which he will be taken to court.

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10 thoughts on “Malawi Immigration arrests 20 year-old Zimbabwean heading to Dublin”

  1. Brian Moyo says:

    Ignorant Immigration Officers, Zimbabwe allows dual citizenship so why waste time, I would suggest yu to put more effort on finding the 15 billion which your Ex president stole. We heard you have just lost lots of cash on Maize scandal why can’t you put these efforts on those areas shame, The young man has no case to answer

  2. kalikokha mulweli says:

    Let him face the law. amusiye ndekuti chani, Malawians do struggle kudutsa mmaiko mwao kumalipira ndalama zambiri mbiri koma passport yabwino bwino uli nayo.

  3. Huku says:

    Malawi it’s not a walk over to get where you think you can go no let him face the law

  4. Lee says:

    C’mon let him go ,what use will it be to you ,the passport is his ,either it is not azim passport,as long as it is his let him go,Zimbabwean passports has been blacklisted.Why waste time ,IAM here also in Zambia for almost 16 years no papers ,as long as IAM not acriminal iam avoid citizen here.Him is just passing by,ithink it is jealousy,or maybe he didn’t give something.

  5. Richard says:

    If its the case,why doesnt he flew from zimbabwean airways?
    You arrested my brother just because he over stayed in zimbabwe with a single day,,,just a single yet he had a passport there by beitbridge border,,what more this one?

  6. Richard says:

    I hate foolish malawians like you,,,,,how can they leave such a person? Good job and i wish you promote those immigration officers,,,,,how can they leave someone who has a passport that doesn’t belong to him? He entered your country illegally? I mean he used a crooked way to be in malawi,,,,,,,he is making someone crying for his pasport wherever he is…..

  7. Che nsomba says:

    I appeal to the Minister responsible to entervene so that the youngman can be left to purpose his dreams in Dublic. I even appeal to HE APM to intervene on humanitarian reasons. Insn’t this what what many of us have in the past to be where we are????

  8. Che nsomba says:

    Please Malawi Immigration why persue such petty issues. Zimbabwe is hell now and young guys have no future there. They are doing everything to get out of Zimbabwe and you arrest this youngman for what????How many of our kins are in other coutnries witout a passport. On humanitarian ground let the youngman leave.

    I too enterered a foreign country without proper papers and did my education and now I am using that education to develpop this country. PLEASE LET HIM GO!

  9. tichaona gondo says:

    greetings .i do not think these malawians imigration is serious to arrest and sent that guy blessing to court for what? how many malawians we are intertaining here in zimbabwe without even a birth certificate .Even go to south africa all streets are malawians without paper .They are talking shit pliz leave that guy to come home ,do not stress him aah

    1. Bodo says:

      Tibvirei apa with such shallow thinking that’s why Zimbabwe is what it is today. He must come home where, Zimbabwe or Lesotho?

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