Malawi leader appointed He-For-She gender equity campaign global champion

Malawian President Arthur Peter Mutharika has been appointed global champions for UN   HeForShe campaign.

Mutharika at the launch of HE4She Campaign at the Parliament Building in Lilongwe, February 2015

Mutharika at the launch of HE4She Campaign at the Parliament Building in Lilongwe, February 2015

According to the United Nations Headquarters, they identified President Mutharika for the appointment because of his commitment to achieve gender equality and the empowerment of women; ending child marriages; and gender based violence.

Meanwhile, State House press office has said Mutharika has accepted the appointment which is with effect from 1st June 2015.

HeForShe is a solidarity movement that calls upon men and boys to stand up against the persisting inequalities faced by women and girls globally.

The campaign strengthens the support for women’s rights as human rights by enlisting the support of men and exhorting them to put themselves forward as advocates for gender equality.

Recently, President Mutharika was also appointed Champion of Higher Education in Africa by the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture-RUFORUM.

Earlier in May he was also appointed to serve as a Member of the Leadership Council of the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, and the Grow African Partnership Initiative by the African Union Commission and NEPAD.

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12 thoughts on “Malawi leader appointed He-For-She gender equity campaign global champion”

  1. Yahudah says:

    This is all a deceitful tactics by the devil and these child molesters and blood sucking leach from the united states mystery Babylon. They goal is to turn us away from the laws of YAH the creator of heaven and earth by making the woman the jezibel woman to be master and make us submit to her and to make us weak as man. The sons and daughter of wickedness sit down and plot wicked schemes in order to generate money. So they come with with there flattering and deceitful tactics of woman empowerment and human rights but in their heart they plan to trip you into a ditch. Aint this the same united nation that pay mubutu and his cohorts a million dollar to murder patrice lumumba?. You got to understand there is a spiritual war going on it is the devil behind these wicked men using them to do his desire to turn man away from the knowledge of YAH which if a man/woman does they live. Eve was alone in the garden and the devil approach her because she was the weaker vessel and convince her to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which YAH commanded us not to eat and then eve convince her husband to sin. It is the same strategy these devils are using to destroy us for their selfish gain. Mutharika is just a hire house slave just doing his Massa will to destroy us. Democracy means Demonic rule/Man make his own rule. These sons and daughters of wickedness knows who you are and they know you are the choosen people of YAH the children of israyl and by the advice of the wicked counselor that pope as long as they keep you walking contrary to YAH laws they will rule over you. So they come up with wicked schemes to destroy you while making money off you. Abortion, birth control, condom, birth control pills these are manufacture and inorder for the wicked man/woman to sell it they need a market so they start with their democracy and religion spreading the knowledge of wickedness to the simple foolish woman through their worthless education that does not profit you. The enemy knows a married woman and man who obey YAH commands have no need for these abomination They teach them in school do not get marry first you need you education so you can get a good job the deceit of riches the enemy decieve you and you never get the job. Then these dogs teach them if they decide to whore (have sex outside of marriage) just used a condom or take birth control. The dogs know most people will not used a condom so deseases and unwanted pregnancy will be inevitable so buisness for them will be profitable. So now our sons and daughters give themselves over to degrading passions every one whoring. So now you become a servant of sin and the devil sowing more and more lawless thoughts so prostitution increases, child molestation increases, deseases, unwed mother with bastard children. You become a curse for your disobedience to YAH laws so now deseases, missery, scarcity of food is consuming your life. Many of our daughters turn to prostitution and its is the same wicked men who say they are womens right are the same one soliciting them for sex. So now the dogs have a market to sell there hiv drugs that do not cure your illness you take it for one desease it gives you four more, men even grow female breast from the..drug from the European witch doctors that decieve you. Also you got to understand these devils abd there tactics they used that simple disobedient jezibel woman to lead you astray, she gonna have you celebrating christ mas the birth of the sun god, Valentine’s day, a pagan holiday to nimrod so they used the jezibel to generate them money and it is the woman that they used to destroy us. Be on guard the united states is mystery babylon the abomination of the earth spreading lawlessness.

  2. Zanga Phee! says:

    He for She woyeee! APM Woyeeeee! Malawi woywee! if you hold meetings in your country then it will be sustainable in the sense that participants will bring their dollars to our nation when seeking accommodation food in stuff, so we can smile.But then we don’t want you to leave the country in order to attend such meetings leaving important issues in the country then it is nothing.We have seen the very good example of Joyce Banda leaving her party in a mess the members that she spent lot of money to win them who were brilliant to her party quitted now Only Nsonda Uladi the so called vibrant so nothing new here were here watching you Sir.See my name.

  3. matako says:

    Joice Banda has held many of those eccolades. This is nothing to brag about its for those that have time to do such things. Look at Kenyata he does not waste time trying to get fame. Action speaks louder than words. You don;t need to submit your name for these positions which what most of these leaders do. Charity begins at home talk is cheap.

  4. Bekeshu says:

    Azungu atiyesa ife zitsilu zawo eti? Tiyeni tizingodya nawo ndalamazo. Heforshe ndiye chaninso? Mxii

  5. mulhomwe waku Lomola says:

    Mbuyo mwa Alendo kkkkkkkkkkkkk mzimayi anatenga kale honour imeneyo Joyce Banda ur # One enawa akupanga zomwe inu munapanga kale

  6. chingolopiyo says:

    Congratulations your Excellency, it speaks volume to us and those who waste time talking rubbish on you let them know that the world is watching your performance and measuring it too. Only the wicked will go against this. We know more are coming on your way . indeed you will hate him at your own peril!

  7. Patrick Phiri says:

    APM haters mukomoka sure. This guy is an achiever. You hate him at your own peril.

  8. JB wakhala akupanga kale zimenezo

  9. Phodogoma says:

    I think the whites out there are playing with our leaders. APM being the head of HeforShe. Which he in Malawi APM
    Which she in Malawi JB
    Surprise surprise indeed. Then He and she will meet in a meeting in USA. Tiyeni nazoni.

  10. commentator says:

    Good – as long as he understands when his plate cannot hold any more. We employed him to work at capital Hill 24/7. He must create the extra time that he needs to feed the additional responsibilities that he is accepting.

  11. Namukachapa says:

    HeforShe? This could be misunderstood in view of you know what I mean.

  12. Joseph says:

    Lol.. Kikikikiki

    Like come on. Seriously?

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