Malawi lose to South Sudan to finish second in Cecafa Group C

Malawi national team, the Flames, on Friday lost to South Sudan 2-0 in their last Group C match of the Cecafa Senior Challenge Cup in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

Malawi already in quarter finals of Cecafa

Malawi already in quarter finals of Cecafa

The Flames qualified for the quarter-finals with a game to spare, when they beat Djibouti 3-0 on Wednesday.

The Ernest Mtawali side has now finished the group second in Group C.

Mtawali made several changes in Friday’s encounter bringing in the likes of Richard Chipuwa in goals, Sankhani Mkandawire, Yamikani Chester, Nelson Kangunje and Chawanangwa Kawonga.

South Sudan scored the first goal 5th minute into the kick-off before nailing the last nail on the Flames coffin in the dying minutes of the match.

Despite Mtawali introducing fresh legs after recess time by bringing in Chiukepo Msowoya, Gerald Phiri Junior and John Banda in for Chawanangwa Kaonga, Yamikani Chester and Chimango Kaira  things did not change on the scoreboard.

South Sudan’s defensive tactics paid dividends as they smiled to finish the group on top with 7 points with Malawi having six points and a point for Sudan and pointless Djibouti.

Speaking in an interview from Bahir Dar, Mtawali said he is focusing now on quarter-finals.

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65 thoughts on “Malawi lose to South Sudan to finish second in Cecafa Group C”

  1. BECHI says:

    Why did Mtawali thought it wise to change the squad? To me he would have injected two or three players and not eight. Anyway he is building the tme.
    Flames all the best.

  2. Sammy Scopas says:

    I see that South Sudan is coming up though they,ve conflicts in their motherland…..!!!!!

  3. Black Market says:

    Bolanso Bright Munthali ndithu. Sankhani was on long injury, how come got call up? He is not fit enough. Bola lucky malata or George Nyirenda. Yamikani Chester? Nde bola Frank Bandatu, chawanangwa kawonga? Bola ziko mkanda amapereka pressure. Bwinotu bwino coach awatu ndi amalawi sachedwa kuthamangitsa coach

  4. feston says:

    kkkkk now am failure to mention flames 3 too much

  5. Clement says:

    How do you manage to lose against south Sudan yet they are struggling with conflicts in their country? Malawi, when will you learn football and believe in yourself that you can conquer the world? Shame on you.

  6. Sule victor says:

    Woa wat a nice game 4 south sudan team am excited and pleased for my team representing us (south sudanese) regional and globally putting ur on a map or world of football as been a newest nation in the world. keep it up.l love my country south sudan.

  7. Hassan says:

    Ndilinaso zithumwa mundiyimbile panambala ijayi ndizakupasani mukhoza kumawina

  8. Mkaidi says:

    olo tiyankhuleee.. nkukhala kwanu…. bwelan kuno tizadzale, dzinja lafika

  9. Abro says:

    umbuli a BB Malawi ikawina mumati mwawinisa ndinu ikaluza mumati atimu ina ndiamene aluzisa kodi national team ndiyacrub imodzi?

  10. Adrex Adiro says:

    Chipuwa Ur Best

  11. UNECA says:

    Abb tikaluza mukupanga target munthu mukuti chipuwa adakuchinyitsani that not true cp is our best goalkeeper and where is your gd goalkeeper just accept d lose.

  12. UNECA says:

    Abb tikaluza mukupanga target munthu mukuti chipuwa adakuchinyitsani that not true chipuwa is our best goalkeeper and where is your gd goalkeeper just accept d lose.

  13. Alfred leman says:

    tingo yang’ana kutsogolo.tikonze mamvuto athu

  14. Dr. Moses Deng Malual says:

    South Sudan oyeeee. Well done bright star.

  15. Dr. Moses Deng Malual says:

    Dear Soccer Lover( Looser) from North, it sounds good that you are from North ( wish not former North Sudan), please respect sport norms and culture and do not underestimate South Sudan team, we are coming up brother and might surprised if not embarrassed you again in the coming days. Stay blessed my brother.

  16. Cleo24 says:

    gud luck nyasaland

  17. guzako says:

    a coach athu tamayesani kuonerako ma competative cups e.g afcon,world cup. abale munamvako coach akusintha line up ya team chisawawa? ngati mukufuna ma friendly okwani mufike ma finals pamenepo u will be satisfied.koma macheza ake amenewo muluza mu quarter finals.mapeto ake muzizatikwana ife kuti u need more friendly matches. osamayamika bwanji en utilize the oppurtinity at hand.

