Malawi lawyers urged to uphold ethics of the profession

Malawi Law Society (MLS) has urged its members to uphold the ethics of the law profession in order to remain relevant to the society.

Malawi lawyers

Malawi lawyers

MLS president John Suzi Banda, made the call on Friday May 29, 2015 during the sensitisation conference in the capital Lilongwe which MLS organized for legal practitioners aimed at highlighting emerging issues in ethics for possible transacting of business with the public interest.

Suzi-Banda said it was high time that the legal sector’s conduct was in line with the general public expectation than the current trend.

Legal ethics is a term used to describe a code of conduct governing proper professional behavior, which establishes the nature of obligations owed to individuals and to society.

In order to maintain a license to practice law, attorneys agree to uphold the Rules of Professional Conduct, adopted by the Malawi Law Society .

“So, the main object of the ethics of legal profession is to maintain the dignity of the legal professional and friendly relation between the bench and the bar”, appeals Banda.

He stressed that by adhering strictly to the ethics of the profession, corruption would be eliminated in the dispensation of justice

There has been concerns of corruption in the law profession resulting in unprofessional hike in lawyers service fees or engaging in money laundering for clients.

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Law (Human) is inherently corrupt. When lawyers defend their client, they trivialize or deny any wrong doing despite its glaring presence and extremely exaggerate any possible minute positive element of the offender or appellant. This cannot be a clean, ethical profession. Just look at the regalia, black coat and a wig that close their ears – so they don’t listen or consider rationality. This picture shows it all, faces of thieves. I have no an inch of respect for lawyers. You are the reason we have all problems on earth – defending the devil.


Malawi lawyers believe they are the most educated and rich..full of shit. To maintain their egos thievery is the option.

Mphepo zinai

Lawyers, come across as flamboyant, rude, arrogant and beyond the law they practice and society. How many have been disciplined of late despite the many escapades?




Lawyers just talking “yap, yap, yap, yep, yep, yep” yet no action (akshen). Ethics are only effective if there are strong penalties to act as deterrents to would be offenders. Unfortunately Malawi Law Society is busy with Public Relations yet we want to see wayward Lawyers being punished podya ndalama zawanthu. Other offenders are now Judges and Magistrates ndiye timati law has gone to the dogs. The President could do well as a marketer but chimene tifuna ife ndi clean up the dented picture of lawyers.

The problem with we malawian tikumachedwa ndi kukangana iwe wakumpoto, iwe kummwera iwe wa pakati chifukwa aliyense akufuna udindo, timaiwala kuti sabotage yomwe tikupanga tikulowesa dziko pansi,koma ife timaona ngati tikukhaulisa munthu, mwachisanzo talimbana ndi Bingu from 2009 to 2012 lero BINGU anamwalira, akukhaula lero ndani? Ma lawyer amane amakhala pasogolo kuti there is no human rights in malawi Bingu wagula spare machine akufuna azimumvesela joice banda akamalankhula, mapeto ake ndiamenewa , mwayamba kuwabela anthu ndalama , kunkhuzidwa ndi cashgate, kusowa ntengo ogwila, Bingu mukanamusiya kuti agwire ntchito pa 3years imeneyija ndibwenzi pano tili patali, lawyer amene angamvese chomwe ndikulankhula… Read more »

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