Malawi leader says China visit immense success

Malawian President Peter Mutharika Sunday returned home from China where he among other things attended the World Economic Forum (WEF) and discussed development projects with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang.

President Peter Mutharika is welcomed by the Vice President Saulos Chilima at Kamuzu International Airport - Pic by Stanley Makuti

President Peter Mutharika is welcomed by the Vice President Saulos Chilima at Kamuzu International Airport – Pic by Stanley Makuti

Speaking on arrival at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe, President Mutharika described the visit as an immense success.

He said Malawi would continue to benefit from the Republic of China in a number of projects which are yet to be established in the country.

“There are about seven projects which the two Governments have agreed to work on and Minister of Trade and Industry will go to the Peoples’ Republic of China to meet with Minister of Commerce to look at the technical details of the projects,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika who did not give out the details of the projects which are yet to be established said this is in terms of technical and financial support from China.

The President also said Malawi would benefit a lot in terms of implementation of its economic reforms.

Other projects which Mutharika mentioned when he was in China were about the construction of water reservoirs in the country.

While in China, the Malawi President toured about seven irrigation schemes and concluded that water harvesting can help Malawians to have adequate food throughout the year.

China is a crucial partner to Malawi Government since 2008, they have been supporting Malawi in a number of areas such as irrigation and infrastructure development and it is also a free trade area for over 400 products.

World Economic Forum is a platform that brings together world leaders ranging from political to business to discuss challenges facing trade and investment across the Global.

Malawi established diplomatic relations with Beijing on December 28, 2007 after severing ties with Taiwan with which it had relationship for 41 years.

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41 thoughts on “Malawi leader says China visit immense success”

  1. food for thought says:

    Kodi are we as malawians assuming that these agreements made at such a level are concluded in the same manner in which you conclude business at your local “wokala” when buying sweets??? smh. Lets wait and see what these meetings lead to in time.

  2. Zangazatha says:

    A Ngulu simungathe kulamulila dziko

  3. The Patriot says:

    Define success Mr President!!

  4. Zaya says:

    Mwanavenkha, Minister of Industry and Trade, was on APM’s entourage on this trip. He has to go back again to China to sign documents that he could have signed last week? Kodi iyeyu anasamba potani kuti he should be spending more time outside Malawi than the time that he actually spends in his office? He was in the UK recently (“wooing” investors), then to SADC summit in Botswana, then joined APM to China. He will probably join the mapwevupwevu trip to New York next week, and then back to China? Forex yake akuchita print yekha ku nyumba kwache?

  5. jimbo says:

    I am lost for words to describe this useless DPP government and it leader, but I will try: clueless, head in the sand, lost in space, doesn’t know its head from its arse, fiddling while the country runs to ruin, on the road to nowhere, demands respect and ulemu but doesn’t earn it, etc. etc. etc. Basically full of the proverbial sh**.

  6. NGUNGUZIE says:

    Joyce Banda magetsi samaonjeza chonchi or madzi kodi boma limeneli tikhalire zimenezi

  7. ujeni says:

    Welcome abwana. Malwi sinasinthe ai. Kwacha continues to nose dive, Things are so exorbitant including life saving stuffs such as maize. high unemployment etc, etc. Inu abwana kukuliona bwanji dzikoli?

  8. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Empty talk as usual. This is bad storry telling. Where are the investors that APM brought fromk USA during his first visit there? We were told he has brought a lot on investors. !2 monbths down the line the story if the same.
    Who would invest in a corrupt country like ours? We m,ust be jokers to think others will feel “sorry” for us. We do things upside down.
    This mentality of begging and being “helped” has gone too far. Unfortunately such talk has also tricked down to hewe povos who expect somebidy to help them find food to eat. What type of a country have we become?

  9. Sake Chilling says:

    I concur with comment from 25 (Analyst). Why not request for assistance that will get Green Belt Project started?

  10. vwapuvwapu says:

    tiwonera limodzi.

  11. Jang'ala says:

    S.Chisale ndakumvesa wayanenaa mfundo yaikulu. President amene azathese vuto la magesi mMalawi muno ndiyemwe azatukula dzikoli.

  12. ungwelu says:


  13. Nathan says:

    Ichi ndichochititsa manyazi kwambiri! Kuchita kupita ku China kukapempha kuti adzatisungire madzi! Purofesa wakuti wosadziwa kasungidwe ka madzi? Pitala, pita kwa ophunzira pa Bunda akakuphunzitse kasungidwe ka madzi.

  14. Patriot says:

    The Jet was chartered by “a well wisher” if you know what I mean?
    kkkkkkk (Reserve Bank= Well wisher)
    Next week akukagona ku Waldorf Astoria in New York ndi delegation ya anthu 100.
    More fire on malawians.
    We are dying bcoz of this good for nothing leadership


    Let’s accept that Malawi is the poorest of the poor country. No we can change as many presidents as we can,even up to 50,will NEVER be developed. Go out of Malawi to see what am talking about. A country without even a single natural minerals,can and will never attract much foreign investments. May b things will change if and when Jesus comes again,but @ the moment….keep on praying that may be things will change. We will point fingers til we change colour,Malawi is and will remain the same,UNDER DEVELOPED

