Malawi maize crisis worsening: Woman faints queueing on empty stomach

After queuing on an empty stomach  to buy maize at Ndirande-Chinseu Admarc, one woman fainted as buyers fought for the scarce grain.

Tired and hungry Malawians have to queue  to get maize

Tired and hungry Malawians have to queue to get maize

Local press reports says the woman whose identity is not  verified was pushed by the crowd and fell to the ground but regained conscious after being taken to a local health clinic.

Mothers whose breast milk has dried up due to lack of food, jostle for space, their babies strapped to their backs queuing for  staple food maize which  has become scarce in most parts of the country.

Occasionally a scuffle breaks out as some hungry person, accused of pushing in, is plucked from the queue by police officers.

Councilor for Makata Ward Cecilia Zeka Phiri who was at the scene said the depot receives at least 300 bags a day but the number of buyers has steadily been growing.

“This depot receives maize almost on a daily basis but the demand is too high. People sleep here waiting for their turn to buy maize which only lasts for few days as they are allowed to buy only 20kgs per individual,” she said as quoted in The Nation newspaper.

The hunger is already causing heartbreak and Nyasa Times reported on Monday that a group from Thyolo petitioned President Peter Mutharika asking the Head of State to intervene in the situation.

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29 thoughts on “Malawi maize crisis worsening: Woman faints queueing on empty stomach”

  1. TA Teputepu says:

    Munasankha nokha chimanga 4, lero njala yalowa dziko. Mumati chikukwanani bwanji.

  2. Billy Chilewani says:

    It is a shame for my country year in year out to be hearing of hunger in the months of Dec-Feb each and every year. This last season understandable but the pattern has been there time immemorial. Can’t we for once both opposition ( which is Govt. in waiting) and the ruling who are supposed to map-a strategic direction for once come to the root causes of this perrennial hunger and root it out.Is it overpopulation as alluded to by Akweni? You may hate her but at the rate we are going,I think it is high time we shoulder responsibility for the numerous kids we are producing as if they are pigs ready for sale. Is it lack of proper policies which discourage big commercial farmers to engage in our maize farming? Or is it merely maize politics???

  3. Mngoni weni weni says:

    Vuto laboma la DPP ndi tsankho. Kummwera makamaka ku Thyolo ndi Chiradzulo mwapereka zimakuponi zambirimbiri. Maka ku Thyolo poti ndikwa president komanso nduna yazamalimidwe. Pano fertilizer akuchita kutsala yet kwina kulibe. Olo chimanga kukumabwera zima truck daily. Pomwe ma ambulance ndimankhwala a kusowa mzipatala zina, imeneyo sinkhani ku Thyolo,. Ichi ndichimodzi mwazipatala zomwe zili ndima ambulance wochulukitsitsa, osatiso okufa koma woyenda. Koma pitani ku kasungu mukapeza 2 ambulances. Mankhwala ndikutapa kutaya yet kwina olo panado kulibe. Ndunena izi ndi umboni. A president ndi nduna zanu, can you treat all Malawians equally please. Boma la DPP linayambitsa quarter system yamaphunziro ati pofuna kepereka mwayi ofanana wamaphunziro. Izi zizichitikaso pakagawidwe ka zinthu zina. We need quarter also in other service distribution. DZUKA MALAWI DZUKA.

  4. Sailota says:

    I am short of comment. Otherwise, let me condole all those that are suffering. Kodi chimanga chomwe tikuuzidwa, tinauzidwapo kuti bola lagula, ndipo ndi chokwanila chili kuti. Are u sure u were busy campaigning to illtreat your fellow Malawians? Think twice and act. Remember God is watching!!!!!!!!!

  5. kaliyati says:

    Sitidya loko timadya chimanga!! Sitidya loko timadya chimanga!! Sitidya loko timadya chimanga!! Sitidya loko timadya chimanga!! Uko kunali kuimba kwa Ana asukulu otumidwa ndi amphunzitsi masiku awo. Tilape amalawi ponena kuti Chipani china chimabweretsa chimanga. Malawi imadalira mvula ndipo mvula imachoka kwa mwini namalenga.

  6. Burauni Mpinganjire says:

    Malawi president – vakusi vanu.
    Malawi cabinet – dull.
    Malawi opposition – stupid & useless.

    We told you here in September last year to find and despatch tractors to Malawi’s major dambos all along the lakeshore, to help local people clear land so they could plant dry season maize on a large scale. That could have helped mitigate the hunger situation by now. But there you were, busy flying to USA with large entourages with other people’s wives.

    Ndiye ndi izotu wanthu ayamba kufa uko. Muthana nazo nokha.

  7. All4ks says:

    Yet this stupid clueless govt all along was saying we have plenty of maize.

    Jappie and msaka, dpp politicising maize by instructing their ministers or MPs to obtain maize through the Admarc back door and distributing to their areas. Buying votes for 2019. No shame these dpp dogs, people are dying.

  8. Starling Kondowe from Chikwina CDSS in Nkhatabay says:

    The problem is,some of us are deepening the thorn of hunger in
    most malawians.Maize in admarc markets is sold to vendors who in turn sell the staple food to the hungry masses at high prices.As we write,ferlizer subsidy is being sold at 15000 per bag.What are doing,as malawian? Let us do away with these evil acts and change the face of our nation.Together we can dimish hunger,Together we can phase out the so called neocolonialism,yes! Together we can build a better Malawi .

