Malawi leader kicks out spokesman: Timpuza was drawing two salaries

President Peter Mutharika has sacked his aide, acting Press Secretary Timpuza Mwansambo Mwale for drawing two salaries from Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) and State House.

Timpuza Mwansambo:  He was drawing two salaries

Timpuza Mwansambo: He was drawing two salaries

Sources said the President aka APM was very angry when he got information that Mwansambo was drawing two salaries from his former employer MBC and State House where he was on ‘secondment’.

Mwansambo has been drawing the two salaries for the past 8 months and never cared to ask accounts people why his bank account was ‘swelling’ after the end of every month.

The President has also fired an accountant at State House who is said to have helped Mwansambo draw the salaries.

“This issue was first brought to the attention of Director General of State Residences Peter Mukhitho a few months ago but since Mukhitho likes the boy, he sat on the issue,” said our sources.

“But somehow someone managed to bring this to the attention of the President and he was very angry and told Mukhitho that he does not want to see Timpuza at State House again,” said the source.

Timpuza did not travel with the press team to Blantyre where the President presided over the passing out of 732 prisoner warder recruits at Kamuzu Stadium on Saturday and also visited some buildings in Blantyre and Limbe on Monday.

Mwansambo who was viewed as a blue eyed boy for late President Bingu Mutharika was ‘abandoned’ in Mzuzu after Joyce Banda took the reigns of power in 2012 following the demise of Bingu.

He ‘resurrected’ last year following Peter Mutharika’s win in the 2014 tripartite elections when he was appointed Deputy Press Secretary for President Mutharika.

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130 thoughts on “Malawi leader kicks out spokesman: Timpuza was drawing two salaries”

  1. Eliam k says:

    Salarygate odala kkkk

  2. Okanidwa ndiwokanidwa basi

  3. pijo says:

    Shaaaa lelo pa 40 February 2015…..zoopsa

  4. Abiti Sipoko says:

    Money is the root of all evil and man needs roots!

  5. Abiti Sipoko says:

    Koma iyayi asaaaa oweeee

  6. Bumbulazo says:

    Peter mutu wake sugwira,nde ampezaso kt wina ngat timpuza??kmaso olakwitsa ndi a MBC pomupatsa ndalamazo osat iyeyo…….nde apitala ganizani ngat munavayapo pa khomo la school

  7. MELINDA says:

    anapisa mthumba ndani?amadzipangira yekha salary ngati,ayi opusa ndiomwe amampatsa muwafufuze bwino amenewo ndiye mbava

  8. Ziswa bumbu pa MBC akuti.... says:

    pa MBC nde paola, imagine ma pronotion kumangopatsana mosaona ma qualifications amunthu, azimayi kuvulidwa ndi ma Directors & Controllers a sevethday – (enanso ma pepala awo ochepa) a seventhday – akuziziwa. Ma secretaries kuvulidwa kuti naonso akhale ndi mphamvu ngati bwana, ena mma dptmnts akuvulidwanso mosamveredwa chisoni kuti kunyumba asiya azimuna awo uh uh mavuto alipo. It is only at MBC that when one hold a diploma or MsCE he/she can be elevated to a Controller or Director. Che Nankhumwa nanu mwayamba kuononga office yanu kuyamaba kupanga promote mlamu wanu Regina Chimenya yemwe alibe mapepala oyenelera kumuuntha from Grade 9 to 5 yomwe ndi ya ma Chief. Dont you know kuti this is a disgrace kwaathu omwe anapota kusukulu? Komanso where in earth can a persin be promoted to a chief position ndi JC certificate? Aboma pulizi muone zomwe anzanu ena akuyipitsila chipani chanu, people like Nakhumwa are a disgrace to the nation. Kwanonse mukunyenga akazi aeni pa MBC list nditulutsa posachedwapa and it will not even spare maina a omwe mukugina nawowo.,…. watch out!

  9. Luke Bukani says:

    Mchiyani Kodi A Malawi?

  10. Mwasambo is not accountable for that,was he stealing or getting paid?

  11. hk says:

    aah tilembeniko tchito,ameneyo ndiosakhutisidwa,asovenge.tchito ife tikuyifuna and we r wel qualified than him

  12. Namanyepwanapwa says:

    Pliz pliz MR PRESIDENT forgive the guy we like him so much mostly when he is MC in most of your functions.My friend Timpunza am feeling sorry for u and this coming deep down from my heart.May almighty LORD be with u so that the big man should think otherwise.AMEN.