  16. Tasokwa says:

    Kodi ma project wo ukuwabisa ngati ndi akunyumba kwako bwanji iwee. Ngati ali a dziko ukuyenereka kunena basi. Zautsiru sitifuna ife wamva. Tikuvutika ifee

  17. ANALYST says:

    Pano mwayamba za water harvesting, mwasiya Green Belt Initiative ija?? Which concept will you follow to eradicate hunger??? Mukungopanga try and error???? Mxiiiiiiii

  18. nophiya says:

    malawians always want president to govern the country the way yu wish. since yu dont know even fandamental principles of governance. All malawians ignorantly sick. literancy medication is needed in malawi,

  19. Howard Kachipanda says:

    Sramble for Africa at its best. Koma ngati mullnso ma components a water and infrastructure dev. , asapite yekha wa Trade yo. Anzakewo apite nawo. Ali ndi gawo lalikulu ndiye akhale leader of delegation

  20. Brazilian Wax says:

    Definition of success in Malawi never stops amazing me.

  21. Chitsilu chakufikapo says:

    So this fool went to China to beg for financial aid yet he is flying in a private jet……..the West is really laughing at us lying in bed with China.

  22. S.Chisale says:

    Any leader who will solve the energy, power or electricity challenge in this country will be the one who will have laid the foundation for development in this country. Anything else is cheap talk.

  23. bottomani says:

    If wishes were horses beggars would ride. Petulo would have many horses.

  24. Kudambwe says:

    ” Immense success??? ( Immensely successful)” we have heard this phrase so many times before with nothing to shoe for. Next week Mathanyuka and his team are headed to New York for The UN General Assembly. ( Nobody cares how much its going to cost the tax payers) It will be the same old same old bullshit when he comes back…….. ” Mutharika had high level meetings in New York with Investors and Malawi will be swapped with these clueless/non-existant investors and we will sink deep into economic turmoil!…… ” Dzuka Malawi Dzuka nkale lija unayambe kugona!”

  25. Truck says:


  26. watchfuleyes says:

    Good to see that private jets are being chartered again to shuttle you and your entourage around …… signs of a booming economy! You just don’t ever get it, do you Mutharika’s? Phd in theft!

  27. MWANA WA A NGWAZI says:




  28. angoni apaphata says:

    Ndiye akumavala mandala a tinted. Kkkkkkkkk….. Koma yeah. A president n a vice. Dziko ladxibwana ndithu.

  29. Makwasa says:

    Now the Chinese are going to flood Malawi and mess up the already downward spiral economy like they did in Zambia. Mind you Mr Mathanyula, you do not borrow money to boost your economy…… economics 101.

  30. Dwambazi says:

    Is he going to The UN general Assembly in New York next week??? how much money are we saving????. He cant even tell us what the projects are other than water reservoir. Beware of ” made in China goods”

  31. Chimani. Game says:

    Did this thing fly private?

  32. Peter Failure says:

    All countries with ties to China have their economy in shumbles. Malawi has the highest bank interest rates in the world. We are the poorest eish.

  33. phwitiko says:

    welcome back mwene

  34. Tengupenya says:

    Dealing with China has benefits and also has pitfalls. China gives you hardware (infrastructure) but compromises on technical training and skill transfer. Real net benefit comes when these hardware projects are grants or are used for productive purposes that grow the economy. So it is up to the recipient countries to negotiate grant or soft loans for infrastructure projects in productive sectors like irrigation, power generation/green energy, roads and rail network, forestry, telecommunications, housing, water resources management, and technical colleges and secondary education infrastructure. Sport stadia without competitive sports that grow the economy are white elephants! They will be a drain on the economy in maintenance and underuse. Malawians spend too much leisure time on non sports activities like drinking, watching EPL on tele, .., which do not require stadia. Consider sports bars and cafés instead of stadia.

  35. Jon says:

    The VP went to Israel and told us the same story about water.

    The government is fast becoming a bad story teller. Telling stories of no significance. Weaving tales of false hopes. Cooking stale promises and tasteless words.

    Your talk is cheap. What happened to “Ntchito Za manja “?????

  36. malawi says:

    China is contributing to poverty in countries with poor thinking leaders.

    1. Folex is lost thr importing poor quality goods from China.
    2. Chinese shop owners invest in mW their profits.
    3. All buildings done by China 80% of materials r imported from China. Including unskilled labour.

  37. Chisomo Nturiha says:

    Development of MUST Ili pomwepo koma sitingakuwuzeni anthu aku Mpoto Nsanje. Timanganso stadium Ku Blantyre. Thanks

  38. ... says:

    Za zi
    Akatenganso ngongole yoti ife amalawi tizabvutika kubwenza.
    Very clueless lomwe mbendera/nyirenda president.

  39. Sauka says:

    Guys don’t work like uneducated pple u got too many unaccomplished projects like the Nsanje Port. Would someone wake up from slamber to try sort out the Nsanje port mess and finish the project before embarking on another project.

  40. The real ujeni says:

    Bwana President, you’re running out of lies, you went to America on your arrival you said you signed deals with investors and they are coming to invest. We are still waiting, you went to Ethiopia, you came back said the same, but nothing is coming out or showing the fruits of your trips. Now you went to China, you come back lying again. Why don’t you just keep quiet to avoid embarrassing yourself.

  41. moya says:

    Ooooh abwelako atakalawa nyama ya galu ,njoka ndi achule kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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