Malawi ministers contribute to disaster fund: Floods hit Karonga

Malawi’s cabinet ministers (18) on Tuesday donated 125,000 bags of maize flower each weighing 10 kilograms to flood disaster victims in the 15 affected districts.

Cabinet ministers display bags of maize flour they have donated

Cabinet ministers display bags of maize flour they have donated

Presenting the donation to the Department of Disaster Management Affairs,  Labour Minister Henry Mussa said the 18 Ministers (together with deputies) contributed K100, 000 each, meaning that they raised K1.8 million.

“As ministers we made this gesture to respond to calls by the President to mobilise resources to help our brothers and sisters,” said Mussa who spoke on behalf of his fellow ministers.

Secretary and Commissioner to Disaster Management Affairs Paul Chiunguzeni thanked the ministers for the assistance, saying it will go a long away in making a difference in the lives of the victims.

Malawi is grappling with resources to respond to the floods that have killed 62 people while 153 are still missing.

The floods have affected over 600,000 families with many of them living in camps.

President Peter Mutharika on Tuesday addressed the nation, appealing for more help to contain the situation.

Meanwhile, floods have hit northern borader district of Karonga following relentless rains which led to North Rukuru River swelling beyond its banks last week.

The district on the northern shores of Lake Malawi usually experiences floods in February and March, but tragedy struck on Thursday when the river swelled beyond its banks and sent about 47 households in six villages under Group Village Head Zindi scampering for refuge in nearby church.

District commissioner (DC) Rosemary Moyo said “, 45 households will require urgent assistance in terms of maize, beans and tents.”

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44 thoughts on “Malawi ministers contribute to disaster fund: Floods hit Karonga”

  1. tuti says:

    if my lay man’s maths serves me right the calculations expressed in this ARTICLE are grossly incorrect… please do proper calculations and re post this I believe the honourable ministers would not be pleased with these wrong figures………anthu aona ngati nduna zapereka ufa okwanila kwa onse okhuzidwa

  2. sunderstar says:

    Asamuke apikte ku Chitipa amenewa chifwukwa ku Karonga ndi malo odutsa zibvomerezi and prone to heavy flooding, why are they not relocating?

  3. Ana Amuna Amphongo says:

    Mwachita bwino Anduna. Ngakhale olemba akufuna kukuonongelani ntchito yabwino.

  4. ndawagwira says:

    When the whole president JB was doing this u said is generous. These are only ministers and u make noise. Are u a malawian? Come back to Malawi and apreciate mabungwe akugwira ntchito yawo yogawa zakudya yomwe JB anawalanda when she was in power. Boma likuyenda without donors.

  5. John Chindere says:

    I hope you did not claim allawance for that Karonga trip. If you did then no need to thank you

  6. Nyamazi says:

    Maize flour in Blue sacks, what a political cry” DPP is DPP, it will never change its nasty appearance to the outside world.

  7. chefourpence says:

    leading by example! Not that previous northish cabinet that was stealing from us.

  8. brutsha says:

    Charity should be anonymous and not paraded like that. After all this is a ‘formal’ way of stealing from government coffers and bluff unsuspecting society that it’s from a philanthropic mind. Shame!

    Minor correction on grammar:
    Main article; Maize ‘flour’ and not ‘flower’
    Comment 23, good ‘at’ and not ‘in’

  9. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    So you 10 kg packets as bags? be serious! si ma walk man amenewa

  10. Ine says:

    Maize flower? Chizungu chavutatu apa

  11. Zoona ? ? says:

    The arithmetic does not add up !
    Cashgate yayamba, 125,000 bags @ 10 kg each = 1,250,000 kg
    1,250,000kg / 50kg= 25,000 bags of maize.
    K1,800,000 was raised from the Ministerial msonkhamsonkha at current maize prices (k4,000) that would buy only 450 bags of maize ! !
    By my reckoning this is equal to 2250 bags of 10kgs each
    If the published figures are correct,who donated the extra quantities of maize ? Or are these figures being passed on to us with a view of “withdrawing” the equivalent in monetary terms at a latter stage ?
    The truck does look half empty !

  12. PRECIOUS BZ says:

    Mathematical calculus kkkkkkkkk. Mwina kuzichepesaku pali zachinsisi

  13. NKHAMANGA says:

    The number of bags hereby mentioned do not tally with the funds raised. Out of which I can only assume bags of maize were collected, for free, from govt silos whilst the relatively meagre 1.8MK went towards grounding, packaging and transportation. For clarity and transparency sake, please be objective in reporting these things.

  14. Patriot says:

    Ayamba kuomola mu ndalama akutumiza anthu zija amvekere apereka ndi iwo.
    Eti alibe ndi manyazi omwe.
    Ine nndumangira nyumba azimayi awiri obvutika ndipo sindine cabinet chani chani olo mp, ndipo sindinajambule zinthunzi zopusa tikuona apazi.
    Kuthandiza si show off.