  13. tsetsefly says:

    Everything is rotten here. Dont tell me MBC did not know that this classmate of mine was suppose to receive his pay from state house where he was shifted to work. This is why this nation is rotten. People can not follow simple rules. When we conclude that this was a collusion people (Timpugate) think we hate them.

  14. chatonda says:

    Wait a minute guys, Who was supposed to change Timpunza’s salary? Did MBC had to wait to be told that Timpunza was now working at State House to change or stop paying him? This shows that MBC is rotten after all. Again , who was supposed to make the changes we are talking about? Was it Timpunza or MBC? Timpunza was just a receipient and he was not supposed to be telling MBC or State House about salaries from wherever. This shows how slow government systems are. MBC is to blame in this whole saga and Timpunza is not wrong and he must be recalled to his work. Peter should have heard from Timpiunza too and ask him how he was going to refund the money from MBC? Usually, it should have been through advance and let Timpunza continue with his work.
    We do not solve every problem by firing everyday from the same office. Where is Conflict resolution within the Peter”s administration? How many people are receiving two salaries in the government through secondment etc? What about Tijulane Chizumira’ case with Malawi Human Rights Commission issue a year ago?
    Timpunza Must be recalled to his job and let the President clean his system so that this does not happen again. We need Timpunza back in office or let him be the DG for MBC. after all Dr.Benson Tembo has been removed and there is a vacancy for the post of DG there.

  15. chosatheka says:

    Iwe Alhaj Sharia just shut up and mind your own business. Ife you are living here in Malawi – go back to wherever you came from!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Good leader do not tolarent that keep up APM

  17. Nkhakamila says:

    Late Tumalisye Ndovie on my mind, former ACB Director on secondment from the Malawi Police Service

  18. fisi says says:

    zithothani ife til I pano kuonera ichi chakoma ichi chakoma pusi anagwa chagada

  19. Salary harmonization says:

    Why did it take too wrong to discover this ? I thought that soon after an appointment to state house, people relevant officers should have put a stop to the former salary and continue with the new one. Last pay certificate inali kuti ?

  20. ellias munthali says:


  21. apundi says says:

    ameneyo ndi pitala akakukweza lero udziwe kuti mawa yauma, a media enenu mutoleni timpuza amatisangalatsa ife

  22. Njokaluzi says:

    Most Civil Servants when sent on Workshops abroad by Donors draw double allowances, from Government and Donors. Mr President, can you also stop this?

  23. Malipeya says:

    Its very clear now that APM cannot be taken forgranted. Mukhito should be fired for not informing the President right away. Even if it was MK 1.00 its still wrong to pocket twice. The President is sending strong warnings to others of similar conduct. We all need to be vigilant and not hide such issues.

  24. MBC Employees turned Slaves says:

    Your Excellency APM, Please note that MBC employees have been turned into slaves of Aubrey Sumbuleta, Albrert Mungomo, Gloria Banda- Mungomo and puppet board chair. Imagine a department being run by a couple, This is what is happening at MBC, The self proclaimed acting Deputy Director General & Acting Director of Programmes is Albert Mungomo, the head of programmes is Gloria Banda who cohabits with Mungomo. She is above everyone even Sumbuleta. There is anxiety at MBC and if elections were to b done today 99.99% of MBC employees and their families countrywide will NOT VOTE FOR DPP because of these 3 plus 1 fellows . Please Mr president set up an enquiry and take the necessary steps. Even the Minister of Info has also spoiled MBC imagine promoting his inlaw at MBC TV 10 grades up. No wonder they orchestrated the removal of Dr Tembo. Please act

  25. Mahomwa Barracks says:

    Don’t worry I will teach how to grow high grade

  26. Crispy says:

    Kodi zayambira pa iyeyo

  27. George says:

    Timpunza, you have messed your career for nothing. You are messing up your talent and from now it is very unlikely that you will be able to resurrect your career.

    The Bible says the love for money is the root of all evils

  28. Evidence says:

    Clean up the whole system there are many doing the same. some even retired or died but their salaries is being drawn.

