Malawi Medical council moves in on ‘quack’ Rwandan doctor

Medical Council of Malawi (MCM) has moved in to investigate the claims by Dr Nice Oliver, a Rwandan national who is claiming that he is a Korean trained medical doctor.

Kawonga: Medical Council to investigate

Kawonga: Medical Council to act

In an interview with Nyasa Times, MCM Registrar and Chief Executive Officer Abel Kawonga said the action by Dr Oliver is tantamount to a criminal offence.

“What he is doing is uncalled for and we will work hand in hand with the police to take further actions,” he said.

The Medical Council of Malawi overall objective is to set and maintain standards of health care in relation to premises, equipment and supplies as well as the qualifications and credentials of personnel employed at health establishments including their behavior and conduct towards patients and clients.

For applications involving people trained outside Malawi, the Council requires evidence that the qualification was recognized for registration in the country of issue.

In addition for professionals who obtained their qualifications abroad and are entering Malawi for the first time to practice medicine, the Council demands proof of evidence that the applicant was registered in the country he/she was immediately before coming to Malawi.

Last year, Police in Lilongwe detained and questioned Dr Oliver for posing as a South Korea trained physician and operating a clinic without proper papers.

This followed adverts and programs aired on local radio stations claiming that he is a trained physician.

Nyasa Times investigations found that Oliver, who is Director of Vigen Medical Clinics has been cheating Malawians the he is an agent of Vigen Medical Company of South Korea when infact he is not.

The Clinic has two branches one in Malangalanga in Lilongwe and the other in Blantyre at the Trade Fair grounds.

In an interview, Oliver said the police requested for his papers authenticating his claims that he is a trained physician and an agent for Vigen Medical Clinic.

“I gave them documents,” he said without confirming whether he is indeed a trained physician.

Vigen Medical Company originated from South Korea and is found in many Asian, European and African countries and provides thermo-acupressure therapy with all benefits of natural healing process.

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27 thoughts on “Malawi Medical council moves in on ‘quack’ Rwandan doctor”

  1. Chris says:

    Ndi munthu wabwino odziwa nchito yake. Sitidzaleka kumutchula Dr Nice. Anthu a stroke akuchila kumeneku. Olo mummange timulondola ku maula komweko akatikande kunsana ndi ukadaulo wakewo

  2. napawekha says:

    amalawi jalous basi wina ndi ufiti musiyeni munthu agwile ntchito yake akuchiza odwala akumalawi mufuna tikapita muzipatala mwanumu muzingotitukwanamo?

  3. Tozer Tsono says:

    Malawi needs board exams for people in public health in the same way as is required for Lawyers. In other countries, even qualified nurses have to pass State exams before they can officially work.
    Malawi must do more through its embassies to vet out qualifications of foreign experts and expatriates. Many working for private companies, even some born to expatriates in Malawi, fabricate certificates from their parent’s countries of origin, so as to attain expatriate status.
    The most discouraging aspect of it all, is that this kind of corruption is enabled by greedy politicians and government operatives.
    Playing God with people’s lives is criminal; fake doctors or medical practitioners, including both other impostors and enablers, ought to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. This guy is not alone.

  4. Banda Thandie says:

    This mas started his job in 2012 and nobody has ever complained. But after his competeters came in, all faults made by his competeter goes to him. Otherwise he is not a Doctor and he even says it himself. No medicine, just elecro massage. Many thanks to the last paragraph of the article. It cures indeed and the man knows how to control his gargets. Anandisula ine mwana ndi uyu ndikuyamwitsayu.

  5. edda mwalweni says:

    Do you mean people come into our country start running a facility without our authorities knowledge?
    Kodi a Malawi tidzachenjera lite? Mudzatiphetsatu a kulu akulu. Korma kungodziwa cashgate basi .shame on you Peter, jean, and you team. Mbuli .za anthu inu fotseki……..!!!!!!

  6. aDeaconsss says:

    Av been there, the other branch is in limbe close to the mosque. To be honest the place is not hygienically clean. Patients pee in the consultation room etc. If u r jus okay n need a massage u cnt be there. The sick can tolerate that kindov smell as they dont hv a choice. They even hv a free machine which the less privileged scramble for. The receptionist is very good and knowledgeable or say well trained. So Medical council please check these health places.

  7. concerned citizen says:

    LADIES AND GENTLEMAN lets be realistic, assuming mr nice was in the wrong dont you think he would have been arrested by now? the truth of the the matter is that mr nice is operating under the authorization of the responsible bodies and that this is just a gross misrepresentation and fabrication of facts in hopes of sabotaging an institution that is helping many people recover from various ailments! Please keep in mind that this is an institution that provides electrothereputic treatment rather than a hospital, therefore the medical council of malawi technicaly has no jurisdiction over this organization.

