Malawi minister cautions MPs over remarks on foreigners grabbing land

Lands minister Atupele Muluzi has cautioned legislators to comment with sensitivity that foreigners were grabbing land with the aid corrupt government officials.

Atupele Muluzi: Insensitive remarks against foreignors on land grab is unacceptable

Atupele Muluzi: Insensitive remarks against foreignors on land grab is unacceptable

Muluzi said this on Monday afternoon during a heated debate  in Parliament on Land Bill as the legislators said foreigners have large chunks of land when owners of the land, Malawians, are landless.

“We need to move with caution on this issue. This is a very sensitive issue. We need to balance this issue with our quest to have investors. Some of the land owned by foreigners are for investment purposes,” said Muluzi.

Salima east MP Jessie Kabwila said women and children will remain at the bottom if they are always at the mercy of men.

“Malawi will never develop if women are sidelined on land issues. The social economic challenges will never end if women are always put at the bottom on land issues,” she said.

Dowa east MP Richard Chimwendo Banda said land prices in Malawi are extremely expensive for the reach of most ordinary Malawians including civil servants and asked the government to have deliberate policies to enable civil servants own land.


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ebrahim isa

Why is it that every government that comes after mcp regime,has never passed the bills that curtters for malawians only those for the foreigners?
mind you,every law that doesn’t favour the citizens,those or bills are illegal.

Malawi needs to educate its people on the value of land ownership. This is our home and unfortunately because people don’t know, many people are selling the land they own for survival…Mr. Atupele Muluzi, “Investment” yachana apa? This is such a shallow argument and don’t stop people from speaking out because one thing you got right is, “This is a sensitive issue” because this land belongs to Malawians and you are allowing it to be taken from its people in the name of investment. The kind of investment that does not benefit the people of Malawi…The land foreigners buy is… Read more »
Masozi Mwenifumbo

Do not make Malawians slaves in their own land by selling most of the land to foreigners. Fear God and be fair to the Malawian you leaders and framers of land laws!!!


Bwana Atupele mutiwoneleko magesi ku Lands Offices ku Blantyre. Its almost two weeks now since disconnection. I find that office very important for economic activities. Am sure anthu ogwira kumeneko angokhalanso, the country is losing out.


Are you surprised that Burundians and other Foreigners are acquiring land? Were we not told that Uladi Mussa was selling citizenships to the very Foreigners who brought in Millions of US Dollars from their failed states to Malawi? They bought land and busy buying all legumes from remote villages exploiting our people. They are rich through the very corrupt Politicians. Iam so sick with this pathetic rotten politics in this country.


Kikikikkkkkkkkkkkk ATUPELE kikkkkkk kulankhula monong’ona kuti angaveko anthu mukuwagulisa malo mwakubawo? kikkkk They are the ones with money muna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kikkkkkk!!!!!


The Minister should not mislead us here. Most of the land is in the hands of Indians, Chinese, Nigerians, Burundians, etc and all they put up there are warehouses to conceal their mostly illegal imports from MRA. Go to Njewa, Chitipi, Chitedze, etc and you will find the answera. Do you call that investment?

Dr Mbilixi

Atupere che mbaluku Muluzi, you have shown that you are part of the syndicate. You stinks big time


Whether they are investing the land should still belong to malawians. We cannot lose our land in the name of investment NOoooooooooooo!


Atupele you are evil and heartless like your father. I thought you are clever but on this issue I give you zero. No foreigner owns lands even pa Zambia pompapa. How could you let foreigners exploit our own people. Do you know how Asians(amwenye) are exploiting Malawians??? I know that ukudziwa becoz they give you kickbacks. Chimwendo Banda has a point here we can support his idea.

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