  29. Wakiki says:

    Guys imagine its you, your Bank account is swelling evry month. Can you tell the accounts to stop them. Les be honest. Timpunza was right. What do you expect in a “Banana republic” kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  30. Mapuyamurupare says:

    There is no case here.
    Former first Lady Calister Mutharika was getting Cash
    as Salary from 3 Departments / Ministries including NGOs
    (Safe Motherhood Nkati) without being questioned.
    Muname kuti simumaona? Luso lake la mnyatayu lamuika m`mavuto lero?
    Mulungu akuona zimenezi.

    Be strong Timpuza and God Bless.


  31. observer says:

    this man called HE APM is proving me wtong by duing all the right thinmg. may heavens help him to make this a trully nation of mkaka ndi uchi

  32. zomwezo says:

    Nanga mk45,000.00 ndi makobili oti a pulezident azikati salary,shame koditu anthu tisamangoti state house,ndizobvuta kukamba.

  33. just got says:

    So Peter does hate corruption, strange one

  34. Taelos says:

    Do you know meaning of secondment? This is propaganda,secondment means you are working somewhere & you are paid but at the same time,your skills are used somewhere on a specific period & you are dully paid again,there is no case here


  36. genuinengoni says:

    if those people in government who read our posts and dont care on them then they r enemies of our society. The MDF revelation is real! Fufuzani!

  37. Nicholas pwele says:

    Timpuza kuootcha future kumeneku

  38. nthandalanda says:

    Firing him is not enough. Mwansambo needs to be arrested as the money drawn is our taxes. So sad for our sick Malawi. Instead of using this money for development, someone is busy taking it home alone dubiousily. This is theft and nothing but theft. And the so called reformed police is quiet. Wake up, Malawi, there are so many of these thieves.

  39. Geoma says:

    If it is true, the best way could have been discipline him and recover the money, thru his monthly salary coz this problem has alot of players from the MBC accounts dept to State house personnel even the HRM Dept. it dz nt give good image just within a year the whole communication personnel get fired…and hiring a new person its costly everywhere than firing, so second chance wud have bn the best option. The next team will not be working freely fearind what haz happened to their colleagues, surfice to say what we are hearing here might be just an iceberg of a bigger problem

  40. cash gate says:

    mbabva izi ife tinkadziwa, tulo amalawi anthu anaba zambiri ndiye ndikuwaikanso mboma panopa alibe mantha azingoba basi

  41. B Njiwa says:

    Walemera miyezi 8 si mamillion amenewo plus ma allowance

  42. Nkhombokombo says:

    What a loss! This guy was so good at MBC. The change to State House has messed him up. The morning show of every saturday on MBC were very entertaining whenever he was anchoring. You other Radio Stations, here is a man worthy fighting for. May your talents not be wasted.

  43. dyton Chiwaya says:


    1. Bongololo says:

      How about you just speak for yourself if YOU are a thief too!

  44. Che Nkope Weni weni! says:

    Where are we on the issue of Employees of Macra who have abused office by supplying nyemba and ufa from within the organization at a high cost? Nanga za ku MIT zili pa ti komweko ku Macra. ACB, AUDIT

  45. bakili said says:

    Mr president mwayamba bwino anthu oterewa ndi amene akugwetsa dziko lathu nde ngakhale amukhithowo musayike ayi. ………… more fire Peter moto kuti buuuuuuuuu! !!!!!!!asafuna akakolope ku nyanja

  46. Murray says:

    Mwansambo, dyelatu limeneli. But Mr. President, why spare Mukhito? Cashgate is everywhere. He should go too.

    One more, also investigate the former Big Big PS. Minister of Lands, Bwana Saka. Nawonso tinamva kuti akudya pawiri………

  47. Mr.Bambo says:

    Where is Timpunza being deployed to?ADL perhaps?

  48. Apa zikuonetsabe kuti umbava ukupitirira,APM choti udziwe ncakuti anthu ena akamacotsedwa cifukwa chakubwera President wina sizitanthauza kuti anthuwo anangowakhumba ayi,koma kumakhala kukonza za mtsogolo…Chitsanzo ndi Peter Mukhito,adalakwa zoculuka inuyo mdampanga hire kaciwiri,taonani lero!Ganizirani bwino achotsedwenso ameneyu!