  15. Karo gaii says:

    Mpitirire kulemera azopereka a boma,nde madziwa mkhala mabiliyoneya.pamapeto wokhuzidwa ndi madzi achoka ndi kapu waufa.ok i suport direct aid suport bt not thru gvt! mkawafunse a chivomerezi ku karonga,anangochoka ndi pepala lokha 2m.koma thandizo limalengezedwa lchuluka zedi

  16. Duncan Jackson Phiri says:

    God bless u all

  17. darkshorse says:

    a measly K100,000? Ministers should be paying more.

  18. BISM says:

    You mean,,, as others are suffering from flood effects, folks in Karonga stayed put along Rukuru River,,,??? And the DC or DoDMA stayed quiet??? And today they are also hit!!!! Then the DC is appealing for assistance??? Sorry, I will not donate anything!!!

    1. Tiyanjane says:

      I am so very ready and happy to give what I am able to, to the stubborn people of East Bank who for decades have refused to relocate upland. I do so because I sympathize with their reasons. I do so because it is one way I thank God for what I am and for the Blessings He has showered on me and my children.

  19. Achawa says:

    I need to be educated here, you say 125,000 bags each weighing 10 kgs. This means 25,000 bags of 50 kg each, if one bag cost MK4000, total cost is MK100,000,000. But the ministers contributed MK1,800,000. Where did they got the other money. Sorry I did night school but I was good in mathematics,

    1. kanchenga. says:

      They waisted money painting the empty bags blue. Total foolishness but not surprising.

  20. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Opatsidwa sakana, although tikudziwa kuti ndi change chajigs was Ana anu. May you be blessed and retain your seats.

    Mbava zokhazokha!!!

  21. Malawianah says:

    Thanks mr minister..125bgs of maizeflour in Ten kgs costed u 1.8million.hope each bag of 10kg costed u k14,400.hahahahaah kuba eti.

  22. sikusinja says:

    Nice gesture guys. To say that is little bcoz they are ministers is being ungrateful. Soccer game raised K1.8million but only 500,000 going to victims. Amenewo ndiye muwanene

  23. Callister Daniel Phiri says:

    Secession architects muli kuti?

  24. Lekani says:

    Zolengezazo ndiye zosafunika. Why cant you do the job with your mouth shut? Mpaka amount amout phi! arent you ashamed as fathers and mothers giving so small to your dying children? and you are busy telling the press to publisize your story as if it has life. This is a JOKE! May God help Malawi and those living in it with no voice.

  25. ELHAPO says:

    I am beginning to think that we – Malawians – are sad lot. The Ministers make a contribution at their own behest and one sees nothing good in it and proceeds to belittle the donation? What sort a people are we?

    Someone once said to me that in looking at a gift, it should not be the value that one must be obsessed with, but rather the spirit behind the donation.

    A thought:
    Could the Public Service not make a contribution as well to this cause? If each worker were to make an average donation of say K5,000 and assuming a workforce of say 150,000, the sum of K750,000,000 could be collected just like that!!! I am sure that this could help a lot of our people.

  26. ganimunthu says:

    Hehehehee ndiye kuti chakwera ndi dilu.nanga yekha over 100 bags of 50 kgs and other food stuffs plus cash to those who lost their relatives….. nonsenu bwanji? Hehehehee he

  27. Kadakwiza says:

    So the president will also visit Karonga, or he will just send his Vice?

  28. Phwitika says:

    I regret reading this!

  29. The ministers are mostly from the south and need to do that. They should advise their people against building houses in mountains as is the case with the invasion of Soche Hill. Water has never been friendly to us and that is why we say “madzi sayiwala khwawa”. Water has got a very strong surface tension.

  30. RoyK says:

    kakuchepa nkhakuvwala, thanks! ndagha!

  31. Timatumba ta 10 kg mpaka publicity koma ndiyetu

  32. kadamanja says:

    Iwe nawe Rose, ukuti wanthu wakukhumba ntchunga vyamupsa pa uli? why couldnt you say people need food. Anthu Ena inu XXXXXXX???

  33. chims says:

    mwangopereka chimanga nanga za ndiwo?

  34. Ine ndathandiza ndi k25000,ndiye minister akapereke k10000,b serious guys,n

  35. Alex Likoswe says:

    Where is the VP. I thought he is the champion of this. Nakhwesi

  36. Happy Edward says:

    It is still a good gesture by the Cabinet Ministers towards the flood victims. The contribution will make a difference. We have to also look at the positive side of things.


  38. Wasinga says:

    This is not enough you get paid lots of cash. Just think of another plan.

  39. Munthuwazeru says:

    Zachepa zimenezo chifukwa anthu amenewa ali kulandira zochuluka pa mwezi.

    1. powder says:

      munthu akalandira malipiro ndalamayo ndiyake, whether mwakhutisidwa nayo jobyo or not,its up to him for wat somebody decide to share then you say zachepa ndiye kuti chani! what have u done?osathokoza bwa?umunthu udakuchokerani amalawi mwazindikira mochedwa.

  40. ine says:

    Ndalama zathu zomwe izi, just say Malawi citizens donate to their friends affected by floods.

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