  9. Dada Kampingo Jere says:

    Makuponi mwapereka ambiri kumwera, koma dziwani kuti kumwera njala ndikumenenso imatidzimila kwambiri. North and Central mumatimana makuponi, ndiye Chauta pankhani ya mvula amatikonda

  10. Violet Zulu says:

    Mmmh this all because of vendors as well as admarc personells

  11. Mzungumbuli says:

    Malawi is sailling in troubled waters, we have a clueless president who has now run short of ideas. Even if you ask him 2 plus 2 he will tell you 3. He failed to manage a ministry (Education Science and technology) when he was a minister how can he run a country now? All these problems were constructed by Mr Maxon Mbendela for allowing this empty-headed president to win the 2014 polls. Shame on you Mr. Mbendela.

  12. The Analyst says:

    Sadly, the minister of agriculture is just as useless as the minister of finance is clueless as the one who chose them both, is both.

    . . . We have lake Malawi from the north to the south and the shire river to Nsanje and many other big n small rivers ubiquitously; yet we can’t come up with an idea on how to use this water for large-scale irrigation?
    . . . We have FISP in place, yet mismanagent, theft, corruption are the stories we continuouslly hear?; and nobody seems to care or do something about hence bring sanity to it?
    . . . We once heard about the Green-Belt Initiative yet nobody is interested in it or knows how to go about implementing it? Not even the brother? Et tu; Brute?
    . . . Are you still convinced that leaders are chosen by God? when, with our own legs, we walked to the polling centres; our minds and eyes saw them; and hands cast the vote? We did it! Otherwise, God is a walking man; which is untrue.
    . . . Regardless of who chose them or wherefrom they came, and for what purpose; stories of people fainting on the queue or dying, are just as pathetic as the loud and deafening silence on how the authority plans to tackle the situation as the crisis is expected to get worse next year, with no rains now; is deplorable.

    “If you have tears, prepare to shed them now.” – William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar)
    Coz . . .
    “Winter is coming.” – George R.R. Martin

  13. Chenda says:

    Beneath the pictures is it to get maize or to buy maize?

  14. m'malwi weniweni says:

    vuto la amalawi kuiwala. apa chitati chibwere chisankho muona akuvotelanso DPP akatero adzilira. koma ine kujoni kukakhala kuti samagwira deport ndikanati kumeneko simzabweranso, koma poti ndikhwati tionananso 2019.

  15. Jinack Chinula says:

    Beneath the pictures, is it to get maize or to buy maize?

  16. Jinack Chinula says:

    Come on reporter, is it to queue to get maize or to buy with their own money?

  17. Kaya says:

    I want to say without mincing words that for the fisrt time, Malawi has an idiot as a president. The man who is so called Prof Mutharika is just a brute with big head but with chicken brain. Sad.

  18. True Patriot says:

    It’s high time Malawians pay a high price for voting idiots into power. Wake-up Malawians

  19. chenkope says:

    Anthu akummwera akamadandaula ndipo sindimva chisoni chifukwa ndi zomwe anafuna. Mavotavota anuwo kufera wakwathu Mulungu akulangeni kwabasi. Zianthu zosamva no school ntchito kunyoza. Mulira simunati and floods are also coming. Cursed region. Go kwa Petulo Mathanyula let him feed you now!!! Atleast he should thank you for putting him where he is plus stealing votes from Chakwera.

  20. Tt says:

    WE JUST NEED TO PRAY, JESUS WILL GIVE YOU NOT ONLY MAIZE, BUT CORN FLAKES TOO. Remember nothing is impossible to him, faith can move mountains

  21. BMW says:

    A country of fools. Why do you have famine when an entire third of your country is made up of fresh water which can irrigate your crops year round?
    Keep praying.

  22. Sleeping gvnt says:

    MW ppo r easily 2 4get! Once they harvest this yr they’ll 4get all this mess v so called hunger but come to next yr it ll b another mess! N the gvnt z only focusing how they can steal ppo’s tax money! Idiot leaders

  23. dada says:

    Malawians are so much illiterate and brutes. Why vote for APM and DPP when we had the able, god-fearing, loving president in the name of JB? Surely the people must pay with their lives for the stupidity of voting for these goats. Look now – njala ponseponse, umphawi ponseponse, kusowa mankhwala m’zipatala zonse, matenda ponsponse, anthu kuphana ponseponse, zoipa zonse ponseponse m’MAlawi. JB woyee. We miss you greatly JB.

  24. Nkhuluvi says:

    stupid government, we have no leader in NYASA.

  25. Njolopingo says:

    The centre cannot hold and things fall apart

  26. Njolopingo says:


  27. mlomwe says:

    Palibe atafe ndinjala chaka chino!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Kadakwiza says:

    We remember Joyce Banda now. The woman tried her best so that Malawians don’t die of hunger. We miss Joyce Banda.

  29. Hara, chilumba, Karongas says:

    Where is the government spokesperson to refute this allegation.

    ‘Anakomoka chifukwa cha matenda’

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