  8. Dre nkhwazie says:

    Amangidwe ameneyo!that’s stealing by trick,or he should be depoted!if it was a malawian doing that in another country he wouldn’t be entertained.he should be brought to justice and be punished if found guilty

  9. MBACHI says:

    Comment. We are not safe, our lives are at risk. How can the whole Malawi allow a foreiner run a clinic without checking his documents and prove them correct. SHAME, TULO KU BOMA. ZAKATANGALE BASI.

  10. Vavlov says:

    Malawi is repository of all sorts of crooks, who have found loopholes in the system, cheating innocent people and making money at expense of unsuspecting Malawians. There is a tendency in Malawi to believe in foreigners, and this makes them vulnerable to crooks from West Africa, Please wake up and deport these conmen

  11. wanangwa says:

    Google this company to get details and verify the credentials of this guy. Is he here legally? No illegal immigrants now. We just have to be tough now.

  12. Hey guys u must be careful nowadays, people they just open even churches for money only. So don’t foolish yourselves

  13. Sake Chilling says:

    Vigen Medical Company does indeed exist. Its country of origin is S. Korea. So what our authorities in Malawi need to do is to confirm whether this Rwanda gentleman was indeed trained to practice this type of medical treatment. Every training institution (if the company has a specific institution where students are sent to study) will have a record of all the students it has trained. For more information on Vigen Medical Company go to: .

  14. Chamiyendo says:

    He is a massage therapist and Medical allowed him to do his massage. He is not a doctor but people call him so because he cures with his massage. The writter of this atticle is a friend to the said”Dr” competetors and he pockets money on any article against him since october 2014. These centres are many in Malawi but note that he is targeting 2 centres only.

    1. Mr.Bambo says:

      You are damn right my friend.The reporter is indeed working for ‘Dr.’ Nice’s competitors more especially the one operating a massage centre in Limbe.Waganyu ameneyu.Inetu ndiye ‘Dr.’Nice yo anandichiza and am happy for him.


  16. Chigongota says:

    Malawians too sleepy.

  17. Madziakphwa says:

    I find this to be funy and strange. First its medical council of mw pouncing on him and yet the guy doesnt administer medical treatment. I have visited his clinin and its nothing to prompt this kind of action. In anything this thing is a massage centre and nothing of it places it anywhere near a medical clinic. Am sure this is being don out of ignorance, jealous and greed. Someone is looking for bribes here

  18. Wawa phiri says:

    Njatani munthu ameneyo apolisi

  19. kadango says:

    MCM and NMCM plz wake up the lives of our people will no longer be procted. its our duty to protect and safegurd their lives and human dignity.

  20. Some of the problames we face are due to weakness of our higher authorities they don’t care what the citzenry of land get but the tax the delive from the same eg MBS,almost a dead arlm,look at the tarrifs charges by our network providers and they are sirent ,when shall we enjoy our mother land.Foreghners enjoy our country better than we do,God p/s give us caring leadership we pray!

  21. collins says:

    Comment don’t waste his time with ur jealousy u r famous with, u malawians

  22. Whether he z fake or not… My health is in good condition bcoz of his massagie.

    1. denni kachale says:

      Commentyou dont jnow what your saying… soneone lost a limb cause of the same ssaid “doctor”.. his a quack indeed.. why dis he want a semi qualified physiotherapist if he was qualified

  23. Nkhombokombo says:

    You MCM, if you’ve found out that this Doc is fake just close up his Surgeries until he proves otherwise. You’ve done it on fellow countrymen before why not with this crow?

  24. what are you waiting for? arent you waiting for too late no smoke without fire.

  25. this is our country says:

    Just arrest that bustard,don’t even waste time,anywhere in the world you have to be registered by the medical body before you touch a patient,you say he provides massage?yea even massage needs qualifications,but if this clown treats even illnesses then arrest him,and malawians please,its easy to detect a fake Doctor,each time you are treated,try to google about your condition and the treatment given,on internet see if it tallies otherwise if you don’t crosscheck on your treatments you receive,you will be liable to fake Doctors,be serious with life,you got lots of well trained Malawian Doctors,don’t be desperate to be flocking to unknown “foreign” crooks operating fake illegal clinics in town.cause malawians believe that foreign is always real,there is another bunch of crooks operating and dishing out the so called Chinese herbs,one kind of herb claiming to treat a range of unrelated diseases,with no scientific explanation,thus foolish,and they charge people heavily,the same herb treating an infectious disease like TB,bacteremia,and non infectious conditions like diabetes,Hypertension,high levels of fats in the body?are you kidding me?what type of science is that? But malawians keep on flocking to these crooks,and I wonder why medical council is silent on thus type of witchcraft,I would suggest all patients or gurdians in private of public hospitals to demand authenticity of the health workers and facilities serving them,cause life is precious.

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