Malawi impose visa fees for Americans

Malawi government has introduced Visa fees for Americans entering the country equivalent to what Malawians pay when entering their country, thus U$160 which is equivalent to K73,600.00 with immediate effect.

Medi: Chief Immigration Officer

Medi: Chief Immigration Officer

In a circular to all immigration border posts and top immigration officers in the country dated May 20, 2015, Chief Immigration Officer Masauko Medi, says:”Please take note that all Americans entering Malawi should start paying visa with immediate effect.”

This, however, excludes Americans travelling on government sponsored trips because Malawi government officials are also treated in the same way in the United States of America.

“For Americans travelling on state (Government) sponsored trip, no payment is required as we are treated in their country,” reads part of the circular signed for by Medi.

President Peter Mutharika earlier on hinted in the National Assembly that his government would introduce these changes.


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43 thoughts on “Malawi impose visa fees for Americans”

  1. BadIdea says:

    How can this reciprocal gesture be of any sense?

    The reason America can demand visa fees is because they can – millions of visitors enter the USA every year, and many more will continue, because USA has a lot to offer; migrants (legal or illegal) visit USA for better paying jobs and a better life.

    And tourists visit USA to thousands of attractions, such as National Parks, Canyons, Ski Resorts, Game Parks, Water Parks, Mile-long Beaches, Casino’s, Grand Prix, Mountaineering, Huge city marvels and a thoroughly professional and vibrant tourist friendly atmosphere. People would still visit the USA if a visa cost US$500.

    Malawi can not stand toe to toe in this respect. There are absolutely no comparisons. American’s are not desperate to visit Malawi. We can barely supply ourselves with a consistent water supply, provide an efficient electricity supply or successfully cover all areas with a functioning telephone and internet connection.

    99% of American’s don’t know where or what Malawi is, yet 99% of Malawians know America and many would be very willing to migrate there if it were possible. USA aids Malawi, Malawi does not benefit America. Majority of American’s visiting Malawi are NGO’s, volunteers, Aid workers or exchange students.

    Malawi does not have a noteworthy tourism industry, even compared against Lesotho’s.

    At least, if we had a tourism industry and, or developed attractions like Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe or Zambia then we could be justified to demand visa fees.

  2. Ellen says:

    My husband is from Malawi originally. We are planning to travel with our young child to Malawi to see his family very soon. Our child and myself have never been to Malawi. We have already bought airline tickets to travel there. I am American citizen and he is now one also. Our son is American born. This is stressful because are already paying almost $5,500 USD to fly there. Now add an extra $500.00 USD on top of that for us to just to enter the country?? Really???

    My husband spends around 25% of his monthly paycheck to support his family in Malawi. He puts money back in the Malawian economy every month by sending money so his family can buy food, pay bills, get medical care, and so forth.

    I have to question after reading this article why are other countries not being required to pay a visa fee for their citizens to entry Malawi? I am assuming people from Europe, Asia, South American, and even Canadian visit Malawi sometimes. Or is it only Americans tourist who visit Malawi? I am ok with paying a visa fee even though we were not planning an EXTRA fee on top of everything else. (By the way not all Americans citizens are as wealthy as we might look on TV and in the movies.)

    Can the Malawi government explain why its ONLY American tourists that are being charged this extra fee? Last time I checked my government sends relief aid there and supports the Malawian people. Especially when major disasters happen like December when the flooding happened. I hope my government doesn’t get spiteful and charge Malawian citizens extra money to travel to the USA. And if so will the Malawian government retaliate and charge us more?

  3. nchimba says:

    Kodi visayo amapanga apply mudziwapatsa ya zaka zingati? Poti us imaperekatu up to ten years kwa ena nde in your economics mwaona kuti mudziwapatsa masiku angati?

