Malawi is at crossroads, poverty worsening – MCP

The economy of Malawi “is at a crossroads” having been rated poor of the poorest in the world, opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) lawmaker for Kasungu East, Madaliso Kazombo  told parliament.

Kazombo:  Malawi just like a failed state

Kazombo: Malawi just like a failed state

Kazombo noted that despite economic difficulties, the southern African country’s population is growing at an alarming rate.

“In fact maternal mortality rates are still high. Cancer cases, stroke cases, are the order of the day as I am speaking at the moment,” said Kazombo.

“Our youth have been left unattended to, unemployment rates are high. Every day we hear of crime, robberies, and police being shot. This is just a reflection of how our youth have been left unattended to, and as a result they have nothing to do but to be involved in various malpractices,” said the MP.

He was speaking in his contribution to the debate on the 2015/16 national budget.

Kazombo catalogued problems people are facing including lack of safe water, saying the Peter Mutharika government in the budget “has done nothing regarding drilling of boreholes, and yet most of us come from rural constituencies where our people have no water.”

“Our health system is still struggling to meet critical needs. Kasungu East Constituency at the moment remains a constituency without an ambulance. Mthunthama health centre has only one bed for maternal services. Newly born babies share a room with guardians. Wimbe Health Centre has no guardian shelter.

“The idea of safe motherhood remains a mystery in Kasungu East as people from Kapyanga who moulded more than 600,000 bricks, walk 49 kilometres to Kasungu Boma to get medical services, 50 years after Malawi attained independence, 20 years after we embraced multiparty politics, and yet these people are Malawians,” lamented Kazombo.

He drew wrath of government benches when he said people from Dzaleka refugee camp who are not Malawians have all the care from the government, and yet “real Malawians from Kapyanga have no hospital. Kapyanga people have turned into refugees. Refugees from Mozambique and other places at Dzaleka in Dowa have turned to be Malawians; this is very shameful.”

The Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development Paul Chibingu stood on a point of order, saying people in his constituency “are not refugees, they are Malawians.”

The First Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje said point of order was sustained. And Kazombo continued: “If a fellow Malawian walks 49 kilometres, a pregnant woman walks 49 kilometres from Kapyanga to Kasungu Boma; should we say that person indeed is benefiting from the rights of being a Malawian? I am talking of what is happening in my constituency.

“Every week I have to go to a funeral because a person has died when she was giving birth due to a complication that had occurred because she was not attended to by medical personnel. Do you call that person benefitting from the rights of being a Malawian?”

He said farmers are not benefiting from tobacco.

“ Our people from the central region, from Namwera in Mangochi, from Mwazisi in Rumphi with their hard working spirit, do not get the fruits from their labour, and yet they are Malawians.,” said Kazombo.

“It is these buyers of tobacco that are benefiting from the crop and yet the farmer on the ground still remains miserable year after year, with no change on the ground. The farmer fails to pay school fees and yet we hear tobacco has earned the country so many dollars when the actual farmer does not get any reward. (This is pathetic, this is sad, it is better we just declare that there should be no more farming of tobacco because the more we grow tobacco, the poorer we become. What is it now?”

Kazombo said the much touted Greenbelt Initiative has just been “mere rhetoric” with no action .

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30 thoughts on “Malawi is at crossroads, poverty worsening – MCP”

  1. Changers says:

    Hon. Kazombo, you talk too much and you are a real politician. But have you considered using the numerical strength of the opposition to your advantage? Amend the electoral laws, if you have the courage, otherwise you also intend to benefit from these weak laws. I do not believe you are at all different from them.

  2. Julie says:

    Malawi could have been rich by now becoz of greedy, selfish politicians and few party followers who praise people for doing part of what we voted to do. If i may ask, who is ammending the much touted election reforms? OPPOSITION, OPPOSITION, this is the right time, your numbers are quiet good in the August house, propose them and bring them in the house, osati mudzaliranso nthawi za zisankho.

