Malawi immigration officers warned against corruption

The newly appointed acting Chief Immigration Officer Chrispine Sibande Banda on Wednesday  issued a stern warning to immigration officers against engaging in corrupt practices because it frustrated Government’s efforts at improving the country’s economy.

Sibande speaking to Immigration officiers

Sibande speaking to Immigration officiers


Banda said this when he was addressing immigration members of staff in the central region at the meeting which took place in the capital Lilongwe.

He  noted with great concern that some officers openly indulge themselves in corruption malpractice.

“These officers are the ones who tarnish the image of the department,” said Banda.

He  warned that he will not take kindly to those  practising corruption.

“ I am urging officers to examine themselves in terms of corruption in the rank and file of the department by,” he said.

Banda reminded members of staff that the department will follow all guidelines as enshrined in its  Anti Corruption Policy which came to effect in 2013.

In an interview with Nyasa Times, Banda said the department with work tirelessly to flash  out undesirable immigrants.

“It’s true we have a lot of illegal immigrants in the country we will flush them out. However, the challenge that we are facing now is the mobility,“ Said Banda.

On shortage of passport books, Banda said he is happy that Treasury has released some finances to rectify the problem.

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32 thoughts on “Malawi immigration officers warned against corruption”

  1. chilima already spoke that reforms will still be hampered as far as there is a dog called politics …inu anthu mukuwapatsa salary not exceeding price ya passport incentives…how can u retard corruption …and the anti-corruption policy shall be news forever….Maudindo mumapasirana…kukhalisa how can a JC holder chidwala being said contribute to the advancement of the department…let alone u have chaps in the same office who have Msc and pursuing further studies …The likes of Fletcher n Julius wake up …from slumber or else we will be singing the same song till 2050

    1. Guard says:

      Colleagues let’s be serious with this politics if fletcher is chief today that’s his exit, mind you he only served 12yrs

    Alfred ar u saying amayankhula pa central region why sparing the JC holder Mr.Chidwala who is behind the 34 Ethiopian’s arrested and pockets from one chief Ethiopian Symon 300 000 a month for this syndicate….l hate lies anthuwa comes to my office to collect money….I know one man by the name Gwalaz…Kachingwe and Thamando who comes to collects huge lumps of money from shops whose owners are illegally staying…..ndukufunani tu!!!

  3. Abwana pamwambapa do you feel Mr.Sibande can deal with what You are saying there?
    1.I feel Your ministry is responsible not You.
    2.What post wea you recruited for? I hear it’s immigration assistant grade M…then follow the ranks bwino bwino.
    3.The whole system is corrupt

  4. Peter says:

    @musisipala, you have no idea what you are talking about. Do you know how much those people have change this country???????

  5. GARD says:

    To “Chingamtilo” pls fight for the Grade not the allowance. When you get the PO grade everything follows!

  6. Akatigo says:

    You r most welcome,be free as u are watching ETV on E.SHOW US UR BEST AS U SAID.

  7. musisipala says:

    Welcome Mr Sibande and sweep the Dept by removing foreign grocery traders who are all the country out numbering malawians. Do something at this time. We will confirm you as full chief

    1. Thats being racist u shud think b4 u put a comment my broder

  8. I find his meeting very interesting and important ..but my questions to the so called acting chief immigration officer are
    1.what plans do you have for those graduats which the government is paying asarary of aPO but you are failing to give them their ranks?
    2. Mr sibande have you stopped being greedy..which is manufasted by paralysis of the human resource department in you organization?
    3.why should agraduate who is recognised by the civil service be forced to signs 6000 as an allowance when you sibande knows that agraduate is aPO therefore he is suposed to sign 15000 as an allowence?
    4.what plans do you have for officers who are not living in Government houses
    when are you going to implement the functional review?
    when will mzuzu immigration office starts printing passports?
    5.what plans do have for officers who have not received the ?
    7.when will you stop corruption?
    plz mr sibande answer the above question with honest ..

  9. Njolinjo says:

    Chrispin Sibanda Banda not Sibande. The man is not from Thyolo but Chisemphere in Kasungu north.

  10. Alshabab says:

    Asibande tumiza ofufuza pa Dedza ndi mwanza akaone mmene amalawi ochokera ku joni amabeledwera ndalama oh its pity with our so called immigration officers they are reaping us a lot. Don’t take my writtings for granted. Bwana sibande there more truth in it .

