Malawi Immigration collects K3.5bn revenue in 2014

Malawi Immigration Department says in the year 2014 the department has collected revenues of close to K3.5 billion, a figure it says it’s not far from the revenues the department collected in 2013.

Chief Immigration Officer Hudson Mankhwala:  Collected K3.5 billion

Chief Immigration Officer Hudson Mankhwala: Collected K3.5 billion

Chief Immigration Officer Hudson Mankhwala said this in Blantyre on Saturday night during the end of year party the department organized for its staff.

Mankhwala said the year just ending was fruitful to the department thanks to the government’s support it has been rendering to the department.

“I can happily say here that the year 2014 was very fruitful to immigration department since we have managed to achieve what we were expected to do.

“The department collected K3.5 billion through its services it offers to the public. However we are discussing with government to give additional funding to our department as doing so could also raise the revenue in the coming year.

“Immigration as a department receives K873 million per year but it seems the funding is not fully catering for our needs in a whole year. Approximately our department needs K1.3 billion to work well in a year,” said Mankhwala.

Mankhwala added that while the department has registered some successes, there are also challenges the department faced in the just ending year.

He said the challenges include continued manual operations in other immigration services like permits, visas and other services.

The Chief Immigration officer further cited lack of adequate funding, inadequate housing for officers and lack of adequate operational vehicles as other challenges.

Mankhwala then said in the forthcoming year, the department is planning to recruit 500 additional officers and in the next three years to come the department is planning to recruit 1500 officers.

On the reforms being taken by government, Mankhwala said it has helped the department a lot by among others opening passport processing in Lilongwe and next year the department is expected to open another passport printing office in Mzuzu.

The Chief Immigration officer has since urged officers to continue working hard in order to achieve government goals.

During the Christmas end of year party, the department honoured some of its 2014 retired officers.

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11 thoughts on “Malawi Immigration collects K3.5bn revenue in 2014”

  1. woyera MW says:

    Mr Medicine, u need extra money yet tava kuti ma Travel Allowance mumangodya nonkha where is ACB

  2. Chiluba says:

    Mr Mankhwala, I would personally say the country needs to remove you from that post because you don’t seem to know what’s happening in the boarder posts,in immigration offices. Malawian immigration officers are very corrupt, the poor people are made to part with their hard earned money just to get documents which they are entitled to. Your office need to look and dig out all those officials collecting money from all these business people traveling between Malawi and South Africa, imagine if all that money was collected as government revenues, we would be saying the immigration collected K5 billion, K3.5 billion that’s nonsense, there is nothing to celebrate here. Mzuzu should have had an office where people could get their passports long time ago but we know why it is still waiting, it is because Mzuzu is in the north. Immigration needs a total clean up starting with you sir. I have seen all the corruption you can think of at Mwanza, Mwanza is the worsed on corruption. We need to be strict in collecting government revenue at boarder posts and not put money in your pockets and coming and telling us that you need K1.3 billion to run your corrupt department.

  3. Dump says:

    I think Dr Medicine ur out of ur mind the country doesn’t need more officers mwachuluka and it’s true some officers they just sit idle and u need to be fired

  4. ZOsaveka mungo ulula songa zandalama pamene zambili mwatholela m’thumba zopusazo muzinamiza ana osayamwa. Ngati kuli chiphuphu chadzaoneni ndiye ndi ku immigration mudzaonekela.

  5. mr cio u have said alot ur office s full of corruption n bribery so now u r telling the nations that ur department has improved,in which area?

  6. Malix says:

    Why employ additional 500 when other members of staffs at Zomba office stay idle ,eat mmemo at 10:00 am .Why not utilize the idle members of staff first .You need to consult Saulosi Chilima who what to fire some principal secretaries first before you employ additional staff.

  7. Proffessor says:

    You said one of the challenges is officers accommodation and you you want to recruit 500 officers, my question is how are you going to accommodate them? Azikhalanso mmakuka ngati enawa? Sizikhala bwino kuon officer wavala full uniform akutuluka Mmbayani uyo pa stage kukakwera minibus. Yambani Kaye mwasamala ma officer muli nawo musanaganize zolemba Ena bwana..

  8. Chabecheker says:

    The raise for passport fee has reduced demand and therefore this has resulted into less fees collected in the last 3 months of the year and the years to come

  9. The Patriot says:

    Mzuzu needs a Passport printing office indeed! Lija ndikale a nganya akumavutika kupita pa LL kukapangitsa Passport!

  10. Gilbert says:

    Morons! Just giving passports to foreigners

  11. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    CIO Mankhwala should acknowledge that there is never enough money for government departments. Some executives are empire builders, even during lean years like our country is currently experiencing. There is absolutely no way we can afford 500 new officers per year over the next three years! Honest tax payers are getting fed up!
    The government should insist on ministries and departments to improve efficiencies, in the first place, before providing extra funding. Oh, I forgot: where is the extra money going to come from anyway?
    I hope, by challenges, CORRUPTION is on the top of his list. Perhaps Mr. Mankhwala should be reminded that his department was called out by his minister; and also that “The Nation” exposed bribery, involving passport undertakings lately.
    The department needs to own up to it’s problems; and come up with solutions that propose to solve CORRUPTION, with alacrity, transparency and totality.

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