  49. Special advisor says:

    If the story is true, I feel very sorry for Mwansambo. He seems to have been well brought up, so not sure where he got this flu to become corrupted like that. I pray that he should look up to God and repent from these ways. He is full of compassion, enough to forgive and restore. Zakale amazisandutsanso zatsopano. And for Peter, keep it up if indeed you did it not out of spite from Mwansambo’s colleagues. And you should go further, repent all the past wrongs and earnestly seek to be right again with God. He is a forgiving God. You have much greater chances to start again. Remember Zakeyo, uja anachita kukwelera mumtengo? Go do likewise.

  50. Rabinson Kayeya Saka says:

    This issue is similar to that of Mwanamveka some few years ago, he was not fired, please advise what was done to him. The same could also apply to Timpuza

  51. clement says:

    Forgive him the guy is just too good to our blue colour.Again the president Prof APM,forgive Mwansamba and give him one more chance. We are human beings and we can make mistake.

  52. Koma Kumeneko says:

    Timpunza & Brian Banda they just need to stick to their profession thats where their monies are they are very skilled young people koma ndale ziwasokoneza

  53. chatonda says:

    The president is wrong, what he should have done was to investigate and recover the other salary through advance. That is how this issue could have been handled. Accounts people in government are very slow to change pay point later alone names on the payroll. This was not Timpunza’s problem but accounts people. Let Timpunza be recalled back to work and let the accounts personnel sort out the mess.

  54. ANALYST says:

    Dziko lathu ndi lovunda (rotten society)! Kulibe munthu wolungama in our system – and I can prophesy that this country will remain like this for the next 100 years! You can bark and shout from hilltops that you are fighting corruption, thievery, etc – but you will not win! Every govt official and civil servant has in his/her time been involved in some “cashgate”!

  55. Garven Masewo says:

    I am not surprised at all. However, the salarygate issue has overshadowed what some of us saw in this young man befitting sacking. He is rude, arrogant, impudent, self centered, level headed, foul mouthed. He has no regard for his seniors. He should be feeling too bad. I am just wondering whether MBC will take him back since as public servant, he has a case of theft to answer.

    1. just got says:

      Rude and level headed in one sentence? kalembensoni

  56. phiri la dzunje says:

    kodi achimwene tikudziweni dzina lanu ndinu yani? Nanga mumachokera kuti? a president akuchotsani ntchito akuti chifukwa mumalandila ma salary awiri kodi ndizoona? moti inuyo mumalandiradi ma salary awiriwo musakananeyi mpakana miyezi 8 kikikikiki Timpuza ndiwe munthu ochititsa manyazi ndipo omvetsa chisoni

  57. yuona says:

    DPP has to sacrifice Mwansambo kuti zioneke ngati akufuna kukonza zinthu. Ine ndikanamukhulupilira APM akanaimitsa ntchito all those involved in this saga.

  58. Ineyo says:

    Is sacking a solution to every problem? What about stopping one of the salaries and recovering past payments from the other? That way, the country would get its money back, and we will continue to enjoy Mwansambo’s services.

  59. Sorrowful says:

    Mr President may be just give him a strong warning letter and tell him to pay back the money accordingly please assist the boy.

  60. Mtonga says:

    Sure Timpuza was receiving two salaries, BUT:¨

    1. He is not the only one, names have been mentioned already of some who are doing exactly that. So to be fare and square persons like Mukhito should also go!

    2. It is not Timpuza`s fault. He is being paid by the same payment system.

    3. I suspect Timpuza`s downloadfall was being set up. Someone knew that this would happen and they must also have guessed right that Timpuza would raise no alarm seeing double salaries into his account.

    A Timpuza, muzichenjera nanunso. I hope you put the money to good use.


  61. Titus Skoti says:

    Ena akuti APM walakwa kuchotsa Timpunza ‘coz ndiyekhayo anavala suit yakuda kukachita cover maliro a late Prof. Bingu wa Mutharika ndiye amumvere chisoni, my foot!! That is narrow-mindedness. Kuba ndikuba kaya dzulo anachita zabwino bwanji, theft should never be condoned. What the president has done is to deter others from doing the same. Ngati ena akuchita, aphunzirepo akabweze ndalama zomwe analandirazo, ndikupepesa. Why double pay? Nkhwidzi ndi ndalama bwanji? I say, keep it up Mr. President. People should take you seriously when you say you cannot keep sacred cows. Ku State House ena amaona ngati sangapezeke akamachita za chinyengo. Let sanity prevail in Malawi. If we are ever going to develop, there is need for moral decay to be removed from our society. NO MORE ENTERTAINING MEDIOCRITY!!!!!

