Malawi Islamic body wants Mutharika to intervene on security lapse

A rights group, Islamic Commission for Justice and Freedom is asking President Peter Mutharika “as the commander in-chief of the armed forces” to intervene in the growing insecurity problems facing the country.

Chimwala: Insecurity worrying

Chimwala: Insecurity worrying

In a statement, the organizations’ secretary general Hassan Chimwala says the organization is well aware that one of the cornerstones of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party  (DPP)is ensuring security to the country’s citizens.

“But the question we are asking is, how can a vice president’s house being vandalized by the thugs?are we, the local citizens safe? From then, we though the government could tighten our security in the country, today it’s a cabinet minister who has been attached.”

Chimwala says the situation is forcing Malawians to leave in fear in their own land.

“The commission is kindly asking the state president of this country to urgently intervene this,  otherwise it will be very shameful to work up one morning and hear that, our first citizen has been robbed,” he says.

He stressed that  Malawians expect the government to attend to the security lapses the country is experiencing.

Chimwala also says his organization is not happy with the move taken by government to silence the civil societies by offering them portfolios in the government institutions.

“The civil society plays a very important role to the government by providing checks and balances. It is sad that now we will not hear anything from Voice Mhone,  John Kapito, Steve Duwa and others as their mouths are filled with cooking oil, which is a very big threat to our democracy,” says Chimwala.

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I thought there was Insecurity because of Amayi? Why are we having this situation now when security experts are ruling? Kunena kwa ndithe ndithe .


kudana ndi chisilamu basi pali vuto apa

This Muslim group is a confusionist. A few weeks ago they were praising APM for good leadership, and before the 20 May elections they accused JB of failing to tighten security in the country. When Mangochi and Mzimba moslems were attacking people for selling pork in the public markets the grouping was quiet and happy. At Mpemba villagers were attached by Moslems and the grouping was quiet and happy. Now because their fellow moslem Atupele Muluzi has been attacked at his house the grouping asks APM to tighten security. Moslems, wherever they are in any part of the world, are… Read more »

Dadaboma i think you are very stupid enough to take our lerigion in very wrong means if you dont understand wat the teachings of Islam is then jst be quiet tym has gone kutaya nthawi ndikulimbana ndi chipembezo china kodi umafuna munthu akachita chinthu chabwino asayamikidwe?

donie chigwambala

JAMES ur the one who is stupid…useless man


this request is out of order because this quiet when fellow moslems attack others attack those non moslems that eat or sale pig in mangochi.

Hussein Max
I think what is need to curb this rampant thieving by armed gangs is political will by the executive. We for once should make the crime of armed robbery fast track, unbailable and life imprisonment case. It has worked in other countries as a deterrent. Do we really have to wait to hear that an armed gang entered Kamuzu Palace before we can seriously act on this scourge? Already so many people have lost their lives and bread winners from armed criminals. Its unheard of in other countries to hear a sitting vice president or minister being attacked by armed… Read more »

Great Muslim friends for such a plea – please respond with a sheer force to this problem the way ISIS is being treated and for sure robbers will know that we are not joking.


Inu a mabungwe mumadana ndi shoot to kill ndiye mukufuna apolisi azitani? Azilondera nyumba ya aliyense, ndizotheka zimenezi? Amalawi kufuna kutamandidwa ndi Azungu mukamanena za human rights zanuzo. I would be happy if these thieves started robbing NGO’s and SCO’s and start raping their mothers, daughters and wives. Then it’s when I can listen to their human rights nonsense.


Can you also comment on the Mpemba issue where some Moslems organised thugs to attack villagers.

Why should a president be asked to intervene on such issues when it’s paramount to any social micro-macro economic growth of any country? There’s absolutely no or little attention to the general lives outcry. He knows that but what’s happening? It’s really kind or a proper joke. He’s sleeping in a palace with 24hrs security personel. What a bout a police commissioner; he’s got his juniors shielding him and his family 24hrs of security. Do you think they care about the welfare of a common malawian, no ; chances are lip services responses. So may be when such incidences happening… Read more »
Alfred Munduwabo

All this is because the Hon Austin Atupele Muluzi who is a fellow Muslim has be attacked by the thieves. Where have been when thieving is the order of day ?
Keep on reminding him , samva ameneyo.

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