  4. nchimba says:

    OK, Is USA the only country that charges for a visa to enter it country? I thought UK, Germany, Netherlands and many more western countries. Singling out USA is catastrophic. Chibale chivutilapotu Apa. By the way should USA be imposing fees on amatha abatawira Ku USA aja? Apatu nde mukuona mwachenjera but guess wat USA citizens can go to Kenya, Mozambique, RSA or Botswana for tourism. Mwapala mukanayamba pang’ono pang’ono. Let the game begin owina ndimpatsa mpunga otendera

  5. Peter Chikwakwa says:

    American citizens must pay VISA when entering malawi, kodi anthu mumadzisaukitsa bwanji?? U think $160 is too much?? And for sure it’s long overdue.

  6. naphiri says:

    am shocked that we were not charging. why not? ife timafa ndi visa fees in most countries – so long we are accountable and funds go to right pockets/use

  7. chaiwone wawo says:

    a decision taken very late. Still i say thumbs up

  8. johntembo Kuffor says:

    What about UK? we pay 250.00 Pounds (K200,000.00) They too (UKs) must pay 500.00 Pounds to enter into Malawi.

  9. Zeno says:

    Amalawi amzanga musaganize ngati visa aywmbe kupeleka ndi ma Americans okha, mayiko ambiri all west African countries they pay visa wen entering Malawi, Indians, Pakistan, portugal, and other countries just to mention afew

  10. Viva says:

    Such an emotional decision! Koma mitu yanu imakoka anthu inu? You dont target a country, you just revise you list of countries that require visas. Secondly, you are forgetting that tourists who come to Malawi are usually the backpackers. A rich American tourist usually likes spending money in a country where there are private resorts, where facilities are available. now even back packers wont come! Why should they spend 160 on a visa!!! Tiyeni tione limodzi

  11. Americans are wealth people obviously they can’t even think twice to pay that amount
    If there’s an American out there who cannot afford to pay this amount then he should not call himself a tourist rather a (poorest)

  12. Alex Likoswe says:

    Good idea. Should have included all countries that impose visas on Malawians. Wake up Medi.

  13. happening boy says:

    The idea Is good, free entry Is not economical, Malawians who travel to almost every country Pay visas, what good reasson shall they give not to Pay visas, because we are Poor, nononono. Let everyone coming to Malawi Pay, more over its not Much.

  14. Zladko says:

    It seems we have to protect ourselves from foreign tourism? Truly, the “Warm Heart of Africa!

  15. Mama malawi says:

    This is a joke
    Who wants to visit our poor mother malawi
    We will become an isolated country

  16. ChizaLi says:

    Government, what took you so long? Please introduce to the British with immediate effect!!!!!!

  17. Cockroach says:

    Do the same t Rwandese, we pay 25$ when entering or just passing there country

  18. womenslib says:

    Ridiculous idea. You’re just discouraging tourists from coming here and losing the money they would have spent here which would have been considerably more than the visa fee. We should not be having the balls to show off, especially with such unprofessional and inflammatory language. We need them more than they need us. We barely hold the monopoly on tourism in Africa.

  19. duduzi says:

    Kuziputa zinthuzitu??!!!! Koma mulimba!!!!!????? US siyidandaula ayi…….yingochepetsa chithandizo ndi average amount yapachaka ya anthu ake amene amayenda kubwera kuno ku Malawi. Kungochotsa ku MCC money, US Ambassadors Help projects, PEPFAR, EGRA etc ndiye tiwona amene asafale. You can not compete with them, you have picked a wrong apponent….the biggest economy in the WORLD (proved)!!!!????? There was a better and Diplomatic way of handling any grievances we have as a country…..not the midieval and uncivilized approach of tit-for-tat…….mupweteketsa anthu wamba. You have just made a HUGE mistake………’kagwe pano nkatonse….tiyeni tiwonere limodzi!!!

  20. Steve says:

    Why cant they impose those visa fees for all overseas guys who want to come here??? Why just single out the Americans?? That’s to me is a bad case built on some misguided ‘tit-for-tat’. Treat all cases the same way.

