Malawi loss to Mozambique in Cosafa irk fans

Malawi’s Flames face South Africa’s Bafana Bafana this Wednesday   in plate section of the Cosafa Cup in South Africa but back home questions are being asked on why the Flames senior players shunned penalty shootout in the quarterfinal loss to Mozambique  at the Royal Bafokeng Sports Palace on Monday night..

Chimodzi in pep-talk

Chimodzi in pep-talk

The Flames bowed out of the Cosafa Cup championship race after losing 5-4 in post match penalties after two-all draw in normal play.

The clash between Mozambique and Malawi had everything, including two own goals scored by the Flames!

Captain Lucky Malata put through his own net on 10 minutes to give Mozambique the lead, but Malawi had seemingly turned the game on its head when Muhammad Sulumba equalised with a superb header from a corner, and then Limbikani Mzava lashed home a penalty after a foul on John Banda.

That was in the final minute of the game, but there was still more drama when Mzava put the ball into his own net in injury-time and Mozambique forced the game to penalties.

The penalty shootout went to sudden death, where Sulumba missed the decisive kick to see Mozambique through to the last four, where they join Namibia, Botswana and Madagascar.

However, to the disappointed of thousands of Malawians, who watched the match on television came in the injury time when Mzava scored in his own net.

But the manner in which the team lost has raised eyebrows after the Flames converted four penalty and missed the other three. More questions are now being asked why the technical panel led by Young Chimodzi picked in experienced players to take the spot kicks on the expense of vastly experienced players.

For instance, three players, who were making their debut for the Flames Yamikani Fodya, Muhammad Sulumba and Tizgowere Kumwenda missed their penalties.

Vastly experienced players like Fischer Kondowe, Limbikani Mzava, Lucky Malata and Frank Banda converted their penalties.

Back to the field of play, many people questioned substitutions made by Chimodzi. For instance, he substituted two players Gerald Phiri and Robin Ngalande who were causing havoc to the Mozambican.

Chimodzi also left Sulumba for the entire 90 minutes when he looked tired leaving Mozambican based Zicco Mkanda to warmed the bench.

Big Bullets left back Yamikani Fodya, who had a grant game in the first 45 minutes also run out of energy in the second half and instead of introducing the fresh legs of Francis Mlimbika, Chimodzi remained cool and calm.


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65 thoughts on “Malawi loss to Mozambique in Cosafa irk fans”

  1. HERBERT says:

    25 May 2015 is a day i wil never forget in Malawi’s History.Generally, Malawi Played Well But Why Timangodzichinya Tokha? And Why Tinalola Mozambique Kutichinya Time Itatha Jale? Nthawi Yowonjedzera Ngat Iyi Flames Inayenera Kupanga Defence Yamphamvu Ngat Mmeme Amapangra Ma Team Ena And Time Imeneyi Tinali Tikuwina’ Anyway, It Happens.

  2. angoni says:

    Malawi inawina liti?

  3. TAMBALA says:

    Amalawi koma mowa dzenje ndiye kulimbikira ngati kutuluka ndalama

  4. Chimangenimapiko says:

    Lets be rational in our analysis of the flame’s performance. To begin with, Young is a successful player as well as coach. Why have I said this? Find out from the super league teams he has coached you will discover that he is a well respected coach. If you talk of the best two defenders Malawi has ever had, then Jack and young surpass all. Back to Malawian Super league. Richard Chipuwa is not even first choice goalkeeper for Wanderers. Actually he is third now. Talking about Charles Swini as being the current best golie but the setback is that he has not been with the flames for long. For strikers, the coaches have no choice. So far Sulumba and Gerlad junior are upcoming. What the coaches need to do is to utilise old strikers as well. Nyondo is still ticking , Finally, lets not forget that South Africa, Zambia , Ghana also lost their games. Lets not disappoint coaches as to me, they did their best but it wasn’t our day.

