Malawi lose out on K80bn EU aid as Dec 31 ATI ultimatum expires

Malawi has finally lost out an K80 billion European Union aid package after the government failed to pass the Access to Information Bill (ATI) whose deadline is expiring midnight on December 31, 2015.

Jappie Mhango: Malawi cannot be forced to pass Information law

Jappie Mhango: Malawi cannot be forced to pass Information law

Minister of Information Jappie Mhango echoed President Peter Mutharika on Wednesday that government will not be pushed to pass the bill.

“The government will not be pushed into taking this bill to parliament. The government wants a good law and will pass this bill into law at an appropriate time,” stated the Minister.

“ Don’t push us too much, give us space to do a thorough job, we are doing our best,” said Mhango.

A few weeks ago, Mutharika said he would not work under pressure because of ultimatums.

The powerful media owners, including Zodiak managing director Gospel Kazako, Times Group managing director Leonard Chikadya, Nation Publications Limited chief executive officer Mbumba Banda and Capital Radio owner Al Osman gave Mutharika an ultimatum on the bill.

Kazako said on Wednesday the media would not relent in pushing for the bill passed into law.

“We are not impressed with the way the government has handled this but we will continue to campaign, lobbying and requesting the government to take the bill to parliament,” he said.

National Media Institute for Southern Africa (Namisa) president Thom Khanje urged Malawians to rise up and demand the law, saying Malawians have a right to make this demand because it’s them who voted this government into power.

“If we let this government [scot free] , they will not bring the bill to parliament,” said Khanje in an interview with Zodiak on Wednesday.

Donors have also said they will not release withheld aid if the bill is not passed into law, among other key factors.

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38 thoughts on “Malawi lose out on K80bn EU aid as Dec 31 ATI ultimatum expires”

  1. kenkkk says:

    Sapitwa,again showing a typical selfish dpp supporter’s I don’t care attitude with no concern about the sufferings of the majority of Malawians.

    If this stupid clueless govt of yours hadn’t made promises on the ATI bill being passed within the outgoing parliament,we wouldn’t be in this situation arguing left right and centre.

    An opportunity has been missed for the people of Malawi’s sufferings to have been eased abit with the 80bn which donors could have given us, the begging people.

  2. Mwana wamu ghetto says:

    DPP Stands for Dont Pressurise President

  3. Nanga choncho says:

    Peter Mutharika ndi munthu wa mtima wozizira ngati chitherere chogona chadzulu. Apa upulezidenti ndiye tidabetsa.

  4. kukhala says:


  5. Sapitwa says:

    We can’t say we lost K80b because we didn’t have it in the first place. There was no any transaction that transferred the money from the Donor to account 1 and later demanded back through a reversal.
    We have therefore lost nothing and we are not at any pressure of anything.

  6. thomas the dicipel says:

    Let’s face it. The Ati bills is a foundation for more transparency what happens in our government!
    With this “Hide and Seek” approach government is playing us and the donors, transparency is compromised! First of all, we Malawiens and Donors need to know where the their tax money is/was going ! I guess this is all about, and have only secondary to do with pressur, ultimatum… If money gets stolen, we and the donors need to know! Delaying of the bill will help none of us, except the one in power!

  7. freeman says:

    executive arrogance

  8. Optic Computer says:

    When DPP got its presidential seat the Kwacha was K415 to a dollar. Now its about K800, but my salary hasn’t changed. I will forgive DPP for refuting this aid if the cost of living was cut by 50 percent. Otherwise, refusing to pass the bill which Pitala promised to table in the last parliament seating shows the Other Kahuna is afraid of something. Imagine people pushing for expenditure at State Residence!

  9. Mwagwira cha? says:

    Jappie and Muthalika donors have made you catch fart (kugwira chiphwisi). Why? Because you bend laws to condon homosexuality activities in the country and still you do not get the 80 billion MK aid. We told you dont be fooled but you did not believe now see who is the fool? Ha ha A jappie?

  10. The ambassador says:

    What a nonsense,you say you cannot be pushed to pass the ATI bill,yet you have recently succumbed to suspend a filthy law of Homosexuals.

