Malawi legal hemp growing to start with trials -Minister

Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Allan Chiyembekeza has said President Peter Mutharika has approved the cultivation of industrial hemp.

Chiyembekeza: President Mutharika has approved trials

Chiyembekeza: President Mutharika has approved trials

Malawi will olny grow industrial hemp

Malawi will olny grow industrial hemp

The Minister has however said that the approval is for trial purposes in the country and explained that the industrial hemp is not the same as much talked about and known Indian hemp.

“Let me point out that industrial hemp is different from the much talked Indian hemp chamba or Cannabis Sativa] that is prohibited. This [industrial] hemp does not contain the psychoactive chemical elements that affect people when smoked even though it is from the same family of crops,” Chiyembekeza is quoted in a local paper.

Legalization of hemp has been of public debate in the country and during the last sitting of Parliament, it was also an issue in the House.

And University of Malawi economic professor based at Chancellor College in eastern city of Zomba, Ben Kalua said industrial Hemp has the potential to steer the country’s economy towards recovery.

Ntchisi North Member of Parliament Boniface Kadzamira who raised the issue during the last sitting of parliament said time has come for Malawi to wake up and reap from its resources.

The recent research which was led by Dr Yankel Gabet of Tel Aviv University, revealed that   Cannabis could be used in medicinal form to speed up the healing of broken bones.

Cannabis reportedly has a number of health benefits. A 2014 study found that THC reduced tumour growth in an aggressive strain of brain cancer within mice with virtually no psychotropic side-effects

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yes legalise hemp but not just industrial hemp. But its whole family of hemp,canabis whatever u call it….. Because here in malawi hemp is already legalised but not on can get hemp whenever he/she likes to have some so lets not beat about the bush LEGAlIZE chamba.period


Apa ndiye Economy yavutadi pa Malawi pano, zafika pololeza kulima Chamba! Bomali ndila anthu aChambadi okhaokha! Kwangotsala kuloleza Cocaine.

na lie! ‘industrial hemp’ and ‘indian hemp’ are different names for the same thing. that ‘psychoative compound’—i.e. THC—is a chemical that develops on the plant in warm/tropical climates (kind of like how melanin develops on the skin of people who live in such climates). Malawi will not succeed in growing cannabis that meets international standards that limit the amount of THC in order to qualify as ‘industrial’. this doesn’t mean that cannabis can’t grow there and be used for a number of different industrial uses. African countries shouldn’t cut and paste Western standards for agriculture (or anything else for that… Read more »

Chaka chino nde tibanda size kukana

Tchinga Chisoni

Achiyembekeza mumachedwa pat

Optic Computer

That’s betting! What if no other country buys from you? Amisala adzasowa nkhuti zotolamo mikute.


Kkkkkk bomalinso ndi la ganja shuwa nxaaaa


There are millions of other crops that we can grow without creating unnecessary problems if we chose to stop being lazy and started using our brains. Izi zachambazi tingoyambitsapo mavuto. There are surely some similarities between the two plants, and legalization will most probably be the enabler for crooks to intercrop….that’s when very serious problems will start. Think very carefully, not just for our sake but for future generations.

Xander Jimmy

Good move bwana president!……though enhancing legal framework to regulate such trial will be appropriate……but with current majority breed of MPs likely to face resistance due narrow and ossified thinking……..thanks HE for timely exercise of your executive powers!!!!!…….make sure the process is done as faster as possible……we really want poverty to be history!!……Salute to Hon Manduwa and Kadzamira as soon you gonna be proved right!


Koma munthu akhoza kusuta?

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