Malawi launches national education standards and service charter

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology on Wednesday launched the National Education Standards and Service Charter aimed at improving education standards in the country.

Minister of Education Science and Technology Dr. Emmanuel Fabiano and Mrs Lonely Magreta sharing notes after the launch the education standards and the service charter - Pic by Stanley Makuti

Minister of Education Science and Technology Dr. Emmanuel Fabiano and Mrs Lonely Magreta sharing notes after the launch the education standards and the service charter – Pic by Stanley Makuti

Speaking during the launch, Minister of Education, Science and Technology Dr. Emmanuel Fabiano said the education standards and the service charter would ensure that every student in the country is getting better education regardless of where they live.

Fabiano explained that the standards would also provide an accessible roadmap for the schools, teachers, parents and students with a clear and realistic goals.

“The standards would therefore support the achievement of the National Education Sector Plan (NESP) Goals which are access and equity, quality and relevance, governance and management,” he said.

He said the standards also identifies key features which are ingredients for bringing about the best expected outcomes for students, the teachers process, effective leadership and management in schools.

The education standards, Fabiano said would enable the youth prepare better their lives as citizens, parents and workers thereby contributing effectively to the national socio-economic development.

The minister urged all stakeholders in the education sector to use the national education standards in their service delivery.

“I am aware that the standards may be used flexibly for different purposes and by different stakeholders. I would like therefore to emphasise that the main use of the standards in individual schools is to guide schools in self-evaluation identify strengths and weaknesses and decide on improvements to be made.

The theme of the National Education Standards is “Raising Education Standards in Malawi.

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11 thoughts on “Malawi launches national education standards and service charter”

  1. Boyson mvula says:

    Hon. minister, can you just improve the conditions of the teachers e.g treating them like civil servants in other departments(give them disturbance allowance upon being tranfered, promoting them on merit,good houses,honouring them with arrears on time where due, etc). Dont force a horse to drink but let it freely do so & will produce the best.

  2. MAFUMU says:




  3. Dzekedzeke says:

    Hon. Minister, at Headquarters some of your directors have overstayed in their positions ena mpaka over 10 years now such that they are abusing their positions. If it were in political circles tinakati ali mu third term. As we are talking of reform why can’t those officers be promoted to another level if they are still productive or move them to other departments for a change please. Zinthuzi ndi zosiirana. Do not personalize positions. This is killing the departments. Appeasement will take us nowhere. Make sure you look into this issue seriously. I feel sorry for those departments.

  4. mavuta satha says:

    if u want the so called STDs to b a reality plz a minister remove the dirty in education system….of all d ministries education ndi mbola…..head wa deploma kumamupatsa p5? shit….mahead a pt2 kumalamulira magraduates? worse still mphunzitsi kumalawi kuno ndi galu…a heavy amatha kumagwira ntchito mma pvt hospital as well koma akatelo mphunzitsi mmmmm wapalamula..apange business ayinso basis azituwa? salary yochepa n no allowances….head ndi ma yes bwana nde amaona ma allowance. NDE za quality education bwana Fabiano kumalawi Juno forget t. idyani ndalama za ma donors ndikupanga ma allowance anuwo mphunzitsi chake palibe

  5. oscar jere says:

    How can education standards improve if trained teachers (IPTE8 and ODL3) are not being imployed.

  6. New generation says:

    What you are talking about is like building castles in the air. You are failing to motivate teachers then you talk of ‘standards of education’ Where are SPECIALIST TEACHERS’ promotions as you are fooling the nation here? Remember that teachers are not prisoners, away with your INSPECTORS!! Let PEAs work as usual or come and teach yourselves braille, sign language , O&M, ADL, just to mention but a few, Chaaaa!!

  7. Kenkkk says:

    Quota system, is amongst many of the reasons education stds are falling and this can be quickly fixed by removing it and be in line with acceptable international stds. Other reasons are very complex like increasing teachers salaries, housing and their qualifications, congestion in schools, etc. Give them respect and pay their salaries in time.

    Without quota system, my brother Fabiano, you can still achieve the goals of access, equality, quality, good governance, management and relevance which you are espousing. We are Malawians first and we want the best for Malawi and quota system unfortunately doesn’t produce the best products for Malawi.

  8. Kholo says:

    I care to know specific examples of the standards contained in the launched document, the complaints/grievance mechanisms, who is accountable, etc. I am not getting it from this plain narrative as the reporting lacks depth.

  9. There is no sanity in the Education system. As long as teachers are disrespected, the Education Standards will keep on going down.

    What you are doing on teachers can in no way motivate them towards improving the standards. Raise theri perks and improve their living standards.

  10. mattem says:

    Stupit Fabiano kwezani malipilo a phunzitsi galu iwe.

  11. Gadabwali says:

    This is all you know as a minister. How can those stupid standards improve while you are touturing teachers? Unless you come and teach yourself in schools those standards will improve but as long as I am a teacher forget about it and I will continue absconding myself from work.

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