  11. lackison says:

    Azungu sakukukhulupilani agwape aDpp inu. Nanga akungokudodani bwanji azungu. Omwewa akuti ma gay apo bii no money .lero akuti pass the ATI bill if not No then akuti forensic audit first apo biii ng’oo kweni kweni akufuna Chani azunguwa? Akufuna Peter uduke khosi

  12. Mlomwe says:

    This is nonsense what interests do the whites have to this bill? If they are not happy let them pack up and go to their home country. They should not tell us what to do. The previous governments were not pushed like this. If you’re not happy with this government close ur offices and go home
    local media houses why do you allow to be used by the muzungu

  13. Mlomwe says:

    Why should donors want Malawi government to pass the ATI bill as soon as possible. Why should they promise billions of kwachas in exchange with the ati. To hell with their money. Let them keep their money. This is our country

  14. Chigawaneni says:

    When donors stop their aid the local person who voted these arrogant leaders into power, suffers the consequences, not themselves. One day, this local person will over react.

  15. Winston Msowoya says:

    I strongly uphold the donors’ stance to halt the flow of aid to the Muthalika’s corrupt and incompetent government which has completely failed to deliver the goods to the masses of our people and channel the funds to himself,boot lickers,tribesmen and individual supporters.The funds that the nation receives are not personally coming from the leaders’ coffers,but from the pockets of their hardworking citizens.I hope this would not bother Muthalika very much because he once said that he would manage to run the government without the help of the donor nations.Mathanyula,the ball is in your court now.

  16. Grace says:

    Its a shame that Malawians are so so driven by what donors say. Poverty is a curse its in the bible. Its a shame that we dont have our independence after 50yrs. We are so engroused at what donors will give us not what we ourselves can produce for ourselves. Thats what God blesses, thats what God multiplys otherwise we will forever be beggers to international aid. Lets wake up the vattle is not against DPP its against poverty.

  17. Temaco says:

    I am not against or supportive of this bill but at times I echo the words of one of African great Presidents,Robert Gabriel Mugabe of how the West thru these so called Donor community dictate Africa poor states like ours.You can’t force sovereign nation to pass a bill when its not ready and say you will hold the aid,no no no . Don’t give nations pressure,change laws because you want to control them no no noooo.Look with your gay issues how you have corrupted Africa in the name of Donor or Democracy.Libya after ousting of Gaddaffi wars never end,Egypt after Hosni Mubarak wars never end,Iraq after Saddam Hussein same story,Why the West always want to destroy other nations?Which nation got financial stability because of IMF,World Bank or UN policies?All what they do is to destroy.Mother Africa,Mother Malawi for how long will we be dictated of what to do or not to do?Why not allow its citizens to run its affairs?Which African state has dictated on America on how to run its affairs?

  18. Molande says:

    Donors when they stop aid,it means they don’t want to deal with such government or they want the people to vote it out.

  19. Dr Haswel P. Bandawe says:

    It would be very informative to know the motivation for suspending the Anti-Gay Law; was the pressure related to aid or not? If so how much aid was involved to make Government unilaterally suspend a law.

    By the way, is Government above the law? Should matters affecting an existing law be referred to the courts or Parliament to amend/ abolish the law? Was the suspension Constitutional?
    Was the pressure to suspend the Anti-Gay Law MORE overwhelming than one to pass the
    Access to Information Act? Is it that the money that is to be foregone is less for the Access to Information Law compared to that attached to the gay issue?

    When is pressure from donors acceptable and when is it unacceptable?

    Let me not be misunderstood. I do not accept the practice of the so called donors putting pressure and issuing ultimatums on Government. That is demeaning, disrespectful and blackmail. It is one thing to attach conditions and work together towards a mutually agreed time table when the needed reforms/changes can be put in place. It also preferable to agree that as and when certain actions will have been implemented then the money will be released. It is unacceptable to give an ultimatum and a deadline which says: “do this by such a day or else the money will be gone for ever”. That is heartless on the part of the so called donors.

    The Europeans should know that they are not angels themselves. But that is story for another day.

  20. Sam says:

    The blind leading the blind.

  21. Tony Kanyenda says:

    Dpp leaders are silly, just leave them

  22. Sam says:

    Thinking capacity is very very low here , hw can govrnment allow this to happen yet it bow dowm to gay issue from the same poeple. Is it because is for the interest of majority malawians.