  18. Ahmed Steve Mgwira says:

    All the best the Flames

  19. Ahmed Steve Mgwira says:

    All the best Malawi, the Flames

  20. chigwenembe says:

    why blame coach? blame person who hired a person who has no coaching back ground as head coach and a refugee who has no football history from his home country. the coach is experimenting just as fam is experimenting on him. so save us all the misery and fire the source. drugs for BP are scarce in hospital and i am afraid this madness may cause a lot of untimely death in the country

  21. Malawi ndiwabwino ? says:

    Next Mw yasewera bwino ngakhale yatuluka

  22. Mtunda says:

    Technically, poor selection and decision making. In games as these, u field a winning to fight for first position such that u meet a second positioned team from the other group, unless otherwise stated. Now the team has to fight extra hard to out smart the number one team. Chances would be high to end here. Otherwise, good luck!

  23. Shame on d coach! Changin d team shudn’t b excuse coz u picked d players depending on their performance and u trusted dem instead blame ur tactics. South Sudan has just affiliated to CAF so losing to them is a huge embarassment to d nation and is equivalent to recent Wanderers loss to MZUNI. Had it been Sudan which we beat on first day d better

  24. ishu says:

    mistakes are gud in a good of futbol coz u know hw to fix them in the next game.

  25. grasshopper says:

    thus true arsen you can’t change a winning team wake up coach!! lobby for more friendlies to do your testing.

  26. gwaza says:

    so Malawi couldn’t even play for a draw to top the group

  27. Sir Tijoy says:

    coach! You are unbiased. giving chances to everyone. Thats what we want. After all, we already made. Now he has the real team. Dont just critisize guys!

  28. Hix says:

    This is nonsense how can a team ranked 137 beat a team ranked 97 in FIFA Ranking. Thai is nonsense. Remember you have image to protect. The same Malawi has allowed you to spend their taxes. Please remember there is tomorrow and the same government will be needed to support you. Dont do nonsense like that. Very stupid coaching panel. Where is Kafwafwa? He has to explain why he allowed such nonsense to take place for us. Juba is use less and to Lilongwe Lilongwe just like that? Becareful yopu have ranking to protect. Boma likazakana kukupasani ndalama osadzati ngw’engw’e ayi. This is nonsense in its purest form. Why Ramadani have allowed this nonsense to take place? Work up Rama. Its better for you to fight the coach over such things in order for you to be clean at the end of the contract.

  29. UNECA says:

    Pena pake kumasungira kuyankhula kodi nthawi ija tidaluza ndi Tazania chipuwa adali pagolo kodi m’pirawo amasewera yekha

  30. palestine in mosko says:

    Mtawali come bk to ur nesses. A competing game is nt for testing players!

  31. Mzika says:

    Zimachitika!!!! Tingolimbikira kusogoloku

  32. opportunist says:

    How did u trust Chipuwa?. This guy was grossly humbled by Mzuni just recently. This is your lesson coach. Don’t do it again.

  33. Arsen Wenger says:

    Technically and Practically a sensible coach does not change a winning team! Come back to ur senses coach

  34. tz says:

    mtawali mbuzi ya munthu

  35. The major problem is that this team is not given enough freindly games where a coach can test his new players. This leaves the coach with no choice but take risk of using same crucial game for testing fresh legs.

  36. Tonde says:

    We test players during traing

  37. Witcan says:

    Mtawali, this is nonses! we know u dont need chipuwa. Shame on u! u think sitikukuona?

  38. bumbu nchuma says:

    mtawali this is not time yoyesa ma player u could have used the very best team which brings good results to Malawians

  39. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Akukonza team kkkkkkk.

  40. Lado Annoying says:

    Bravo bright ???? star ???? #SOUTH_SUDAN gooooooooo, and make pride more

  41. wayunda says:

    Don’t be excited Malawian you would have kept strong m’mene munayambira muja

  42. anasungila anyamata kukonzekera 1/4 final izi sizandale chonde zipaseni ulemu gents

  43. Mulomwe weniweni says:

    Mwayambapo, why changing the winning team zandinyasa

  44. nyerere says:

    Enerst Mtawali wants to finish Richard Chipuwa. Why introducing him when all strongs and miled fielders were out. This is what you wanted to happen to Richard Chipuwa. You have finished our player RC. That is very bad indeed. Machende ako kochi and Rama yemwe for ffielding RC at a wrong time. You said it that you want everyone to taste the ball. You have created a grave for RC. This is very bad top the family of the nyerere family. Ife tonse a Nyerere takwiya zedi.