  5. Malawi ndi timu yoti kulimbikira kusapota ufa ndi ntima zoona mu 3minuts yowonjezera kukachinyisa?samaona azinzao nthawi ngati imeneyi amapanga chilichose kuti nthawi ithe e.g coach kutulusa ndikulowesa maplayer,koma iwo ndipamene akukhala panSi nkumaonerera zoona



  7. mmmMm says:

    Coach wa Flames ndi manyi okhaokha, chomwe anamulowesera. Tizgowere sichikuziwika the whole 45minutes 3touches mmmmmm goalkeeper akuchinyisa zigoli game by game ku moyale how come to be first choice. Basi azingosewera chikulunga not wopopa

  8. The players jst play to fulfil the fixture.They play coz they r eleven and their nation has recognised them.They don’t show the passion and willimgness to win.Stl more,thesè players have low thinking capacity when they r in the field of play.This Chimodzi used to play well for Malawi,yes but that does not constitute that any best ancient player cän make a good coach.Think of we the tax payers is this what u can call an intertaining reward for we poor malawians?This is monthend already and u need to pay him 1.7 MILLION while the majority of the citizen is anguishing in agony.SHAME.

  9. nyayo says:

    My poor coach! Slow decision making, wrong substitution & lack of tactics are the characters of our coaches. Kapumeni, we can’t wait seeing you out.

  10. ezekiwe utwag says:

    Moyale Barracks football team are ranked at the bottom of super league. The so called Harawa is contributor to the poor performance of the team. Why not picking Beforward or BB goal keeper? Use brain when selecting players.

  11. ezekiwe utwag says:

    Young Chimodzi is a very good coach. He is from Chewa tribe. He doesnt pick Tumbuka players unlike Kinnah Phuri who had run out of football ideas and favourable tumbuka boys who doesnt know football. The coach and his technical panel did what was right. There is no tumbuka in technical panel.Give them time and adequate resources.

  12. G.G says:

    Nthawi ya kinna a young chimodzi mmati mpofunika kphwasula team yonse ndikupeza ma players ena is this the new team you were talking about? By then kinna was wondering where to get the players but you were confident to the media about your theory what do you say today?

  13. Poor team make me sad

  14. Mtunda says:

    Well! it is time to put the team inactive for some years. we put in structures which can be graduating with time. say, after 5 years, we go for international competitions, otherwise, we may keep on building n rebuiling teams to no effect at all! also feel school is important to our soccer boys. felt reasoning was below par in most players at cosafa much as we point fingers to the coaching panel, players to are to blame.

  15. Mayeso abilidala says:

    The most useless coach ever in malawi history

  16. nkhwedzule says:

    kuyambira lero bwanji tizingotenga team yomwe ikuchita bwino mu league ndi coach yemwe kaya bb kaya b4ward mukuona bwanji?

  17. geof says:

    pagolo panali mbatata, kulephera kupanga communicate with his diffenders!

  18. Said says:

    Kkkkkkk couch mmesa umati anyamata onse alibwin? Ndebwanji lero? Chavuta ndichani makamaka? Kkkkkkk ok ife masapota tiziti vuto chani kwenikweni kuti team yafukolathu? Amwene basi mwalephela ganyuyanuyo osanamiza fuko lamalawi ayi. Basi zakwana zomwe mwalandila zopanda ntchito yake

  19. Ine says:

    Why mulimbila was not featured? Fodya was easily succumbing to defty runs by opponents, Mulimbika could tame those pressures, Kumwenda was not better than Ziko too, With what we have seen, George Nyirenda is better than Malata.
    It looks like Chimodzi is too much inclined to Silver at the expense of the national pride, next game change your team even though it’s useless to us.

  20. Jk says:

    Vuto ndiloti ma coach amalandilanso katangale kwa ma player kuti akasewere nawo game zotsatila zake amalowetsa mbuzi kusiya player oti akanachita zakupsya khalidwe limeneli ndilimene likulowetsa masewera afootball pansi isaac ndi jacob anati flames ndi mbuzi

  21. Trevor jere says:

    Njala ilipo chaka chinoyi ndalama mkumaonogela mpira wake wanthobwawu??The whole FAM needs anOverhaul other wise it wll b the same old song

  22. Bongololo says:

    I’ve been saying it for years that the national football team is a waste of time and resources and everytime I am proven right. If it were up to me I’d invest in netball because the women’s game shows that they win time and time again. I’d also invest in women’s football instead of these mimba tolo chibukhu drinkers.

