Malawi in wrong direction under Mutharika -Survey: State House says not true reflection

The Institute of Public Opinion and Research (Ipor) conducted a survey led by Boniface Dulani, a University of Malawi academic and Afrobarometer representative, which shows that there are low levels of trust ratings for President Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP ).

President Mutharika not trusted

President Mutharika not trusted

Dulani: Survey shows there has also been lack of leadership on critical issues

Dulani: Survey shows there has also been lack of leadership on critical issues

Dulani made his presentation titled ‘Democratic Governance and People’s Assessments of President Peter Mutharika’s One Year in Office’ at a meeting in Salima on Monday organised to assess Mutharika’s 12-month-long rule.

The survey was conducted in Rumphi, Salima and Thyolo districts and shows Mutharika has a high approval rating of 59 percent, but draw little trust from Malawians.

According to Dulani, Malawians “have passed their judgement—and that judgement is mostly negative.”

“The general picture from the survey is one of negativity. Seven in 10, thus 70 percent, of respondents from the three districts, say the country is going in the wrong direction,” said Dulani.

The findings show Malawians are proud of decisions effected by the Mutharika administration such as appointing and maintaining a lean Cabinet, prosecution of Cashgate cases, embarking on a public sector reform drive, no cases of political detentions, allowing public demonstrations without hindrance with traditional indices of governance suggesting Malawi has not regressed.

But concerns were raised on the liberalisation of the public media usch as MBC, Mana and no major progress on promises to trim presidential powers, lack of leadership on critical issues such as salaries, State-owned Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) sale and “focus on trivia”, among others.

Dulani said it might be too early to pass judgement on the Mutharika presidency from a democracy and governance perspective after only a year in office but said it was still important to acknowledge that there have been a few promising signs, but some not-so-promising ones as well.

In general, 42 percent of Malawians in the sampled districts where 600 in all particiapted do not trust the President. There are also low levels of trust ratings for the President in Thyolo (39 percent) and Salima (39 percent), with lower performance approval ratings for him in Salima and Rumphi.

“Interestingly, Rumphi residents trust the President more than those of Thyolo and Salima,” said Dulani.

However, State House has trashed the survey as lacking true reflections on the ground.

Presidential adviser on civil society organisations Mavuto Bamusi said the performance ratings show that majority of Malawians, 59 percent, are happy with the performance of the President.

Bamusi who pointed out that the mistrust can be a result of where the country is coming from in terms of leadership, told the meeting that he will pass on all the observations to the President uncensored.

Mutharika and DPP ascended to power following their controversial victory in the May 20 2014 Tripartite Elections.

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47 thoughts on “Malawi in wrong direction under Mutharika -Survey: State House says not true reflection”

  1. Nivindele says:

    Fulani is a DPP machinery. This survey is fake. That why he’s part of vindele

  2. lesta says:

    Well,I am not a statistician but most malawians are brutes when it comes to statistics,my fellow brutes are questioning a sample size of 600 people as very small to represent a population if 16 million,but what people must be asking is,how did they cone up with the sample size,epi-info? Was randomization done and other bias trimming exercises done? What was the P-value if any? They will tell you and thus where you can start making your conclusions of the research incredibility or credibility,you can’t judge a study out come by just looking at raw figures,a sample of 600 people can be enough to represent a population of 16 million people,depending on the method of sample selection,this is science people,becareful

  3. I am very conversant with the technicalities of the survey but I trust Afrobarometer and I would suggest APM and DPP should tread carefully on this. People have a tendency of wanting to hear what they want to hear and supporting blindly as if politics is football or netball. Dulani is well respected guy who doesnt want to cheat or advance his own agenda in his work.Take it r leave it but he has said.

  4. far says:

    I think the sample is too small to conclude the effect. Beside that the sampling was also done one particular cluster neglecting the other cluster in the sampled district. However the reflection is the same and results are correct.

