Malawi ministers beckon Spain investors at South Africa meeting

Malawi cabinet ministers  met nine Spanish investors in Pretoria, South Africa to lure them into investing the southern African country  a result of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed on business collaboration between the two countries.

Ministers with Spain investors during a meeting in South Africa

Ministers with Spain investors during a meeting in South Africa

Malawi ministerial delegation and officials discussing with Spain investors

Malawi ministerial delegation and officials discussing with Spain investors

Malawi ministerial delegation which comprised of  Foreign Minister Dr. George Chaponda, Francis Kasaila the Mnister of Transport and Public Works and Joseph Mwanamvekha Minister of Industry and Trade travelled to Pretoria at the invitation of the Spanish Commercial Office in Johannesburg.

According to spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Quent Kalichero, during the meeting, the Ministers, supported by officials from Malawi Investment Trade Centre (MITC), Ministry of Transport and Malawi High Commission in Pretoria, conducted “business consultations” with heads of Spanish companies based in South Africa.

The Spanish potential investors included Group Cobra and Elecnor experienced engineering companies specialising in building and operating industrial infrastructure; Gransolar and Gas Natural Fenosa interested in generating gas and energy; Inabensa a transport and network infrastructure developer; Aqualia with special focus on water purification and maritime works; Ace Consultants; Greenmax and AEE Power.

“The investors showed keen interest to be Malawi’s partners in development energy, transport and network infrastructure, mining, agro – processing and other priority areas for Malawi,” Kalichero said in a statement made available to Nyasa Times.

In his remarks, leader of the Malawi delegation, Chaponda emphasised that the Government of Malawi has a vision and mandate to develop all sectors of the country with much focus on economic and infrastructure development.

“He cited Malawi’s political and economic stability as enabling and conducive factors for doing business in the country, and added that the establishment of a One-Stop investment service centre has eased the process of establishing business in the country,” reads the statement.

Chaponda  therefore encouraged the investors to consider investing in Malawi, as it is among the most desirable investment destinations in the world.

An impressive presentation was also made on the available bankable investment and trade opportunities in the country, according to the statement.

The Malawi delegation was later treated to a working lunch at the residence of the Spanish Ambassador in Pretoria, where delegates networked and Investors sought clarification on various investment-related issues.

The Spanish Ambassador in Pretoria pledged to support investment endeavours between the Kingdom of Spain and the Republic of Malawi.

Following an MOU signed in September in US, Spain will give Malawi a grant of $5 million (about K2 billion) to enable the country expand the frontiers of social services and the reach of the sanitation circle.

Spain’s capitalist mixed economy is the largest worldwide and the 5th largest in the European Union, as well as the Eurozone’s 4th largest.

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17 thoughts on “Malawi ministers beckon Spain investors at South Africa meeting”

  1. Byron says:

    Agundika a Lomwe tsopano,they are all over the place as if Malawians will benefit,tsankho tho mmitu yawo yakudayo.

    You think investors can waste time in a country where total energy output is not even 400 megawatts with intermittent blackouts impinging electricity supply? These Lomwe ministers must know that you can’t beckon investors before homework in energy and transport infrastructure is done.They must also be reminded that there are competing countries within the region that offer a better climate for investment and therefore European or other investors would rather be destined to such countries because when you invest it means you are in business and you expect profits and not losses and the general investment has to have some viability.

    Malawi is a country full of worthless politics and limitless corruption with no proper investment guidebook.It’s a country where everything gravitates around politics with little hope for progress.There is no seriousness in the minds of those who lead but just rhetoric that bears no fruit.

  2. Zebe says:

    Reckoning new well wısher into Malawi. Interesting. indeed. Will these new investors compete in Malawi with the bunch of ´well wıshers´ who evade tax in the eyes of government and in the end produce cheaper product to lead the market? level the playing fıeld and stop corruption first. You will see us Malawians coming up with plausible investments.