  23. Madalitso golat mwanza says:

    Flames kulibwino ingosiya kumamenya mpikisano chifukwa timataya ndalama zambiri zoti zitithandize pazitukuko zina mdziko muno,ngati: ulimi kugulira mankhwala mzipatala ndi nzina

  24. mwe says:

    No-one wants to lose, just as everyone is in pain so too the team ikumva chipain…lost opportunities komanso bonuses. To those who can afford to contribute in either way, lets come forward to build our team esp. from grass root, divisional leagues, super league and to the squad. Otherwise, don’t expect a miracle. We look at Mw team in a very wrong angle than how someone independent looks at Mw. We don’t have the muscle to withstand this game of football. Ngati mashasha anthu amabwelera kumatrials ku Mozambique, ndiye tidandaule kuti Mozambique yatichinya after all national team yathu is just like one social selected team on board.
    Bravo boys, you played well but lucky goes with commitment from as many aspects!

  25. Kennedy says:

    Choach must go, we have capable players but he is blind and lack of experience. Do not hestate to remove him otherwise it’ll be the same song, go chimodzi go!!

  26. James says:

    Anthuwa amadyela limodzi…thats why they will not let good, knowledgeable and experienced coaches like Ng’onamo to handle the mantle. They give him when the team has been failed by someone or there is no-one to assist the team at some time. Just the way you have done with Young, Kinnah…i think its high time you gave Ng’onamo ample time as well. Remember he took (together with Kim) Malawi to Cosafa finals. Osamangokondelana nokha nokha just because you played high level football pa Malawi pano. Maradonas do not make good coaches…mwaziwonela nokha. Give Ng’onamo all the resources and time ngati mom we mwapangila enawa…osamakondela.

  27. Ine game ija ndawonera yonse bwinobwino ndipo goal keeer ndamueza olaakwa kuyambira pacchiyambi maka pamapeto.. nchifukwa chiyani samapanga clear ma cross oopsya ngat amene aja…ma defender anadzichinyira kokha chifukwa chakuti goal-keeper amalephera ntchito yake… look at wat hapened ndi chigoli chomwe wazichinyira Nzava,,,, Goal keeper was sleeping… kumutulutsaso ngalande sichinali chinthu chanzeru.

  28. zanga phee says:

    Coach amafunika kuganiza popanga substitution, osakhala kumapanga visaversa ayi, kutulutsa amene amapangitsa mpungwe pungwe ku Golo La Mozambique .the coach failed on that .Amayenera kulowetsa Francis Mlimbika mmalo mwa Yamikani Fodya,
    kulowetsa Zicco mkanda mmalo mwa Muhamadi Sulumba,
    komanso ma player pa okha amayenera kuganiza ,mchifukwa chake akupezeka kuti akumazichinya okha, komanso Goal keeper samalankhulana ndi madifender ake.
    Ma player anji osadziwa ma game tactics like
    ,how to slow down the game during dying minutes.
    Delaying tactics,like kutulutsa mpira kunja, clearing long balls, Holding a player at Bay, injuring yourself,
    these are some of delaying tactics.
    mukufuna mpaka ndiyambe u Coach Zomwezi.
    mwatichititsa manyazi guys.

  29. mwana says:

    Poor selection of penelty takers cost us the game how can they take Fodya Fisher ali pompo, akanayamba Kenani Kondowe, Frank Banda, John Banda, Lucky Malata and Limbikani Mzava. how can we score 4 goal in 90 min agaist zero and lose the game.ndiye mwati amenyaso ndi kulimbilana position 7?

  30. Gibson juma says:

    what a SHAME! why can’t we just tell the world that; football is not our game: Let’s accept and do what we can do better instead of waisting resources like money, time and energy. Zamanyazi!!

  31. od says:

    Zamanyazi kwambiri!

  32. CHEKUCHEKU says:

    Malata Scored His Firs Goal In Flames Jersy. Ndikufunila Team Ya Malawi Kuluza Kwabwino Mawa Pamene Akufuna Achinyidwe Ndi Joni. Muluze Ife A Bullets Tikufuna Ma Player Athu Tiyende Nawo Weekend. Kuluza Kwambone.

  33. Quota milionaire says:

    coarch problem. After getting a goal in the dying extra time of second half, all to focus on was to buy time

  34. Truth says:

    NO. 21. When did flags start playing football. Did we loose the game because of flags?

