Malawi leaders congratulate Mwawi for winning global Athlete of the Year Award

President Peter Mutharika and main opposition Malawi Congress Party’s  (MCP) president Dr. Lazurus Chakwera on took to social media to congratulate netball shooter Mwawi Kumwenda for winning the International World Games Association (IWGA) Athlete of the Year award.

Mwai Kumwenda is now global super star

Mwai Kumwenda is now global super star

Mwawi, Malawi’s only netball export and Africa’s only netballer competing in the ANZ Championship – the world’s most prestigious netball league– in New Zealand, won the award after she got a landslide votes ahead of Russian dance couple, Dmitry Zharkov and Olga Kulikova.

According to results posted on IWGA website, the Queens’ sharpshooter was confirmed winner of IWGA Athlete of the Year after amassing 17, 910 votes.

Second place went to the Flying Disc Beach Ultimate Mixed Team from Germany with 9,168 votes while the Russian dancesport couple, Dmitry Zharkov and Olga Kulikova have been ranked third (7,722 votes).

A trophy will be awarded to Mwawi in cooperation with the International Netball Federation.

Writing on his official lnstragram and Facebook account, Mutharika wished the netballer continued success as she looks forward to participating in many netball events ahead of her.

“Gertrude and I join Malawi and Africa in congratulating Mwawi Kumwenda for winning the International World Games Association (IWGA) Athlete of the Year award at a young age. This is a tremendous achievement of which we are all proud of,” the Malawi President said.

“It brings to our nation immense satisfaction when a Malawian earns such global recognition beyond our shores. Her journey to success; perseverance, hard work, commitment and patriotism will remain a source of inspiration for our young people; we hope that many will follow in her footsteps,” Mutharika said.

While Chakwera, who is also the Leader of Opposition, claimed that Mwawi deserved the award and that her achievement should remind ” us what we can each achieve for our country if we work together and support each other.”

“I am delighted to hear that the International World Games Association (IWGA) has given Mwawi Kumwenda the 2015 Athlete of the Year Award, having beaten 17 other candidates from all over the world.

“For me personally, it was an honour to vote for her, but I also want to thank all of you who responded positively to my public appeal for your support for this impressive daughter of Malawi. You deserve this award, our support, and all the doors of opportunity opening up for you,” posted Chakwera on his Facebook page.

Former president Bakili Muluzi said he was “happy” with the news that Mwawi has received the award.

“I am so happy for Mwawi Kumwenda. She has made Malawi proud of her achievements and many will be encourages that yes we can achieve our ambitions,” said Muluzi.

Malawi’s immediate former president Joyce Banda also congratulated Mwawi through her personal assistant Andekuche Chanthunya.

Meanwhile, the netballer has dedicated the award to Malawians and all people who inspired, motivated and challenged her “in my life along the way to get to where I am right now.”

“Just as common wisdom dictates that one single hand cannot clap, and one leg cannot – on its own – run, I too could never have done it all alone. This is why, I am grateful to you all great people who have come this far, with me.

“To netball players from all the teams that I have played in, including the Malawi Queens and Tactix (my current club) and more importantly, those that I have played against: thank you for being part of the game.

“For all of the advice and wise words you’ve provided me over the last several years and all of the incredible strength you’ve forced me to see in myself. Because of you, I am today stronger and more capable to do anything I set my heart to,” said Mwawi.

She also took trouble to extend her gratitude to President Mutharika, Leader of Opposition Chakwera, Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya and Minister of Sports Grace Chiumia for putting political differences aside to unite and rally behind her cause.

“Your unity in this quest is why Malawi has won with a landslide victory. It goes to show that – together – as a people and as one family, we can go farther. We can scale the highest heights; and we can do more and better for dear Malawi,” said Kumwenda.

She then promised to “keep fighting, keep living, keep training hard, and keep dreaming.”

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36 thoughts on “Malawi leaders congratulate Mwawi for winning global Athlete of the Year Award”

  1. Mapwevupwevu says:

    What the fuck is the international world games association?

  2. Philason says:

    Das gud , we all happy with u mwai

  3. James Tsamwa says:

    What’s this? Is it news in Malawi? Never heard of this, neither does the world. Sad Africa, sad Malawi.

  4. chizaso says:

    Mwayi is a Malawian. There is no nation by the name north

  5. MR SIPUNI says:


  6. Mike says:

    After voting this is what we are getting from northerners. I need my votes back. enough of this arrogance. No wonder we will never vote for a northerner, because of this type of attitude.

  7. Timothy says:

    so u have made us proud ha.. we r very very proud ha…..

  8. wika says:

    2019 iwill vote MWAI asthe president of Malawi not mr IBU.

  9. The Partriot says:

    This is the Malawi we all want to live in, united and no ethnic boundaries, just National pride. As a very proud Northerner I congratulate Mwai for putting MALAWI on the world map and more importantly(as far as we the Northerners are concerned), putting the North on the Malawi map! Yes, Mwai Kumwenda is a Northerner, and yes ena zikuwapweteka! There are some bigots in Malawi that consider a Northerner as a bogey man for all the trouble in Malawi.
    And, no musatiletse kunena izi: chinthu chikalakwika and a Northerner is involved the haters stand at an antihill releasing verbal gabbage against all Northerners! Koma pano Mwawi has won an international award ndiye amvekere Malawi, Malawi!! Eish , nyozanitu a kumpoto lero!
    Get a life guys, Northerners are Malawians and no matter how you oppress us, we will conquer, if you oppress us here we go international and conquer!!
    Musovenge! Musatiletse kusangalala kuti Mwawi ndi mwana wakwithu! Ngati zakuwawani pitani kwanu mukapeze netballer mumuike mu National team ndiye tione ngati anangawine award!!