  3. MMALAWI says:

    Can someone clarify for me what the author means by”capitalist mixed economy”? My little knowledge of economic systems tells me there is no pure capitalist economy; not even the world’s largest economy: USA

  4. Ameneyo says:

    At least we sent people who have some knowledge in how to woo investors unlike in the last trip to the USA where it was our president who did it and clearly does not have the skills to do such work. This is our country and we need such investments. It’s high time we Malawians started supporting positive moves rather than just criticizing everything.

  5. MalawianProud says:

    Was there any talk of investment in the media circles by the Spanish investors?

    We need that, seriously.

  6. Eish says:

    “An empty vessels make the loudest sound, so they that have the least wit are the greatest babblers” stop wasting our hard-earned tax payers money with this useles stint to spain!!!

  7. zizwani says:

    Luring more well wishers to join the band wagon. I doubt if european investors would find it easy to do business in Malawi as it is difficult to compete with well wishers’businesses that evade tax and at the same time recieve favours from government which makes their products cheap in the end. Level the playing field first and tiyamba ndife a Malawi to initiate the investment you are touting here

  8. economist says:

    Politics in africa doesnt tally with business, more especially in malawi, the combo always results in corruption or some other form of deflauding government. Business people should meet business people to discuss business not a politician to meet a business person to discuss corruption and government deflauding ways or how they should be donating to their party etc examples are kayekela, mota engineering whatever you call it and many more. Dont we have some investment forumn or trade union to take care of this? I look at this as another waisted government money through allowances and hotel bills for the so called ministers my foot! nanga a chaponda business akaydziwila kuti nanu…..mayi kalanga ineeee aaa!

  9. Masipanyisindiwobvuta says:

    Wow,the Spanish are not friendly in general and difficult to live with. Ask the people from Central and south America. Even just with few already in the country as missionaries.

  10. Ghost of Kamuzu says:

    Nonsense! If the Spaniards are interested in investing in Malawi how come they don’t come to Malawi but instead Ministers and Officials from Malawi should go to South Africa to meet them. Waste of government money. This lomwe team is crazy,.

  11. Concerned Malawian says:

    How many times will you call for investors and none seem to be coming to Malawi? we have heard about this before and nothing has really come into fruition. worse enough, the government cant see why investor are not coming let alone Malawians investing in their own country. the point is business conditions in Malawi are very hostile; you look at tax rates etc. No business can make profit in those conditions, unless you are highly corrupt that you are connected to top government officials including the big kahuna himself. that can end you to evade tax and clearly walk away with it. That’s what this mwenyes have been doing and some business tycoons you know of. i mean those people who suffer a lot when government changes. so u airheads ministers, to invite investors you dont need a one to one discussion, just change your stupid policies

  12. Gabro says:

    Kodi atolankhaninu zomwe mukulemba mukuzidziwa? How can it be the largest in the world and yet fifth largest in the EU? Do you at all have an editor kwanuko? Mukumatichititsa manyazi online!!!

  13. A COMMONER says:

    Don’t be fooled. Spain is also having a heavy financial crisis and that’s why Catalonia wants to be independent.

  14. Nachipanti says:

    Mitu biii ngati mukumva zomwe zikuchitika….yet palibe chomwe tiphulepo apa. Waste of resources basi…

  15. Paulos Banda says:

    Spain is in sick bed economically, where do the so called investors going to get the money to invest in Malawi? You just wanted to draw allowances basi. A vumbwee inu.

  16. Parallel Market says:

    That’s commendable our beloved ministers. Come to Japan also. Come here to woo companies to invest in our beautiful home country Malawi. We are the people to develop Malawi. Our ideas, our vision, our efforts, our water, our land, our sunlight must be utilised well to develop Malawi. I love Malawi!!!!

  17. petulo says:

    it’s not clear- if they were interested in investing in Malawi- one would think they would come to Malawi and see for themselves?? Not our Ministers going to RSA? Am i missing something??

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