  3. mbava says:

    Well articulated speech however don’t comment on some issues that you are not conversant with. 1. Health delivery system does not see whether is it a refugee community or not. 2. Stroke is a non-communicable condition so it is the responsibility of all individuals to take care of their lifestyles!

  4. Balamanthu says:

    Honourable Kazombo, I wish to make a correction to your speech.Malawi is not at cross roads as of now.It was at this point during Bingus time.It crossed it during the later part of his rule before his demise.As of now, it is actually a serious failed state that is run by corrupt(Kleptocracy) leadership that have no direction and do not have a strategy of reversing the downward trend we are currently experiencing.Everything that is being done is intertwined in politics, it is trial and error and there is not time to carefully think through it so that it benefits the people people like ourselves.IT IS RUN BY A CLIQUE OF A FEW PEOPLE THAT ARE BENEFITTING FROM THE CHAOS IT IS EXPERIENCING AND THESE GUYS ARE BUSY LINING UP THEIR POCKETS WITH SERIOUS CASH RESULTING FROM SERIOUS GREED.ICRY FOR MOTHER MALAWI.EVEN THOSE THAT SUPPORT GOVERNMENT THROUGH THIS COLUMN, DO SO BECAUSE THEY ARE ZEALOTS AND DONT HAVE A CHOICE.IF THEY HAD, THEY WOULD BE LOOKING FOR ALTERNATIVES THAT YIELD MUCH BETTER RESULTS.MAYO IFE TIKAFERA KUTI!

  5. zaluma says:

    mada1 mada! Chanco economist graduate speaking. Otsati mphwepwe as a Chaya used to call them.

  6. bleka says:

    if all mp’s are like kazombo malawi could have been a better place to live

  7. Kasungu says:

    This mp is fit to be a Leader of opposition not chakwela mcp jackup ! When budget was presented he not in parliament what a leader is he ? Bola njovu timava kuti mcp yalankhula

  8. Jack says:

    Well spoken the Member of Parliament of my area. The area I live in and call home. He talks of what is on the ground, some of you have preached of moving Malawi from poverty to prosperity but have no idea of the poverty in Kasungu East. How can one proudly call themselves a Malawian when they enjoy less delivery of service than a refugee? Thanks Hon Kazombo for bringing to the attention of government the suffering of people of Kasungu East and lets hope this government listens and takes action. There is nothing like MCP or DPP in Kasungu East, there are honest hardworking Malawians who need government’s attention. Unenanu mukutichedwatsa ndi ndale zanu za 24 hours, 7 days a week, and throughout your term of office! Wake up and do some development work!

  9. Jack says:

    Well spoken the Member of Parliament of my area. The area I live in and call home. He talks of what is on the ground, some of you have preached of moving Malawi from poverty to prosperity but have no idea of the poverty in Kasungu East. How can one proudly call themselves a Malawian when they enjoy less delivery of service than a refugee? Thanks Hon Kazombo for bringing to the attention of government the suffering of people of Kasungu East and lets hope this governenment listens and takes action. There is nothing like MCP or DPP in Kasungu East, there are honest hardworking Malawians who need government’s attention. Unenanu mukutichedwatsa ndi ndale zanu za 24 hours, 7 days a week, and throughout your term of office! Wake up and do some development work!

  10. I thought we gonna hear we as MCP party we’re hereby to introduce the alternatives to the President as requested… Instead is the same bla bla bla and bla

  11. malawi says:

    why should MCP build hospitals when we give the government taxes to provide us with our needs? lets understand how this works

  12. phodo says:

    MCP at times try to bring out the country’s problem and then give the solutions. For example the shortages could be a problem and I will be happy one day to work up hearing that MCP is constructing a hospital in that particular district without government funds. Once opposition parties reach that level we will know that Malawi is indeed developing. Not what MCP is doing. That is cheap propaganda as Bakili said. Work up Chakwera, work up Juliana, work up Kachombo, work up Jessie, work up MCP, work up government in waiting and see far far. Give us solutions. Dont remind us our sufferings. You ruled us for 30 years. I have never read that MCP eradicated poverty in the history of Malawi. But I know that ruled this country freely under one political party. They failed. Now the remnants of MCP was left and it is very vocal. MCP is just dreaming of remarrying the ex wife who it fail to take care simply because others are taking care of her and the wife is refusing the remarry for 5 attempts. So the ex husband goes around gossiping and belittling the current husband.Shame on MCP and its entire MPs including its parrotic juvinile Juliana nee . Okey.

