Malawi man knocked down in South Africa: Beaten with Sjambok on way to work

A 22-year old Malawian gardener Muhammed Makungwa was nearly ridden over by a BMW and then beaten with a sjambok by its driver as he was on his way to work in Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa on Sunday.

Makungwa was beaten with a sjambok yesterday after being mistaken for a robber. Photo: Jeffrey Abrahams.

Makungwa was beaten with a sjambok yesterday after being mistaken for a robber. Photo: Jeffrey Abrahams.

According to Cape Times, Makungwa suffered injuries to the head and bruises to his body, and was taken to  Omnicare Family Health Centre in Lansdowne for treatement.

Police confirmed the incident took place in Palmyra Road, Claremont, just before 7am .

“I got out of a taxi in Main Road and was running to work down Palmyra Road because I was late. Someone in a car started shouting at me, but I don’t understand English very well and could not understand what he was saying.

“I kept on running and he then tried to drive his car into me. I stopped and he got out and started whipping me with a sjambok. He just went crazy and didn’t give me a chance to explain myself,” he said.

“He was shouting at me and I could make out that he thought I had broken into his car. I tried to explain to him that I was on my way to work, but he just kept on hitting me. My lunch box fell as he was whipping me and that’s when he stopped. He then asked me where I worked and after I told him he took me to [my] employers,” said Makungwa, who left Malawi four months ago.

Makungwa said the attack left him fearing for his life:

“I’m very upset… Why would someone just start hitting another person? I was happy living in Cape Town, but this attack has made me scared for my life,” he said.

According to the Cape Argus on Tuesday, the man who attacked Makungwa was driving a BMW X5. His face, car and number plate were clearly visible on CCTV footage in possession of the police.

“According to Muhammed, he’s a dentist in Palmyra Road,” said Makungwa’s employer Nadia Kamies.

Kamies told the Cape Argus Makungwa had been booked off until Thursday, due to the injuries he sustained in the attack. He is recovering at home.

Oscar Namata, 39, also employed by Kamies, said: “The wound on his head is very deep. He also has a gash on his left shoulder and his knees are bruised.”

Police spokesman Frederick van Wyk confirmed an incident of assault is being investigated

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59 thoughts on “Malawi man knocked down in South Africa: Beaten with Sjambok on way to work”

  1. Mbuto says:

    Zichedwani ndikulozana chala, nonsenu achawa komanso a Mbwenu ndinu anthu oipa osankhana mitundu.nosense check this out.

  2. kkkkkkk says:

    U wil hv yo cash!

  3. Mike says:

    [email protected] Here are names of ngonis who rides bicycle in RSA. 1, Hunga has two 2, Jere has three 3, Moyo had two he had to send one back home in Mzimba for domestic use.These are people I know. Garden boys in Brynston. Please give me the three names for people from Mangochi who sends bycycles home apart from fleet of cars. Proper cars not the Dubai car if you are having any. My friend we are Yaos wangalusa. We settled along lake Malawi and you settled in bushy mountainous area? Go and ask you ancestors why they never conquered lake Malawi.

  4. Pelemende says:

    Mike @ 34, is this guy from Mzimba? Just accept that you mijombas u like sitting phwii in Mwenyes verandas shaking zipalapasiro zanu all day long, sewing. You want mngoni to speak chewa in RSA? You must be mad. Mangochi has high HIV prevalence rate in Malawi, name one from Mzimba as you say who is riding bicycle there. As for u, we have proof, the guy in the picture kkkkkkkk. Driving cars my ass, I have been there too most of you are cooks, gardeners as your friend here, and ass lickers. So shutuup. I don’t even know if u have understood, mwina tikuuzeni mchiyao? Ali uli kumangwetu?kkkkk

    1. Mike says:

      If my memory serves me well, there was an article published on this site that Malawi government must prevent people from Mzimba from going to RSA to work because most of them gets infected with HIV in RSA. This was an outcry from some NGO if not the chiefs. These guys are so primitive. They tell South Africans that in Malawi there is no TV station or a multiple storey building. Where by in Mangochi we watch Big Africa in the villages. Please visit M’baluku village. Almost 80% of household has electricity.

