Malawi lose to Zambia in friendly

Malawi national football team, the Flames , on Sunday lost to Zambia’s Chipolopolo 0-2, the first defeat against their neibhours since 2006 in an international friendly match played at Nkoloma stadium in Lusaka .

Tizgowere Kumwenda and Francis Mlimbika were in the losing Flames squad....Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Tizgowere Kumwenda and Francis Mlimbika were in the losing Flames squad….Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Zambian defenders Christopher Munthali and Kondwani Mtonga headed efforts in the 23rd and 34thminute gave Chipolopolo the victory ahead of the 2015 Cosafa Castle Cup.

Munthali headed home in the 23rd minute from a Rainford Kalaba cross to set Zambia on their way to victory.

Mtonga wound up the business with another headed effort.

Zambia had not beaten Malawi since their victory in the Cosafa Castle Cup in the 2006 tournament Zambia hosted.

Malawi Assistant Coach Jack Chamangwana says Zambia played well and “deserved to win.”

Chamangwana however says he side has a lot of young players who have not played at international stage. —Source: ZNBS and Lusaka Times

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30 thoughts on “Malawi lose to Zambia in friendly”

  1. chingwe cha mbuzi says:

    jack and young useless coaches malawi national ever had..kinnah is doing great job here in SA plizz lachuluka ndi dyera basi ku FAM..Bring back kinnah..we need kinnah back

  2. Phodogoma says:

    Jack the coach and other Malawian coaches, this is the reason why FAM prefer foriegn coaches to useless Malawian coaches. You are not ticking and you want FAM to keep you on its payroll. You are getting a lot of money which you can not get elsewhere. Beating even the graduates fro civil service sectors. Mukulephera ntchito apa. You could not even score a single goal. Once again Jack and the whole panel you useless. Even Walter is useless why keeping an employee who does not perform. You want to keep them until they bring total shame to malawian soccer fans. Please do something. Tactically Jack is unable.

  3. kasiya says:

    Kusankhana basi kudana ndichowona tikadalipo kulira sily excuse chamangwana

  4. hassan says:

    Young players cannot be a sufficie
    nt reason for our loss.Nanga bwanji mumaleka kutenga nkhalamba kuti zikawine.Young ndinzako Jack simutha ku coacher

  5. opportunist says:

    Bring back Kinnah otherwise we will continue being disgraced forever

  6. moses chikhokho says:

    Kufam kulibe munthu woziwa mpira kufunika onse achokeko angodya ndalama basi mbuzi

  7. maliphuka says:

    The result of quotarising everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Magengena says:

    All in all Kinnah is best.Mike Bango its ur turn start advocating for Kinnah please cant you sea we are blocked we need relief

  9. Ku Fam kuli mbuzi zaanthu amadana ndi Kinnah Phiri coach wabwino kufuna Young Chimodzi ndi Jack Chamangwana zautsilu basi nde tidakaliratu coz Young ndi Jack sangatithandize

  10. Karo gaii says:

    Ndi timu yake iyi titenganaye cosafa ndi kupitonso ku afcon? apa we have to make hays b4 sun shines,chimodzi achoke kinnah wa experience mu afcon abwere basi

  11. Mayeso abilidala says:

    Joseph Kamwendo anayionera patali kukana kubwera. Akanachititsidwa manyazi…za ziiiii



  13. Magengena says:

    Kinna Phiri is the best coach please FAM call him back we need his services here.Not these two big Dudes they are there to spoil football in Malawi.

  14. angoni says:

    Chipolopolo.. ife za Moira ndiye tinazisiya

  15. gonapamuhanya says:

    FAM is so full of shit!

  16. marvin sithole says:

    Malawi has almost always lost to Zambia even by such huge margins as 14-0, 7-1, 6-1, 4-0, 4-1 etc. In a way, it is Zambia that taught Malawi how to play soccer and to say Malawi hasn’t lost to Zambia since 2006 is misleading. Maybe you mean the two teams haven’t played each other since 2006.

  17. Bibo says:

    Before the game, coaches promised to burn the copper bullets,a sign of good preparations and good players,but after the game, excuses are explained to the media.We heard from Chamangwana that the Flames comprised a team of young and untested players,a reason for the loss,what nonsense is this?

    The back-line for the Flames had experienced players,midfield had madala Fischer,John Banda,and Micium Mhone as already used to be in the thick of things.Upfront,experienced Wadabwa was supposed to provide guidance and inspiration to his partner Sulumba.Now where is the inexperience here? Sometimes coaches must admit that it is going tough for them,I mean that they are not able to form an aggressive team that aims at winning.The combination of Young and Jack has hardly produced an attacking side.

    Malawi has so many coaches to its fold,at least local ones, but I haven’t noticed new good players to strengthen the Flames.Looks like the coaches are obsessed with using the same players.I think the super league has lost value in terms of producing good,talented,and complete players.It’s time coaches drove their butts around searching for the ‘real deal’ of players otherwise these coaches are not worth drawing tax-payers’ perks.

  18. Masked 5 says:

    Well who said or think Malawi flames would win? Anyway sorry for those who support these flames who do not win but drinking and fu Mahule mwakachere I hate frames

  19. Ndaima kaye says:

    Achinya chigoli cha malawi ndani

  20. Nyamakumutu says:

    You can see that even in Zambia Tumbukas are the one playing great football but come to Malawi you say Atumbuka vichi vichi musovenge Alomwe

  21. Angoni apa Phata says:

    There is always next time BUT bwana coach avoid lame excuses pliz…… Palibe player amene ali wankulu karma Wang”ono Jonathan kungovomeleza kuti zikukuvutani rather than implanting false hopes in us.

  22. Banda Pa Zed says:

    Mwaluza Bola Ndipo Natemwa Chomene! Kwene Ula Coach Kinnah Phiri akaba makola chomene! Mumu wezge kuti apitirizge chinto ila akayamba……

  23. FWENTULE says:


    1. your testicles says:

      amayi ako ndiye mfiti wamva?

    2. sunderstar says:

      This is stupid, in a game one team wins and it was fitting for Zambia to win because they fielded a full strength team and on their home ground. We have coaches who dont reason
      they all played in the National team as defenders. Zambia had to protect its pride at home but that does not mean we cant beat you on a neutral ground. If we talk of Ufiti Zambia is more wicked on Juju than our National team. Chipolopolo always uses JUJU and we know it thats how they win their games. Malawi is just preparing and testing new and old out of form players, the full strength team was left out.

    3. chigongota says:

      #FWENTULE nkhuli yadada wako uli chindele chakufikapo chizeleza

  24. ujeni says:

    Excuse excuse excuse, who stops Malawi from having a well oiled stable national team? Malawi is miles behind Zambia. Our football teams domestically are run like social clubs, no infrastructure to point at. The players are just too weakling lacking protein and stamina

    1. sunderstar says:

      What do you mean when you say Miles away from us? our team has beaten teams like Nigeria, Egypt, Mali, Burkina Faso Morroco, what is Zambia?. Its only that we have poor and bad coaches, give us a good coach and see how the team will play.

  25. Kennedy says:

    Typical excuses young players yesterday old players the team has only players from north shame and shame. Zomelani kuti mulije adquate of coaching that’s it. You even critises kinnah for beinh mtumbuka now its you, deliver what is the best for us all or els display your ignorance.

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