Malawi ‘Liberation Movement’ plans mass protests as Alliance cautions President Mutharika over intimidation

A group calling itself ‘Liberation Movement’ has vowed to stage mass protests in Malawi to the country’s mounting economic crisis.

Chimbanga: Mutharika must explain

Chimbanga: Mutharika must stop intimidating journalists

“We will stage mass protests in the streets of Lilongwe, Blantyre and Mzuzu. We want to make a statement against poverty, against worsening corruption in government, against electricity blackout, against government’s muzzling of independent media, against the failed state,” a statement issued by the Liberation Movement made available to Nyasa Times reads.

The movement says it has the backing of the  clergy,  academicians, economists, the media, legal fraternity and civil society.

The Liberation Movement (LM) said corruption has been institutionalised in the DPP regime.

“There is a latent warrant of arrest obtained from the Chief Resident Magistrate involving a high ranking official of the DPP Mr. Richard Makondi and a Malawian of Asian origin Mr. Muhammed involving millions of kwachas, but the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) is failing to process this warrant because Mr. Richard Makondi is a friend of the ACB Director, Mr. Lucas Kondowe and a National Organizing Secretary of the DPP,” the LM statement said.

“These are straight-forward cases of corruption and fraud involving DPP cadres in high positions that this government is failing to pursue. For example; Mr. Hiwa, Chief Executive Office of Roads Fund who awarded himself a lucrative contract; Mr. Hausi, Director of Finance at MERA for diverting MK3 billion to ADMARC without authority. In a sudden turn of events, Mr. Ishmael Chioko, a cash gate suspect is acting as Chief Executive Officer of MERA; Mr. Bwanali of Blantyre Water Board is only seeing out his contract with a case of corruption and abuse of EU Funds; Dr. Chauluka, CEO of TEVETA has been involved in embezzlement of several millions of Malawi kwacha but because he is Lomwe and a DPP cadre nothing has happened to him.”

The movement also  lamented the country’s economic crisis as a result of  misgoverning and lack of love and attention from a government which has totally abandoned its functions.

It said they will also march against electicity blackouts. Malawians are currently experiencing one of the worst load shedding schedules as utility provider Escom is rationing power to industries and homes.

The movement also condemened President Mutharika for his attempts to muzzle the independent media.

Mutharika recently described the media as disgusting, saying it peddled nonsense and garbage after reporting about his health.

“We will march against the intimidation of journalists. We are saying to the people of Malawi,  we’re taking the struggle for democratisation, the struggle against emerging dictatorship  to the streets, ” reads the statement.

Private media groups have since  threatened to stop reporting news about President Mutharika and his cabinet ministers if he continues to “intimidate” journalists.

Meanwhile, Transformation Alliance (TA), a newly formed political pressure group,  has said the media decision  to effect a blackout coverage on the President and his government is not strange.

“We have noted with discontent the executive arrogance displayed by the President and his government even on pertinent issues demanding his sober response. The glaring gaps in information management and dissemination by the current administration leaves it more exposed to criticism and investigations since responsible citizens want a transparent and accountable government especially when public officers are riding on our taxes.

“It is naive and insensitive for any sane leader and sensible government to expect the media to shut up and abandon its watchdog role when powers that be become more powerful and start governing the nation as a personal estate,” TA spokesperson Leonard Chimbanga said  in a statement.

Chimbanga said President Mutharika and his information handlers continue “goofing without any sign of coming back to their senses.”

“We don’t want an administration that wantonly takes away the media gains registered so far,” the statement reads.

Alliance  says  it does not condone unprofessional reporting and careless conduct by the media merely to harm the reputation of innocent individuals but there are clearly set procedures any  aggrieved party can take to have their concerns addressed unlike opting to public outbursts that simply aggravate the situation.

Nonetheless, Chimbanga said the media remains “a trusted whistle blower standing” and cautioned Mutharika and his government to stop making statements and innuendos against media personalities and stations that have potential to endanger their lives and existence.

The Alliance  was formed in August this year with a voice that Malawi urgently needs a complete overhaul of its political system to resolve prevailing political and socioeconomic challenges.

Its interim chairperson Moses Kunkuyu was the first Cabinet minister to be appointed by former president Joyce Banda when she assumed power in April 2012 after the death of president Bingu wa Mutharika. He served as government spokesman under Banda rule.

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Mukatha zonse mupite to Zomba Town Council mukawone zichita ma counselors kumeneko kuba ndalama zama projects kulemba ma ghost workers. Anthu anazolowela kusolora ndipo ma councilors a DPP saopa kanthu kaye management ya Zomba atumbuka okha okha sapatsidwa ulemu nawo ali busy kulembana ntchito okha okha basi.. Mavuto aliko this country will never prosper. Tiyeni tidzingokwatirana natibereka ana basi. Satana anakhazika ku Malawi

Pax Romana

You people are good at talking,Koma MANTHANSO too much.Anyway we shall see.


Muyenderetu mvula isadayambe, ngati mwasowa zochita yendani atumbuka inu

Kwacha Malawi
Chimbanga akamufunse Undule Mwakasungula what had happened July 20 ndizomvetsa chisoni kwambiri. Mass demonstrtation imalimbikitsa umbava kwambiri, later on anthu akadzaphedwa mudzati ndi a mademo pomwe zili bava. Anthu a demo samathamangira ma shop, PTC, ndi zina zoterezo. Kumbukirani a Kunkuyu ndi amake aja m’mene anadzilemeretsera, mukhoza kukhumudwa kwambiri ndipo Kunkuyu ndi amake aja ndi amene anali patsogolo nthawi imene ija ndipo amagwiritsa ntchito anthu ngati a Mwakasungula aja komano zotsatira anthu ambiri anafa ena mwaiwo zinali bava ena anafera zawo. A Chimbanga m’mene zinthu zili panopa muitanitse mademo, mukusewera kwambiri demos its not solution solve these problems that Malawian… Read more »
Independent Diplomat

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk you are talking of Kunkuyu, the failure. He cannot even manage his own shit. Time Waster !

The Analyst
O……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….O So after staging the demonstrations to express displeasure with the way this country is governed, what next? Truth is . . . . . . Demonstrations are an effective tool only if you are dealing with sensible people – people with integrity, class and high standards hence liable to sense of shame if something (under their control) seems to go wrong. . . . But can you swear upon your honour that APM and his team are such people? . . . How about the wholesale poverty, the 24-hour blackouts etc, in this country he is president for? Do… Read more »
be humane

So you assume that people are on your side? Ask your friends how they have failed to stage mass protests anthu enieni odziwika alephera inu ndi ndani ndipo mukuchokera kuti? Tikuonani yeserani mwayi wanu. MASS PROTESTS? kkkkkkkkkkkk

khalid seleman
Another thing why malawi politics is poor and corrupt because they are transferring the members from the party to another, this system should stop that’s why the corruption is too high this people they are damaging the image of our political parties and country. Why the same people was in MCP they diverted to UDF the same people to pp and then DPP why? something is wrong. Our country is poor, but ministers are rich people they are suffering from many types of disasters, starving yet there is some people they are calling themselves that we are here to for… Read more »

Demonstrations are not effective means of telling this government what to do because they are all corrupt.
By shielding wrong doers it means our leadership is encouraging them.

Imagine how they try to relate water levels and generation of electricity, then check their requirement of water to generate electricity. Is it only Malawi that has been affected by the dry weather. Why are surrounding countries managing the same weather effects better than us.

Demos should be against shielding of thieves and media space….

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