  62. ukitiukiti says:

    timanena kulankhula pa wailesi kapena kulemba nkhani doent make one a good press officer but experience. instead of taking people who are already known as PROs with good repute tikumatenga atolankhani vuto lake ndi limeneli. amayamba kudana ndi atolankhani anzawo komanso kufuna kuba. there are many experienced PROs the statehouse can tap from why notget one around?

  63. Omex70 says:

    When a Radio Presenter accepts political appointments, that how their carrier and reputation end.

  64. zingati zanu says:

    Zako ndi zingati koma tiwone titani ndi zotsalazo. Mowa sumamwa ndye umatani nazo gay iwe. Tipatse zathu

  65. yadula says:

    chifukwa choti ndi mchewa akadakhala mulomwe sakadamchotsa thats not gd.

  66. Dr Callister Daniel Phiri says:

    Timpuza Mwansambo=Salary Gate

  67. choyamba says:

    Kwatsala ku Central Medical Stores Trust watch this space once APM gets hold of management imposing his relations in order to gain favours. After a work up call of NACGATE he will not want aunt Getu kumulakwitsaso if indeed he has interest of Malawians at heart

  68. Dr Callister Daniel Phiri says:


  69. Mbava zayamba kupangirana nsanje ndi ambiri akupanga zimenezo

  70. Mlopwana mowe says:

    Sindikuonapo nkhani apa chifukwa Timpuza siwa ku accounts iya zangokuvutani a president

  71. Malanga langa says:

    Mwina nkukwatilako Mbale wanga uyu Timpunza

  72. ujeni says:

    What about Mukhito?

  73. Likoma Economist says:


  74. freedom says:

    I think there is something bigger than this.state house is supposed to be for people with high integrity and you build them by displine them not fire fire,jobs are had to get and let me take this opportunity to present my opinion on all this finance mess in Malawi, the salary table is way too old. Imagine 45 000 Mk for a civil servants… What can one buy with this to run the daily affairs of the home,madzi, magetsi,ma fees,hospital,transport,rent,chimanga,daily food,hygiene,clothes,etc.
    this is a do you expect them to can never have healthy economy from hungry workers,you can not expect delivery when leaving is sky high. The traditional say goes woyenga mafuta satuwa,mbuzi yimadya pamene mwayimangilira,
    so end all this you better and wages by 120% first and you will see how our economy and climes Will decrease.lets not be chasing the shadow can never collect this economy alone as your tax collection comes from the civil servants too.they contribute significantly through pay as you earn,and 70% of what they earn is paid through indirectly taxes ie water,electricity,bus fairs ,food stuffs,fuel,and so forth. No its high time the minister of finance should agree with me on this can not devalue the kwach with 50% and increase the wages with no ways
    people will cheat your system no matter what .pay them well
    even hungry tamed dogs would eat you if you don’t feed them some research on this and you will agree.that is why we are poor people on earth.greedness,we need an affordable life the way the MPs asked.where will you get revenue when our take home is little.

  75. ndadabwa says:

    mr president you are kicking out timpuza for drawing 2 salaries what about you ministers getting 2 allowances when they are travelling abroad. one allowance from from a statutory company one from line ministry. one good example is minister of information

  76. soko says:

    You have made him a thief he never requested to get two salaries. Why spare the home boy?

  77. mtambo says:

    Mukhito is just a fat fool!!

  78. C Sekeani says:

    Angobweza zinazo, nchito zikuvuta kupeza izi. 4gv the guy.

  79. MBACHI says:


  80. Kadakwiza says:

    Job well done Mr. President. Now here is your right hand man Mr. Mkhito what will you do? Leave him alone, I don’t think so. Kick him out as well.

  81. MADALA says:

    Sapasa pa manja ayaaa !!

  82. waichukucha says:

    Prison officers that graduated are called prison warders not prisoner warders

  83. popapo says:

    Malawians do we have to praise the President for sacking Timpuza really! A Head of State being involved in petty salary issues ? No wonder we are on auto pilot.

