Malawi in ‘state of emergency’ due to flooding

Six people have  reported been killed and property, houses and crops destroyed due to flooding caused by heavy rains, according to Paul Chiunguzeni, Commissioner for Disaster Management Affairs.

 flash-floods caused by an over-flooded Likangala River in Zomba. Picture courtesy of Moses Kalasa.

flash-floods caused by an over-flooded Likangala River in Zomba. Picture courtesy of Moses Kalasa.

VP Chilima with a rainstorm victim who was made homeless after her house was destoryed at Kauma in Lilongwe

VP Chilima with a rainstorm victim who was made homeless after her house was destoryed at Kauma in Lilongwe

“The reports we have are that so far, six people are feared dead, four in Mangochi while two in Zomba. The number might go up,” said Chiunguzeni.

“In most places, houses and crops have been completely destroyed,” he said.

Mangochi District Commissioner Bester Mandele said heavy rains have left “thousands of people homeless due to the floods” and that more houses are collapsing as the rains continues to pour.

The district estimates that some 500 families have been displaced by the rains and in need of immediate help. At least 1 000 hectares of crops have also been washed away.

In Blantyre, some 540 families have lost their homes due to a hailstorm and floods.

There is also an alert that Luo River is southern Malawi is rising and the government officials have been dispatched to evacuate people living along the river.

Chiunguzeni said a meeting is being held in the capital Lilongwe, where the government will review a budget for Disaster Response.

“We had a budget of (Malawi kwacha) MK150 million or about $300 000. But this budget has been exhausted,” he said.

He said his department will be asking for additional funding amounting to MK100 million ($200 000) to help it respond to the crisis.

“This is a national crisis because we have all these cases at the beginning of the rain season. We only hope the situation does not get worse than this,” Chiunguzeni said.

Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika has since appealed to Malawians to pray for those affected and has deployed Vice-President Saulos Chilimato assess the situation.

Mutharika is yet to declare a state of emergency due to flooding.

Malawi’s rain season begins in October and ends in April.

The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services has warned of high rainfall amounts which will eventually trigger flash floods in the country for the next two to three weeks

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30 thoughts on “Malawi in ‘state of emergency’ due to flooding”

  1. Ajuju says:

    There no where we can run to its only the father who at heaven

  2. wiha says:

    Hey man, people are dying, families displaced and you have time to write rubbish, if you don’t have anything to say just stay away.

  3. Killa says:

    Stop the nonessentials,we are a body,you can not function without your arms nor can you without your eyes.

  4. nabiyeni says:

    Complete rubbish we are all going the same way. Wonder if God is going to segregate you when you finally meet him. Write sense with positive ideas and endeavour to implement them. Whether u come from east. west, south or north we are all going the same way. So get a tighter grip of your finger when typing and type some sense.

  5. dzina langa says:

    mtila… you are a fool

  6. I feel rather sorry for this Mtila guy who’s showing in the eyes of us all how intellectually downlow he is by diverting the core of the issue at hand with his hatred for Tumbukas which from his stereotype generalisation stands for Northerners. I for one I’m a northerner, born and raised up predominantly in the Southern Malawil district of Blantyre and hear this from me. In my neighbourhood of Nyambadwe there are so many of us you would think its in the north. We make a greater proportion of the Malawian community in the diaspora. Our region has many Proffessors than the the other regions of Malawi combined. Most of us who are in the Central and the South are either prosperous business people or or high profile public and private sector workers whilst most of you guys who find themselves up-north are either our tobaco estate tenants or pathetic small-scale business people. Even though we have been denied our fair share of the national cake by successive post-colonial governments, I can still boast to you that our rural masses lead a much more decent livelihood than all the other regions comparatively. I could go on and on in proving to you our enviable superiority over you guys but for now let me stop here and spare the rest for lecturing to your adamant character at a later stage. IT SURPRISES ME NOT WHY YOU PEOPLE JITTERINGLY ENVY US TO A MIND-BLOWING EXTENT. Iwe Mtila ndiwe chindele umanye ichi. Usange undapulikiske unipase phone number nikufwatulire makola ghene. MATONGO GHAKO.

    1. Beza says:

      Infact, in Mzuzu, a majority of housekeepers, home gardeners and nannies are from south and cemtres. They are all over cleaning our toilets. Get this in your thick head ntila

  7. Paul says:

    Akanadziwa sakananyoza bambo mulira simunati yambani kulapa machimo Mulungu akuwonetsa kuti siwachibwana ayi.

  8. fkr says:

    Hold on. The other day the Muslims were paying for rain. Now we are flooding!