  5. mwana mulopwana says:

    Dr Dulani this is the type of survey that poorly depicts or downgrade Unima credibility, You can do more, how do you expect an illiterate man to understand that the country has taken poor direction due to the leadership, the issue is that APM is very quiet and the actions that the govt is doing will always make sense in long term plans, This is the reason why some economists say the current budget is poor and does not make any sense while IMF experts say the budget is good,

    Lets wait and see and use our heads with sober mind to judge but not only monthly assessment which does not make any sense,

  6. ade says:


  7. straight Talk says:

    What kind of survey where one respondent represent 23333 which is 0.04% of people at 3 confined places. The results may not be the true represention on the ground. So to me this is null and void. Conduct another one which should have all controls in place. Here my comment might be biased without proper facts

  8. straight Talk says:

    What kind of survey where one respondent represent 23333 which is 0.04%. The results may not be the true represention on the ground. So to me this is null and void. Conduct another one which should have all controls in place. Here my comment might be biased without proper facts

  9. straight Talk says:

    What kind of survey where one respondent represent 2333 which is 0.04%. The results may not be the true represention on the ground. So to me this is null and void. Conduct another one which should have all controls in place. Here my comment might be biased without proper facts

  10. Ngalamayi says:

    APM and DPP are in power. While they are there, they can feather their own nests and hide their actions. Why should they care about opinion polls? They will go their own sweet way… unless they are thrown out of power!

  11. Mnunkhaludzu says:

    You can have your views either for or against. The findings from Dulani’s study shows the mentioned results based on the sampled population which may be a reflection of the majority in that pattern. So you comments do not add or subtract value to his findings

  12. Issa Kabudula says:

    Year passed by – the same professor Mr Dulani made an impression that DPP will not make it to the top office – today the same DPP is at the driving seat. If our survey are based on contacted job then we will achieve less creditability, focus on the genuine and not misleading, I for one am bot in the country but I can tell Mr Dulani that DPP if well nursed will bring the untold development to many not the few who have been benefiting many past years.

    In DPP there are individuals, who party less, laugh less and focus of work, and those people are not on the front cameras, are at work day and nightie – our survey of discrediting the moving ship will make people laugh at you when they are to discover that there is lies behind our stories.

    Malawi is developing and the fastest in a number of sphere some being;
    1. Sports
    2. Road infrastructure
    3. Industrialisation which are coming in numbers
    4. School infrastructure
    5. Security better off
    6. General discipline of the people – to mention a few

    there are few opposition parties in Malawi who every day attacks DPP – of which to me its waist of valuabke time, instead of being buzy in formulation of policies and development initiatives are buzy talking the same things people already know – atibela mavoti after one year, who sane man/woman can buy this?

  13. duduzi says:

    Mr Dulani, I do not believe your research result reflects the views of the whole district………which part of Rumphi is where the people trusts mr mutharika more than in his home district, Mr Dulani? You should have done your research in either Rumphi West (along Rumphi-Nthalire-Chitipa via Nyika Road) or Rumphi East(Mlowe, Tchalo and places along/close to Mchenga and Kaziwiziwi Coal mines) and not along the politically initiated Njakwa – Livingstonia Road……………Or cover the whole district….and get the real percentage……do not be lazy and misinform the masses.

  14. Winston Msowoya says:

    I do not support Dulani in view of the fact that his investigative result emanating from three districts,were not impressive.What could he get from people who are in district enclaves where their top priority is to work their asses in order to feed their down trodden families.It a fact that Peter has not delivered the goods he promised during one of the most egregious elections in the history of our country .Personally,I would have given Peter D minus.There is cash gate scandal which is left to die a natural death.There is 92 billion k.which is also a matter of deep concern to Malawians because,it greatly affects the economy of their country,the country which is at the bottom of ten poorest nations in the world.Peter has put his fellow Lomwes in strategic positions contrary to their abilities.Peter has failed to bring Malawians together instead,he is playing divisive politics to rule the country.Here I must send my congratulations to former President Bakili Muluzi for his patriotic leadership that turned a blind eye on TRIBALISM which is a cancer in body politics.He is a human being,he makes mistakes too,but to me and many others,he was a star.