  84. freedom says:

    The issue of double salary does not add up for some one to lose employemt without warning .the people that need to be disciplined for this mispayment is the salaries office from w

  85. Jemusi says:

    MBC is at fault. Why were they paying Mwansambo when he was already getting a salary at state house. Mukhwito should also be fired. He has shown that he is incompetent.


  87. Mucracker_2 says:

    Remnants of Cashgate. Anazolowera kuba awa

  88. pyuta says:

    a timpuza dyera, dovu kuti chuu!chuu!chuu! ngati fisi

  89. wafederation says:

    Also check on the retired Generals who have been posted to ADL and NOCMA respectively, they r drawing from the MDF and where they r working now. No double standards!

  90. manyasa says:


  91. Alufeyo says:

    Mukhito is not to blame. Mwansambo had a responsibility to correct the anomally. MBC management didi not make any mistake as the letter states clearly that MBC shall continue paying Mwansambo and Govt has reimburse MBC on quartely basis. However how was statehouse paying him? Through payroll or pamanja.

  92. joe says:

    Why spare Mukhito he has to go as well secondly MBC Accounts why maintained him on your payroll and yet you knew that he was transfered?

  93. gwazayani Talapesi says:

    greedy and nkhanza boy, no surprise

  94. Patriot says:

    Paja zinkamvekanso kuti wina ngati mwanamveka naye ankalandira ma salaries awiri mpaka 3 years wo osanenapo kanthu?
    Alipo wina akulandirabe ma salaries awiri ndiye akufuna kuchita divert attention pa ameneyu.

  95. Kangankude says:

    Yes do not spare Mukhito,,,investigate him and let justice b done

  96. Think Tank says:

    Sometime mid-last year i advised those people who are already doing well in their careers to think twice when they are being offered posts by a mere appointment by politicians. Once you accept,your mentality becomes political,and when this happens we know that you will throw your professionalism away and become a liar,greedy,puppet on the string,regionalistic,tribalistic,corrupt and a crook. All you need to do is one step out and you become a used condom. I appeal again to professionals,enjoy your careers and dont be taken by the trappings which go with appointments. They are dangerous and can easily ruin your name.

  97. Che mkwepele says:

    Sorry. Chinyau chaonekela tu ma legs

  98. Wodzichepetsa says:


    Pan yopanga…….ndimanja imaphwasuka ndi manja

  99. Koma Inu says:

    How can this happen. There are some employees hired many months ago and there are not being paid due to inefficiency of the civil service. They are struggling to support their families and yet some civil servants are being paid twice? Malawi Government? Really? What so called civil service restructure commission are you there? Please have the newly hired civil servants paid. They have families to feed.

  100. Chifwamba says:

    Koma zokuwonelani inuyo a Timpu kumaba?muwuza chani mtundu wa a Malawi?

  101. Limk says:

    Sorry Timpuza, politicians always care about their reputation at the expense of others. APM and his wife siphoned money from NAC (consequently, Global fund has stopped wiring money to NAC largely because of this) and bribed journalists but they did not fire themselves neither did we fire them (may be the citizens are fools). Now that you were receiving two salaries, you wronged but the effect is too mild as compared to the effect of corruption undertaken by these greedy politicians. APM is trying to do damage control; you are an atonement for his bad deeds. This is how filthy politicians repay good works, all good things that men do are interred together with their bones but evil things that they did live after them. Lastly, to my fellow Malawians, these things are common, he is not the only one.

  102. idi amini says:

    I can’t see the problem here. It is MBC Human reosource which is at fault. They could have removed him on pay roll. Where was he suppozed to get his pay anyway?

  103. idi amini says:

    Ha ha ha zoona Mr president? Its not wealthy for… Where was he supposed to get his perks? He was a former worker of MBC and u appointed him to work at s.h. it was the role of MBC human resource

  104. Nyikwi says:

    Koma Bwampini iwe, ndiye utsalanso ndi anthu koma? Just 8 Months you have changed 2 Presidential Press Secretaries, kuliri pomwe mumalizire zaka zisanumo mukhala mutatsala ndi munthu.