      1. Mike says:

        Do you want me to name them. Ok. The guy called Hunga has 4 bicycles, the guy called Moyo has one, the guy called Jere had three, he had to send one back home for domestic usage. These are people I know buddy, fulltime garden boys from Bryanston . Name a person from Mangochi who sends bicycles
        home apart from fleets of cars. Mr @43 I think you have worked in Malawi for years may be you never drove a proper car apart from these Dubai scraps.

  5. Pelemende says:

    U don’t understand English???? Oooh man u de crazie. So how else were you going to explain to him that you were going to work if you cant express yourself in English? Shame paja you are from southern region? No wonder.

  6. dambuzo wa dambuzo says:

    Man we r all heading to joburg.Moyo wafunga pachilawizi.kuti ziyende uzikhala wopakula ngati anzathu a Ku capital hill osati zikachuluka zina they stash on ceilings kumangogwa ngati manna from heaven.koma ndiye sitinati mabunu kutikwapula ndi ma shamboko bola ukulandira ma rands.Kumangomvera nyimbo ija yoti kapilire unka iweko.Manje zinthu sizilibwino konse.

  7. sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    I know mijomba yambiri likes these kind of gardening jobs.Musalimbenepo ndi mngoni apa.sukulu anayidziwa kale and don’t forget kuti chingoni resembles ziyankhulo za Ku john.Simunati mijomba adakakulikitani ndi ma shamboko.

    1. Mike says:

      If Chingoni resembles why do they call themselves Tumbukas. They can’t even speak Zulu
      Their language got swallowed centuries ago. Amatichititsa manyazi kuno ku Joni. Kunukha khwapa kwambili.

  8. Chikopa says:

    That supiti dentist is a Boer, He can kill a blackman at his clinic. Food for thought – Malawians should not be over friendly with followers pajatu azungu amatikwapula kapena kutilumitsa agalu kwathu kwankuno. Julius Malema used to love old ANC Song “Shoot the Boer”

  9. munyasa says:

    sanachule mtundu apa bwanji kodi? This is not rwanda or burundi… sweet heart is pure chewa and me pure tumbuka….shit with ur tribalism all u comment……get well soon my broz whather u r from n…c…s…all malawians

  10. The Patriot says:

    Chocho m’bale wanga, ingo pilira as long as ukupanga Forex pa Joni chita zomwezo basi! Get well soon and go back to work you are a Malawian hero!!

    1. mary says:

      Malawian hero my ass.

  11. Dubehyangu says:

    The driver must come to Malawi driving the same vehicle within 7 days failing which all his family shall be wiped BASI!!!!

  12. Vavlov says:

    This is very sad; even with the quota system, there are still many illiterate people in Malawi. Probably if he understood English he could have explained himself properly, and avoided the beating. It is sad to have an innocent person assaulted like this. DPP government please create opportunities for these young men in Malawi to avoid suffering in foreign countries.

  13. Mike says:

    Olemba khaniyinso anali ndi cholinga. Judging from this article, the reporter wanted to expose on how un educated Yawos are. Forgeting that JHB is Mzimbaland infested with dirty Ngonis from Mzimba who can’t read or write. I have known here in SA that these guys they marry as early as 15. Some are still practicing polygamy at that tender age.They dying here like cockroaches due to HIV and accidents due to their primitiveness. In Mangochi we are better off that Mzimba beacause we drive cars while these ngonis ride bicycle in RSA and cause a lot of accidents. Do your research.

  14. thembeka says:

    trust me if this story is true,watola chikwama mnyamatayu!!ma loya achita kumusaka adyelepo pa iye…..amulipira wamva powawa koma amupasa za zambiri///

  15. KK says:

    Kungoti zinazi Zima zizilitsa thupi. Ndakumana ndi anthu a ku mpoto particularly ku Mzimba amene ali 90% ma garden boy a ku Santion, Fourways ect. Ena mwayiwo samatha chizungu olo Chichewa. Why generalising a ayawo kuti sa matha chizungu? Vuto la Malawi ngati silimatukukuka ndi zifukwa zake ndi zimenezi. We are a country without a history of civil war, but we are so divided on tribal lines.

  16. Chejumo says:


  17. Piper says:

    Take this white dude to court for assault…Period !!