    1. Charlie Hebdo says:

      Please don’t show your ignorance here. You want MCP to construct a hospital. Well, they have already done that and continue doing it. Are you aware that everyone including MCP members pay taxes which the DPP government uses for development projects? Where do you think DPP government gets the money? If it is a grant, it is a grant to Malawians including MCP members. If it is a loan, it is a loan to all Malawians and all of us will repay that loan. It is not only DPP and its members that will pay it. The funds at DPP’s government disposal is for Malawians and we have every right whether in government or opposition how we want it spent.

  13. Nsena says:

    Bwana Kazombo sakuudziwa umphawi wa Malawi. Mwaiwala kale ma nyasa. Nfanayu anali waku royal family. Okhala ku mpanda ku area 15. Omadyelera ndalama zo oKAMUZU. Munthu woyipa kwambiri pamene ma nyasa anali kuvutika ndikuphula njelwa za moto komanso kumenyera ufulu wa democracy kaya demoncray iwowo akamwa wa mkaka. Pano ndi nthawi ya wena. Shupiti

  14. Sweet Boy says:

    The calibre of MP’s we have in parliament is suspect. Here we are reading gibberish once again from a person who has grown up in wealth setting talking all this just because he too has become a commoner. The first thing he should have asked himself is why didn’t the country develop during his uncle’s reign when a kwacha was equivalent to a pound that drilling a borehole could cost less. Why was his uncle not building hospitals in villages in Kasungu but instead went ahead to build Chiwengo village? Why did he put up an opulent palace in Lilongwe and yet he had sanjika, mtuthama, nguliyanawambe, chikoko, Zomba state house, Mzuzu let alone the mansions he had in London? Now you want to cheat people that you’re with them and yet previously you weren’t able to check and advise your uncle. Sadly blind wanainchi are all intoxicated with partisanship, start applauding for the noise one plonker in the name of Kazombo is making in parliament. Who doesn’t know that the economic hardships Malawi is facing to day has affected the whole universe, America and the other western world inclusive hence the unwillingness to resume the much taunted aid package. Seriously, do our MPs carry out a research before they think of riding up to contribute toward a discussion. Because what I personally read/hear is typical kindergarten arguments/suggestions if any other than calling it mere barking to justify the allowances being pocketed for doing fuckall. Give me a break you sods!!!!!!

  15. Issa Kabudula says:



  16. zonse ndi nthawi says:

    Ndiye iwe chibingu umafuna umuletse kulankhula Kazomboyo chifukwa chiyani.mbava iwe mwadya zomwezo .Tikamba nawo bwana Chilima kuti 2019 asadzaberenso mavoti chifukwa iwowo samaganiza kuti adzakhala m’boma lotereri .Ife bwanawo tidzagwira nawo ntchito bwino2 ndipo ali ndikufuna kwabwino kufuna kutukula dziko lino .TIKUFUNA MALAWI wabwino amene alimi adzapindule ndi ulimi wawo ,amene adzagulitse fodya wawo mosawabera uyu Bruce Munthali amene amawauza azungu kuti azigula fodya pa mtengo osapitilira $2 kuopa kuti angalemere.Chonsecho pompa pa Zambia fodya akugulitsa $15.00 per kg

  17. Chuka Must Go says:

    This is a true reflection of Malawi. Take it or leave it.

