Malawi lose again to Algeria , Africa Cup hopes diminishes

Malawi national football team on Wednesday lost again to Algeria in a reverse fixture for January’s Africa Cup of Nations finals and are on the blink  missing out of the continental soccer showpiece while Algeria became the first team to qualify with a 3-0 win.flames loss flames clarberg

Last week Malawi lost to the same opposition 0-2  at home in Blantyre.

On Wednesday Algeria first  goal of the game came after just a minute as Porto’s Yacine Brahimi fired high into the net after a neat one-two with Islam Slimani on the edge of the area.

Riyad Mahrez, who plays for English Premier League side Leicester City, doubled the lead on the stroke of half-time.

He picked up a superb through ball from Sofiane Feghouli before turning inside a defender and finishing with a low shot.

Mahrez then turned provider as his cross was met by Slimani’s head to confirm Algeria’s place at the Nations Cup finals.

Earlier on the same group B,  Ethiopia, despite playing the last 30 minutes with 10 men, avenged their loss on Saturday at home to Mali with a surprise 3-2 win in Bamako.

The results mean Algeria have a maximum 12 points guaranteeing them a top two finish, Mali stay second despite losing on six points while Malawi and Ethiopia both have three.

The top two from each group and the best third-placed side qualify for the tournament in Morocco.

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58 thoughts on “Malawi lose again to Algeria , Africa Cup hopes diminishes”

  1. kamowa says:

    Kumamgoononga msonkho basi…

  2. SOTHINI says:

    Just heard that we lost again. Was KINNAH in charge of the team. Suppose he was, dismissal time line cud ve been drawn. This is a disgrace to MALAWI and to THE MALAWI SQUAD.
    Where we go we lose miserably. Is it that players don’t coordinate, are not satisfactorily motivated, or have hang-over which l don’t expect. Mind you am asking you the COACH.
    In short my Coach you are lacking competencies and l don’t think the Team can be carried to another level, than being showered with defeats all the time.
    lf I were you, simplest conclusion cud have been resignation. You lose nothing apart from pegging way for NEW TRIALS.

  3. Bri Kaji says:

    No 33, u are my best contributor. But one thing we need to consider is, new players like Deus Nkutu, Callisto Kalinda, Louis Minjale from Botswana tough defender, and any better and serious players.

    Try Fisher, Gerald Phiri Junior or Victor Mpinganjira in wings. Let us find tough and fit players to do the job for their country.

    Stop taking players’ allowances in exchange for game time. My delivering Team is Deus Nkutu and Simkonda, Gerald Phiri Junior, Joseph Kamwendo Robert Ng’ambi, Phillip Masiye or “Blackberry” and Fisher or Victor Mpinganjira, with Tough defence of Zoya, Malata, Harry Nyirenda and Louis Minjale.

  4. superman again says:

    malawi has great talent in abundance, all we need is well qualified people to help realise and maximise the talent. manfred honner the german and kim spilsboel are great examples of this theory.

  5. Kanyimbi says:


  6. Yazombe says:

    It was Kinnah Phiri I guess

  7. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Back to the drawing board indeed. But now because the ‘losing fighter plane’ is already in the air. We should land first – let’s still encourage the coach and the players until we are out of this AFCON competition. So Kinna Phiri was not the sole person to blame, Algerians had trouble with the Flames during his time.

  8. Malawi says:

    our coach is a disgrace, he has to go. Ine ndimadabwa kuti kodi maplayerwanso ndi a Malawi kapena they nare working aginst us.We need a new team-we have the quality we just need a wise coach.

  9. kadamanja says:

    Akanankhala Kina Phiri! munakamva a tumbuka inu!!!, Sankho basi tiyeni nazo. Mbola ndi ma players awo. osati ma coach. Well tried ashes of Malawi.

  10. "A NATIVE OF NOWHERE" says:

    Farewell AFCON and c u next time and the only way Flames can qualify is by back door when AFCON can be hosted by Malawi, which is in the year 2525.

