Malawi leader asked to fire Minister Chaponda for flouting assets law

Malawi President Peter Mutharika is  under intense pressure to fire Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda, who has flouted  the law by not  updating his assets, liabilities and business interests to the Office of the Director of  Public Officers’ Declarations.

Chaponda: Could not update his assets to be accountable and transparent to the people of Malawi

Chaponda: Could not update his assets to be accountable and transparent to the people of Malawi

Chaponda is a powerful minister in Mutharika’s cabinet and repositions himself as possible successor for the presidency. He is also leader of government in Parliament and second-in-command in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) rank and file.

Director of the Office of Director of Public Officers’ Declarations Christopher Tukula said Section 18 (1) of the Act said if a public officer fails to submit the required declaration without reasonable cause within the time determined by the Declaration of Assets Act (2013), he or she is liable to be dismissed from public office.

He said since time for declarations had elapsed and no deadline extensions were made, he would be writing the appointing authority of the ministers, the President, for him to act as prescribed by the Act.

Chaponda, a lawyer by profession, confirmed that he had not updated his assets.

Civil society leader Timothy Mtambo has not minced words on the issue, calling on the Head of State to fire the “disgracing” ministers who have not complied with the law.

“They are a disagrace, they have dented the image of the government. As cabinet ministers they are supposed to lead by example but their failure to declare their assets begs a lot of answers; what are they running away from?” Mtambo said.

He said  Malawians want swift action on the matter for failing to be transparent and accountable to Malawians.

The rights campaigner said the civil society organisations are ready to protest if the governent thinks the issue will be talked and forgotten as has been the case with other issues in the past.

Mtambo, who is also executive director of Human Rights and Rehabilitation asked the director of the Office of the Declaration of Assets Chris Tukula to act swiftly on the matter.

Failure to declare assets within the prescribed time attracts a dismissal from office upon recommendation of the Office of the Director of Public Officers Declarations while public officers who submit inaccurate or false information face conviction and disqualification from holding any public office for seven years, according to Section 21 of the Declaration of Assets Act.

Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare Dr. Jean Kalilani is another Cabinet minister who did not submit her declarations but she gave a ‘reasonable excuse’ that her annual update would be submitted late due to official engagements.

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe, who was listed to have not submitted his  updated declarations , said he had done so now through the Office of the President and Cabinet.

Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism Joseph Mwanamvekha and Minister of Home Affairs Grace Chiumia have also reportedly submitted their updated files.

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Komadi santana wanena zoona. Fans yambiri sikumudziwabe mulhomwe mpaka lero.


Pax Romana, do you really think a villager or even a city dweller who is strong DPP can rise up and say I am not voting for APM because his ministers did not update their assets? Kodi anthu inu mwayamba kusowa zolemba eti? And you think the whole president can shiver with this statement and start firing these ministers? I feel sorry with you. You people are now completely dry with facts. Ndiye mwa drier mwachangutu, nanga 2019 ndi lero?

Bush wa BK

In a democratic country like this poor Malawi no one is above the law and due to fraud and corruption among civil servants and cabinet ministers, we in deed need to be accountable of your asserts. Failing to declare asserts means you are busy fishing at Macra. Should the president spare him by not firing him, we should conclude that the fish caught at Macra has been shared to the president as well.

Pax Romana

Mr President these are the people who will contribute to your DOWNFALL!!! GET RID OF THEM B4 IT IS 2LATE

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