    1. powder says:

      choka nawenso is it just to gv maudindo bcoz ndi wa kumpoto wthout delivery? its not ndiwakuti but merit finish. we tend to blame the interviewers but less we know what contents they want. you feel umadziwa but its not what they want!

  15. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    That’s what Peter wanted all the Chanco lecturers to do the research and this is the first research which has come , what is wrong with that ?

  16. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    APM should take 59 per cent approval rating, and run with it; no less. That is a VERY respectable number anywhere, by any standards. Especially, after only a year as leader, when we are past the honey moon duration.
    Most us who trust stats, also do have common sense. And we scrutinize surveys not necessarily when results and observations do not match, or when results are not to our personal likes. For example, who is going to believe that more citizens of Rumphi trust APM than those of Thyolo? A Malawi anachenjera masiku anotu (who really is going to believe that?).
    Some of the conclusions are indeed laughable, if the subject was not a serious one. As the researcher seems to really cloud “heavy” the stats with his own flavors.
    I had tremendous trust in the accuracy of Afrobarometer, but now I am beginning to have my doubts. If they can’t live up to modern standards of data collection and analysis, maybe they in future, they should just give us the raw data. And we will make up our own minds, Based on those data. And nothing else.

  17. Boy says:

    Its Boniface Dulani who is going in the wrong direction with his research and wants Malawians to follow him in that wrong direction. No way bambo Dulani. We need a research which is representatine and with a high confidence level, osati izi munaphika apa zosapsya zi.

  18. Boy says:

    This survey is totally rubbish as commented by some people. We also went to University and have done surveys, how can the while Boniface Dulani claim that Malawi people have spoken when he is just talking about 600 people and worse still in 3 districts? This is really an insult to us Malawians. And people even gather to listen to such rubbish. If it were a study or research at the University, he would get nothing. It would have been better if he talked about those three districts and not Malawi in general. With his stupid, what do people in the village got to do with liberalisation of the public media MBC and Mana. How many people in the villages know about this, totally a lie. He should be open that the research was conducted at the bomas only, period. Dulani, usatidule iweyo mwadzina lako, be practical and honest. What was your criteria in choosing those 3 districts? People must know that the current govt. is busy cleaning up the mess by cashgate. Thumps up for the DPP govt., you are doing a great job.

  19. Nyoni-nyoni says:

    Tsono 59%? What wrong direction are u talking about? Olo akanakhala mavoti anawina basi, woooooye 2019 .

  20. Thabbwa says:

    Abale, takambaniko zabwino za abwanawa. I don’t think he is all that bad. Me I like him more especially his slung / accent

  21. Patriot says:

    Paja dzulo dzuloli amati ma lecturers azipanga ma research.

    Ife, we have always said kuti mtsogoleri kwa a mutharika anali Bingu yekha, enawo AYI.

  22. Rodgers Banda says:

    What good changes has this Party brought to poor, hungry and helpless natives? Is this party not serving its members and expanding its fame using stolen billions? The percentile data used on this article can’t be relayed on since it shows no truth

  23. ruth warren says:

    pakamwa ngati pa golo angayankhule? akamayenda ali pola pola ngati wazipaka mabi

  24. ruth warren says:

    tired of hearing za prezident ophwanyika kukamwayu ndi nzake wa nkhope yotupayo fuck them all

  25. ***** Ugalu Bwako says:

    I remember the President encouraging UNIMA lecturers to do more research, is this part of the research?

    Wayishosha research ya pa Chanco! Don’t discredit it.