  18. chosatheka says:


  19. ndadabwa says:

    omwe mukuyerekedwa kuti mumatha chizungu ndinu mbuzi. musayerekedwe ndi mwayi kuti munaphunzira. ena sanaphinzire chifukwa cha umphawi and they didnt apply for poverty. ndi dziko lino things can turn against you

    1. odzi says:

      nawenso, kudziwa kuyankhula chizungu doesnt mean kuphunzila. Pita ku mulanje ukaone ku likhubula ndi malo ena momwe anyamata a kumudzi amayankhulila chizungu. Amazolowera kuyankhulana ndi azungu and other foreighners omwe amapita kukakwera phiri, you will be amazed.

      its just practice basi.

  20. ndadabwa says:

    komano compensation ya munthu ameneyu ikuyenda bwanji. pharmacist ameneyu alipire basi

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      Dentist not phamarcist, ukuwerenga nkhani yake iti?

  21. Kanyimbi says:

    Pano ine sindikununkha olo pang’ono. Mavuto okha okha. Misonkho ndiye yosanena. Ndingolowa ku phanga basi.

  22. MVANVARA says:

    Amalawi School Ndiyofunika

    1. masoapali says:

      Kuphunzira sikudziwa chizungu mbuzi iwe! In europe english is only spoken in England and Ireland. The rest everything is vernacular. Who fooled you that kudziwa chizungu ndiye kuti munthu waphunzira? fotseki

      1. Openness says:

        wamuyankha bwino, good! kudziwa kuyankhula chizungu si kulowa mkalasi ayi koma practice. Ena amatha portuguese basi some french but not english

    2. Chembe lumbe says:

      Then after school….looks like you have plenty of suggestions

  23. mfana wokwiya says:

    i hop justice will take its natural course and that the victim will be duly compesated. May the leadership of our country follow up this issue with a critical eye to protect our brothers who r trying to make ends meet in foreign nations.

  24. chiyaya says:

    Mwati mupezelepo mwai wotiuza kuti inu mumatha chizungu, give the guy a break, not being able to speak english doesn’t make one a lesser person. Why can’t you find fault with this lunatic who just sees a human being running and starts beating him up to that extent? If he’s car was burgled, wouldn’t a reasonable person atleast hold the guy untill the cops arrive?? You say this guy didn’t go to school, and here you have a learned dentist behaving like a savage and all you learned people blame the victim? what a world!!!Akanakhala kumudzi mukanamuganizira ko mwaba ku cash gatiko???

    1. Redeemed says:

      What a valid point, I also sense an element of jeolousy by some of the commentors, their are many factors that could deter one from completing his intellectual studies apart from laizyness as many seem to assume, for instance lack of support from parents or guidians, povert, and so on. I wish people could adopt the mentality of assisting others as opposed to judging. Most people have a great potential to reach high destiny, but due to circumstances beyond their control, their dreams remain a fantacy. Such people don’t mope around their tough situations, they strive to overcome themselves from their unfavorable conditions, by taking risks like crossing borders without letting the language barrier to deter them, like this dude.

      I admire how the late Jamaican pastor by the name Miles munroe who recently died from a plane crash, perceived life, and I quote “LIFE IS NOT MEASURED BY DURATION, BUT DONATION, and A SHORT PURPOSEFUL LIFE OUTWEIGHS A LONG PURPOSELESS ONE” I wish most of us could adopt this mentality to bring a positive change to the lives of those less fortunate.


  25. drakes says:

    The Government must ask the RSA Government to arrest the attacker, if this story is true then there is need for Government to intervene. What happened to this man is not acceptable under any civilised society and South African Government must act on this and arrest the culprit immediately, thats why I always advise people that South Africans are very Evil people regardless of colour, they dont regard human life and the Police there equally are heavy handed and oppressive

  26. Promise says:

    Wawenge mtumbuka akanamva koma mchawa mmalo mopita ku sukulu jando basi ,zaziii .sukulu timaphuzila kuti tisalembedwe ntchito basi koma kudziwa mummene zinthu zikuyendera osati kumangokhala mmakhonde a mwenye kusoka .ignorance is no joy.

