Malawi leader addresses UN on MDGs

Malawi has reaffirmed its commitment to take a leading role in the implementation of post 2015 development programs for the benefit of its people.

President Mutharika and Ban Ki Moon after talks - Pic by Edson Mwamvani

President Mutharika and Ban Ki Moon after talks – Pic by Edson Mwamvani

President Peter Mutharika made the commitment in New York on Friday at the UN general Assembly when addressing the assembly.

The member states have gathered to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals which have been formulated to replace the Millenniun Development Goal (MDG) Agenda 2015.

The MDGs which had eight goals have not been attained by many countries that claimed the outgoing goals were unrealistic due to their failure address major challenges. The new goals whose target is 2030 are 17 in total.

Professor Mutharika told the general assembly that his country’s failure to attain four of the eight goals was because the goals especially those with gender connotations were not properly formulated based on the challenges that countries like Malawi encounter in the implementation of development programs.

He therefore assured member states that his government has put mechanisms in place aimed at tackling the factors that contributed to the failures in the just ending development program.

The four goals that Malawi failed to attain include poverty eradication, universal education, maternal health and gender equality and nutrition.

The country did well in reducing infant and child mortality, HIV and AIDS management, and environmental management including climate change.

According to experts, Malawi failed to attain the four goals since all of them needed gender related interventions which have been taken care of under the just adopted Sustainable Development Goals.

A nutrition expert and Principal Secretary in the ministry of Gender, Children, Social Welfare and the Elderly, Dr. Mary Shaba told Mana that gender integration remains a cross cutting issue and needs to be attended to in the implementation of the new goals to avoid a similar conclusion.

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Failure to achieve improved maternal health – is evident with lack of visionary and strategic actions at local level. We have never been serious in this area. We need to train more midwives and make sure they are sent to rural health facilities. We need to educate our masses – allow them to read and write for them to understand information on the importance of good motherhood etc. We need to educate our local leaders to support this important area….I think we have more reasons why we failed on this!

Mzozodo Chabe
Commitment to UN? Malawi is in shambles right on your nose and you can’t smell it, if only you could spare the heartache that is coming on Malawi,just may be we would think that you have the brains after all,every picture tells a story right now the picture you are in with Ban ki Moon. Tells everyone with brains that you are milking the opportunity they gave you to pause with him. Hand clappers and your cadres would think that you were great we will hear it at the airport, but me i can smell sh**t a mile away,all in… Read more »

Mr Zingani is a blind follower obsessed by sheer nepotistic ideologies. I wish he knew what performance means. In all reasonableness calling Peter a performer tantamounts to demonstrating that one has not seen performers in their life. This man you call president is the worst president Malawi has ever had. He is wasting Malawians time. In other countries this cartoon of a president should have gone sometime.


Ena pakali pano ali wakwaka kuyenda ntchire ati campaign. Bola mulimbe mpaka 2019. Ife tikutukula dzikoli. If you think it will be easy to dislodge DPP in 2019, think of what happened in 2014. Ngakhale tambala wakwida atadzagwiridzana ndi awa a malokowa game sadzaiona.

Backilie "Nsalu ya Makatani" Buluzi

Same old song with the same meaning. Where is vision 2020? Zakukanikani basi. Following your brother where he is can save Malawi.


Mwanya…zilembanani maudindooo tiona komwe mutathele poti akuti ukakhalamumtengo usatukwane kuopa pamawa


You get on world podiums. You preach lies of developing your countries. You amass wealth through corruption and public looting. You cheat the people who elected you by false promises. What is the meaning of your lives???
You live in lies. Pathetic creatures!


Galu peter

Manyi amowa

A peter ndi patali, koma popita kumisonkhano ya kunja osamatenga anthu ambiri it will shrinks our economy, Goodall GONDWE WAKALAMBA MUCHOSE UMINISTER MALO MWAKE MUWAIKE PROFF CHIKAONDA ….DDP WOYEEEEEEEEEEEE

Robert Zingani

The big man!His Excellency Professor Peter Mutharika,the visionary leader and performer,2019 Boma! Enawo azingosusabe!

Big Men

Your leader will be dead by 2019.

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