  21. Tengupenya says:

    Reciprocity is the game in diplomacy

  22. ruth warren says:

    Ndikungowonapo mnyi okha okha baxi mxiiiiii za nsete basi

  23. Tengupenya says:

    Free visa did not work for tourism. If we want to promote tourism, build hotels and airports in the tourist resort areas and licence prostitution. You will be amazed with the turnaround that would achieve for tourism. Even with high visa charges.

  24. Namagaitsa says:

    Ngati atasiye kubwera chifukwa cha Visa fees then they are not worth our while they should stop coming. After all tikudya zathu zokha!

  25. Nyamakumutu says:

    The language is undiplomatic you should have just said that travelers from the following countries shall be required to apply for visa blablabla not what you have said. It’s too directive. Why not British or just say all country traveling to Malawi shall require visa part from those is SADC bolako. This it’s ok asking for visa nothing wrong with that.

  26. dalitso says:

    British coming to Malawi should lay fee for visas too or should we say that Government is careful with Britain because of Scottish people? If that is the case, a way out can be made for Scottish people and lets hope that the introduction is in good faith not in retaliation otherwise good move for getting some forex. Some countries like Nigeria makes a lot through visa fees as theyintroduced to many countries.

  27. Reasonable Man says:

    YESSSS!!! Ndiponso tiziapanga ma interview the same way they interview us

  28. puludzu says:

    It all depends on what good things are there in Malawi for one to get or see. A lot of people worldwide would want to travel to America or Britain hence the high fees as a control measure. The laws of supply and demand. Here in Malawi ndi kusaukaku not so many would willing to visit except tourists who come to see our poverty for themselves hence the free visas to attract tourists and investors alike. Tiyeni nazoni. Tivulala tokha.

  29. Chemwali says:

    Good move. Please do the same for the British. Malawians are paying through the nose for a British visa which in some cases ends up being denied. We are poor but they ask us to pay very high visa fees when they, who are much better off financially just walk into Malawi for free!!! As a matter of fact, impose visa fees for ALL European nationals!!!

  30. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Bad decision. Malawi is a failed state. There are instances where “tit-for-tat” can not be a good policy. This is one of them

  31. commentator says:

    Angerezi nawonso mutha kuwaganizira. Koma this “tit-for-tat” style of language renders your motive suspicious. Amavutika nazo zotero’zi ndi anthu wamba, mapeto ake e.g. we say “travelloers on the following passports”…. not crudely as “Americans”. Kodi sukulu ya ku Mpemba idatheratu?

  32. commentator says:

    It is an OK measure but use a more diplomatic language, not this “tit-for-tat” style. Amavutika nazo zotero’zi ndi anthu wamba, mapeto ake.

  33. Nanyoni says:

    this is good Malawi.How about Europens especially british citizens?we are paying 100 thousand kwacha just to apply for a visitor visa.please introduce the same for them here

  34. Respect says:

    I really really respect Malawi for this how better are them that they can just enter other country’s boaders without visa yet they are demanding visa payment from those entering their boaders furish, they think they are better than any national …go on Malawi go on

  35. Florida says:

    Well done APM!

  36. Ineyo says:

    Why only Americans?

  37. kajedza says:

    What about British Citizens coming in free

  38. John says:

    Extend the same to the British as well. Timavutika ife kupeza visa toenter UK even when the trip is official government business. We have offices to run here so there is no way I would go to US or Britain to sleep under the bridge!

  39. Tengupenya says:

    why call it an imposition? it is just reciprocal treatment. apply the same reciprocal procedure to all countries on the globe.

  40. ujeni says:

    All western countries should be paying except those that dont charge Malawians if they are there.

  41. ujeni says:

    What about colonialist Britain?

  42. koma says:

    You should have charged more. America makes alot of money all over the world from visa applicants. Malawi should do the same.

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