  27. Mphwache wa Bingu says:

    This is a lesson to Malawians ntauni sitimathamanga. You can walk fast but not running ngati muli Ku mudzi. If you want to run go to designated places for Marathon. Anyway you will still get compensation but come back home once you get the cash

  28. Batchala says:

    Mistaken identity…… Sorry

  29. carold kamphambale says:

    chances are 90% that u stole something from him even if u cnt hear english if somebody is shoutin Thief! u cn stop.but u r lucky akanakupha phwanga(he wud hav killed u).go to court u wil be paid money if u r true

  30. "NATIVE OF NOWHERE" says:

    This is the beginning of ur troubles. The Capetonian Police will mark ur movements and they know u dont papers, once beaten twice shy. Young man cum back home b4 it’s 2 late or u want 2 cum back as cargo.? The story has many holes and he isnt strait in the story line. “DONT CALL ME CALL MY LAWYER”

  31. Momo sam says:

    Tikamanena kuti pitani ku sukulu inu mumati ayi,shame how can you speak chiyawo kwa azungu,dude come home home go to school you are still young.

  32. Akilly 2 says:

    Wishing him expeditious recovery!

  33. Chagonja says:

    Izo ninkhaza kwa wena Malawi awo wali ku Joni. Aaa… mwamabungwe wakuwona za ufulu mukuti mbu?

  34. Mwanayuamulipile says:

    You guys at the consulate have the job to do here. Please,help your fellow Malawian to be paid for the unjust done to him.

  35. This guy has no choice but to stick with working in S/Africa. Life in Nyasaland is unbearable. He can manage to get MK40,000 per month. Look now the Kwacha is nose diving on a rock! & APM with his boys are snoring. Musova

    1. truth says:

      Ana ochepa sukulu simufuna koma makobiri kuthamangira kukwatira wosaphunzira. Juno uvenda basi. Zikucititsa manyazi. Malawi is exporting garden boys than tobacco. Come home and go to school.

  36. Yobe boo says:


    1. amp says:

      nanunso a yobe, kukhala ngati simunayendepo. inu simudziwa kuti atumbuka (specifically a ku mzimba) ndi ayao ndi amene amathamangira kumeneko. Anthu ophunziratu, alibe nthawi yokangana ndi anthu ngati inu. iwo amapanga zawo. who cares now coz many Malawians are struggling with their master degrees, graduate degrees, diplomas, etc. it is time to look at finding solutions to these social problems.

  37. Ludo says:

    Ulesi too much! Kuthawa ku Nyasalande, ndiye wazionatu, kwaeni kulibe mkuwe. Ndi umbuli wakowo, umva m’bebe.

  38. citizen says:

    Choka Unaba iwe!

  39. Big brain says:

    Munkatwawa school inu 22 years garden boy that’s trouble if not come back home and be a farmer!

  40. 11 bongoz says:

    tamango bwerani man!, pakayipa2 dziwa nyimbo boran angokupandan mudakabwera mulimkaton ya bonya

  41. Chindindi says:

    So what?basi zatha…..

  42. YANKHO MAJIGA says:

    Sorry. friend. But seriously ,how did yu manage crossing. all the boarders without speaking English? How do you work in a foreign land without speaking. the language they can understand yu? Do you want to tell us that you are communicating wth your boses in Chichewa or chiyawo? Man tanenani zoona mumathawa eti. Mumaonangati X5 yo muli aboma eti. Then which language did you use when crying fo help!!!! Blame yourself man because had yu known how to speak English, you would have explained to him bfo beating you with the shjambok and perhaps this guy would have given you a lift to work knowing that yu r late. Just come bak home and at list attend ya kwacha….

    1. odzi says:

      @ yankho, ya kwachayo mukalowere limodzi chifukwanso nawe spelling ya ‘atleast’ walemba at list. Ndondomeko ya chani kkkkk

      anyway english si yathu iyi, kumangomvetsetsana basi.

  43. Kabunduli edundu says:

    Sory please

  44. OSCAR says:


  45. Achakulungwa says:

    Claremont is a nice place,according to my experience in cape town a decade ago,but it seems like there was a lack of communication,not saying what the dude did is justifiable but come on,you’re 22 and cannot communicate in English,did you go to school?

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