  11. gaLU says:

    I find the address tour premature becoz I haven’t seen Banda’s appointment letter as yet. You can’t trust this govt may be they have somebody in mind ‘coz he is also Joyce-Banda appointee, Thodi’s enemy no.1 and Banda is not from the lomwe belt. So let him wait and watch this!!

  12. Chimbirszowa says:

    Kwanyanyadi onaniko ndithu.

  13. Mavuto Banda says:

    I dont know why MRA is being left out on the issues of corruption

  14. bick says:

    akuba onse ajatidwe ndikukanyongedwa

  15. bick says:

    kuba sikwabwino,onse amene amaba akudikira jahena

  16. Pata phiri says:

    What treasury u make millions a day so order from that y remitt funds to boma

  17. Jk always says:

    Banda sibande please usangoyakhula uchitedi. Agalu amenewa amaonjeza kwabasi; muziwapugura ena alowekonso. Kulemera kuposa mp chamba chani?. Mukalangidwa anyapala inu. Kunyenganso akadzi ayeni coz of tindalama takatangale. Amalawi adzanga tiyeni tidzuke musamapereke chinyengo dalilani mulungu. Zikomo

  18. ngangaube says:

    uweyo siunabepo kapena kulandira chiphuphu. osamawanamidzepo anyamatawa ngati ndiwe mngelo. Mankhwala was the best and professional officer its adisgrace Peter succumbed to pressure to rid him due to his professional conduct and purported enemity with Elvis Thodi. However dont forget that this man is also from Thyolo

  19. willard Thipa says:

    Corruption will never end until jesus will visit us

  20. BBC says:

    Point of correction: it is not them who are corrupt but your policies. Please try to revisit your policies and come up with only best ideas that will detour corruption from these officials. Word of mouth has not proven to be the best way of dealing with corruption. To ask for a bribe, to them it is not corruption but rather a privillege which most civil servants don’t have. Here is my free but proffessional advice that will at least root out corruption(privillege) at this department; Passport books should not be printed and issued at the same office where both the official and applicant have direct access, what happens is “mungondidikira cha pa konapo 30 minutes ndibweretsa passport yanu.” Nawonso ndi anthu they get tempted when they realise kuti pali ntaji (loop hole) wa mphamvu. First close the loop holes and then start threatening them with your word of mouth.

  21. Chithumwa says:

    Yes, makamakanso amene angolowa kumene ntchitoyi akuti no extra money no service ndipo samaopanso komanso tikupempheni kuti zomalemba ntchito Ana anu kapena abale anu okha zithe kaya tikumvana makasana?

  22. Henry says:

    Ma passport mwakweza, ma booklet sakuwoneka, what’s the meaning of this??

  23. Patriot says:

    Wina aliyense amayamba choncho, kenako zimabwelera mwakale.
    Ngati corruption ilipo kwa azunguko ndiye ku Malawi?

  24. Mwamsambo says:

    Kapena ndimlomwe wakumzimba ndi thyolo wa hybrid kkkkkk!!!!?

  25. Tiwonge says:

    Anyasa apapo bwanji simukayenda kumseu poti sibande ndiwakwathuku?
    Mwakondwa kwambirino pano etu?
    Takhala tikunena dikilani munthuyu sanati akhonza zinthu koma inu ai akukondera iiiiii manyazi bwanji?

  26. Moya says:

    Tell us what measures are u putting in place to make sure corruption is reduced, don’t u think they don’t know that they are corrupt? simply reminding them or telling then to do self evaluation is not enough for these officers, they lost their morals the day they were employeed besides their masters are more corrupt. so tell these people like we have installed CCTV cameras around the premises to monitor illegal transactions, we have internal auditors to monitor which passports jumped the que and who was the officer who did it, any foreigner we catch trying to get a passport will be squeezed to day which immigration officer assisted. do a simple local lunguage interview test u can easily tell who is a foreigner and who is not. Take action not these seminars

  27. aphiri says:

    Lip service

  28. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Please go Centra Poutry there are many of them , these are his fellow Asians.

    1. private says:

      you are most welcome to come to central poultry. Anytime anyday. Staff there have the proper documentation. We are not hiding anything most welcome

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