    Bwampini mchifukwa chake lero uli busu kuyendera maokala kutseka masitolo, ntchito zoyenera Anthony Kasunda ku Assembly’ko….!! Mbuzi iwe Bwampini nyaapapi

  105. Kankwala says:

    Zimachitika m’bale wanga. Kuba ndi kuba basi.

  106. glen says:

    Whe people say dumped at kanin’gina;What does that mean?Kanin’gina is a branch studio just like the other 2;what’s so special about mwansambo to not work in Mzuzu?
    This is why people from the north get angry! Is Mzuzu not part of Malawi? or Is Mzuzu not city enough for Timpuza to stay at? Who is Timpuza?

  107. Sam says:

    Sucking him alone is not enough but he should pay back the 8 months salary he got paid from MBC.

    The whole Malawi is rooted in corruption, how can he get salary at MBC after being relocated to another institution? Why did the accountant at MBC acredited his bank account after the guy left MBC? A Malawi , we are not serious enough in developing our nation no wonder Malawi ranked first poorest country in the world because of people like him. Please ACB arrest the guy and made pay him back all 8 months salary he got from MBC

  108. Zuze says:

    What you spend many days building can be destroyed overnight? I liked Timpunza.

  109. ambuya chik kay says:

    dziko ndi lozungulira ili! thats how talented people are destroyed…greed

  110. Thino says:

    Nanga Mukhito bwa, chifukwa ndi mlomwe?

  111. Piche Yakiti says:

    Why spare Mukhito Mr President?

  112. wanda says:

    APM will wake one day find himself in a very shameful and regretabi situation because of people like mukhitho, mwansambo etc. Cash gate is everywhere in govt ministries and departments. No wonder Malawi ranks number one in poverty. Shame on Malawians

  113. matin Saidi says:

    Investigate Mukhito as well

  114. Dziko says:

    Koma mbambadi inuyo mumaba a Mwansambo?Tayang’anani pa camerapo anthu akuwoneni bwinobwino..inuyo mumatenga ma salary awiri?….vomerani timve,musakaneyi.Ndipo osatekesekayi kuti mukulandira ma salry awiri?

  115. Vinyemba Msautso says:

    Khululukani a President. Timpunza ndiyekhayo analimba mtima kuvala suit ya black kukachita cover maliro a the late Bingu. He risked his job, that’s why he was damped in Kaning’ina. One thing you should know Mr. President is that, anthu aba ndalama osati ka salary ngati komwe amakatamuka nako a Timpuza ayi. Komatu anthu akubawo akugwirabe ntchito. uyo akunjoya ku USA mpaka lero, Ralph, Paul, the least is endless. Khululukani abwana.

    1. bratusha says:

      Mtima woti poti waba pang’ono ndiye asachitidwe discipline ndiye ukupha ife a Malawi.

  116. Masiku says:

    Even Mwanamveka Kalero ankalandiraso Salary Ku Wiri………sizodabwitsa iziiii

    1. makito says:

      So it is fine in your opinion? Retrogressive thinking

  117. Malawiana says:

    I think am beginning to believe in this APM guy that he will clean up the usual mess in the system. If he keeps doing this, then bye bye Chakwera.

  118. Obsever says:

    Ka mini cashgate! Salarygate!! kkkkkkkk (cash gate in different form)

  119. where are Malawians? says:

    How could the accounts system at MBC and State House allow this to happen? Do they not know how salaries of seconded people are handled? This was a calculated move to siphon our emaciated tax funds….shame!

    ts seems some evil Malawians are hell bent to siphon as much as possible from the government… is this theft by trick or what?

  120. Kafodya Imdzomdzo says:

    Yes Mukhito was supposed to be sacked first before Timpuza. I think he will be sacked soon…

  121. Dr Nyemba wa Callister says:

    Sack Chimwemwe Banda also.

  122. KASIYAMALIRO says:

    Double salaries! Regrets. Blue coloured boy, perhaps not such a fair observation for some of us who followed him with sober interest. Bingu made him blue. He liked this guy:”He called him my son”. He liked the way Timpuza presented some programs on the TV.He has talent. He is not of the Muhlakho genes. I have no ill feeling for this guy. Sometimes shit happens and it sometimes happens because you are shitted on.

  123. Zozoro says:

    Bravo APM

  124. mapwiya says:

    Sack Mukhito as well.

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