  9. Lekani says:

    Cry for my beloved country, Malawians are peaple with so much hatred with one another. Why are we taking issues of National interest so personal? Malawi will change if the minds of us living in it changes too and that is what God is waiting for.

  10. Kirininti Yowehiwana says:

    Alomwe ambili amatchola tea mma estate..zoona izi. Chomwechonso atumbuka ambili amandanda mu miseu ya kwao kumpoto kuti aone basi yopita ku Blantyre. Akaiona onse amapfuula amvekere basi ura dazi linyake ndizankwera. Kenaka mtsogoleri wao amafunsa kuya nkhu? Onse amayankha ku Bulantaya. Akatelo amabalalika.

  11. Achisale Kumangoni says:

    A Mtila Zomba these are indicators of being intellectually challenged or in Chichewa kuphunzira moperewera. It does not come as a surprise to me because some people in Malawi have blind loyalty. They will defend mediocrity to the last drop of their blood

  12. MANYI AMOWA says:

    Mtila uli booh! Atumbuka onse sangandimenye shupiti zawo

  13. Stanley says:

    Lets talk about this disaster not Tumbuka issue am Tumbaka myself and am being tribal, but lets pray

  14. Apilot says:

    Zotsatira zobera chisankho, ndiye mulibe okuthandizani kaya ndiye mutani? Vimfine vosatha mmayesa zophweka

  15. Du says:

    I try as much as possible not to comment on foolishness like yours mr useless mtila.

  16. matiki says:

    Atumbuka mtila ndiye waneena timatche basi

  17. sensei says:

    this guy mtila m’mutu mwake muli mamina okhaokha, mukatero muzidabwa kuti atumbuka amatutuka bwanji mmataunimu, inuyo nzeru mulibe nchifukwa mungokhalira kulemba nonsense apa.

  18. Nkhani ya nvula ndi mitundu zikugwirizana new anti? enanu ndi nzisirudi.

  19. Samuel says:

    May God help our nation

  20. simighe says:

    We just askd rain without specifying whaat type of rain we need.mvula ina chimakhala chilango.

  21. Patriot says:

    Mtila Zomba ndi mlomwe with a very low Intellectual Quotient. Kwa ma sapota a DPP amene amaona ophunzira kwambiri ndi pitala basi, alomwe ena onse amaziyika mu gulu la madeya ndipo ambiri mwa iwo ndi madeya ndi mmene mukuonera komenti ya nyapapiyu. Ambiri mwa ma sapota a DPPsukulu sanapite nayo patali ndipo ambiri mwa iwo ndi aja amagwira ntchito mma tea estate.
    Ndiye musamawadabwe nthawi zonse akamati atumbuka this atumbuka that, akudziwa kuti atumbuka ndi anthu ophunzira kwambiri kuposanso pitala wawoyo.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Iweyo patriot atumbuka ake ati amene ukuti ndi ophunzira ,atumbuka azimwake okhaokha bwanji osapita kwanu kumpoto kukapanga chitukuko kumeneko ,chonde pita avomeleni athu awa azipita kwao akutinyasa ndi mtima comment taoti ,to day this tomorrow that .Dzipitani kwanu

      1. nthandalanda says:

        Inu muli ndi kwanu inu? Mulibe chochita chifukwa chake you are here commenting nonsense. Do you have outstanding lecturers at your universities better than tumbuka ones?

  22. mwewo woyiba says:

    Iwe Mtila osasera ndi nkhani ya mvula. It has nothing to do with CSOs demostrastions or Tumbukas. Stop being childish or tribalistic for nothing. To be specific do not put politics into climate change issues. Chibwana or ugalu siyani. If you happen to have nothing to say or comment just shut up your stupid mouth.

  23. Likoma Economist says:

    This is not news. Ever since the DPP took over the govt in May last year, Malawi has been in a state of ermegeny. The floods etc has just worsoned the situation.

  24. chisale says:

    Mtila Zomba, your comment just shows how ignorant you are. You seem not to know the difference between man made suffering of a people and natural disasters.

  25. mtila zomba says:

    Let me ask the CSO to organise the ant rain mass demonstrations.mvulai yationjedza. atumbuka nkhani ndi imeneitu timatche basi

    1. Wodala says:

      Che Mtila

    2. Wodala says:

      Che Mtila mukutichitsa manyazi. Inu ngati muli ndi nkhani zina mungolemba am artilcles okhuzana ndi maganizo anuwo.
      Otherwise this subject is a serious matter and should not be trivialised the way you are doing.

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