  35. kasiya says:

    Chimodzi low thinkng capacity nevar say we played beta n beta until wen •we r lily tired pz water fire hm n hz oponet if u let such things continue we will show u our anger•let zimbambwe game b organised by othr pipo•hw can 2 goals b scored by our side jaah 4 de Ist I wz ok bt wat advice did u bring over mistake to not hapened again•dis mw not personal team n manegement whr by views can not heard 4 de sake of de nation pz chimodzi n chamangwa jst quite to avoid embarancement tatapa nanu

  36. Chisomo Makapu says:

    I would not want to blame Young Chimodzi now since our preparations are foolish. We are never serious and blaming coaches is not right. Football is no longer a poor man’s game.

  37. Bibo says:

    Chindele chakufikapo coach ameneyu.I said it that Malawi stood to lose the game because I understand Chimodzi’s game plan which is always advantageous to his opponents.His team so far has a serious record of either conceding early goals in the first half or at least conceding damaging goals in the entire first half,that’s worrisome and speaks volumes of a coach who doesn’t know how to change his tactical approach to the next game after noticing shortfalls in a previous game.Simply put it,Chimodzi doesn’t learn from previous mistakes.

    The other problem with Chimodzi and other Malawian coaches is trying different combinations for too long-there is no consistency in his team’s combinations which affects it’s style of play and game plan.Malawian coaches including Chimodzi, build their teams for their entire contract period and in this period they give so many excuses when the team loses. That is incompetence which doesn’t deserve further consideration.A coach is hired to deliver because tax-payers sacrifice his perks, and therefore, there is no room for disappointments inflicted on fans who happen to be tax-payers.

  38. thamby says:

    i dont know why Flames coach took Harawa instead of Chipuwa. Cobby baracks is not doing good in malawi`s League ,he has consided alot of goals Agaist 2 for Chipuwa.The coaches must tell us the truth behind his selection . good goalkeeper aims at cutting the crosses than what he does. my final word take out Harawa for good he is not a national team product

  39. AMOS MWALE says:


  40. Nkasa says:

    Walter Nyamilandu is the source of all these endless humiliations!

    He alongside Grace Chiumia, Young Chimodzi, Jack Chamangwana, Botoman wa Sulom should be fired!

    The sorry-ass so called national team players should be sent to Kachere Rehabilitation Centre!

  41. balaka says:

    Zamanyazi ndi zochititsa chisoni, shame shame shame to them all

  42. chingwe cha mbuzi says:

    Achoke chimodzi achoke

  43. Steve Mulowe says:

    Mmmmm…zotopexa ngt iz siznaonekenxo

  44. golo says:

    The game was ok . We played well for the entire 90 minutes. We were unlucky with the own goals.This team needs encouragement coz its a good squad . We lost because of loss of concentration for both goals.

  45. Harry Pongolani says:

    This match was not about mere giving entertainment, but to win. So the question of Malawi played well does not really mater in this case – all we wanted is a win even if the team played badly.

    I would like to take a slightly different dimension in analyzing this match. I am not sure where the fans who cheered our team came from, but they did well to show their love for the home team. Nevertheless, one major shortcoming that I noticed is that they displayed a sense of disunity for Malawi. What kind of flag were they displaying during the football match? Malawi officially flies one flag, but, I saw different flags representing Malawi – one with a full sun which was so visible and another one with a rising sun which not so visible because it was flown by fans on the far right corner where the camera did not capture completely. This simply showed African and the entire world that Malawi is not united nation, nor is it organised. With this observation, I would like to appeal to the authorities to withdraw all flags with a full sun – they are unofficial and they are bringing confusion and disunity to Malawians. It looks like all those fans were “aganyu” (if I may use this word), organised by fanatics of a particular party to advance the ambitions of that party that they flag they proposed some years back was better and still official that can be flown along side the one with the rising sun. capital Hill is flying a flag with the rising sun as official. If fans showed division, how can a team, let alone the technical panel be united? We have two Malawis. So government should not just withdraw flags with a full sun, but make it a punishable offence for anyone who is found using it. The traffic department must also withdraw all the number plates with this flag and maintain the numbers with only a replacement of the flag with the rising sun, which is Malawi’s only flag. One flag, one nation. one football team.