  11. Bibo says:

    Watching the game on Eurosport,I concluded that Malawi needs to go back to the drawing board and re-plan its football development.This team is the worst the country has produced-the players were very unfit and produced aimless runs without any cohesion.There was no any sign of the team being prepared to win or draw,in other ways, I couldn’t figure out what strategy Young and Jack were using.It was a totally one-sided game and I kept asking myself is this the best coming out of Young and Jack?

    Indeed Algeria is the best side at the moment according to FIFA rankings,but Malawi was playing against fellow human beings and should have offered fans something better to show that they also play football and not a different game.Why is it that instead of improving from where they stopped in 2010 the national team is fast losing respect in this region if not the whole Africa?

    People can try to be more patriotic by rallying behind the Flames,I see no justification for that,why?because the team is not good,doesn’t improve,and is inconsistent.This is why I suggest it should be dissolved to pave way for a new generation of players.This generation of players is the worst Malawi has ever produced,lazy,no endurance,and not competitive.The other problem that this team has is that it doesn’t have a playmaker who can inspire a victorious game plus you can hardly see natural wingers in this team who can generate runs from both left and right and produce desired crosses for strikers.Why is Malawi failing to produce the Holman Malunga and Lawrence Waya of today?

    Yes the team needs disbanding and a new generation of the under20 and under 17 has to be identified for a possible exposure to European football.Government through FAM has to invest into this long-term project.Also these current coaches need redeployment and not being at the helm of the senior national team.They need to be regional coaches and instead an expatriate coach has to be hired in order to develop young players that are to be identified.Ofcourse players like Gabeya,Kawonga,Munthali,Tambe,Sanudi,and Gerald Phiri Jr are already there.

  12. Mapuyamurupare says:

    Mbola basi, Malawi Played well – 2009, 2010-But they played well, 2011-But they played well, 2012 But they played very well, 2013 – they played very very well despite the loss So on and so forth.
    Makochi komanso ma players are NOT fit.

  13. COLBY MAJON says:

    Team yathu yamalawi ikungowono dollar yoti wina wadwala moti amuthandize mwachangu kuchipatala koma ai ma Doctor kupanga strike ati awonjeze salary koma dollar zambiri kuwonongela chiteam chopusachi kumadya zakasitha ku Hotel ndikuma lodge menyani mpira machende pane zopusa

  14. soccer lover says:

    I think the whole coaching panels and all old players must be dismissed and use local based player for the remaining two games but find a local coach

  15. timu imathakuluza amalawi tigwilane manja zachika,azathu atola nkhani chonde otsamanyoza player wina aliyese,otse amatilena kuti awine zakomela azathu, best wishes algeria,

  16. dopababi shopa says:

    A Malawi tidzasintha liti kaganiziro? Kinnah kumunyoza atolankhani, masapota ndi wina aliyense timu pomwe yimalephera. Pano makochi odziwa akugoja pankhomo ndi away game. Ndani wolephera? Tingopitiliza kuthandiza under 20 kuti 2017 tidzachite bwino. No tribalism pampira. Tifune kochi wakunja. Ngati team yili weak tiphunzire kunena zoona. Sitikachita bwino kapena tikawina.

  17. Ingwina Sya Karonga SC says:

    Zitheka no need of pointing fingers at Any Body we need to come up with a solution and good plan.

  18. Paulos Banda says:

    Amene mukuti coach achoke simukudziwa izo mukunena. Joachim Low Germany 2014 World Cup winning coach has been with the Germany team since 2005. he started as assistant to Klinsmann.

    The problem with we Malawians we do not deal with root of the problem but rush to fight the problem. If we really want to win afcon one day we need to give this coaching panel target of two African Cup qualifications. If we fail to qualify this time let them continue for 2017 qualification in that way they will have time to try different combination of players. If you fire them now, what will happen is whoever comes will start with the same heavy legs like Chiukepo, Kamwendo etc since he will have no time to identify the talent. In between please send our coaches to refresher courses.

  19. nyamata wokonda flames says:

    I think mpira titapuma kaye tingopanga concentrate nd netball basi,those girls make us proud,osati zinazi ayi,game ikubwelayi muva,,ah we are determined tiwina koma apezeka kut akuzidzolaso.