  10. Eya! says:

    Out of interest, can someone say much about mwai’s marital status? Is she single or “double”? Has she any child? I guess next time she may champion AIDS fight depending on her moral aptitude.

  11. Ankhwinda says:

    A Najere Chitekwe Gelevulo kumayamika zinthu zikakhala bwino nthawi zina nawenso madalitso amakuyandikila

  12. sam says:

    Congrats you have made malawi proud

  13. Najere Chitekwe Gelevulo says:

    Malawians..very good at celebrating mediocrity. This is nothing. There is no reputable organization in this world that recognizes its outstanding athletes by allowing every Jack and Jill to vote. Iyi inangokhala ngati Big Brother (Vote for your own!) Even those who do not watch netball in Malawi just voted for the compatriot. In addition, the organization that organized this competition is unknown entity. That is why Russians did not waste time to vote for their own. Koma kuMalawi with myriad of problems, this gives at diversion, an opium to mask the pain. I do not think there is anything worthy celebrating.

    I know we have been deprived of anything closer to be labeled as “success” for too long

  14. ananveruwa akwa nkumba says:


  15. I congratulate myself for voting Mwawi repeatedly and with the hope that we can put mother Malawi through the effort of Mwawi Kumwenda. Further congratulations to her parents, marketing team, the leaders of all the parties in Malawi and the media houses I congratulate you people and keep it up and do it to some more Malawians to come – I thank you.

  16. kate says:

    Congrats Mwana wa ku kaya Nyakumwenda. very proud of you.

  17. KJ says:

    Viwemi vyose mwana wakwithu ! Chiuta wakusunge. I have a proposal for you however. Can you now take advantage of your achievement to impact and inspire the youth ? I propose that you establish ” MWAYI EDUCATION TRUST ” whose focus will be to support girls education in Malawi . Trust me, everyone will be willing to work with you. This is the institution that will also give you good job after your retirement . Think about it.

  18. Bololo says:

    Invest in Netball Mr President. The structures, world class courts, and the league. Invite the private sector and lets do it as business.

  19. Namarokoro says:

    All yee who are filled wc jealousy of northerners manyazi bwa?? Lero mukuti Malawian, why cant you say this northerner? Can we be wrong to say she has made northern region proud not Malawi proud? Mulibe nzerudi anthu inu zitserekwete zachabechabe. If Malawi was comprised of people with northerners’ caliber, it would have been a better place.

  20. stel says:

    putting Malawi on the map,,congrats Mwawi

  21. Mike says:

    @Nedson Trouble Jere and Ngulenje you are pathetic idiots. Malawi doesn’t need people like you. This has got nothing to do with “wakwithu or wa kukaya”. We all voted as Malawians. Im from Mangochi and I voted more than 14 times believing that Mwawi is Malawian. You need to change your attitude because if only northerners were to vote, I don’t think she would have won.

  22. Namarokoro says:

    Congratulations Mwai. You are genius in netball, the likes of Lionel Messi, Michael Schumacher, late Jonah Lomu, Serena Williams, Usain Bolt, Kipchoge Keino, etc. You have written your name in the book of Greatest Sportsmen. And you are Malawian and beautiful. God bless you!!

  23. Cliff Manyela says:

    u r the best and u beat the rest Mwayi…big up

  24. BOKHO says:

    Great Right Honorable Chakwera for informing us to support our daughter Mwai thus good being good leader without nepotism and jelousy. Thanks to all who supported this young lady to win the trophy. Congrats Mwai you have bright future.

  25. gw says:

    we are proud of you, do not relent, keep on fighting

  26. Aggie K says:


  27. Pachirambo Usauichi says:

    Ndingamange nawe banja Mwai?

  28. true son of Malawi says:

    Malawi woyeeeeee Mwawi woyeeeee

  29. ngulenje says:

    Mwana wakwithu u really have made us proud especially ise wakuno kumpoto when many despises us GOD favours us ulutulizge Chiuta wakutumbike

  30. Imwe kanandi mukutemwa kunyoza za kumpoto nyozaniso apa tipulike. Uli sono kunozga apa. Mwawi watifyula soni tabena mpoto ku Malawi.

  31. KAITANO says:


  32. Anita says:

    Mwawi you have made us proud, let me Thank The president of Malawi Proffessor Aurther Peter Muthalika for Choosing such a wise sports Minister, Grace Obama Chiumia came to Intervene When NAM was fighting Mwayi believe me if this Minister relaxed. We wouldn’t be celebrating and just imagine to hide such a talented Girl Mr President you didn’t make Mistake for this Lady sports Minister . Let me also thank her Aunt Shupe for being able to release her ,minister continue to humble your self. Am one of the netball lovers and was very much concern and following up the fight of NAM And Mwayi, that’s why I failed to keep my appreciation to the President of Malawi.

  33. Joel says:

    Mwayi congratulation, you have made us proud, Malawi leaders that’s the way to go, let me thank Professor Author Peter Muthalika, A president Anthu,for Choosing your wise Minister of Sports Grace So called Obama Chiumia, this minister played a big role in the fight of Mwayi and Nam if it was not her, today as Malawi we would not be Celebrating. She humbled down to discuss with the Family ,thanks aunt Shupe for listening to the minister. Paja a NAM Ana nyanyala. To talk to her but Obama you tried . Mwayi. Your real friend is the lady who fault for you and remember her the rest of your life.sports administrators chonde respect your players you don’t know what comes next

  34. Sylvester Makina Phiri says:

    Congrats Mwayi Kumwenda we are all proud of you. And keep on putting our country on the map.

  35. Chinthu. says:

    Tumbuka on it’s best……congrats wakukaya.

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