Malawi minister expresses concern over influx of Mozambican refugees

Minister of Home Affairs Jean Kalirani has called for quick relocation of Mozambican refugees from a tiny village in Mwanza to a fully fledged refugee camp.

Kalirani: Concerned with inlfux of Mozambique refugees in Malawi

Kalirani: Concerned with influx of Mozambique refugees in Malawi

Kalirani said at a news conference on Monday that a tiny village of 120 has been invaded by a swam of 11000 refugees, occupying every inch of space and cutting down trees wantonly.

“The situation is pathetic. They are cutting down every tree even fruit trees to build houses on every inch of space available. The chiefs gave them a piece of land, it is full. They have given them another piece of land, it is full too. The village cannot cope with the situation,” she said.

She said roads and bridges to the village are in bad state because of heavy trucks going to the village with relief items.

The Minister said the government failure to declare that there is war in the country is making it difficult for the refugees to get assistance from international donors.

UNHCR officials last week expressed worry that government soldiers were preventing people from escaping skirmishes between government forces Frelimo and opposition Renamo.

Refugees fleeing the skirmishes say Frelimo has deployed the military in Tete and other provinces in a bid to retake the provinces from Renamo, escalating the undeclared war.

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Winston Msowoya, the point you make about illegal immigrants is valid and I agree with you as a Malawian sometimes I feel worried that we might be taken over. However, the two problems are separate. She is discussing Mozambique at present which is causing Malawians strain, and the imigration of Asians can be debated as well but that is a different subject. Again because there is problems with Asians etc.. does not mean we cannot focus on other issues as well. If you want to give the minister advice on what you as a Malawian would like to see about… Read more »
Mopia Mloyiwa

Mozambicans are rude people. they should be sent home. Enough is enough. They trouble us so much.

Winston Msowoya
Minister Kalirani is worried about the influx of our Mozambican brothers and sisters instead of worrying about the influx of Asians (Indians,Pakistanis,Chinese and Arabs) who have entered Malawi fraudulently in thousands.These are the people who are engaged in all sorts of illicit businesses including largely, money laundering involves Millions of hard-won FOLEX.How many Pakis are here driving taxis elligaly? Our Mozambican brothers are here because they are running to protect their lives amid bloody wars in their country.Remember,today are Mozambicans and tomorrow are Malawians,you cannot go to Pakistan,India and China.Take into account the present political trend in our country with… Read more »

A Mbani, inuyo kaya mukuonetsera kuti ndinu a savage, osazindikira ndipo a dumbo! uli fuchiiiii!Kodi munthu akakhala wa district ina ndiye kuti nchito zonse simene agwire iyeyo zikhale za distirct yomweyo? Inu ndinu otsalila kwambiri! teyeseraninso kudzichapa maso! anzanu kuwanenawa amagwira nchito yoti inuyo simugaithe!

Nchito kunyoza anthu otsalila kwambiri inu!


a minister from Dowa haaa! useless. By the way who voted for u in my District?


Malawi is ours make the rulkes and re organise. They cannot be allowed to cut everything down! They dont care! when things are calm in thier own country they will go and leave us in mayhem!

Take them on but this must be strucred, must be controlled and they must be given reuls by which to live if they are going to live in our country. THIS IS URGENT minister.


The Mozambican Government always likes to look innocent. Everyone knows that there is war going on in Mozambique. Mozambican government is very arrogant truly speaking.

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