  20. Bigdwag says:

    Lets forget about football and concentrate on netball as we have a comparative advantage there!!

  21. syamboza says:

    timu yokochedwa ndi ma diffendere ingamuze bwanji striker ma takitiki ochinyila Yang’i difender jaki difender realy???????????????

  22. the one who trembles at the word of God says:

    Kinnah Phiri

  23. kombozo says:

    my simple mathematics: Mali got 2 game against Malawi in Blantyre and against Algeria. Malawi got two games against Mali at home and Ethiopia in Addisababa. Malawi can beat Mali at home and we can beat Ethiopia away if we really want it, that will give Malawi 9 points enough to qualify unless Algeria loses to Mali.

    1. mngoni yumo says:

      keep on dreaming!!!!!

  24. Gilbert says:

    Mpira uthe ku malawi kuno .mukungotithera ndalama za boma player nonse mubwere ku bembeke kuno ndidzakupatseni munda muyambe ulimi

  25. pooooopo says:



  26. Gameover says:

    Bolaso Kina ndithu kungoti anthu nsanje ndi anthu aku mpoto tiyeni nazo tiwone muyisova

  27. mpina james says:

    Malwians who play football they are nice guys, and they know there work. Problem is based on our coaches and the Gorvnmnt responsible for sports, 1 They don’t go to camps in time. 2. There’s politcal affiliations (why anong’a is not featured in games kulakwirana ndi wina ena kumamulanga munthu. MPIRA UTHE KU MALAWI ULIBE TSOGOLO NDALAMAZO ZIPITE KU CHIPATALA TIZIKONZEKERA IBOLA!!!!!!

  28. zebe says:

    I watched the game… actually both games. The mai problem I have noted is psychological. Malawian players played with inferiority complex. You could see t when they get the ball. Phuma kenako basi kungochitaya zikawonekere komweko. They could not initiate anything aliyense kuwopa kulakwitsa. Algerians were daring. Trying to penetrate where it looks almost impossible and these daring attempts resulted in goals. Zikakanika they quickly pulled back without taking any blame hoping to try again in the next move. That is modern day football osati ziphuphu zomwe tikumenya a Malawi zi.

    All in all we lack players who can attempt to take on an oppenent’s defences. We cannot create chan on our own. We still believe in getting erratic and stolen goals not our own. This is because our plyerslack confidence and maturity on a big stage. Unfortunately there little we can do about it with our ignorance and kusamva komwe tili nako.

    I feel sorry

  29. Humelo says:

    Malawi is playing very well. In the home loss to Algeria, the only difference was that Malawi failed to take their chances while Algeria did. But we gave Algeria a run for their money. Flames does not prepare enough due to lack of resources. You cannot train for a few weeks and not play friendly matches with credible opposition and hope to beat teams which play tough opposition like Algentina, etc, play friendly games with teams in Europe and South America, the major footballing regions of the world. This is a blessing in disguise for African football as it will ensure teams that have the resources to compete effectively play at AFCON and the World Cup. But for Flames possibly next time the coach should also spend part of the short training period in drilling the boys in goal scoring

  30. Vyapasi says:

    It is a complex problem. South Africa has all the resources and coaches hopefully, what have they achieved to-date? Mavuto achuluka kwathu kuno! Nkhani yampirayi itivuta mpana kalekale!!!!

  31. Chabwera Phiri says:

    Our team will never succeed if we continue the way we do things. there is not team that wins without preparations. Flames never prepare for such games and tournaments.

  32. superman says:

    its not about preparations or resources, the coach simply does not know what he is doing. poor 1980’s tactics. he simply does not know which players to use on what occasion. last week we saw loong ass balls to short strikers. who does that????

  33. Austin Nkhosa says:

    Kodi mukamasankha ma Player mumatengela komwe akuchokera kapena ndimomwe akusewerera ? zikudabwitsa ndithu zimenezi

  34. mpho makola says:

    failure mediocres, shupiti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. mr soccer says:

    Kodi amalawi chikutivuta ndi chani kupeza coach wa kunja awa amalawi tingobwereza 2 satithandiza aiiiiiiiiiiii………………

  36. Amuna ngunda ngunda,wakumalowa . says:

    Mavuto ndiye alipo ambiri, monga kukonzekera mochedwa , komano vutolalikulu ndi ziphuphu, coch , amalandira ziphuphu kuti amenyese playel, osewera alipo abwino koma macoch saziwa ntchito yawo ,substitutes amayichedwesa , basi anzungu abwere azikocha .