  46. baggio says:

    zovetsa chisoni sam old story!!feeling to hold the ball to kill de game.FAM FAM be carefully with ur coach’s

  47. Very bad own goals !

  48. ertt says:

    You mean Young and his crew failed koma kubela mavoti aMalawi. Ndebolanso Leo Mpulula amatha kusintha zinthu zosatheka zimatheka. Inu Young anatha fungo, anapima

  49. Jackson mzoza says:

    Malawi national team most of the time you make our nation shame captain score his own net how? Please don’t be taph thing to think use skills

  50. soja man says:

    Sometimes football is decided by luck.we were a better team the whole 90 minutes.I strongly believe we r heading in the right direction though I agree we need a better keeper,and someone needs to tell our players always look at the keeper before taking a penalty not head down,and we don’t argue about the concided goal on our way to a shoot out it only boost the opposition morale,keep the team together bring in the experience we need then Zimbabwe will b in for a beating next month,thumbs up as well to sulumba,fodya,kumwenda despite the miss I see great futures for u guys n nation team.hard luck ma flames.

  51. There was no total discipline,two minute ija inali yomangotaya mpira kuthengo,total defense Bola kuthazi ‘ losing by choice

  52. pooo says:

    1. Goal Keeper, mbola. asazasewereso mu teamyi.
    2. Ma defender mbola, kupatula Fodya ndi Lanjesi
    3. No serious strikers ofunisisa kuchinya, ma strikers asinthidwe.
    4. Technical pannel, needs revision. Ma coach akakoche ma team a mu Chipiku League awa.
    5. Kukondera ma player a Silver kwambiri as if amatha mpira.

  53. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawi Flames lost to Mozambique Mambas and our national coach Bwana Young Chimodzi sang his favorite song, MY BOYS PLAYED VERY WELL AND WE MANAGED TO SCORE VERY CRUCIAL GOALS, YOU SEE? That is our coaches favorite song. After last night game, what should be done to improve our standard of football in our beautiful country. I thought even if we hire Jose Mourinho of Chelsea still Malawi will going to lose. The problem is our coaches but our premier football league. If can have many sports colleges not only football but all sports and also companies must start sponsoring our football clubs and also our national team. Fam must just stick to our local coach and make sure our league professional.

  54. Youn says:

    Monday coaches

  55. vyaya says:

    I thought you needed good Mchewa coach than Mtumbuka Kinnah! Ndi ameneyotu Uoung is delivering. …..

  56. i love prostitutes says:

    malawian players are very poor. i’m sure that they sell their games for a little something 99.9% of the time. the other 0.1% losses are due to poor diet, low fitness levels, alcoholism, excessive sex with prostitutes, dull coaches and lack of confidence and self esteem. how can they possibly win?

  57. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Eish,zinali zovuta kuona,kuva ndi kuvetsetsa,kaya ndi chani kaya,m’mene analili Robin Ngalande sindikukhulupilira kuti amayenera kutulutsidwa,komaso ma mistake nde ndi Osayamba,nde poti munagwirizana kale kuti Akapanda kuchita bwino N’tchito yawo palibe nde tikudikila tive kuti tathadi kapena inali nkhamba kamwa?????Ntima kuwawa.

  58. alex says:

    eye on goal keeper please.

  59. nobel says:

    Inexperienced as everything is back home. Like father like son. That loss was quite expensive to watch. I rarely watch soccer so this once again puts me a distance further the football pitch.

  60. T/A says:

    Uyu si coach!

  61. Kakado says:

    Scoring 4 goals but losing, aaahhh am failing to understand my lovely team….. zachitika zagwa basi….

  62. henry sekeni says:

    despite the loss The flames played very well.and the Fodya Boy played good football………just work hard and this time use a different Goalkeeper……

  63. everccosa says:

    Mbalame ya coach iyi kumangodziwa kudana nd ma player basi ngakhale goloboy anali mbuzi ndithu chowasiyira achina owen kapena chipuwa ndi chani amalawi tizingoluza dairy ngati mbuzi ya coachiyi ipitirize coz palibe chomwe akudziwa kungobwera kuno kuzadya volosi basi,ameneyu imuthere basi mbalame izi achina mpheta sajengwe ujungulu apumbwa asa mxxxxxwww marabish

  64. ujeni says:

    They have lost basi, we are not good enough to win COSAFA, back to playing in masanje league, lero ku Balaka mawa ku Dedza.

  65. Truck says:

    The Game was ours but unfortunately we lost .Come Flames next time don’t lose the Chance but you played well .

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