  18. Bennet Nyirenda says:

    This Is real Malawian contribution, from someone who knows Malawi, anyone against This kind of contribution Is not a Malawian who Is known to be passionate and living. Hon Kazombo, i for one salute You. Chibingu, don’t Just argué for nothing, are You a Malawian,what my Hon Is saying Is That his constituents are living as if they are not in their own country, and This Is what Is called being a refugee. Stop politicking with people’s life. If someone knows Kazombo cell number, page It for me on This forum refering to my contribution.

  19. Kamkhwezule Kakang'ono says:

    Many Malawians are living in abject poverty. Our politicians just mind their own pockets!

  20. Kachilombo ka ku Dowa says:

    Kumeneko ndiye kuyankhula mdzukulu wa a Ngwazi enieni osati tangwazi tafegiti ayi. Apatu wakumva wamva. Nanga inu aboma mukuti chiyani More fire Kazombo !!!!!!!!!!!!! more fire MCP !!!!!!!!!!!! 2019 Bomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. jeffrey shaibu says:

    All these problems come because of the selfish and greedness of our leaders.we as youth we are not going to be good leaders because we are growing in difficulties.

  22. Mhesha says:

    Yourself Hon MP, as a good citizen to your constituency what have done in order to make Mtunthama Heath Centre have more than one beds apart from just mere crying? I would treat you differently had it been that you stood up and rejected your allowances and salaries from being raised to such high levels since u entered parliament. But you supported the increase. …self enrichment. …without remembering that that selfish motive has a direct impact on the same poor constituency you claim to be representing here. This applies to all others MPs and citizens of this country. Osamangonama apa…..Iyaaaaa!

  23. Kazombo is ofcourse true with his sentments. However, he has to appreciate that he, himself, is also contributing to the mysterious life his constituency falls in. Look, having noted and observed all those problems, what is he, as an MP, doing apart from making this reasonable noise in the August House? Were MPs not given the CDF last year, if I can ask? Doesn’t he think of doing something like providing some of the resources he, as an MP, can just like his fellow law makers do in their constituencies? David Lally, for example, provided people in Machinga Likwenu with a half tone pick up that helps in times of sickness, funeral etc. With that provision, people can freely travel to and from hospitals. What about him? I THINK THE RIGHT TO DO WAS TO SAY WHAT HE HAS ALREADY DONE THEN ASK GOVERNMENT TO HELP THAN TELLING THE NATION THAT MALAWI IS A FAILED STATE, FORGETING THAT HE, IS A LAW MAKER AND IF THERE IS SOMETHING LIKE BEING A FAILED STATE, KAZOMBO HIMSELF IS CONTRIBUTING TO THAT FAILURE.

  24. Chinthumwananga says:

    Can the Honourable members suggest or propose alternative ways of tackling these problems.

  25. Christian life says:

    If this really what he contributed in parliament then kazombo you must be briliant. Your contribution shows you care for Malawians. I don’t see any stupid politics here but you packed your points in order of priority without wastimg time on politcal names. Some peole are in parliament but still point at government yet they are government themselves. Others are ministers but can’t follow up even a simple step towards socio econo development agenda but pointing fimgers at someone and even frustrating developments that were suposed to off abjunt poverty of their people. Malawians let’s move I’m one direction and attempt the enemy poverty atleast to increase hope for the poor.

  26. disgruntled citizen says:

    Poverty is synonymous with Malawi.When did Malawi ever improve?The economy only improves on theories on papers with conference held at sun and sand eating some chips and chicken and washing down with some expensive chardonnay.Thereafter you blow the people of Mangochi with dust seated in air condition prados kumphwitsa njira yonse to capital hill with your unhealthy stomach looking pregnant women with twins.Musatisokose apa.Malawi has never been rich.Probably it was better to auction this impoverished country to some rich people.Tatopa Ife kumva nkhani za umphawi.

  27. mpimpa says:

    eeeee this man can talk asaaaaaa! But he is correct! I wish MCP should just be in government today am sure things can change. Kuli anthu ambiri amzeru.

  28. Harold mtengo says:

    Thanx olemekezeka poyika moyo wa anthu anu patsogolo. God bless u.

  29. Dusty says:

    Mr MP you are very right.

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