  23. mabulala boyz says:

    It’s a shame that on important issues you say you can’t be pushed or forced yet you are pushed or forced on stupid things like mathanyula.

  24. The Most Concerned says:

    Let me just remind the EU that Malawi is a Sovereign State, and wil remain as such. Let’s see if u wil close your Malawi Office and leave. Obviously not. We knw u r being paid because u have an Office in Malawi. NONSENSE!

  25. william says:

    While i feel this bill should have passed on the sitting which just went at the same time i feel donors should stop bullying government, IMF , Donors please this aid was meant for poor malawians so it will only hurt them, The ministers and the MP are all paid well they dont care if this money comes to the poor people so please redirect this aid directly throgh NGO as our government does not care for poor malwians so that does not mean IMF Donors youshould also not care for us. Please DONORS lets behave maturely

  26. Phiri says:

    Sindikuonapo cha nzeru ku mbali ya boma apa. Kwachuluka ndi kudzikonda basi. Mukuyioperanji bill if ur hands are clean and intentions good.

  27. ANTI-GAY says:


  28. Shem says:

    That we must not be bullied, I agree with. Donors are bullying us. That we must be arrogant and tardy, I do not. Jappie and his DPP associates are both arrogant and tardy. What a mess to be in as a nation!

  29. ophiri says:

    nzungu ndi nzungu

  30. Kenkkk says:

    Jappie, a very useless man. You say don’t push us or you don’t honour ultimatums, yet the USA ambassador ordered this same stupid govt of yours to release the two gays immediately. And you and the so called stubborn president of the republic of Malawi, Peter quickly obeyed like dogs, humiliated seriously by an ambassador. An ultimatum is better than an order.

    Ok most of us don’t like ultimatums but the problem with this ATI issue is the fact that this stupid govt and you jappie promised the whole nation that this bill will be passed this parliament. Then you started messing us around making stupid lies about the bill. If there are any inconsistencies surely parliament could have picked them up or you could have pointed out the inconsistencies and amendments made if necessary.

    You can see how the ultimatums eventually came out, you simply messed people up.

    I don’t like ultimatums that are tied to aid or donor money. They either help us or don’t. But losing 80bn because of our stupid govt refusing to pass the ATI bill is not only stupid or careless or reckless at this time when the govt has no money at all as you keep telling us, is purely incompetence of utmost insanity and selfishness at the expense of the suffering Malawian masses.

  31. stephen says:

    tiyeni naxoni

  32. levelheaded says:

    What kind of a journalist is this so called Owen Khamula?How can you call something not yet yours as loosing? Which stupid government can bow down to these kind of stupid ultimatums? What do you take this elected government for.

    In other countries where patriotism is the culture,you journalists were the first to pump sense in these western morons that Malawi is a sovereign country which can not entertain any foreign interference.

    By the way, ATI bill is in our manifesto and can be tabled in parliament at any time within our 5 year term,period.

  33. Nymakumutu says:

    You refuse ultimatum on this one but you accepted on Gay stupid business. There must be something. Is it because the gay thing is from the devil and the information bill is good for the people of Malawi. Why do you do the opposite.

  34. Nyirongo Batwell says:

    Hahahaha koma a Malawi ndife ozitengera ndithu. Kususuka kwambiri ndi ndalama za ulele. No wonder ma donors are forcing to accept gay and lesbianissues. Mwina umphawi unalowelera too much mmitu mwathumu. How can a donor tie K80 billion to one bill. Mark my words once this bill is passed into law those donors will shift goal posts on the K80 billion. Watch this space.

  35. Tonny says:

    They won’t be pushed to pass the information bill, but can rush through and compromise our integrity by sacrificing and bowing to international/Europeans pressure on gay rights and issues? Talk of double bloody standards!

  36. Alunta continua says:

    This government is full of stupid people, they are say they can’t work under pressure on information bill while on gay they work under pressure by suspend laws.kufuna kuba basi mukungoonetsatu uchitsilu wanu tapa

  37. SONG says:

    Mhango this is completely rubbish. What do you mean we want a good law. You are thieves God will vindicate you.

  38. Njolinjo says:

    This is a government of mafias. They always change goal posts.i wish they had gone with 2015.

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