  37. Mr.Bambo says:

    Continental punching bags.

  38. exodus chenembu says:

    nyasi,, tikuvutika kulipila misonkho inu kumangoluza.kulibwino kuthetsa team yonse mpila wakanika kuno ku malawi zinapita ndi kamuzu

  39. Onasiwelo says:

    The bottom line is that we Malawians do not know how to play football we can blame the players left and right coatching panel but it will not help, it starts from the above our stupid Government does not invest in football, our so called companies do little to invest in foot ball, without a good investment you will not have anything at the end of the day. Lets build a team from ground zero give them what is required of a player, train them when they are young, and invest in them. Not after eating bonya and you say they can win a game unless they are playing with goats or dogs this team is useless because of the system not an individual. Rotten country good for nothing but nepotism, cashgating, vote stealing and cheating useless MEC you name it, thank GOD I do not support this good for nothing team and country.

    1. Chikopa says:

      Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Ngati sinu osapata nanga nkhwidzi zonsezi bwa? We all love Malawi. We have done what we could based on our resources and rating of our opponent. Nthawi zina tiziti “Zikomo”

  40. wakukaya says:

    mukumasiya achina fisher sankhani vini ndikumati mungachite bwino shame to u warter wth ur panel kkkkk mwaphunzirapo apa

  41. Mchewa wa kulilongwe says:

    Let us accept the loss but don’t blame one person the whole team is resposible

  42. plz,lets try foreign coaches,all locals hav failed

  43. This team needs a complete overhaul,at the moment they are not worthy to be called the Flames rather ‘Ashes’
    Mbuzi za ma professional izi zaku Joni

  44. victor says:

    Feel pity for Flames the whole team is not performing and it needs complete overhaul.Please try to use the local players who are doing well on the Super League.Please this is the time to rebuild use the under 20 players.I feel they can do better than this Senior team.Wake up Malawi sinking instead of rising up.

  45. mphatso says:

    But my problem is the lack of concentration of the players.All goals coming the first or last fifteen minutes of the game shows lack of maturity.

  46. john muhulele says:

    let us not call our players all sorts of names.Of course no-one is happy with the results but Algeria has all it takes to beat us look at the quality of their players -they are playing in top leagues.
    Poor preparations are also a contributing factor to these poor results.lets just put our house in order and beat Mali at home and Ethiopia away and qualify by God’s grace.

  47. Chemwali says:

    The best sports tourists in the world. Total misuse of tax payers money.

  48. Footbler says:

    Lembani coach wachizungu, zachikuda zakanika izi

  49. GRACIAN KALIJE says:

    lacking good preparation is the main problem of our team.

  50. This team needs a complete overhaul,at the moment they are worthy to be called the Flames rather ‘Ashes’
    Mbuzi za ma professional izi zaku Joni

  51. Iwe Coach Chimodzi who told you that Aalgeria is the best team in Africa? Don’t give stupid reasons after losing two consecutive matches.

    1. Bolero says:

      Yes, Algeria is indeed the top team in Africa on FIFA ranking and Malawi lies 78 places below them. Osamangosusa

  52. education says:

    Dont hate the coach accept that these are big teams

  53. Hello! says:

    This team needs a complete overhaul of the regular players. We need to train local players who would be the backbone of the team instead of relying too much on the professional players since most of the times our professional players are not physically fit for top level competition. The professionals need to beef up the locals not vicevesa. The time to begin building a new team is now when we have seen that the current one is not performing to everyone’s expectation. What FAM needs to do is to lobby with the technical panel about rebuilding the team instead of thinking of firing the technical panel. Just add a striker trainer to the technical panel because the current one seems deficient in this department.

  54. opportunist says:

    I said it may coach of this team resign.

  55. Makumba says:

    They Have tryed

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