  45. clems says:

    Khalani ndi umunthu guys ndale ndi kumpira komwe zakuvutani ife tikulamula boma komansi team yathunso ikuyeseza lets give the players psycological support. They will make it the finals

  46. Supporter wankulu says:

    So that’s what you mean by exposing players, losing the game? My foot. The so called new blood is not meant for such competitive games as these, spare them for international friendlies please.

  47. Gadabwali says:

    The defeat is a blessing disguise, it means we’ll go into the quarter final game wth new impetus. Go flames, go!

  48. Typical of Malawi national football team. They disappoint at a wrong time.

  49. Gift says:

    Ngati Chipuwa anachinyitsa zigoli zitatu ndi ana a mzuni ndiye angalimbe ku nation?shame on u Chipuwa mbola ya goalkeeper.and a Coach mwapitako ndi kumpikisano osamamvera za anthu ai,i hope mwaphunzirapo,all the best

  50. Mwaxy says:

    Mwayambapo zauchikape zanuzo kumeneko? Kod kuyesa zidako umayesa nkhondo ili nkat? Tsikulinatu muzathamanga ngat zomwe adaona ma player a Manoma mwamva! Mxiiii

  51. haward says:

    Zayambika vuto ndikusayiwerenga game, south sudan imatha zimenezi munayenera mutafufuza. Komanso team yathu imazindikira nkhwangwa ili mmutu

  52. General Joseph Mwamsamale says:

    Mwayeserabe koma muziluza ndi wa 1-0 osati 2-0 abale

  53. Bibo says:

    I have always said and I repeat, that this coach is useless. It was and it is a waste of Tax payers resources to maintain him and his deputy. I can not support him because he originally comes from a neighboring village or because he was a good midfielder, but I have noticed that he has an unwarranted confidence and his selection of players and tactics are questionable. I started poking holes in his mentoring expertise during his romance with the under 20. Some thought he had a good approach to the game, but I didn’t like his team’s style of play.

    The team Mtawali is using is the same team he will use against Guinea in the AFCON in March, can anyone think of a good run against a West African side full of European professionals? If you lose to South Sudan, newcomers in the world of football, how do you rate yourself against the bigger boys? Some people applauded Mtawali’s team after winning against minnows Djibouti and underperforming Sudan, what are they saying now after this loss? I am saying Mtawali’s poor coaching skills have been exposed- I repeat he is useless and will take Malawi nowhere. This is why there is need to replace Nyamilandu because this boy from Nkhata-bay plus his right-hand men entertain mediocrity and have brought Malawi’s football to the knees. They employed Mtawali suspiciously and Malawians have not enjoyed their team ever since.

    Malawi was supposed to triumph against Tanzania in the world cup qualifier if good team selection and good coaching skills were injected into the team, but the nation was betrayed by a stubborn Mtawali who thinks his good playing times make him the best coach. If I am not mistaken, he had short stints at Newells in Argentina and Toulouse in France because he wasn’t good enough in midfield due to his poor physicality and misplacing of passes while enjoying fancy football in his legs.

    You can’t take the team to CECAFA and say you are preparing for an AFCON game while at the same time embarrassing the nation with your stupid losses. It’s better this coach should be shown the exit door together with his employer sooner before the going gets even tougher.

  54. Zinja says:

    Sizachilendo paja ku Malawi kulibe mpila

  55. IK IK IK SIBALE says:


  56. MICKY BWAI says:

    Mwachitabe za mphavu makosana, ngakhale munatailira

  57. GOOOO says:


  58. Mulhomwe Wankulu says:

    Mtawali, why did you feature Chipuwa in goals? This Man is useless!!!!!!!Ndakwiya nazo kwambiri and has really spoiled my day. Can you see now, he has dented your good record,Mtawali and your backroom staff,shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame!!!!

  59. nyando says:

    Really less ambitious country, u cant think of finishing top? Dont u think its a morale boost to be on top? That south sudan has fo sure set a record over malawi. Kupusa, zandinyasa bwanji.

  60. Ndani Kodi says:

    Too childish

  61. Mac Millan Matewere - Ekwendeni Mzuzu. says:

    Thats how Games are, so be prepared for the next tough game. I said musakomedwe ndi mbali mwadutsayo and I hope your Coach was satisfied for what you did. A coach vuto ndilanu bring too much fresh legs into your pitch, musaiwale paja a Malawi samakhala kulilira munthu zinthu zikalakwika. Avoid too much fresh legs, we expect a good results from your squard. Nice game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Myao says:


  63. Rich CJ says:

    Good luck, but put more fire that we can go through to finals.
    We love you guys.

  64. Zanako says:

    Bwanjinso mumasitha amtawali mumati mutani tawonani tsopano

  65. Dusty says:

    Panado pliz,mutu wayamba kuwawa.

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