  26. STATSTICIAN says:

    Why were such districts chosen, Salima, Rumphi and Thyolo. There is a sampling error

  27. Chewelesine says:

    Peter Mutharika came to Malawi to steal and empty coffers!….he will only lead us to the grave!

  28. Kweni says:

    DPP is a bunch of thieves caught pants down!

  29. Amfumu says:

    Bamusi stop hiding behind JB….twelve months down the line you are busy ndi dzigololo Basi stupid

  30. Mulohmwe Wa kwa Golliat says:

    Upulezident hehedeeeeee!!!!! Aphunzitseni kuyankhula chonde mkamwa kukhala ngati akutafuna mbatata yowotcha, kapena ndi litata????Atengereni Ku Hosp amathandiza zeeedi,tatopa ndikuona malobvu akamayankhula komanso kunyambita lilime ngati khanda la lohohowana!!!!!!Shupita

  31. Fraction says:

    Koma direction inalipo pampandopo pali ndani? Anthu omvetsa chisoni inu. Mumakhala chete pakhala kuti pali munthu amene amangoyendayenda osakhala muofesi. Inu ndi azungu chanu nchimodzi simufuna atsogoleri ozindikira ayi. Tiyeni Tipeleke uphungu othandiza ku boma. Akakuuzani pakhale national development committee yoti idziyangana areas of strategic development for the nation (national development blueprint) mukuti ayi. Ndiye chomwe mufuna ndi chani? For once help your country move forward.

  32. Sapitwa says:

    The sample for this survey is so small. If you want the results for true reflection, the go for 12m people. We will take it serous. The President will however sail through to 2019 and win again for another term. Think of Obama, he had low rating of aproval when he was going for his second term compaign compared to Romney but he won!

  33. syamboza says:

    mbuli iyi loya wakuti ankaphika tala ku America galuyu

  34. tsetsefly says:

    I have said more than once that where there is no wisdom people perish. The man you call President is clueless. Tp provide direction is expecting too much from him. What we can do is to let him rule since he is a ruler and a leader.

  35. purespeaking says:

    Brainless people always speaking failure and i want to tell u, this is the good direction because Jesus Christ is coming again,iweyo udzichedwa ndi zadziko

  36. Namiasi says:

    Munthu opanda mano mkamwa ngati uyu mumati atithandiza?iií koma amalawi.

  37. khonyongwa says:

    Stupid survey. who can turn around a collapsed economy in just one year you fools. Give APM a break

  38. phaddy says:

    so the survey of 600 people out of 15000000.ooh then you u come out wt aconclusion.. wt my understanding it depends were he (Apm) govt started from… guess he is still sweeping the mess..the best is yet coming…

  39. umziya says:

    That’s wat the 34% can do. Malawians were told koma kuasachedwa kuyiwala if I may borrow Bakili Muluzis words

  40. Real Joke says:

    How would you trust somebody hiding the death of his own brother just because he wanted this useless earthly position of a president.

  41. curious cat says:

    We lost trust on his handwriting error issue of bloating the asset declaration that his Million in US dollars.His has not been serious to tell the truth about his resignation with his friend Ben Phiri.He is not an honest man.He was elected on the midst of the night with Mbendera crying bucket of tears feeling guilty to have deceived Malawians.He did not even apologise to Malawians about his exaggerated asset declaration.Can you trust this person to lead Malawi?Why are we Malawians daft like this?

  42. Kadakwiza says:

    I rate Mr.President 23%. No jobs in Malawi. No opportunities in Malawi, and I rate Bwana Muthalika 23%.

  43. tchaka says:

    Zachamba eti- so tell us who malawians are trusting

  44. nkhawazatha says:

    Koma mkuluyu wakalamba. Chonchi ali president nga akanakhala kumudzi?

    Amalawi 34% munamuvoteranu, what were you expecting from an aged guy like this? Dont be surprised.

  45. truth says:

    What else would Peter bring? The president who cannot even interpret legal terms though he is a lawyer himself.

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